Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Mom's Advice For Me On How To Deal With My Roommate!

Now that I'm living on my own in a TLP program, and since I really have nothing to blog about...since I have had a hard time dealing with my roommate here's some advice my Mom gave me when I have a upcoming meeting with my roommate and my case worker. Please don't be mad at me 4 sharing this information Mom, but I just thought it was funny and I was bored. Enjoy! (Note: I've ended this blog post with a random photo that has nothing to do with this, I did that because I'm weird)

Buck, just some suggestions:


1.      You have done nothing wrong…


2.      You are new to living alone and working with a roommate.


3.      You don’t know what bothers Tony unless he communicates with you.  And when he does tell you stuff, you apologize and try to do better at whatever he requests.


4.      You have been respectful of him taking over the whole living room and having his stuff all over the kitchen.  (ex: all over counter tops, kitchen table, and coffee table, etc.  Along with his stuff in the bathroom.  Share with them that you take your stuff in and out of the bathroom.  You don’t mind keeping all your belongings in your bedroom.  -Except for the food and kitchen stuff. –explain the stress of keeping the frig and freezer exactly cut in half.  See if Tony would be more flexible about that…


5.      When Tony told you not to leave your wipes in the bathroom garbage, you happily took care of that.


6.      Tony may have done your dishes in the past, but that was not because you asked him to.


7.      Tony may have been upset about the full garbage can and recycling bin, but he never really communicated that to you.  You went ahead and tried to solve the problem by purchasing your own garbage can and recycling bin.  This way you are each responsible for taking out your own stuff when the cans get full.


8.      Basically, you are a good person who is willing to work with Tony to make living together as nice as possible. 


9.      Just be positive and remain calm.




Please call me or email me if you have any questions after reading this…

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