Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Cast of the That’s Showbiz Sketch!

Claire Jinx-A young 20 something actress who wants to do other projects than she normally does.

Mr. Zipay-He’s Claire Jinx’s 50 something talent agent and he is puzzled by his client’s demands.

That’s Showbiz (Second City Class Sketch)!

(The Hollywood Office of Mr. Zipay’s Talent Agency)

(Mr. Zipay’s sitting at his desk in his office while Claire Jinx is sitting across from him)

                        MR. ZIPAY
                          (WHILE SMOKING A CIGAR)
Claire Jinx, my newest and hottest star client. Help me out here Claire, I found a wonderful part for you and you turned it down, why?

                        CLAIRE JINX
Because, in all of the movies you want me to audition for lately Mr. Zipay, it’s just the girlfriend of the lead or hey there’s that eye candy again! I want a challenge Mr. Zipay! Before I came to Hollywood, I starred in Shakespearean productions and now you want me to star in a comedy called “Fartknockers 5”. Do you know how demeaning that is for an actress of my skillset?

                        MR. ZIPAY
Claire okay, you’re young and beautiful, enjoy this while you can because after you turn 30, your career’s pretty much over. But seriously “Fartknockers 5” is offering you 20 million dollars. That’s a lot of money to just look and act pretty!

                          CLAIRE JINX
I don’t need to sell out Mr. Zipay! Plus I read her part and she’s basically just treated like a sex object by Johnny Fartknocker throughout the movie. I only have three whole lines in the entire movie! Also, why should I get roles based on my looks alone?

                                                                                                                                                     MR. ZIPAY
Your looks help, damn it! Plus, I reviewed that script you wanted to audition for, you know, “The Calling”. That part is for a dude, right?

                        CLAIRE JINX
Yes, but when I read the part I thought the writer might be able to rewrite the character as a woman. I mean the character as a whole is pretty neutral so it wouldn’t change the plot that much to rewrite him as a her. The audience will still get the same reaction to the story.

                         MR. ZIPAY
But, listen to me closely Claire, this movie smells like a flop, and you just starred in a string of successful romantic comedies. I know if you star in this movie it’ll kill your career. But here’s a compromise, the part you want in “The Calling” is a doctor right, how about I cast you in the “Sexy Nurses” movie, huh?

                         CLAIRE JINX
Isn’t “Sexy Nurses” a pornographic film?

                         MR. ZIPAY
No, it’s an art piece about two sexy nurses who…alright, I’ll be honest is basically another generic action/comedy about a man who’s a police officer by day and at night…he’s a porn star! It’s based on a true story! And Adam Sandler is playing the porn star cop and you’ll be a shoe in for the part of Sexy Nurse #2.

                          CLAIRE JINX
                             (ANNOYED TONE)
No, I hate Adam Sandler! He hasn’t done anything funny since the 90’s! Now, please can I just try out for that part in “The Calling”?

                          MR. ZIPAY
Wait, how about this script! It’s perfect for you! And the only thing you have to do is wear a bikini and jog. And that movie is called “SHARK SUMMER”. It’s about a frat boy shark who…

                                                                                  CLAIRE JINX
                             (ANNOYED TONE)
Wait, you mean all I do in the whole movie is wear a bikini and jog?                   

                        MR. ZIPAY
Yeah, and then frat boy shark sees you and says, ‘DAMN SHE’S FINE’…okay I’ll be honest with you again, there is no movie called “SHARK SUMMER”, it’s just an ad for Carl's Jr. You like hamburgers, right?

                        CLAIRE JINX
                           (OFFENDED TONE)
I’m a vegan!

                        MR. ZIPAY
And I can’t eat pork! It’s acting baby! Acting is lying, so do you want the part or not!

                        CLAIRE JINX
I heard the local theater down the street is doing a production of Shakespeare’sA Midsummer Night's Dream” and I know that play by heart. Plus, it’ll show my fans that I’m more than just eye candy. I want to go back to my roots to the time before I became famous for those dull romantic comedies and that one movie where I played the girlfriend of some heartthrob mummy.

                       MR. ZIPAY
Oh that reminds me! “MUMMY BRO 2: THE AWAKENING OF PHARAOH” is filming tomorrow and they need you to reprise your role.

                       CLAIRE JINX
But didn’t my character die in the first movie?

                        MR. ZIPAY
Yeah, but now your character comes back to life as an alligator and you and Mummy Bro’s new girlfriend fight for his heart!

                        CLAIRE JINX
Why is she an alligator now? These movies don’t make any sense!

MR. ZIPAY                          (WHILE LIGHTING UP ANOTHER CIGAR)
Basically, because people love Mummy Bro’s catchphrase “See You Later Alligator” and now you come back as an alligator, so he sees you later as an alligator. DAMN THESE YOUNG WRITERS ARE BRILLIANT, THE MUMMY BRO SERIES IS GOING TO BE THE NEXT TWLIGHT!
                       CLAIRE JINX
Look, how about we do another compromise. I’ll star in that stupid “MUMMY BRO 2: THE AWAKENING OF PHARAOH” if you let me audition for the parts I want in “The Calling” and that local production of A Midsummer Night's Dream”…

                      MR. ZIPAY
Only if you also star in “Sexy Nurses” too!

                      CLAIRE JINX
Fine…you have a deal!

(Claire Jinx and Mr. Zipay shake hands and Mr. Zipay takes another huff from his cigar)

                        MR. ZIPAY
Great! Oh, before I forget, you’re a guest tonight on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. I’ll have a limo pick you up at around 7!

                        CLAIRE JINX
Good, now I can promote my new album!

                          MR. ZIPAY
Sure, whatever…

                       CLAIRE JINX
And I can also use this guest gig to come out of the closet to all of my fans as well!

                         MR. ZIPAY
                            (FREAKING OUT)




Sunday, December 27, 2015

That Spells Action Heroes & Villains!

G5 is a bug-like alien and the best friend of XZ.G5 went with XZ on his adventures with Robot Blue. G5 is currently the head of his planet’s embassy for the GUF (Galactic Universe Federation).

Soppt is the founder and the former head of the GUF (Galactic Universe Federation) and the brother of Gojll and Zrotk. Soppt is a very wise alien and is over billions of years old. Sadly Soppt died of natural causes and his dream of peace throughout the universe is trying to live on.

Gojll is a former alien professional wrestler and an ally of Robot Blue. Gojll is currently working for the GUF as a general.

Bull Horns is a small dog-like alien with two huge bull-like horns. Bull Horns was found by Robot Blue on a strange planet and now Bull Horns is his pet. Bull Horns currently lives with Robot Blue in the GUF headquarters.

Robot Red is the son of Princess Pink and Robot Blue. Robot Red is a very skilled soldier and instead of being a blue colored robot he’s a red colored robot. Robot Red is now a general in the GUF and the heir to the throne of the royal family of TechLop.

Princess Pink is the mother of Robot Red and the ex-wife of Robot Blue. Princess Pink comes from a long line of robot royalty and currently is the head of her planet’s embassy for the GUF. Princess Pink is a bit of a tomboy and she is very kind to any form of life.

Zrotk is an evil alien dictator and he is the main enemy of Robot Blue. Zrotk wants to rule the entire universe and destroy those he sees as being weak. Zrotk was soon captured and sent to prison where he was on death row. Zrotk had died just a couple of months after his capture.

Droid 6 is a servant robot of Zrotk and Droid 6 is currently in the GUF prison and is being up for parole. Droid 6 has an English accent and has is a very bad cook.

Robo Rexes are cyborg T-Rexes (half T-Rex and half robot) minions of Zrotk. Robo Rexes were captured from Earth and turned into cyborgs by Zrotk’s scientists. Robo Rexes currently roam in the wild on planets in the many galaxies in the world of Robot Blue.

Shbom the Wise is a magical space wizard and the former head of the GUF. Shbom the Wise came from a once tropical planet that turned into a snowy wasteland. Shbom the Wise is the last living alien of his species and he soon retired as head of the GUF for an unknown reason. Shbom’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

Hacko the Wise is a giant yeti-like alien and the former pet of Shbom the Wise. Hacko used to be a small ball of puff but when the weather in his planet changed his species evolved into giant yeti-like creatures. Hacko the Wise is currently on death row in the GUF prison and is very hungry for revenge.

Dark Fox is Cool Fox’s father and a secret agent/mercenary for the U.S. government. Dark Fox froze himself in a government experiment and awoke in the future when the government needed his services. Dark Fox was reunited with his son and together they stopped an evil galactic empire from destroying Earth. Dark Fox is frozen once more and is awaiting his next big mission.

Emperor Rodgle is an evil alien empire and an enemy of Cool Fox. Emperor Rodgle comes from a long line of alien royalty and is both loved and feared by his people. Emperor Rodgle died when Cool Fox and the gang blew up his spaceship which he was aboard. Now Emperor Rodgle’s terrible reign is over.

Cody Fox is the son of Cool Fox and Mary Y. Cody dreams of one day being a secret agent like his father. Cody looks up to his dad as an idol and a hero. Cody is almost ten years old and is now starting to think he’s like to be a scientist.

Geball is a big green-skinned alien and the leader of the republic that was trying to kill Emperor Rodgle. Geball was also trying to make his home planet a republic and too never have another emperor. Geball was successful in his mission and now Geball is the current leader of his home planet.

Debbie Leeson is the wife of George J. Brook a.k.a Goddiess. Debbie always had a crush on George and they were both scared to ask each other out on a date. Debbie Leeson is also a veterinarian and is a loves every kind of animal big or small. Debbie currently lives in an apartment with George and is one of the few people to know his secret identity.

Ozman was a giant who lived on the Island of Giants. Ozman came from a small village and he was a hunter. Ozman became friends with Peter Rocks and Sgt. Best. Ozman was a kindly giant and even though he was a hunter, he would never hurt anyone. Ozman died when a nuclear bomb blew up the Island Giants and he’s probably in a better place.

Sgt. Best was a navy officer who along with a navy soldier Peter Rocks were soon stranded on the Island of Giants. Sgt. Best explored the Island of Giants with Peter Rocks and soon Sgt. Best was eating by a huge monstrous creature. Sgt. Best let the monster eat him because he was holding a lit stick of dynamite while he was eating. Sgt. Best committed suicide to by blowing up not only the creature but himself. Sgt. Best was a bit of a jerk and an asshole, but yet Peter still misses him.

Peter Rocks was a cocky young navy soldier who became stranded on the Island of Giants. Peter soon explored the Island of Giants and he developed a special friendship with Ozman. After Peter save the Island of Giants from Kraeoo, he was soon rescued by the U.S. navy and returned back home. Peter’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

Eggy the Oviraptor was an annoying dinosaur who met Peter Rocks and Sgt. Best and Eggy became short of a pet. Eggy soon died after the nuclear bomb blew up the Island of Giants.

Kraeoo was an ugly giant with fangs, green skin, and claws and the main villain of the Island of Giants. Kraeoo is also an evil wizard and speaks his own language that only he understands. Kraeoo was soon killed in the explosion of the nuclear bomb on the Island of Giants. Kraeoo was killed and he’s probably burning in hell.

Lita who was a seventy-nine foot giant woman warrior who was a henchwoman of Kraeoo and she’s almost Kraeoo’s bodyguard. Lita secretly had a crush on Ozman even though they were on two different sides.

Gopt was an 89-foot green-skinned giant with two ten-foot horns and a loyal henchman of Kraeoo. Gopt soon died when the nuclear bomb blew up the Island of Giants.

Lopt was a seventy-foot giant with red skin and floppy ears and he was a loyal henchman of Kraeoo. Lopt was homosexual and he had a crush on his buddy Gopt. Lopr soon died when the nuclear bomb blew up the Island of Giants.

The Cracken, which is a hybrid of three creatures and he was half T-Rex, half bat, and half squid. The Cracken comes out for blood at night and The Cracken was attacking a small village on the Island of Giants for years. The Cracken was killed by Ozman with his battle axe. The Cracken was female and some of its children may have survived.

Hands on His Head is a black little monster with two feet and his hands are on his head. Hands on His Head is currently working for the Silly Squad and has appeared on many of their TV shows. Hands on His Head is also friends with Bull Horns and he is also loves to eat garbage.

Tech Spot is a robotic dog and the sidekick of High Tech Nick. Tech Spot is basically a round floating ball with a head of a dog and a jet pack on his butt.

Nickbike is a talking robotic bike and a sidekick for High Tech Nick. Nickbike sounds like an African-America man and acts like a gangster rapper.

Ron J. Orson is the uncle of High Tech Nick and basically an engineer. Ron invents many of High Tech Nick’s weapons and he works for an electronics company. Ron also made High Tech Nick a cyborg and he lives with Nick’s mom at their house. Ron also helps in the Super Dudes scientific research.

Oliver Owl is the pet owl of Night Watch and practically his only friend. Oliver is just a pet that makes Night Watch look cool but rarely helps him fight the Super Dudes.

The Sheriff is the sheriff of Castle Saloon Town and the boss of Todd Fredstone (Dark West). The Sheriff and Todd are the only police force in Castle Saloon Town and they are practically they are not that tuff. The Sheriff soon became friends with The Wise Monk when the time periods merged in Castle Saloon Town. He’s the only sheriff in the old west that has to deal with dinosaurs, dragons, and pirates all the time and he lives in a world where he’s the second only person who can protect his town.

Polbm the Wizard is a powerful wizard and the mentor of Dark West. Polbm gave Dark West his powers and he currently lives in his home in the past.

Randy Metal Hands is a fat, long bearded, and cowardly knight with huge metal gloves on his hands. Randy is the sidekick of Dark West and he came from the middle ages to the old west when the time periods merged. Randy also an alcoholic and can drink thirty beers in a single sitting.

The Wise Monk is a Buddhist monk from ancient China that came to Castle Saloon Town when his time period merged with the old west. The Wise Monk is stilled in martial arts and he hangs out with The Sheriff in the Castle Saloon Town police office. But he’s been known to help Dark West when he needs it.

Blackeye the Pirate is a pirate and a sidekick of Dark West. Blackeye is a very skilled swordfighter and likes to look for treasure. Blackeye is just helping Dark West for the booty and nothing more, even though they’ve developed a friendship.

Dean the Giant is a huge giant that lives in a cave in Castle Saloon Town and is an enemy of Dark West. Dean came from the middle ages and came to the old west when the time periods merged. Dean the Giant also worked for Dina many times as a henchman.

Freddy the Kid is a wanted outlaw and an enemy of Dark West. Freddy the Kid has been in the Castle Saloon Town sheriff’s office cell many times but yet he finds a way to escape from his cell. Freddy the Kid has robbed many banks and he pretty cares only about himself. Freddy’s whereabouts are currently unknown but he’s popped up in Castle Saloon Town every now and then only to deal with Dark West and his sidekicks.

Super Steven and Super Holly are almost like sidekicks but are actually the strongest superheroes around. Super Steven is a teenager with a bit of an   attitude and creative mind, while Super Holly is a predator at heart. Super Steven does most of the action now-a-days, because Super Holly is a very old dog. For a kid and talking Miniature Schnauzer they are quite a great duo!

Super Spotty is the funniest superhero around. This talking dog has the powers of super strength, laser vision, super speed, and the power to talk to fish. His sidekick is Super Beardy and they are also best friends. Super Spotty is a back-up member of the Super Dudes and will help when needed.

Super Stork is a super powered stork and a very loyal member of the Super Dudes. Super Stork has the power to stretch his beak 90 feet and also has the power of flight. Super Stork also rides in the Storkmobile which is the fastest car on Earth. Super Stork is also a back-up member of the Super Dudes!

Evil Pig is a pig that mutated into a giant monster. Evil Pig once attacked a city and he was created by the government to be used as a weapon. Evil Pig was used again by the Skull Lords and soon Evil Pig was fused with a demon called Hellfire. Evil Pig maybe evil but he sometimes helps the good guys on occasion.

Element (Ken P. Fillips) has the powers to control nature and weather. Element is CEO of Fillip Computers which makes computers, printers, and Fillip Computers even has search engine called . Fillip Computers is a business rival to Henry Q. Corp. Element is very powerful superhero and he is also a billionaire. Element is currently in retirement but he has been known to come out and fight crime on occasion.

Blood Hound is a street thug who has the powers of a blood hound. Blood Hound is half-human and half-dog. Blood Hound is only a small time criminal and he works with other super villains instead of running the show himself. Blood Hound is currently in jail but he is up for parole.

Orangutan Man is a superhero who has the powers of an orangutan. Orangutan Man also has the powers of super strength and the ability to grow 79 feet tall. Orangutan Man is half-human and half-orangutan and he was best friends with Spy Lion. Orangutan Man currently lives in the rain forests of South America and has been also known to work with The Gifted whenever they need help.

Claws is a green-skinned lobster man and is also a druggie. Claws is half-human and half-lobster and he has the powers to swim and breathe underwater. Claws is an ally to The Gifted because he knows what’s going on in the criminal world. Claws is currently living in a dumpster outside The Gifted’s headquarters.

Doggiess is the loyal pet dog of Goddiess and related to Cerberus. He is just as strong as Goddiess and can has the ability to fly. Doggiess now lives with George Brook in his apartment.

Prince Pouchy is an immortal prince from ancient Egypt. He is also an ally of Max Storm and the protector of the pyramids. Prince Pouchy currently lives in the demon realm and works at the graveyard.

Veg is Max Storm’s martial arts master and head of the Wise Monks. Veg died and was then reincarnated as a miniature schnauzer. Even though Veg is very old he is still quite powerful. Veg is truly not just Max Storm’s ally, but his mentor too.

Chag used to be a Red Cricket but soon became a Wise Monk. Chag is one of Veg’s apprentices and another mentor of Max Storm. Chag currently lives in the Himalayas with Veg and Yeti, but he’ll still help Max Storm when needed.

Max Storm is a monster hunter but he mostly hunts werewolves. Max Storm became a monster hunter when his father was killed by a werewolf and now he seeks revenge. Max Storm also knows every form of martial arts and kung fu and has weapons that can kill any monster. 

The Skull Slasher is both a foe and an ally of Max Storm. When the Skull Slasher was a teenager he fell into a bucket of acid and it burnt his face. Now he face is a skull and it’s a miracle he survived. The Skull Slasher was at one time a serial killer, then monster hunter, and currently a demon king. The Skull Slasher can be good or evil, it’s whatever his mood is!

Dr. Strong (Dr. Bob Scott) is the leader of the superhero team “The Gifted”. He was once in a wheelchair and could never walk. But after an explosion of a chemical called Chemical G1 in the government lab he worked at he gained the power of super strength and he could walk. Dr. Strong is a very good leader and is also very intelligent. Even though Dr. Strong’s a superhero he’ll always be a scientist at heart.

Deerman is a man who found a magic ruby that can turn him into a deer, a deer-human hybrid, and back to human. He is Spy Lion’s sidekick and a founding member of the Spy Lion Squad. Deerman’s only dream was to be a superhero and it came true.

Ms. Condor used to be Kelly Refson a famous supermodel. But X-Eye with his fusing machine turned her into a condor-human hybreed. She was also the fiancĂ©e of Spy Lion. She was the founding member of Spy Lion Squad, and now she’s a superhero.

General Brown is a cyborg that used to be a general in the U.S. army and he’s taught Spy Lion everything he knew about fighting. He is a founding member of the Spy Lion Squad and is Spy Lion’s mentor for life.

X-Eye is a criminal mastermind and he wants to take over the world. His real name is Henry Q. and he owns a company called Henry Q. Corp. He turned Spy Lion into a mountain lion-human hybrid and thinks Spy Lion is his own creation. X-Eye always tries to kill Spy Lion or hire someone to kill Spy Lion for him. He is now president of the United States of America.

Spider Hand is X-Eye’s brother and the true creator of the fusing machine that created Spy Lion. He studied DNA for his entire life and he gave himself a shot of spider DNA (with a little radioactivity) and now he has spider powers. He calls himself Spider Hand, because the experiment gave him a spider leg for an arm. Then he turned into a giant spider and Spy Lion killed him. Spider Hand is Spy Lion’s #2 foe.

Exclamation Point is an assassin who uses a gun shaped like an exclamation point, he uses bullets that are shaped like an exclamation point, knifes that are shaped like exclamation point, wears a black robotic suit and he also wears a black mask with an huge exclamation point on it. He killed Spy Lion and then he went to jail. But now he’s X-Eye’s top assassin and the only man to destroy Spy Lion.

The GreenSpeed (Gus Speed) was That Spells Action’s first superhero and is currently a member of The Gifted. The GreenSpeed used to weigh 300lbs. and worked for Henry Q. Corp. He was picked to test a replica of Chemical G1 and soon the replica changed him into a whole new person. He now looks like a male model and has super speed. He also has green hair due to the replica of Chemical G1. Originally he would change back and forth from the 300lbs. Gus Speed into slimmer The GreenSpeed. Now he’s engaged to Ms. Giant (Dr. Vicky Good) and is a back-up member to The Gifted.

Goddiess (George J. Brook) is one of the most powerful superheroes in the universe. George J. Brook was once a pharmacist until he found ancient Green Axe and then he turned into a lost god named Goddiess. Goddiess and George J. Brook are two different people but they share the same body. Goddiess is now a superhero and protector of the mortals. Goddiess used to be a jerk, but now he’s a pretty nice guy. Not bad for a lost mythological god!

The Monster Master (Scott F. Henry) former government scientist who uses mind control devices to control the minds of evil alien species from across the universe so he can take over the world. The Monster Master was then hit by an eclectic cord while he was wearing a mind device and the minds and bodies of the alien species he controlled became a part of him. Now The Monster Master is a shape shifter and has the power to become 1,000 different monsters/aliens.

Virus is a living computer virus, he looks like a man with no face but his whole body is green 0’s and 1’s. His goal is to go into every computer in the world and give it a computer virus. Virus can be stopped by downloading him into a floppy disc or a CD, but he’s been known to be freed from it.

Time Man has the ability to travel through time, and also has the powers to stop time. He earned his powers by making a deal with the legendary Father Time. But Father Time didn’t know that he would use his powers for crime. Time Man is very cocky and is the most powerful super villain the Gifted has ever faced.

Black Magic is an evil magician with supernatural powers and a crazy crime lord, he is very insane when it comes to his powers. He used to be a dinner theatre magician until he was fired. After that he learned the dark arts and became a dark wizard. Black Magic is a bit of a show-off when he robes a bank, because he steals money like it was a magic trick.

Ivan the Crusher is a Russian dictator who wants to take over the world, and also currently rules his own mini-country. Ivan the Crusher used a professional wrestler and his gimmick was that of a crazy Russian. But after many head injures he really thinks he’s a crazy Russian. He’s The Gifted’s only foe who has diplomatic immunity.

Dr. Hurt is a mad scientist who always finds a way to escape death, even after major injuries. Dr. Hurt used to work for Henry Q. Corp but then turned to a life of crime. He used to be in a wheelchair and had third degree burns and had to talk through a computer. Dr. Hurt wasn’t a cripple for long, now his head is in jar and he walks with a robotic body.

Peter P. Pixie is from a dimension home to magical creatures. Is a dragon poop cleaner at his village zoo, and now he wants to rule a world of his own. The only way to stop Pixie is to say “Og kcab emoh” which is go back home backwards, and soon a portal will open up and stuck him in. Peter P. Pixie is always seeking revenge on The Gifted and his magic is far greater then Black Magic’s magical powers.

Badger Man is a criminal with the powers of a badger and has many pet badgers. He also has the power of super strength. Badger Man is a pretty powerful digger too and has dug under many banks. Badger Man has been known to get angry easily and known to be hungry all the time.

Dr. Laser (Dr. Alan Dean) used to be a blind man and now he can’t just only see, but he has laser vision. Dr. Laser is a proud member of The Gifted and is Dr. Strong’s best friend. Dr. Laser also has a crush on Ms. Condor and she’s currently available.

Ms. Giant (Dr. Vicky Good) used to weigh 400lbs. and now she’s looks like a sexy thin supermodel. She has the power to grow 80 feet tall and can gain super strength. Though she’s beautiful she’s a super genius. Now she’s engaged to The GreenSpeed and is pregnant with their child.

Ted Brook is George Brook’s teenage brother and Goddiess’s sidekick, Ted Brook dreams of one day becoming a news journalist. Ted Brook accidently drank Chemical G1 and now he has superpowers and looks like a bodybuilder.

Stretch Man (Jack Capper) is the current CEO of Henry Q. Corp, and is one of the richest people in the world. Stretch Man has the power to stretch his legs, arms, and neck 70 feet. Stretch Man used work at the lab building as janitor when the explosion of chemical G1 occurred that gave The Gifted their powers. Now he is a back-up member of The Gifted and secretly spies on his boss Henry Q. a.k.a X-Eye. Stretch Man also funds The Gifted’s research.

Rob the Ogre used to be a human gladiator back in ancient Rome and then died in a fight and went to the Underworld. Rob was turned into an ogre by Hades and he became the co-general of Hades army. Rob the Ogre is secretly a spy for Mount Olympus and a very helpful ally to Goddiess.

Demon King Mogw is a former demon king, Mogw was once a great warrior but then defeated the old demon king to become the new one. Mogw tried to fight Max Storm who he picked to replace him as demon king, but his planed backfired and Long became the new demon king instead of Max. Mogw currently lives in the demon realm and works at the graveyard. Mogw eventually became a loyal ally to Max Storm.

Mike Storm is the son of Max Storm and Kim Shotwer. Mike traveled to the past to help his parents and Mike, in the future, is a cyborg. Mike Storm helps whenever he can and only when it affects the future. Mike Storm in the present is a preschooler and when he time travels to the past from the future he’s in his 40’s.

Mike Red and Rick Red (The Red Bros.) were monster hunters for the U.S. government and they soon betrayed the government. They now work for Long and other super villains and they are the arch enemies of Max Storm. Mike Red is a bit of a nerd while Rick Red is a super tuff soldier. Their whereabouts are currently unknown.

Spy Lion (Chris Walker) was a government agent who went on a mission that would change his life forever. X-Eye held him hostage and put him in a fusing machine against his will. Now Chris Walker was half-human and half-mountain lion. X-Eye soon named Chris Walker Spy Lion and Spy Lion was still able to complete his mission. Spy Lion then went into hiding in the forest outside his home city because he thought he had become a monster. But over time, Spy Lion soon became a superhero and began his long association with fighting crime. Sadly, Spy Lion was killed by Exclamation Point and his death stunned the nation. But secretly, X-Eye had cloned Spy Lion and that may mean he may return once more.

Chaos the Demon was once a mortal and when he was a mortal he was a serial killer. Chaos the Demon was turned into a demon by Hades and he has served him ever since. Chaos the Demon is Goddiess greatest foe and in a way his equal.

Dirtclog (Barney Finpal) was a crazy redneck hunter who tried to kill Spy Lion for some money. He soon fell into some radioactive water and then rolled in some dirt and it turned his whole buddy into dirt. Now Barney became Spy Lion’s most powerful foe Dirtclog. Dirtclog has the super powers of controlling anything dirt, change shape, and super strength. Dirtclog is currently an assassin-for-hire and a criminal mastermind.

Bug Boy was Spider Hand’s henchman until Spider Hand was killed. Bug Boy is a midget and he’s also half-human and half-fly. Now he works solo and has worked with villains like Dirtclog and X-Eye.

Tornado Ted is a criminal who has the power to control wind and he can make mini tornados. Tornado Ted loves to dress like a cowboy and also shoots two pistols. He was one of Spy Lion’s many foes and also helped Demon King Long in the Hero Wars.

Long was the former leader of the Red Crickets and the former demon king. Long is Max Storm’s most powerful foe and Long is immortal and is even older then Veg. Long currently works in the demon realm graveyard.

Mr. Arms is a four armed giant of a man and Long’s loyal bodyguard. He used to be a Wise Monk until he joined the Red Crickets and began a long criminal career. Mr. Arms currently lives in the demon realm because he was killed by Max Storm.

Prince Norna is a vampire and Max Storm’s 2nd most powerful foe. He rules Transylvania and is feared by his people. Prince Norna currently lives in the demon realm and is now a loyal henchman to the demon king.

Kim Shotwer is the wife of Max Storm and the sister of The Skull Slasher. Kim weight 300lbs when she was a kid and was bullied for it. The bullying drove her insane and she went to an asylum. Kim lost the 300lbs. and is now very sexy. Kim was also a werewolf, but Max Storm cured her of the curse. Kim then became a monster hunter and helped Max Storm on his missions. She currently is a teacher at an elementary school.

Professor Faun is a historian and inventor for the gods. Professor Faun is also the guardian and almost a father-figure to Goddiess. He was also the creator of Goddiess’s weapon the Green Axe. Professor Faun currently lives on Mt. Olympus and watches over Goddiess from the heavens. Professor Faun also plays an enchanted flute on occasion like other goat-people.

Caper the Dog is Max Storm’s dog and he wears a magical collar that catches ghosts. Max found him as a puppy in a graveyard and started to like the little dog. He currently lives in Max Storm’s house and is now the family dog.

General J. is an army general and is the head of the paranormal/superhuman affairs division. He is an ally of Max Storm and is also a bit of a friend. He is currently running for president of the United States.

Buzz is a fighting robot created by X-Eye. Spy Lion broke off one of his arms and one of his legs and he seemed defeated until X-Eye repaired him. Buzz currently a loyal henchman to X-Eye and also his bodyguard.

Kirk is a robot soldier that was a part of X-Eye’s robot army. Even though the robot army was destroyed Kirk survived and soon became a loyal henchman to X-Eye. Kirk is best friends with Buzz and they usually stick together.

XZ is a bug-like alien that lives in a government base and is friends with General J. XZ still lives in the government base and he is also an ally to Max Storm. XZ also created Robot Blue and he also helped the Super Dudes on many occasions. XZ is also a super genius.

Opie the Centaur is one of Goddiess allies and Opie is also another guardian of Goddiess. Goddiess met Opie the Centaur when he fought Loki and Opie also helped Goddiess in his fight against Hades in the Underworld. Opie currently lives in Mount Olympus and is roommates with Professor Faun. Opie the Centaur is also pretty good with a bow and arrow which is his weapon of choice.

Dino Man is half-human and half-dinosaur and is Stretch Man’s first foe. Dino Man has the powers of super strength and a very loud roar. Dino Man was once a scientist who studied genetic engineering and he wanted to clone extinct animals like dinosaurs. But when he found dinosaur DNA he ejected it into his blood stream along with some radioactivity and soon it turned him into a monster. Dino Man whereabouts are currently unknown.

Water Man was once a U.S. soldier, but he volunteered for an experiment that would make him a perfect soldier. But little did he know was that the experiment would turn his whole body into pure water and that he would basically become a living liquid. Water Man soon went mad and became a criminal. Water Man is Stretch Man’s strongest foe and Water Man hates him for no apparent reason. Water Man’s powers are that he can control water and can change shape. Water Man’s whole body is currently frozen in a block of ice which is stored in a vault in Henry Q. Corp headquarters.

Bogo the Anti-Stretch Man is a clone of Stretch Man. Bogo looks just like Stretch Man except Bogo has blue skin and red hair. Bogo was created by Dr. Hurt and Bogo thinks Dr. Hurt is his father. Bogo is basically an idiot and is more of a retard than a criminal mastermind. Bogo has actually been known to help Stretch Man instead of hurting him. Bogo’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but he’s rumored to be hiding in an old warehouse in the ghetto. 

Pelican King is a super villain who has the powers of a pelican. Pelican King lives on an island with pet pelicans. Pelican King is known for robbing fishing boats and he is addicted to fish. Pelican King used to be in a freak show and then he became a criminal after the freak show was closed. Pelican King’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

Purple Mosquito and Green Mosquito are mutated mosquitoes who were created by Spider Hand. They were Spider Hand’s henchmen and they hungered for blood. They used to be normal mosquitoes but now they almost seem half-human. Purple Mosquito and Green Mosquito were killed by the Spy Lion Squad, but rumor has it X-Eye has their DNA and may clone them for his own use. 

General Warfare is a superhero soldier created by the U.S. military. General Warfare has the powers of super strength and a gun/flamethrower that can shoot normal bullets, fire, and fire and bullets at the same time. General Warfare currently lives in a government base and is roommates with XZ. General Warfare is a true American hero and he is a loyal ally to The Gifted and the U.S. military.

Frog Man was once a scientist who accidently ate radioactive frog food and it gave him the powers of a frog. Frog Man is known for fighting any foe weather it’s big or small. Frog Man’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but some say he hides in the Florida Everglades. Frog Man is also one of That Spells Action’s oldest heroes.

Mr. Tallenstine is a giant superhero who starts out as a fat guy but when he sucks in his huge gut he becomes taller. Mr. Tallenstine’s powers are super strength and X-ray vision. Mr. Tallenstine’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but rumor has it he currently working with a traveling circus as its star attraction.

Rat Man is a super villain who has the powers of a rat. Rat Man lives in the sewers and is a crime lord. Rat Man is Frog Man’s #1 foe and Rat Man will do anything to kill him. Rat Man was once in a freak show but he was very greedy and wanted more. Rat Man currently lives in the sewers and is on the run from the law.

Crane Man has the powers of a bulldozer and is super strong. Crane Man is a cyborg and he is best friends with The GreenSpeed. Crane Man’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but he is known to occasionally help The Gifted whenever they need it.

Shark Man has the powers of a shark and has many pet sharks. Shark Man is a very fast swimmer and is also able to control water. Shark Man’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but he’s rumored to live in the Atlantic Ocean with his pet sharks.

Swordfish is a criminal master mind with the powers of a swordfish. Swordfish is Shark Man’s #1 foe and he is works with the mafia. Swordfish is currently in prison but he has sent out many assassins to try to kill Shark Man.

Turtle Man has the powers of a turtle and he’s probably the slowest super villain The Gifted has even faced. Turtle Man also has the power to make small earthquakes and his shell is also bulletproof. Turtle Man’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

Midgetstine is Mr. Tallenstine’s sidekick and he is very small. Midgetstine has a huge afro and he is the world’s smallest person. Midgetstine is currently retired from the superhero biz, but he has occasional thoughts of fighting crime again.

Dr. Sumo is a mad scientist and a former sumo wrestler. Dr. Sumo is the enemy of both Midgetstine and Mr. Tallenstine. Dr. Sumo is the world’s fattest man and his favorite food is fried rice. Dr. Sumo is also a drug dealer and runs a casino. Dr. Sumo’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but some say he’s dead.

Lester BarnSwallow is a former mixed martial arts fighter and he is currently the chief of police. Lester BarnSwallow is best friends with Dr. Strong and they work together a lot. Lester BarnSwallow is a legendary police officer who works well with other superheroes. Lester BarnSwallow is probably a true hero even though he has no superpowers, but he has the powers of an ordinary person. Lester BarnSwallow also fought in the U.S. Army and has earned many medals.

Blue Jay is a crime lord and he has the powers of a blue jay. Blue Jay has worked with other super villains and he also has many pet birds. Blue Jay is also a corporate businessman and has even worked for Henry Q. Corp. Blue Jay is also afraid of cats. Blue Jay currently runs a Chinese restaurant and sushi bar called “The Bird’s Nest” and he occasionally robs a bank here and there.

Mr. Safari is a wrestler, manager, and color commentator. He grew up in the jungles of Africa. He learned to wrestle from lions and was one with snakes. He is a former 6-time BWC Champion. He is now a color commentator for the BWC and is also an occasional wrestler.

Dean Deathlock was a former KWE referee, but now he’s the most hated wrestler in the KWE. He is always pissed off at the world, and hates everyone. He loves to be cruel and is known for his famous Sleeper hold called “The Deathlock”.  He was a 2-time KWE champion.

Reaper is the scariest wrestler in the KWE. He appears out of nowhere, since he has evil powers. His tag team partner is Mysterio. He is a former 10-time KWE Champion.

Super Dude is the leader of the greatest superhero team around and who is probably the coolest superhero ever! Super Dude’s powers are super strength, super speed, flight, laser vision, thunder claps, and fast healing. Super Dude maybe a bit of a jock, but he’s actually a super genius and creates inventions like the world has never seen. Super Dude, pure awesome!

Young One is Super Dude’s young sidekick and the cockiest kid around. He is Super Dude’s 28 year old nephew and also a member of the Super Dudes. He’s also the heir to the Super Dudes team leadership. Young One is pretty lazy and has a tendency to be a rebel. He has the same powers as Super Dude and is a bit of a showoff about them. Young One is pound member of the best super hero team around!

Super Dudette is the female sidekick of Super Dude and is also Young One’s girlfriend. She used to be a nerd but then was transformed into a sexy supermodel with the same powers as Super Dude. Super Dudette is the only female member of the team so far and is also very shy as well. Super Dudette brings female order to the team and loves being a hero!

Super Mutt is a super powered dog and the coolest one as well. Super Mutt was a stray that soon gained the same powers as our heroes. He loves to play fetch and eat kibble, and is known to be naughty on occasion. Super Mutt is a loving pet and a best friend to Young One and others!

Fat Lazy Karate Teacher is Young One’s former karate teacher and now lives with the team at Super Dude’s apartment. Fat Lazy Karate Teacher knows nothing about karate and is no help to the Super Dudes at all. Fat Lazy Karate Teacher owns a bankrupt karate studio and pretty much does anything for money. Love him or hate him he’s a trainer of the super heroes for the right price!

The Fartinator is probably the weirdest super hero around. His powers are that he makes farts that are as strong as a nuclear bomb. The Fartinator is very good friends with the Super Dudes and is usually a back-up team member. The Fartinator will always be the one who cuts the cheese in battle!

High Tech Nick is a cyborg teenager and is already a full time superhero. High Tech Nick’s powers are the ability to stretch his mechanical robotic arms, legs, and neck 60 feet, the brain of a computer, and the ability to imitate any human voices. His sidekicks include his robotic dog Tech Spot and his talking bike named Nickbike. High Tech Nick is the teen of the 21st century!

Robot Blue is a battle robot from space and has been around since the age of the dinosaurs. He was built by XZ and soon Robot Blue became a soldier for the Galactic Universe Federation. Robot Blue met the Super Dudes and soon became a member of the team. Robot Blue hopes to use his powers for the good of the universe and mankind!

Cool Fox is cocky, sly, handsome, and very cool. Cool Fox and Super Dude were once enemies because they fought about who was the coolest, Cool Fox or Super Dude. But over time they became friends and Cool Fox and his best friend Camel became members of the team. Cool Fox has his own little group called the Cool Club and he now works for the U.S. government an agent. Cool Fox may not have any powers, but he’s quite a hero for a fox!

Coyote is Spotty’s first foe, he once tried to turn everybody in the world into Coyotes, put together all the world’s most famous nerds to take over the world, and was leader of the I Hate Spotty Gang. He is also billionaire.

Ghost is Super Spotty’s foe and has teamed up with Coyote twice. His background is a mystery but he is pure evil. He was once a king of army of skeletons, and he had a living skeleton cat as a pet. Ghost will stop at nothing to destroy Super Spotty once and for all!

Color Man is the oldest foe of the Super Dudes and probably the weakest of their enemies. Color Man has the powers to change the colors around him, like turning a red stop sign purple or turning a white man into a black man. Color Man is also known for smoking crayons like cigarettes and he does it because he thinks it helps his powers. Color Man maybe the gayest super villain around, but at least he always tries his best to destroy the Super Dudes!

Roncor is a four-legged orange wild monster with a big jaw and a tattoo of a heart that says “mom” on the inside. Roncor is a natural born killer and he doesn’t commit crimes but only murders. He doesn’t work well with others and tries his best to kill all of the Super Dudes, even though he always fails. Roncor is truly the deadliest super villain in the Super Dudes long history!

Night Watch is a paid assassin who wears a robotic suit and is known for committing crimes in the middle of the night. Night Watch’s only friend is his pet owl Oliver, and Night Watch hates the Super Dudes for no apparent reason. Night Watch wants nothing more than to kill Super Dude, once and for all! 

Dr. Duck is a mutant duck with a huge brain and a criminal mastermind. He has powers of telekinesis, the ability to read other people’s minds, and to control other people’s minds. Dr. Duck only wants knowledge and to rule the world. Not bad for being a duck!

Komodo King is a lizard man who has the powers of a Komodo dragon. He has many pet komodo dragons and always is carries a huge laser gun. Komodo King wears a Viking helmet and ripped clothes. Komodo King is probably the strongest of the Super Dudes enemies. Komodo King wants nothing more than money and power, what evil!

Boogie Man is a monster who lives under your bed that has a criminal record that goes through the roof. Boogie Man wasn’t always the Super Dudes enemy, he just always tried to scare a little boy but never really scared the boy and that little boy always called the police on him. Boogie Man has a bit of a feud with Satan, because the Boogie Man always makes deals with the devil that he can’t pay back for. Boogie Man only wants to be immortal, but Satan has finally had enough of this not scary monster!

Robo-Spotty 4.0 is a robot created by Coyote Corp to destroy Super Spotty and he looks just like him. Robo-Spotty 4.0 is now a small time villain and the occasional enemy of the Super Dudes!

The Keeper is Satan’s henchman who collects souls for him. The Keeper was once an outlaw from the old west, but now he’s a supernatural being who hunts for souls. Sometimes the Keeper wished he never made a deal with the devil!

Raptor Claw is a mafia man with a hand the looks like the hand of a dinosaur. He’s been an enemy of the Super Dudes for a while, but yet he’s always defeated. Raptor Claw is also a drug dealer and a crack addict. Raptor Claw is one of the biggest crime bosses around, not bad for a guy with a dinosaur hand!

Satan of course is the devil himself and the ruler of hell. Satan only wants to kill Super Dude because he has the powers of a god and he thinks no mortal should have such powers. Satan is one of the most powerful of the Super Dudes enemies, and I think we know why!

Dr. Frankenstein of course is famous for creating the Frankenstein’s Monster, but he’s also an enemy of the Super Dudes who he hates very much. He hated the Super Dudes so much that he formed the super villain group called the Sinisters to try to kill them. Dr. Frankenstein is now a demon working for Satan in Hell!

Dina is Cool Fox’s greatest enemy. Dina is a dinosaur and he is pure evil. He wants to rule the world and to basically be god. He is always stopped by the Cool Club and has a criminal record that goes through the roof. He soon died in prison.

Gangster is a mafia pink cotton ball and is rumored to have come from another planet. He runs the crime business with an iron fist and is always seen wearing a blue top hat. He has worked solo but always helps Dina when needed.

Professor Snout is a mad scientist with a ten inch nose, or just a very big noise. He is not that loyal to Dina and wants to rule the world for himself, but still he is Dina’s top henchmen.

Tom T-Rex is a rich redneck dinosaur and the father of Dina. When Dina fails, his father always steps in to help. Tom T-Rex hates his son and wants to rule the world himself. Tom T-Rex now tries to stop Cool Fox on his own.

Camel is Cool Fox’s best friend and he is a genius. Camel maybe a super nerd but he and Cool Fox get along well. Camel saved Cool Fox many times in their long history together. Camel is probably the greatest sidekick to the coolest hero.

The Scuba Diver Bros. are scientist, inventors, and scuba divers. Scott Diver and Rick Diver are probably smarter than Camel and are the aid of the Cool Club. They went solo for a little bit, but soon joined forces with the Cool Club once more.

Mary Y. is Cool Fox’s wife and is a supermodel. She loves Cool Fox very much and they also have a son. Mary Y. is human and so is there son. They had their son when Cool Fox was temporally human. Mary Y. wishes Cool Fox could live a normal life, but Cool Fox is a hero to the world.

Bear and Snake are two of the laziest members of the Cool Club. Bear and Snake are best friends and they help Cool Fox whenever they can. Snake is a greedy coward and Bear is a loving idiot. What a great duo and the best of friends.

Annoying Girl is very annoying of course and is hyper and wild. She has ADD and never shuts up. She does nothing to save the world and is a member of the Cool Club anyway. She is also a child star and has appeared in many movies.

Weirdo is a very weird guy who came from another planet, yet he helps Cool Fox and his friends save the world. He is able to speak two languages. Weirdo also has super powers and is really ugly.

Stunt Duck is a daredevil duck and is a proud member of the Cool Club. He also has a pet dolphin and has had solo adventures. He’ll help the Cool Club anyway he can.

Bob Jordan is a pro basketball player and a member of the Cool Club. He rarely helps the Cool Club, but will help when he can. Cool Fox is also a huge fan of Bob Jordan.

Toby the Dog is the Scuba Diver Bros. pet. He is very lazy and is always thinking up get rich quick schemes. But he still helps the Cool Club anyway he can.

Dark West (Todd Fredstone) is a sheriff’s deputy from the Wild West and becomes a mediaeval knight when he pulls out his magical sword. He was found in a block of ice and the Scuba Diver Bros. melted him and brought him back to life. He is now helping the Cool Club stop evil.

Dina Jr. is the son of Cool Fox’s number one foe Dina, he is a young dinosaur who helps the Cool Club stop his evil father. He comes from evil but is yet good. Dina Jr. is very good friends with Cool Fox and trusts him completely.

Gator Guard is an alligator who was once a bad guy but became a good guy. He gets angry easily and is very strong. He was once a pro wrestler and now he is a member of the Cool Club.

The Werewolf King is an old enemy of Max Storm. The Werewolf King is the king of all werewolves and he has fought Max Storm for a long time. The Werewolf King’s current whereabouts are unknown, but some say he’s in the Demon Realm.

The Jom-Eom King is an alien crime lord who lives in an alternate future. He was one of the richest people in the future and The Jom-Eom King’s reason for coming to earth remains unknown. The Jom-Eom King basically looks like the offspring of a frog and a cockroach. The Jom-Eom King’s whereabouts are currently unknown…some say he’s dead.

Kjwleo was once a loyal henchman of The Jom-Eom King but he soon joined the rebellion to stop the Mega Minds in the future. Kjwleo became friends with Max Storm and they soon became friends. Kjwleo’s whereabouts remain unknown at this time.

Noise Maker has the power to make loud noises strong enough to cause earthquakes. He was member of the rebellion to stop the Mega Minds. Noise Maker’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Electric Girl has the power to make and manipulate electricity. She had a secret crush on Noise Maker and she was member of the rebellion to stop the Mega Minds. Electric Girl’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Goo Dude is basically half human and half glop. Goo Dude is very sticky and gooey. His goo is as strong as glue and he is also is the weirdest member of the rebellion to stop the Mega Minds. Goo Dude’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Spy Lion 3000 (Alex J. Johnson) has the same powers as the original Spy Lion. Spy Lion 3000 isn’t a mountain lion (like the original) but a normal lion. Spy Lion 3000 fought in the rebellion to stop the Mega Minds in the future. Spy Lion 3000’s whereabouts remain unknown.

X-Eye 3000 (Ben Q.) is the very great grandson of X-Eye and he’s a very good inventor and he wears a robotic suit. Unlike the original X-Eye, his grandson is a superhero. X-Eye 3000 didn’t know much about his past, but he soon slowly found out more about his very great grandfather’s unique history throughout most of his adult life. But X-Eye 3000 had to help in the rebellion against the Mega Minds, so he basically had to focus on the present…by which I mean the future.

Mac is a bug-like mutant with many firearms and one of the fighters in the rebellion against the Mega Minds. Mac is a cocky yet trustworthy soldier in the rebellion and an ally in the defeat of the Mega Minds.

Vicky Speed Jr. is the daughter of The GreenSpeed and Ms. Giant and she has the same powers as her parents. She also was in love with Mike Storm and together they were going to stop the Mega Minds. Vicky Speed Jr. also is a paramedic and helps the wounded soldiers of the rebellion.

Grey H. Kenson is a normal human scientist who helped out the rebellion and Grey is a very good inventor. Grey also knows a lot about the history of the past and the science of the past. Grey was X-Eye 3000’s godfather and he was a family friend of the Q’s.

Jacob Q. (X-Eye 3000’s father) is a normal human scientist who helped out the rebellion. Jacob Q is the very great grandson of Henry Q. (X-Eye) and he too was a good inventor and repairman.

Mega Mind is an evil overlord from the future and the grandfather of Max Storm. Mega Mind didn’t always rule alone, it was until when the rebellion killed off the four other he became the lone ruler. Mega Mind was soon killed and the rebellion had finally won. Mega Mind is also Max’s grandfather because he traveled to the past and met Max’s grandmother. Mega Mind wanted Max Storm to be the heir to his throne…but Max denied the offer.

Sure 5 is the brother of Mac and shares the same powers. Sure 5 was an ally at first but sadly Mega Mind found him in the ruins of his blown up headquarters and he turned Sure 5 into a cyborg. Now Sure 5 is a living Robo-Hunter. Sure 5 is now Mega Mind’s number one henchman. But Sure 5 probably was still himself somewhere deep inside him. Sure 5 was forced to be a villain…he didn’t choose it.

Frog Dog is dog sidekick of Frog Man and Frog Dog has the same powers as Frog Man.

Stretch Dog is the dog sidekick of Stretch Man and Stretch Dog has the same powers as his master.

The Cartoon King is a super villain with the powers of a cartoon character. The Cartoon King has a magical pencil which he can use to draw cartoons that come to life and kill people. Currently The Cartoon King’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Hypno was an Arabic magician whose career died after the release of the R-Man movie of which he starred in. Hypno soon went mad and then began to learn the art of hypnosis and he would use these powers for crime. Hypno soon began a series of bank robberies that soon drew the attraction of crime lord Raptor Claw. Raptor Claw and Hypno soon join forces. Hypno is currently in prison for life.

R-Man is a superhero based on fictional character from of movie of the same name. But, the actor who played R-Man’s career died shortly after the movie came out. That actor soon without work came up with a scheme. He would become R-Man with the help of superpower-like technology and become a real superhero. R-Man is in really just a washed up actor, who now wants to be a superhero….just for the fame. R-Man soon became a member of the Super Dudes and now he currently lives with the Super Dudes in their apartment, basically mooching off his roommates.

Devil Devil the Pig is an evil pig that loves to eat other pigs. Devil Devil the Pig soon went mad and wanted more and more bacon. Devil Devil the Pig is also a rival to Evil Pig. Devil Devil the Pig currently is looking for more pig to eat, because he’s a monster.

Igor is the humped-back lab assistant of Dr. Frankenstein. Igor doesn’t want to be a bad guy he only is because he’s bossed around by Dr. Frankenstein who is almost like a father figure to him.  Igor is now a demon in Hell and he hates being one!

Gacy Gein Dahmer is a serial killer and body snatcher who has fought against the “That Spells Action Heroes” many times. Gacy Gein Dahmer is really insane and truly evil. He just loves to kill anything or anyone. Gacy Gein Dahmer is very proud of his work and sees nothing wrong with what he’s doing. Gacy Gein Dahmer also wears a necklace with the fingers from the many women he killed over the years. Gacy Gein Dahmer also worships the head of his police officer father in his house. Gacy Gein Dahmer likes to work alone and the other super villains feel very uncomfortable when they have to team up with him. Gacy Gein Dahmer is also a cannibal and he’s a loner. Gacy Gein Dahmer and The Skull Slasher have a feud against each other and try to outdo each other when it comes to killing the innocent. Gacy Gein Dahmer’s whereabouts are currently unknown but some say he’s dead while others think he’s pretty much immortal.

Ares is the god of war and an enemy of Max Storm and Goddiess. Ares is one of the creators of Goddiess and he is very power hungry. Ares is a warrior who loves to fight and conquer. Ares once tried many time to take over the mortal realm only to be defeated by Max Storm and Goddiess. Ares also is an occasional ally of Max Storm and Goddiess but mostly he likes to work solo and loves being evil. Ares currently works in Reaper’s graveyard and Ares is good friends with Demon King Mogw.

Hades is the god of the underworld and an enemy of Goddiess. Hades is a very vengeful god who wants nothing more than to rule the universe. Hades is the most powerful enemy of the “That Spells Action Heroes” and their biggest threat. Hades has a bit of a short temper and he becomes stronger when he’s angry. Hades was defeated by Goddiess only to return to fight him again. Hades currently works in Reaper’s graveyard and he’s also plotting his revenge.

Sobek is the Egyptian crocodile god and an ally of Max Storm and Goddiess. Sobek is currently a superhero and he works alongside many of the “That Spells Action Heroes”. Sobek is friends with Professor Faun, Rob the Ogre, Prince Pouchy, and Opie the Centaur. Sobek is also one of the creators of Goddiess. Sobek may look mean but he’s actually very nice. Sobek also can summon crocodiles into battle and Sobek is also a wizard. Sobek is also very knowledgeable and he is a father figure to Goddiess. Sobek currently lives in the heavens but when he is needed he’ll fight in battle.

Sator Wee is a demon and an enemy of Goddiess. Sator Wee is a prankster and a warrior. Sator Wee is one of the most powerful demons and he’s a bit of a wildcard. Sator Wee was born on April Fool’s Day and he has a very weird sense of humor. Sator Wee likes to cause mischief on his birthday so he rises out of Hell to return to the mortal realm to do just that. Sator Wee currently lives in Hell but he is known to return every April Fool’s Day to cause mischief. Sator Wee is also the brother of Death Clown.

Caveman Jr. is a superhero caveman and an ally of The Gifted. Caveman Jr. is a caveman who was frozen in a block of ice and was found by The Gifted. The Gifted unfroze him only to discover that he had superpowers. Caveman Jr. has the powers of super strength, super speed, the power to talk to animals, the power to transform into any dinosaur, and the power of flight. Caveman Jr. is a wild man and his favorite food is hotdogs. Caveman Jr. currently lives in The Gifted’s headquarters and he is beloved by The Gifted so beloved that he’s The Gifted’s mascot.

Storm Killer is an enemy of Max Storm and a former member of The Red Crickets. Storm Killer is actually a clone of Max Storm but he wears a green ninja mask and is covered in scars. Storm Killer’s goal is to kill Max Storm and win his way back into the Red Crickets by doing so. Storm Killer would soon have a change of heart when Max Storm saved his life. Now Storm Killer is an ally of Max Storm and he is a nicer guy. Storm Killer is also friends with The Skull Slasher and Mike Storm. Plus Storm Killer is also a mentor of Mike Storm. Storm Killer currently lives with Max Storm and he is a tattoo artist.

Gar Jong is an alien warrior from another planet. Gar Jong is the nephew of The Jom-Eom King. Gar Jong is very power hungry and loves to fight. Gar Jong has killed billions of innocent souls and he has started many wars with alien planets. Gar Jong was defeated by Max Storm and Gar Jong current whereabouts remain unknown. Also Gar Jong is a bit of a con man and gained a lot of wealth through crime.

U Tucker is a superhero and a male stripper. U Tucker is a very weird superhero is that he is a homosexual and he is very good looking. When U Tucker isn’t working at the strip club he secretly goes out and fights crime. U Tucker looks like a bodybuilder and his superhero outfit looks like male stripper clothes. U Tucker has the powers to hypnotize people and the power of super speed. U Tucker is the son of Hypno and he is the best friend of Young One. U Tucker wants to be a male model someday but for now he’ll just stick to his job as a male stripper.

Dick Hurts is a nerdy superhero who becomes stronger when he’s in pain or injured. Dick Hurts was born with his superpowers and discover it after some bullies had beaten him up. Now Dick Hurts fights crime wearing a gauze and cotton pads. Dick Hurts also cuts himself with a pocket knife to become stronger. Dick Hurts is the son of Dr. Hurt and unlike his father he works alongside The Gifted. Dick Hurts is currently attending college while fighting crime on the side.

Space Fighter is an alien boxer and an occasional superhero. Space Fighter is the nephew of The Jom-Eom King and the younger brother of Gar Jong. As a boxer he’s a former Galactic Heavyweight Champion and a commercial spokesman. Space Fighter decided to become a superhero as a publicity stunt. Now Space Fighter fights alongside with many of the “That Spells Action Heroes”. Space Fighter currently lives in his mansion of a far away planet training everyday so he can become stronger in his next fight.

Todd Hog is a red neck biker and a super villain. Todd Hog rides a rusty motorcycle and he is the younger brother of The Wife Beater. Todd Hog was kicked out of a biker gang and now he considers himself “The One Man Biker Gang”. Todd Hog isn’t very powerful and he is in no way a threat to the “That Spells Action Heroes” in anyway shape or form. Todd Hog is just really annoying and loves to ride his motorcycle. Todd Hog wants to be the greatest super villain ever but he’s too much of an idiot to be one. Todd Hog’s current whereabouts are unknown but he’s known to ride his motorcycle while interrupting a superhero battle from out of nowhere. 

Talking Wind is a Native American superhero with the power to control the wind. Talking Wind is a former Native American casino employee until he was fired. Soon Talking Wind decided to become a superhero after a meeting with the wind spirits from which they gave him his powers. Now Talking Wind works alongside the “That Spells Action Heroes” and he likes to give advice to his allies. Talking Wind is proud to represent his people as a superhero and protector of his land. Talking Wind currently lives in The Gifted’s headquarters along with many other superheroes. Talking Wind is also the best friend of Dr. Strong (Dr. Bob Scott).

Xou Gag is the creator of Storm Killer and a high ranking member of The Red Crickets. Xou Gag is a Kong-Fu master and he is also a scientist. Xou Gag is Long’s second-in-command and his fateful servant. Xou Gag also created Long’s bodyguard Mr. Arms through genetic engineering. After Long was killed by Max Storm, Xou Gag worked on his greatest creation which was Storm Killer. After Storm Killer decided to become a superhero, Xou Gag decided to clone Long and reform The Red Crickets. Xou Gag currently works with The Red Crickets and their goal is to take over the world. Xou Gag is also the cousin of Chag.

Death Clown is a clown-like demon who always appears after someone dies. Death Clown used to be a mortal serial killer until he was killed himself. Now he is stuck in between the world of the living and the world of the dead. Death Clown mostly feeds on mortals who are about to die and he basically has the powers of The Grim Reaper. Death Clown is neither good nor evil and he has no prior memory of his life as a mortal serial killer. Occasionally Death Clown battles the “That Spells Action Heroes!” as a powerful super villain or aides them as a helpful superhero. Death Clown is truly unique in every way.

The Green Demon is a rare green-skinned demon who is a misfit in Hell but a superhero in the mortal realm. The Green Demon is one of the few demons to be kind hearted instead of being evil. The Green Demon decided to become of a superhero because he wanted to prove that he can be the good guy. The Green Demon’s powers include invisibility, super strength, super speed, flight, fire breath, and the ability to heal others. The Green Demon mostly works alongside Goddiess but he’s occasionally known to aid the other “That Spells Action Heroes!” The Green Demon is actually the biological son of Demon King Mogw and he has a bit of a feud with his father.

Retro Strongman is a 19th century bodybuilder who was frozen in a refrigerator inside abandon restaurant only to be awakened in the year 2010. Due to his good health he survived in that refrigerator for many decades. Now Retro Strongman is a superhero and fights alongside the “That Spells Action Heroes!” Retro Strongman has the powers of super strength and super speed. Retro Strongman’s favorite food is hotdogs and he has appeared in many hotdog eating contests. Retro Strongman also has a bit of a grudge with Dr. Strong (Dr. Bob Scott) because he feels that Dr. Strong is stronger than him so he wants to prove that he’s the stronger of the two.

Iran Ian is the younger brother of Atomic Ali and has all of his brother’s powers. Iran Ian is different from his brother because instead of being a super villain, he’s actually a superhero. Iran Ian works alongside the “That Spells Action Heroes!” and he is a bit of a comedian. Iran Ian also has the power of flight and that’s the only power that he does not share with his brother. Iran Ian is also loves animals and would dare not harm one. Iran Ian’s current whereabouts are unknown but when he is needed he will appear.

Japan Jenny is the teenage daughter of Dr. Sumo and also she is Dr. Sumo’s sidekick. Japan Jenny weights 899 lbs. and loves to eat. She shares her father’s powers and his appetite. Japan Jenny is a bit of a spoiled brat and you wouldn’t want to make her angry. Japan Jenny also works alongside the other super villains but she secretly has a crush on the superhero Expo Speed. Japan Jenny is also a very lazy. Japan Jenny is truly a unique super villain to the “That Spells Action Heroes!”

X/99 is a cyborg bounty hunter from the year 3000 and a former henchman of Mega Mind. But one day Mega Mind sent X/99 to the past in order to kill Max Storm but X/99 failed at his mission. Now X/99 is stuck in the present and he works as a bodyguard to X-Eye (Henry Q.). X/99’s powers include a laser gun arm, super strength, super speed, bullet proof armor, a computerized brain, and the ability to transform into a futuristic motorcycle. X/99 is very emotionless and is only programed to kill. X/99 was human once…but now he’s really not.

Hank Hunter is the brother-in-law of Lester BarnSwallow and is a cameraman for a local TV news station. Like his brother-in-law, Hank Hunter likes to work alongside the “That Spells Action Heroes!” and he’s always there to film their battles. Hank Hunter secretly dreams of becoming a superhero, instead he just likes to hang out with them. Hank Hunter is also an internet blogger and he blogs about his adventures with the “That Spells Action Heroes!”

Red Rhino is an obese female red skinned demon and the rival of The Green Demon. Red Rhino is called Red Rhino because she has one long horn sticking out of her forehead. But before Red Rhino became an obese red skinned demon, she used to be a sexy thin mortal supermodel. But when she died, she went to Hell and as a punishment for her sinful ways Satan turned her into a monstrous demon. Now Red Rhino is a very powerful super villain of the “That Spells Action Heroes!” and just plain evil. Red Rhino was also once the best friend of Ms. Condor before she died but now she is her enemy. Red Rhino also has a short fuse and loves to fight. Red Rhino also secretly has a crush on The Green Demon even though their enemies. Red Rhino currently lives in Hell only to come to the mortal realm to wreak havoc upon it.

Freakshow is a strange rainbow skinned humanoid creature that lives in an abandon amusement park. Freakshow has no idea of his origins and why he was put onto this planet. The only think Freakshow knows is that he’s truly a freak. Freakshow is an enemy and an occasional ally of Team Freak. Freakshow rarely leaves his home but when something catches his fancy he might venture out of his home. Freakshow has the powers of super strength, flight, fire breath, the ability to talk to animals, and the powers of hypnosis. Freakshow is a bit of a loner and he also has a speech impediment. Freakshow is truly an oddball to the “That Spells Action Heroes!”

The Whatzit is a purple skinned alien from a faraway planet who came to Earth to be a superhero. The Whatzit is a very strange superhero in the fact he doesn’t really know what a superhero is. The Whatzit is known to sometime aide the super villains by mistake. The Whatzit speaks in a very high voice and he is very hyper. The Whatzit’s powers are that he can copy the powers of other superheroes and super villains. The Whatzit also loves to eat eggplants and that’s the only food on Earth he’ll eat. 

Miss Whatzit is the wife of The Whatzit and also his sidekick. Miss Whatzit is an obese purple skinned alien who shares her husband’s powers and habits. Miss Whatzit is a little slow witted and she likes to eat soup cans for some reason. Miss Whatzit is also very annoyed by her husband and loves to beat him up which on their planet is a sign of love. Miss Whatzit and her husband also very annoying to the “That Spells Action Heroes!” and she also likes to flirt with other men while she’s on Earth.

Holy Death is a former judicial executioner from 1573 who one day made a deal with the gods to become immortal. Now Holy Death is a superhero with god-like powers and works alongside Goddiess and The Green Demon. Holy Death also carries a black blooded spiked mace and he also has the ability to control ghosts. Holy Death is a very religious man and he wears a necklace with a golden cross. Holy Death rarely speaks but when he does it is very wise. Holy Death is truly a somewhat evil superhero but yet he’s a man of god.

The Fallen is a Vietnam veteran who died in battle. But one day he came back to life and is now a zombie. The Fallen face is covered in bandages and he wears a dirty old soldiers’ uniform. The Fallen is now a zombie super villain and he wants revenge on the U.S. government for his death. The Fallen’s only weapon is an old rusty machinegun and he loves to eat brains. The Fallen now can never die and he has been defeated many times by the “That Spells Action Heroes!”

The Wife Beater is a crazy redneck super villain and just loves to fight. The Wife Beater has no super powers but is just a crazy redneck who thinks he’s powerful enough to rule the world. The Wife Beater hates the “That Spells Action Heroes!” very much and wants nothing more but to kick their asses. The Wife Beater is pretty much a loser in the super villain world but yet he just loves to leave his trailer park and fight the “That Spells Action Heroes!”

The Fairy Queen is a fairy superhero who came from an enchanted meadow and left it to become a superhero. The Fairy Queen has blue skin, deer-like horns, wings, and she can grow to any size she wants. The Fairy Queen is one of the few female superheroes that works alongside the “That Spells Action Heroes!” and one of the few magical “That Spells Action Heroes!” The Fairy Queen is also the queen of the fairies and she has a pet white dragon named Snowie. The Fairy Queen wants nothing more than world peace and to make the children of the world happy.

The Mugger is a super villain and a former street thug. The Mugger has the powers of super strength and super speed. The Mugger also carries a shotgun and loves to rob people and banks. The Mugger also wears a mask, a bandana, and a leather trench coat. The Mugger is mostly a henchman-for-hire and he will do anything for money. The Mugger is also the brother of Darrell The Useless Superhero and he loves to pick on him. The Mugger is also the best friend of Color Man and they like to work together.

Buddy Moneybags is the richest man in the world and the most evil. The only reason Buddy Moneybags became a super villain was because he couldn’t think of how to spend his vast fortune. Buddy Moneybags likes to work alongside X-Eye (Henry Q.) because they are both billionaires. Buddy Moneybags looks like the stereotypical rich old tycoon. He wears a top hat, a business suit, a monocle, smokes a cigar, and carries a sack of money with him wherever he goes. Buddy Moneybags is also very cheap and a penny pitcher. Buddy Moneybags doesn’t necessarily want to rule the world, all he wants is to just make more money.

Alien Hunter Squad is a secret organization created by an unknown group of secret agents to hunt down alien invaders. New agents are recruited by the unnamed Head of the Alien Hunter Squad. Agents can either be human or good aliens. The Alien Hunter Squad basically protect our world from alien invaders and they also work closely with the GUF (the Galactic Universe Federation). The Alien Hunter Squad hide in their headquarters which is in the center of the Earth to await when the world needs their help.

The Cast of Alien Hunter Squad!
·     Agent Girl
·     Agent Guy
·     The Alien Blob Thief
·     XZ
·     Gun Expert Agent
·     The Head of the Alien Hunter Squad
·     The Monster Worm

Atomic Ali is a super villain and suicide bomber. Atomic Ali is a unique suicide bomber because after he blows himself up he doesn’t die. After a freak accident, Atomic Ali and his bomb fused together to become one. Now Atomic Ali has the power to create explosions at will killing others but he’ll remain unharmed. Atomic Ali is the arch enemy of General Warfare and a very powerful threat to the U.S.A. Atomic Ali is very power hungry and has become very cocky because of his newfound super power. Atomic Ali is truly a powerful foe of the “That Spells Action Heroes!” and Atomic Ali’s current whereabouts remain unknown.

Darrell The Useless Superhero is a fat 30-something African-American man who is basically a loser who wants to be a superhero. Darrell has no powers and he’s basically retarded. Darrell only became a superhero as a form of amusement and he somehow becomes an ally to the other “That Spells Action Heroes!” But Darrell isn’t all that useless, somehow when he hears the sound of bell he basically becomes a superhero savant. But only ten minutes after Darrell hears the sound of bell he reverts back to his old lazy self.  Mostly Darrell shows up when he pleases so he isn’t around fighting crime a lot. He is quite a surprise to the other much more qualified “That Spells Action Heroes!” but oddly enough Darrell is pretty much a great guy and a loyal friend to boot.

The Mystery Misfits are a trio of teenage detectives from an old Saturday morning cartoon. But one day through supernatural forces unbeknownst to them these cartoon detectives came to life and now are in the real world. The members of The Mystery Misfits include Donnie who acts as the leader of the group, Minnie the beautiful popular girl, Mitt the nerdy teenage boy, and Mitt’s pet okapi Oupa. The Mystery Misfits are also monster hunters and they have crossed paths with Max Storm and The Skull Slasher. Max Storm is a fan of their cartoon and likes working with them while The Skull Slasher just found them annoying. But The Mystery Misfits soon found out that the real world is very different from the cartoon world. Donnie basically became an alcoholic and disillusioned in the real world while in his cartoon would he was the popular pretty boy jock. Minnie basically became the pacemaker of the group while in the cartoon world she was Donnie’s girlfriend. Mitt basically became the voice of reason and the true leader of the group in the real world while in the cartoon world Mitt was just a cowardly nerd. Finally Mitt’s pet okapi Oupa became intelligent and speaks in an English accent while in the cartoon would Oupa was cowardly and spoke with a speech impediment. Now The Mystery Misfits are faced with many problems but mostly the main problem is should they stay in the real world or should they return to the cartoon world. The Mystery Misfits are a very unique ally to the “That Spells Action Heroes!” and they are very busy during Halloween night!

The Yellow Shogun is a very powerful immortal shogun with god-like powers. Long ago The Yellow Shogun once ruled an entire empire until he was defeated by Goddiess. After Goddiess defeated The Yellow Shogun, the gods trapped his soul into his yellow armor. Many centuries passed and The Yellow Shogun’s armor was bought by X-Eye (Henry Q.) to be made into weapons. But X-Eye’s Mexican janitor Cinco Pollo touched The Yellow Shogun’s armor and it fused with Cinco Pollo. Much like Goddiess and George J. Brook, Cinco Pollo and The Yellow Shogun now share a body but are they two completely different people. The Yellow Shogun is evil and power hungry while Cinco Pollo is very kind hearted. Now that The Yellow Shogun has returned, it’s up to the “That Spells Action Heroes!” to stop him from taking over the world. The Yellow Shogun is truly one of the most powerful super villains and yet he is also the most evil.

Team Freak is about three popular beautiful teenagers (a girl and two boys) that drove into the woods one day and when a meteor crash landed in front of them the meteor spilled a strange slime. The strange slime from the meteor transformed these three beautiful teenagers into monsters. The beautiful popular girl became a mutant gorilla-human hybrid (Gorilla Girl). The one boy transformed into a monstrous mutant with one huge eye and many legs and arms (Mutant Man). And the other boy transformed into a living pile of garbage (Garbage Pit). Ashamed of their freakish appearances, the three teenagers hid in the sewers and they soon met a mutant goldfish. This mutant goldfish (Master Fisheyes) looked very humanoid and had telekinetic abilities. They would befriend the mutant goldfish and the four of them would soon form a super hero team called “Team Freak”. These freakish superheroes will fight the super villains Raptor Claw, Dr. Duck, Komodo King, Ivan the Crusher, Dr. Hurt, Dirtclog, Bug Boy, Rat Man, Purple Mosquito & Green Mosquito.

The Cast of Team Freak!
·      Gorilla Girl
·      Mutant Man
·      Garbage Pit
·      Master Fisheyes
·      Raptor Claw
·      Dr. Duck
·      Komodo King
·      Ivan the Crusher
·      Dr. Hurt
·      Dirtclog
·      Bug Boy
·      Rat Man
·      Purple Mosquito & Green Mosquito

The Zunion is a secret organization created by super villains which each super villain is a member of. The Zunion goal is universal domination and they actively look for new super villains to join The Zunion. The Zunion is currently lead by Zrotk who is also one of its founders. The Zunion also currently has two co-leaders X-Eye (Henry Q.) and Hillax the Destroyer. The Zunion is secretly working together to not only take over the universe but to destroy every single one of the “That Spells Action Heroes!”

The Members of The Zunion!
·      Zrotk
·      X-Eye (Henry Q.)
·      Hillax the Destroyer
·      Raptor Claw
·      Dr. Duck
·      Komodo King
·      Ivan the Crusher
·      Dr. Hurt
·      Dirtclog
·      Bug Boy
·      Rat Man
·      Purple Mosquito & Green Mosquito
·      The Yellow Shogun
·      Atomic Ali
·      Spider Hand
·      Exclamation Point
·      Tornado Ted
·      Buzz & Kirk
·      Dr. Sumo
·      Blue Jay
·      Swordfish
·      Turtle Man
·      Blood Hound
·      Bogo the Anit-Stretch Man
·      Pelican King
·      Dino Man
·      Water Man
·      The Werewolf King
·      The Jom-Eom King
·      The Cartoon King
·      Hypno
·      Chaos the Demon
·      Dina
·      Gangster
·      Professor Snout
·      Tom T-Rex
·      The Monster Master (Scott F. Henry)
·      Virus
·      Time Man
·      Black Magic
·      Peter P. Pixie
·      Badger Man
·      Droid 6
·      Robo Rexes
·      Hacko the Wise
·      Oliver Owl
·      Boogie Man
·      Robo-Spotty 4.0
·      Color Man
·      Roncor
·      Night Watch
·      Dean Deathlock
·      Dean the Giant
·      Freddy the Kid
·      Prince Norna
·      Mike Red and Rick Red (The Red Bros.)
·      Yunko the Clown
·      Professor Udo
·      Brute
·      Lighting Litzo
·      Cavity-Man
·      Professor Kocar
·      The Goblin Team (Anti-Bull Horns, Ring Arm, and Pink Flying Skull Man)
·      Larry the Jackalope
The Members of The Zunion!

Larry the Jackalope is an annoying Jackalope and a loyal henchman of Dina. Larry is basically a rabbit with deer antlers. Larry met Dina when he was captured by Dina’s henchmen because he was a Cryptid and Dina at the time was collecting Cryptids or legendary creatures. Larry can jump really high and his antlers are not very sharp. Larry’s whereabouts are currently unknown but he’s willing to help Cool Fox’s foes whenever they’ll need it.

Lee is an elf prince warrior who is a member of the Chosen Four. Lee is cocky and sly and has a way with the ladies. Lee has many friends and just as many foes. Lee married Princess Julia and they had a son. Lee currently his kingdom but has been known to fight evil on occasion.

The Super Hero Alliance was a popular superhero team founded in the 1940’s. The Super Hero Alliance’s leader was Lighting Liztzo and the Super Hero Alliance was based in Hero City. In the 1970’s The Super Hero Alliance disbanded and soon two decades later a new superhero team named The Super Dudes was founded. The Super Dudes replaced the former Super Hero Alliance as the top superhero team of Hero City. Many of the Super Hero Alliance members are now retired or have gone missing. But Lighting Litzo is currently a super villain bent on world domination. Also Lighting Litzo is immortal and he gained immortally through a strange liquid he drank. Lighting Litzo is now a powerful enemy of the Super Dudes.

The Super Hero Alliance Members!
·      The Human Spring
·      Bobblehead Man
·      Lighting Litzo
·      Car Man
·      Toilet Tom
·      The Living Eyeball
·      Chicken Chuck
·      Pancake Man & Syrup Boy
·      Thinker & Shadow
·      Tennis Master
·      Card Shark
·      Navy Ned
·      Blabbermouth Bob
·      Madame Mud
·      Steam Jet Joe
·      Mr. Knifes
·      Computer Man
·      Kangaroo Man
·      Abominable Man
·      Retail Man
·      +1
·      The Garbage Man
·      The Referee
·      The Yellow Fellow
·      Eggshell
·      Panda Pete
·      Crazy Senior
·      El 666
·      Boner Bill
·      The Sleepy Soldier
·      Captain Crap
·      Freshman
·      Hologram Harry
·      The Wonderful Walrus
·      The Dancer
·      Sir Hiccup
·      Sunscreen Sam
·      Myth Man & Tall Tale
·      Fairy Princess & The Glamour Gang  
·      The Middle Finger of Justice
·      Business Man
·      Muscle Machine & The Workout Society

Abominable Man was a former member of The Super Hero Alliance and he is now an ally of the Super Dudes. Abominable Man was cryogenically frozen for many years until the Super Dudes unfroze him. Abominable Man has the super powers of super strength and ice breath and his only weakness is that if he gets too hot he’ll temporarily lose his powers. Abominable Man wears a blue ruby necklace that magically keeps him cold in battle. Abominable Man maybe from the old generation of superheroes but now he’s teaching the new generation of superheroes a thing or two. Abominable Man also loves to eat ice cream and his favorite animal is penguins.

Carp Man is a new member of the Super Dudes and a superhero with all the powers of a carp. Carp Man is pretty much the lamest superhero thus far and he’s pretty useless unless crimes happen in water. Carp Man is also pretty lazy and loves to eat Chinese food. Carp Man also has a pet carp named CK and he also has a fishing pole that he uses to fight crime with. Carp Man’s whereabouts are currently unknown but he shows up when the Super Dudes fight in or around water.

The Shrew King is a super villain with the powers of a shrew. The Shrew King also has the power to control shrews and make them do his bidding. The Shrew King is like the Pied Piper of Hamelin only with shrews. The Shrew King lives in the sewers and only comes out a night. The Shrew King is truly a unique foe of the “That Spells Action Heroes” and a very weird person as well.

Mantis Man is an Asian superhero with the power of a mantis. Mantis Man is also a kung-fu warrior and also has the power of Pyrokinesis. Mantis Man is also a former student of Veg and a former classmate of Max Storm. Mantis Man also has the power to talk to bugs. Mantis Man never stops training and he wants to be the best. Mantis Man is also a member of the Super Dudes and he’s friends with Fat Lazy Karate Teacher.

The Evil Slayer and Rag Doll are a brother and sister duo whose parents were killed and now they seek revenge for their parents’ deaths by killing criminals. The Evil Slayer and Rag Doll are in a way not superheroes because they kill anyone they think is a criminal so most of the time they kill the innocent by mistake. The Evil Slayer is a young male teenager who wears blood red jumpsuit and dark red ski mask. The Evil Slayer can use almost anything as a weapon and personally loves to use swords and firearms for most of his killings. Rag Doll is a 6 year old girl who wears a Kabuki mask and carries a sledgehammer but she mostly lets her brother do the killing. The Evil Slayer and Rag Doll are also the heirs to a billion dollar fortune because their father was a rich oil tycoon who left all of his fortune to his two children a.k.a. The Evil Slayer and Rag Doll. The Evil Slayer and Rag Doll are basically two superhero want-a-bees and they are just two juvenile delinquents who have a lot of money and time on their hands and they like to spend their time killing people. The Evil Slayer and Rag Doll are a bit a misfits in the “That Spells Action Heroes” community because the “That Spells Action Heroes” think they are super villains while the super villains themselves fear they might be their next victims. The Evil Slayer and Rag Doll’s current whereabouts remain unknown! Also Buddy Moneybags is The Evil Slayer’s godfather and Rag Doll’s godfather is X-Eye (Henry Q.).

Chris “DJ” Edge is a former member of The Boys on The Edge and he’s a cocky young man. Chris “DJ” Edge’s gimmick is that of an electronic musician and he dances his way to the ring. Chris “DJ” Edge is a high flyer wrestler and he is also to wears headphones during his matches. Chris “DJ” Edge is a former 2-time KWE/BWC Hardcore Champion and he’s also a former D4 Heavyweight Champion.

3-K is a wrestling robot created by Dr. Wrestling. He knows every wrestling move and has the brain of a computer. He is the only robot in the KWE, and maybe the first robot wrestler ever!

Dr. Wrestling is KWE wrestling psychologist, and he also tries to calm down the wrestlers. He is also the co-host of “KWE News Show”.  He is also the #2 color commentator in the KWE. And he and Jack Sports are a great commentating team.

Fearsome the Alligator is a bully of Binky Bear and Donny Duck and the best friend of Wolf. Fearsome the Alligator is pretty much a jerk and an asshole. Fearsome the Alligator is also a member of the Silly Squad. Fearsome the Alligator was born and raised in the swamps but now he lives the good life.

Jeff is the owner of a comic book store called “Jeff’s Comic Shop”. Jeff is a mean fat guy who wishes he had a life and is a nerdy bully. Anyone can kick his butt and yet people like to buy comic books from this guy.

Rusty the Changer is very different from the other Changers. He is actually a good guy instead of a bad guy. Rusty was reprogrammed by the True Heroes and now he’s a soldier in the True Heroes army. Rusty is best friends with Stork’s nephew Zach and Zach also repairs him if he’s damaged in battle. Rusty can transform into anything and he’s the only Changer that has emotions. Rusty currently lives in the True Heroes headquarters and he is also a follower of Buckyism.

The Changers are transforming robots that can turn into any vehicle, any animal, or any object. They were invented by X-Eye and Professor Smith and were used as soldiers of both the Skull Lords and the True Heroes. The Changers currently are their own bosses and will start a war with any side.

Professor Smith is a scientist who has helped Stork, and has sometimes been his foe. Professor Smith once fused Hawk and Stork together with a fusing remote control, and he once turned into a giant green monster.

Insane Dog Catcher is Bark’s #1 foe. Insane Dog Catcher is mad at Bark for biting his leg off, now Insane Dog Catcher has a mental leg and wants ravage on Bark. Once Insane Dog Catcher and Bark teamed up to stop Big Mean Dog, but they soon became enemies once again. Insane Dog Catcher was even general of the Skull Lords army. He has also raced in Stork’s Kart Racing 2006!

Professor Vulture is Binky’s enemy and school teacher. Professor Vulture is a super genius and is almost a mad scientist. Professor Vulture is rarely doing any evil these days, but he’s known to try and take over the world on occasion.

Mac Machine & Steel are a Russian tag team who are really strong and are really self-centered. Mac Machine and Steel are brothers and they aren’t a very good tag team. They never get along and hate working together. Mac Machine and Steel are former BWC tag team Champions. They are also managed by Bad Luck Joe.