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The Zunion

The Zunion is a secret organization created by super villains which each super villain is a member of. The Zunion’s goal is universal domination and they actively look for new super villains to join The Zunion. The Zunion is currently lead by Zrotk who is also one of its founders. The Zunion also currently has two co-leaders X-Eye (Henry Q.) and Hillax the Destroyer. The Zunion is secretly working together to not only take over the universe but to destroy every single one of the “That Spells Action Heroes!”

The Members of The Zunion!

·        Zrotk

·        X-Eye (Henry Q.)

·        Hillax the Destroyer

·        Raptor Claw

·        Dr. Duck

·        Komodo King

·        Ivan the Crusher

·        Dr. Hurt

·        Dirtclog

·        Bug Boy

·        Rat Man

·        Purple Mosquito & Green Mosquito

·        The Yellow Shogun

·        Atomic Ali

·        Spider Hand

·        Exclamation Point

·        Tornado Ted

·        Buzz & Kirk

·        Dr. Sumo

·        Blue Jay

·        Swordfish

·        Turtle Man

·        Blood Hound

·        Bogo the Anit-Stretch Man

·        Pelican King

·        Dino Man

·        Water Man

·        The Werewolf King

·        The Jom-Eom King

·        The Cartoon King

·        Hypno

·        Chaos the Demon

·        Dina

·        Gangster

·        Professor Snout

·        Tom T-Rex

·        The Monster Master (Scott F. Henry)

·        Virus

·        Time Man

·        Black Magic

·        Peter P. Pixie

·        Badger Man

·        Droid 6

·        Robo Rexes

·        Hacko the Wise

·        Oliver Owl

·        Boogie Man

·        Robo-Spotty 4.0

·        Color Man

·        Roncor

·        Night Watch

·        Dean Deathlock

·        Dean the Giant

·        Freddy the Kid

·        Prince Norna

·        Mike Red and Rick Red (The Red Bros.)

·        Yunko the Clown

·        Professor Udo

·        Brute

·        Lighting Litzo

·        Cavity-Man

·        Professor Kocar

·        The Goblin Team (Anti-Bull Horns, Ring Arm, and Pink Flying Skull Man)

·        Larry the Jackalope

The Members of The Zunion!

Bucky's Newly Rediscovered Sea Horse Character!

I was looking through my old books and I found a character I've forgotten all about. All I think I remember about this character is that it's a young female sea horse who went on adventures under the sea with her friends. Thought it's name was Sally but I'm not totally sure, but again I completely forgot all about this character and I thought I share with you the drawings I found of this lost sea horse character I created when I was a kid. And who knows, maybe this lost sea horse character might be back in new stories or I may even remake the original story all together. So enjoy these drawings and I can't wait to properly reintroduce this lost character in the very, very near future. Side note, I think I co-created this character with Mrs. S but I'm not entirely sure!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hero City Movie Script: Part 2

Lex Luthor: What do you two want with me?

The Keeper: We need your help to frame Mr. Hero, and we want you to reform The Injustice Gang, we will pay you $29, 0002, if you help us, so, what do you say.

Now we see Lex Luthor.

Lex Luthor: I’m in, and could I also kill Superman at the same time.

The Keeper: Sure, the more murders the merrier, now get all the members of the Injustice Gang together.

Lex Luthor: I’ll get working on that.

The Keeper: Good, come Dr. Power, we must get more super villains together.

Dr. Power: Yes master.

Then the Keeper and Dr. Power flew away.

Now we see Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor: Suckers.

Then Lex Luthor started laughing!   

Now we go to Brock Stonewall’s office. And we see him watching the news.

Anchorwoman: Today Wonder Woman stopped a bank robbery, and in other news Hero City’s #1 super hero, Mr. Hero, has just killed our mayor, why would our beloved hero do such a thing, and now we talk to some super heroes on what they think about Mr. Hero killing the mayor.

Now we see Cyclops.

Cyclops: I’m proud to be a member of the X-Men, but it makes me sick to see a hero we all loved kill a man.

Now we see Captain America.

Captain America: Sad, I was friends with Mr. Hero, and killing the mayor is just wrong, I hope Mr. Hero learns his lesson.

Now we see the Anchorwoman again.

Anchorwoman: Well, the police are looking for Mr. Hero and even the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and in other news….

Then Brock Stonewall turns off his TV.

Now we see Brock Stonewall drinking.

Brock Stonewall: Now why would a super hero kill the mayor, guess I was right.

Then we hear a window breaking.

Brock Stonewall: What the fuck, who’s there.

Then we see Brock Stonewall running to the window.

Then we see Mr. Hero.

Mr. Hero: Hello Mr. Stonewall, I need your help with something.

Brock Stonewall: I’m calling the cops, you killed the mayor, and you’re a super hero.

Mr. Hero: But I was framed, and I have some people I think who framed me, I’ll pay you $4,008.

Brock Stonewall: Wait, so you may have been framed, alright, now just give me the money and I’ll see what I can do.

Mr. Hero gives Brock Stonewall a briefcase full of money.

Mr. Hero: Alright, now I have to go, here’s a list of people who may have framed me.

Brock Stonewall: Okay, and who’s the geek.

Then we see a nerd.

Mr. Hero: Oh, that’s my sidekick, Kicky.

Then we see Kicky.

Kicky: Don’t worry Mr. Hero, I’ll find out who framed you or my name isn’t Kicky.

Then Kicky starts walking then trips on his cape.

Brock Stonewall: I think your sidekick sucks.

Mr. Hero: They always say that, okay let’s go Kicky.

Kicky: Yes Mr. Hero, up, up, and away.

Then Kicky and Mr. Hero flew out the window.

Then we see Brock Stonewall holding the list.

Brock Stonewall: Looks like I need to go to Lex Corp, I need a drink.

Then we see Brock Stonewall drinking. 

Now we see a building with the Lex Corp logo on it. Now we see Brock Stonewall walking with a list.

Brock Stonewall: Okay I’m at Lex Corp headquarters, and the person on the list is Lex Luthor.

Brock Stonewall goes to the fount gate and is stopped by security guards.

Security Guard #1: Who are you, and do you have a meeting with anyone in here.

Brock Stonewall: I’m a detective, and I need to talk with your boss.

Security Guard #2: No one can see Mr. Luthor, and get the hell out of here.

Brock Stonewall: Look, please just let me in, it’s about Mr. Hero.

Security Guard #1: Well, I guess we’ll let you talk to Mr. Luthor, alright you’re in.

Then the security guards step aside, and Brock Stonewall walks in.

Now we see Lex Luthor’s office, and he is talking to The Joker.

The Joker: Look Lexy, me and the gang where wonder why we’re framing Mr. Hero, how about Batman, or Superman, we hate those guys.

Lex Luthor: Look, I’m being paid a lot of money okay, and so I want you to get the Injustice Gang back together, and if you do, I’ll give you $9001.

The Joker: Okay Lex, I accept your offer, and I’m your second-in-command right.

Doctor Octopus: That is where you are wrong.

Then the Joker turns around and we see Doctor Octopus.

The Joker: Wait, Doctor Octopus is your second-in-command, but why can’t I be your second-in-command.

Then we see Doctor Octopus picking up the Joker with one of his mental tentacles.

Doctor Octopus: Because, Lex Luthor hates you.

Then we hear a knock at the door.

Then we see Lex Luthor sitting in his chair.

Lex Luthor: Quick, you two get out of here now.

Then Doctor Octopus and the Joker break through the window and leave.

Then we see Lex Luthor.

Lex Luthor: Come in.

Then Brock Stonewall comes into Lex Luthor’s office.

Brock Stonewall: Look Mr. Luthor, I’m detective Brock Stonewall and a super hero named Mr. Hero hired me, and he said that you may have framed him.

Lex Luthor: Look, I did not frame Mr. Hero, and I know who did, an old employee named Dr. Bruce Banner, I fired him a couple days ago because of his crazy gamma-ray experiments, so go talk to him.

Brock Stonewall: Alright I will, and you better not be lying or else you are committing the crime.

Lex Luthor: Just go, and I’ll be on the lookout for anything odd, so take care now.

Brock Stonewall: Thanks, and I’ll come see you again.

Then Brock Stonewall leaves Lex Luthor’s office.

Then we see Lex Luthor sitting in his chair.

Lex Luthor (to himself): Yes, have fun talking to the Hulk, and then you won’t be in the way anymore.

Then Lex Luthor started laughing evilly.

Super Heroes and Super Villains in Hero City list (based on their companies)

Marvel Comics: Captain America, Hulk/Bruce Banner, Cyclops, Nick Fury (S.H.I.E.L.D.), Namor, Ghost Rider, Spider-man, Red Skull, Dr. Doom, Doctor Octopus, Magneto, and Kingpin
DC Comics: Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor (Lex Corp), Green Lantern, Doctor Light, Mirror Master, Circe, The Joker, and Ocean Master

Image Comics: Spawn, and Clown/Violator

Hero City Movie Script: Part 1

Now we see the opening credits

Then we see a crime scene, with lots of police cars.

Police officer: Come out with your hands up!

Then we go inside the bank and we see a man wearing a black cape and a mask

Dr. Power: Never, no one can stop Dr. Power, and once I get all the money out of the bank, I’m blowing it up

Then we go outside and in the sky we seen Mr. Hero flying

Police officer: Look its Mr. Hero, and he’s here to save the day

Then Mr. Hero went into the bank, and then Dr. Power saw him.

Dr. Power: What the hell are you doing here!

Mr. Hero: I’m fighting for good.

Then Mr. Hero and Dr. Power started fighting, and then Mr. Hero picked up Dr. Power and threw him outside of the bank.

Mr. Hero: He’s all yours officers!

Then Mr. Hero flew away

Police officer: Thanks Mr. Hero!

Now we hear a glass breaking, and it was a liquor bottle.

Brock Stonewall: Dam heroes, I hate them.

Police officer: Hey detective Stonewall go home, Mr. Hero saved the day.

Brock Stonewall: Fine, but one day, the super heroes are going to put us police people out of business, if that’s possible.

Then Brock Stonewall started walking home, and then on a building we see Spider-man

Brock Stonewall is about to get hit by a car and then Spider-man shoots his web, and saves Brock Stonewall

Spider-man: Hey mister, don’t forget to thank your friendly neighborhood Spider-man.

Brock Stonewall: I don’t give a fuck, bug boy!

Then Brock Stonewall walks away.

Then we see Spider-man on a wall.

Spider-man: Gees, that guy is worst then J. Jonah Jameson. He’s an asshole.  

Now we see Brock Stonewall walking.

Brock Stonewall (thoughts): Hey, you guys are thinking why did I say those things in fount of Spider-man, well, because I hate super heroes, why, because they take away the jobs of us cops and detectives, and they take all the credit for saving the day, hey I stop a few super villains in my day, but do I get all the things that super heroes get for saving the day, no, I get no rewards or money, I’m just a stinking drunk, speaking of which, I could use a drink right about now.

Then Brock Stonewall pulls out a drink, and just when he’s about to drink it, it blows up.


Brock Stonewall: What the…what happened to my bottle.

Then Superman flew down in fount of him.

Superman: I say you should go to rehab and quick drinking, and now I have to go, I hear there’s a crime nearby.

Then Superman flew away.

Now we see Brock Stonewall.

Brock Stonewall: Ah go fuck yourself Superman, I had enough of you super heroes.

Then Brock Stonewall started walking home.

Now we go to Lex Corp, and Lex Luthor was having a press conference.

Lex Luthor: Ladies and gentlemen, I Lex Luthor, give you the world’s strongest war robot, it has missiles, lasers, and even has jetpack feet, it will cost $50 million, but our boys in blue could use a Lex Corp touch.

Now we see a reporter raising his hand.

The reporter: Mr. Luthor, are you going to use this robot to stop Superman, or have you changed your evil ways.

Lex Luthor: I gave up years ago to stop Superman, but that’s all behind me now, thank you all for coming, good bye now!

Then Lex Luthor started walking down towards the exit.

Lex Luthor (to himself): Oh but I will kill Superman someday.

Then Lex Luthor started laughing evilly.

Soon we see a hand grab Lex Luthor.

Lex Luthor: Hey, what are you doing, I order you to stop.

Dr. Power: I, Dr. Power, need to talk to you alone, with a friend of mine.

Now we see Lex Luthor sitting down with Dr. Power.

Dr. Power: Meet my boss, the Keeper, he’s a former witch doctor, and very skilled in the magical arts.

Then the Keeper popped out of nowhere.

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XZ saves General J.!

At a government base, the Red Crickets killed all of the people working at the government base. Except General J. who was just badly hurt. “Oh man, I have to get out of here, but I’m too weak to move,” cried General J. General J. had broken legs, and his head was cut wide open. Then XZ flew down towards General J. “XZ, is that you,” cried General J. “Yah, I have some bad news, the Red Crickets killed everybody in this base, and then the demons killed all of the Red Crickets,” said XZ. “But how did you survive my alien friend,” asked General J. “Well, the Red Crickets thought I looked like a cricket, and I was red, so they worshipped me like a god, now let’s get out of here,” said XZ. Then XZ picked up General J. and then XZ flew off. “I know there’s an exit coming up, and then I’ll fly you to a hospital,” said XZ. “But XZ, you’re an alien, you can’t let people see you,” cried General J. “O yah, but even if I get you out, you may die anyway,” said XZ. Then XZ found an exit, and then XZ saw the Maxmobile. “Hey, is anybody there,” yelled XZ. Then Kim saw XZ. “You guys, it’s a monster,” yelled Kim. “Who are you working for,” yelled Max Storm. Then XZ landed by the Maxmobile and set General J. down. “Look, I’m an alien that lives in the government base, and I have a man named General J. who works for the U.S. Government, and he needs medical help right now,” yelled XZ. “Let’s put him inside the Maxmobile, and Kim, get the First AID kit out and XZ you stay with her,” yelled Mike Storm. “Alright, can we go do the plan now,” yelled the Skull Slasher. “Okay, let’s set the bomb,” yelled Mike Storm. Then our heroes went inside the government base, and Kim was helping General J. Will our heroes stop the Red Crickets? Nobody knows!

Max Storm: The Game Plan!

Mike Storm was telling our heroes a plan to stop the Red Crickets. “Alright, Dad and Skull will be with me, and Mom, you watch the Maxmobile, and okay here’s how were…,” said Mike Storm. “Wait, I’m your Mom,” yelled Kim Shotwer. “Yah, but I don’t want to say anything else,” said Mike Storm. “Continue the plan Mike,” said Skull. “Okay, now I have a bomb and we’re going to blow up the government base that the Red Crickets took over, since every Red Cricket is there, and then once we put the bomb in place, we’ll get out the way we came, any questions” asked Mike Storm. “Yah I have a question, how is Kim your mother, and I’m your father,” asked Max Storm. “Look, I don’t want to say anything about the future okay, now everybody knows the plan,” said Mike Storm. Everybody nodded their head. “Okay, let’s do it,” yelled Mike Storm. What will happen next? Nobody knows!

My Top Ten Favorite Capcom Characters!

1.     Mega Man

2.     Zangief

3.     Guile

4.     Strider Hiryu

5.     Lonely Astronaut

6.     Hugo

7.     Firebrand

8.     Frank West

9.     Dr. Albert Wily

10.  Billy (Gun.Smoke)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Bucky's Fan Made "The Legend of Zelda" Movie Sequel Script!

I just posted my fan made "The Legend of Zelda" movie script and now I figured I should post the sequel I wrote on my blog too. Now here it is, a sequel I wrote to my first fan made movie script of a "The Legend of Zelda" movie. Enjoy! (Note: I was a kid when I wrote this, so spelling errors will follow)

The Legend of Zelda II: Wings of a Warrior!

The movie opens with a picture of a little village…subtitles at the bottom


“This is the Gerudo village home of the evil Ganondorf,”


Then it shows a picture of a woman holding a baby…subtitles at the bottom

“Ganondorf was known as the King of the Gerudo. Although the race is primarily composed of females, legend has it that a sole male Gerudo is born every hundred years, thereby giving Ganondorf the respective title,”

Then it shows a picture of Ganondorf…subtitles at the bottom

“The power soon went into his head, he wanted more power,”

Then it shows Ganondorf holding the Triforce…subtitles at the bottom

“Ganondorf finds out that the Triforce will give him god-like powers, but soon the people of the Gerudo village found a new leader, Ganondorf was soon kick out and found a place with Hylians in the kingdom of Hyrule, as the kingdom’s general,”

Then it shows a picture of a kingdom on fire…subtitles at the bottom

“Hyrule soon became the biggest kingdom with Ganondorf’s help, because he took over other kingdoms and made them apart of Hyrule, and he built Hyrule’s top dungeons and soon he wanted more power,”

Then it shows a picture of Hyrule guards holding down Ganondorf….subtitles at the bottom

“Ganondorf was soon vanished from Hyrule for trying to kill the king, Ganondorf became a new villain, but Ganondorf was killed years later….or so we think,”

Then we hear evil laughing and lighting hits the screen.

Then we see a blue sky and playing in the background is The Legend of Zelda theme song, then we see the logo                                                                   


Then we see Pit flying and under him in the background are the opening credits.

Soon we see the castle, and then in a window we see Link.

Link: Wow, I wonder how the rest of my life is going to be like

Then Link’s dad comes inside Link’s room.

King of Hyrule: My son Link, guess what

Link: What, I’m getting a new sword.

King of Hyrule: No, you’re getting married to a beautiful princess.

Link: But, is this an arranged marriage.

King of Hyrule: Yes, but your mother and I had an arranged marriage, and we had you and Zelda.

Link: But, what if I don’t love her.

King of Hyrule: You’ll grow to love her, and besides you’re a prince who needs to become king, good bye son.

Then the King of Hyrule walks out of Link’s bedroom

Then we see a tall attractive women come into Link’s bedroom

Link: O, hi Impa what do you want

Impa: I need you to come with me, I’m the protector of you and your family, now, come on

Now we see Big Harry, Josh, and Tingle playing cards!

Big Harry: I win again, you guys own me 4 gold jewels.

Josh: Man, well at least I’m glad being a knight in the Hyrule kingdom pays well.


Tingle: Well, it was fun playing with you guys, I have to get back to work at my magic shop.

Tingle walks out

Big Harry: Bye little buddy!

Then Link and Impa walk in.

Josh: Hey, how’s the prince doing?

Link: Fine, hey what do you guys think of arranged marriage?

Josh: Well, as long as the girl’s hot and has a nice rack it’s cool with me.

Josh and Big Harry start laughing and then Josh and Big Harry give each other a high-5

Impa: Hey, women are just as imported as men, we may not have as much rights as men but we do the work around here.

Impa walks out of the room

Link: You guys are idiots, women don’t understand ok, now get back to work.

Josh: Yes…buddy

Link walks out.

Big Harry frowns

Josh: What’s wrong big guy?

Big Harry: Well, I kind of like that Impa chick, and now I made upset, how I’m I going to ever find a girlfriend, and besides who wants to date a giant.

Josh: Hey, what if I could help you hook up with Impa, you’re a giant and she’s petty tall, you’ll go great together.


Big Harry: Alright, let’s do it!

Now we go to Princess Zelda’s bedroom

Link walks in.

Princess Zelda: Hey little bro, what’s wrong?

Link: Why, I’m I prince, and why do I have to get an arranged marriage, what if the girl doesn’t like me.

Princess Zelda: Well, if you want to make mom and dad happy go though with it, and don’t worry, if mom and dad can do it, so can you

Link turns his head and looks out the window.

Then though the window we see Pit flying.

Link: What’s that flying thing?

Princess Zelda: He’s back!

Princess Zelda runs out of her room.

Link: Whose back.

Then we see the king’s thrown room and the King of Hyrule and the Queen of Hyrule are talking to Pit.

Link: Who’s the kid with the wings?

Pit: Did he just call me kid, I’m 1,000 years old thank you very much, and I just look like a teenager.

King of Hyrule: Link, this is Pit and he’s the leader of Palutena’s royal bodyguard, he’s knows one of the goddesses that help make the Triforce.

Queen of Hyrule: So, what are you doing here Pit?

Pit: Well, I came for the Triforce, by orders of Palutena herself!


Princess Zelda: Wait, the Triforce was made for mortal beings to give them the powers of a god, why do you need it back?

Link: Yah, the only person I knew that earned the power of the Triforce was Ganondorf and we killed him.

Pit: Not exactly.

Then we go to a young man walking on the side of the river of lava.

Vaati: Hello, Ganondorf, where are you, I’m looking to help you take over the world.

Then Vaati sees Ganondorf and he looks burnt.

Vaati: Are you the great Ganondorf.

Ganondorf: Help me to the fountain.

Vaati picks Ganondorf up.

Vaati: What fountain?

Ganondorf: The fountain of youth, you smartass!

Then we see the fountain of youth and Vaati throws Ganondorf into it.

Ganondorf is soon healing fast.

Ganondorf: So what is your name young man?

Vaati: My name is Vaati, I’m a wizard like you, I’m a Wind Mage, but I can also turn into a monster, so can I work for you or what?

Ganondorf: I’ll hirer you as my second-in-command, because my first one Onox died, so may I see your monster form?

Vaati: Yes, don’t blink!

Then we see a shadow of Vaati’s monster form.


Ganondorf: Perfect (then Ganondorf and Vaati laugh).

Now we go to a meeting with Pit, King of Hyrule, and Link

Pit: Now, we need an army ready because Ganondorf will send a lot of Octoroks, Like Likes, and Redeads

King of Hyrule: Ok, I’ll get General Lee to lead the army, now that just leaves Ganondorf, but who will kill him

Then a bald old man walks in wearing a red gown and had a white beard

King of Hyrule: Ah, Link have you met The Old Man, He knows every thing


The Old Man: Link, should go on the quest for I have met him as a child, he is the Trifore’s next chosen one.


Link: O yah, I remember him


Then the screen fades away and we seen a cave then we see a three kids, one is bigger then the other two


Link: Hey, want to go into the haunted cave


Big Harry: Link that cave is scary, and monsters live in there


Josh: Oh, shut up Big Harry, you, Link, and I will go into the cave together, ok big guy


Big Harry: Ok Josh lets do it


Josh: You hear that Link, Link, ah man he went into the cave with out us


Now we go to Young Link in the cave, soon Link sees an old man between two torches.


Link: Hello, do you live in this cave or something?



Then fire roared


The Old Man: I know you destiny, Link, you well become a great warrior never forget that, you will stop evil, once and for all, Link look for the Triforce.


Link: Wait what does that mean.


Then the screen turns black.


Then we see older Link’s face


Link: I know what I must do, Pit and I will go and stop Ganondorf together.


The Old Man: That’s the spirit Link, you will meet me again on your quest


Pit: Wait me and Link, I have to work with this guy, alright, if it will help save Hyrule, then I’ll do it.


Then Pit and Link shake hands


Then we see Link and Pit leaving Hyrule.


Pit: Now, which way should we go?


Link: This way


Soon Link and Pit were walking though the forest.


Now we go to Ganondorf’s castle


Vaati: Hey, Ganondorf your girlfriend is here


Ganondorf: What the hell are you talking about?


Then a big, fat, green skinned monster walked in


Medusa: Hello, I’m the goddess of darkness, Medusa



Ganondorf: Hey, I thought that the goddess of darkness looked like a supermodel, not so mutant monster with snakes for hair


Medusa: Listen, Palutena the goddess of light turned me into this, and banished me to the Underworld, I hated my sister for that!


Ganondorf: Wait, Palutena is your sister


Medusa: Sadly, yes, but I’m here for something


Ganondorf: What?


Medusa: The Triforce!


Then we go to Link and Pit at an edge of a river.


Pit: I’m going to fly across the river.


Link: I need to put something on,


Link then pulled out of his backpack the Zora mask, and put it on and swam though the river.


Pit: I’ll meet you across.


Now we go to Link underwater, then he bumps into another Zora.


Link: O sorry, I didn’t see you there


Aoz: Hey, are you new in town


Link: No, I’m here on a quest, and….hey, are you working for Ganondorf


Aoz: No, my race stopped working for him years ago, and besides I can’t go back to my home village anyway because I’m an outlaw,


Link: So, that means


Aoz: I was kicked out of my village long ago


Link: What’s your name?


Aoz: My name is Aoz, you’re kind of cute,


Link: Are you gay?


Aoz: Dude, I’m a girl, how can you not tell your own kind apart


Link: I’m not a Zora, it’s just I mask, but keep a look out for anything weird okay, bye, and I’ll try my best not too make you an outlaw anymore okay


Link then swims away, and Aoz follows Link up to the shore, Link takes off the mask and becomes normal again.


Link: Let’s go Pit


Pit: Alright man,


Then Pit flies away, and Link runs away


Aoz: I think I’m in love with that guy,


Now we go to a bar, then a big monstrous Moblin comes in.


Kupr: Hey, one of you bartenders get me a fucking drink


Then one of the bartenders gets a drink, Kupr drinks it down.


Kupr: Get me another drink dam it


Then we see Vaati holding a cocktail


Vaati: Hello my big, Moblin, friend, how would you like to work for Ganondorf?


Kupr: Who the hell are you!


Then we see Vaati smiling.



Now we go to Ganondorf’s castle and we see him talking to Medusa


Medusa: Ganondorf, if you help me I’ll give you a bigger army


Ganondorf: What kind of army are we talking?


Medusa:  Stalfos, fresh from the Underworld.


Ganondorf: I think I like you


Ganondorf then laughs


Now we go back to Aoz who was on dry land, then we see a little shack


Then we see Tingle


Tingle: Hello, welcome to Tingle’s Magic Shop, what can I do for you


Then we look at Aoz

Aoz: Do you have anything that can make me a Hylian

Tingle: Now why does a Zora want to change it’s race

Aoz puts jewels on the counter

Tingle: I’ll see what I have in stock

Tingle then comes back with a reddish-greenish potion

Tingle: Drink this, it will make you into a Hylian

Aoz then drinks the potion, and then turns into a beautiful young woman

Tingle: Here I got a mirror in the back

Aoz then screams


Aoz: That did it, that was enough jewels for the potion right

Tingle: Yes, but I’ll get you some clothes

Tingle went back and soon gave her a dress

Tingle: Thank you, come again, what a nice young women, to bad when she’ll turn back into a Zora though

Now we go to Link and Pit, soon they see an army of Octoroks and Stalfos. Pit shoots some with his bow and arrow, Link is fighting them with his sword. Link and Pit won

Pit: She must be back

Link: Who

Pit: Medusa, goddess of darkness, she is the only one who could have gotten an army of Stalfos

Then we hear clapping, then the screen turns to Vaati

Vaati: Well done, I could tell that you guys are looking for the Triforce, you guys aren’t going to get it

Then Vaati’s hands turn purplish-blackish color

Link: If it’s a fight you want, then it will be a fight you’ll get

Link starts running towards Vaati, when soon Kupr comes right in fount of Link

Kupr: Not on my watch

Link and Kupr started fighting, then we see Pit aim his arrow at Kupr, Pit fires and it hits Kupr in the leg

Kupr screams

Then we see Vaati



Vaati: Well, so long suckers

Vaati then opens up a portal and gets away

Link then was about to coup the head off of Kupr when

Kupr: Listen, don’t kill me I’ll do anything you want

Link: How about you work for us, me and Pit

Kupr: Alright, Ganondorf is a dick anyway

Link: Welcome to the team.

Link and Kupr shake hands

Now we go to Impa and Princess Zelda fighting each other

Impa: Good Zelda, you’re a fast learner

Princess Zelda: Impa, do you think I’ll ever find a man of my own, since Link is right, I don’t want to have an arranged marriage either

Impa: You’ll grow to love who ever your parents pick, it’s a royal tradition

Princess Zelda: Impa, how about your love life, you haven found anyone, and you’re the same age as me and still single, find someone special already

Impa: If only I could

Then Big Harry walks in

Big Harry: Oh guys Link’s bride is here

Princess Zelda: She is, I want to meet my sister-in-law

Then Princess Zelda runs out of the room

As Big Harry was about to leave, Impa grabbed his arm


Big Harry: Did I do anything wrong, don’t worry I’ll go back and protect the gate

Impa: No you did nothing wrong, I heard you and your friend talking about me, do you like me or something

Big Harry: Well, yes, I kinda have a crush on you, but if you don’t want to date me I understand

Impa: No, it’s just, your nice and really want to know you, and I kinda thought you were nice, o my, I think I love you

Big Harry: I like to get to know you, maybe we can go on a date

Impa: Yes, I would love to go on a date with you, but I have something to ask you, are you a giant or a Hylian

Big Harry: Well, I’m a giant, but I was adopted by Hylians

Impa: What happened to your parents

Big Harry: Well…

Now we go to a flashback

Now we see two giants walking in the woods

Giant #1: O, our son needs a good how, we’re considered monsters just because of our size, but I don’t want my son growing up with giants, good thing he is a runt, because he won’t grow 19 feet like his parents, but 7 feet tall, so he can fit in with normal people

Giant #2: I don’t want to give up my baby, so what if he grows up in a world of giants, it doesn’t matter

Giant #1: Well, I guess you’re right, I

Then they heard a horn, then an army of knights came and started fighting the giants


The baby giant was on the ground when The Old Man soon picked him up


The Old Man: Oh poor kid, don’t worry I know a family who can take care of you, but what happened to your parents, never mind


Then The Old Man starts walking with the baby giant, and then we slowly see the dead bodies of the baby giant’s parents


Then we see the Old Man knocking on a door


A young couple answers it


Husband: Hello sir what do you want


The Old Man: I know you and your wife had just gotten married, but I hear you don’t have any kids, so, I found you a son, and can you take care of it


Husband: Yes, I always wanted a son


Wife: O will have a son, where did you find him


The Old Man: Listen, don’t tell the towns people this, but this is a giant, I don’t know for sure, but I have a feeling that he can fit in with Hylians, but please take care of him


Wife: O thank you, we don’t care if he is a wolf, well take good care of him


Husband: Thank you kind…where did he go


The Old Man was gone, but then we see the young couple holding there new adopted son


Wife: I think we should name him Harry


Husband: If he’s a giant, we should call him Big Harry


Then the screen turns black, and then we go back to the future



Big Harry: My parents were kind, they didn’t tell me I was a giant until I was bigger then the other kids, soon I met Josh and Link and the rest in history


Impa: So you never knew your parents


Big Harry: Yes, I never knew my real parents, but some think I’m a runt because my race can grow 20 feet tall, I’m only 7 feet tall, but who ever found me, knew I could fit in with Hylians because I’m look almost normal


Impa: It most be sad not knowing any other giants


Big Harry: I just hope there still are giants, because I maybe the last of my kind, because Hylians killed all of them, just because we were different, well I got to get back on the job, so tell me when we should go on that date


Then Big Harry runs out and Princess Zelda comes in with Link’s bride


Princess Zelda: I like you to meet the princess, Princess Nada


The Princess: My name is actually Aoz, I mean sorry that’s my nick name


Impa: Where did you get the nickname Aoz


Now we go to Ganondorf talking to Medusa


Ganondorf: So, I can keep the Triforce right


Medusa: You can get you’re god powers from it, and then give it back to me before my sister Palutena gets it back, then it will be mine


Vaati then comes running in


Vaati: You guys Kupr betrayed us, he’s working for Link and Pit now


Ganondorf: What, no, no, send out some Octorks, Like Likes, and some ReDead now! Or your fired Vaati




Vaati: Yes sir, I’ll get right on that


Then Vaati went running out


Then we see Ganondorf


Ganondorf: This time, Link won’t win


Now we go to Link, Pit, and Kupr walking in the woods


Link: Pit I think were lost


Pit: Don’t worry a town is a mile away from here


Kupr: God, I hope we find a god dam bar soon, because I need a stinking drink right about now


Link: Look


Then we see a big tree with a face on it


Pit: Don’t touch it, it could be alive


Kupr: Well, if it’s not, I get some fire wood

Great Deku Tree: No, I’m the Great Deku Tree, I can help you on your quest


Link: Hey, I thought you were just a myth


Great Deku Tree: No, I’ll tell you something you should know, Ganondorf is going to croup me down, but I’m the protector of this forest, the animals won’t know how to live if I’m not around


Link: Don’t worry we’ll kill Ganondorf for you


Great Deku Tree: Thank you, but there’s something I should tell you


Link: What?



Great Deku Tree: Watch your anger, because it may let your darkness free


Link: What does that mean?


Great Deku Tree: Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough


Pit: Come on we have to keep moving


Kupr: Yah I need to go to a bar, so hurry up dam it


Link: Bye, thanks for your advice


Great Deku Tree: You welcome


The Great Deku Tree went back to sleep, and Link, Pit, and Kupr were walking on the tail again.


Now we see a town, then we slowly a tail though the town, then we see Link, Pit, and Kupr standing on the tail into the town.


Link, Pit, and Kupr are walking though the town, and then we see a dog


Link: Oh, look you guys, it’s a hungry little dog, let’s give him a nice warm home.


Pit: Link, forget about that dog, it mite have an owner


The dog ran to Link, and then the dog starts licking Link


Link laughs


Link: Alright boy, hmm, I think I’ll call you Little Jay, come on Little Jay, and let’s get you something to eat


Kupr: Hey why don’t we eat the dog, hey Link, I’m hungry over here, come on


Pit: I can’t believe I’m with these two



Now we see Link giving Little Jay a piece of bread


Pit: Now let’s see, we have only two hours until the big war now what do we do


Link: Well ah


Then everyone froze


Link: Hey, did you here what I said


Then Link hears clapping, and then we see Dark Link


Dark Link: Hello, want to play a game


Link: Who are you?


Dark Link: I’m your shadow, I’m your dark side, I’m Dark Link, now let’s fight, and by the way, time is frozen, your friends can’t help you


Link: Let’s fight then


Link and Dark Link start fighting, then Link pushed Dark Link to the ground, then time was moving again


Pit: Link, hello, let’s talk about the battle plan


Link: Oh, right, ah, did we guys see anything


Pit: No, now let’s move on


Kupr: God, I wonder how Ganondorf is doing


Now we go to Ganondorf’s castle


Ganondorf: So, have any plans anyone, because we started this dam war, and we are going to end it



Vaati: How long are we going to stand around for anyway, you’re the boss Ganondorf


Ganondorf: Vaati, I thought I told you to go kill Link, now get busy


Medusa: Both of you just shut up, now where is the Triforce, because I need it now


Ganondorf and Vaati looked at each other


Now we see the Triforce, then we go to Ganondorf


Ganondorf: You see, you just turn these black balls, and soon the power of the Triforce will be yours


Medusa then turns the black balls, and then we see Medusa turning into a sexy woman


Medusa then is now a human woman


Vaati: Wow, she’s hot, to bad we were dicks to here, huh Ganondorf


Ganondorf then smiles


Now we go to Link, Pit, Little Jay, and Kupr in a hotel room, and then we see Link petting Little Jay, then Link pulls out a letter


Link: Little Jay, I want you to do something for me, can you bring this letter to Hyrule for me, boy


Little Jay barks


Link: Good boy, now go and deliver the letter


Little Jay runs out


Pit: Are you sure we can trust this dog


Link: He’ll be fine, he needs to be in a safe place anyway



Then the screen turns black, and then we see a battle in a field


General Lee: Give them all you got men


Then we hear clapping, General Lee turns around and sees Ganondorf


General Lee: O no!


Ganondorf: Long time no see, apprentice


Ganondorf then smiles, soon General Lee and Ganondorf started fighting!


Then when Ganondorf and General Lee stop fighting, we see General Lee really heart and bleeding


General Lee: You’ll never get away with this Ganondorf


Ganondorf laughs


Ganondorf: You fool, I will win this war and Hyrule will be mine


Then we see an arrow in Ganondorf’s back, soon Ganondorf runs to the soldier who shot him with an arrow, and started beating him up


General Lee: Now I have to get out of here


Then we see General Lee crawling away, soon we see him rolling down a hill, and General Lee stopped


Then we see Little Jay licking him


General Lee: Get away from me you mutt


Then we see General Lee and Little Jay almost towards the gate to Hyrule, with Big Harry and Josh guarding it


Big Harry: Hey Josh, isn’t that General Lee




Josh: O my, he needs help, Big Harry go and help him now!


Now we see Big Harry carrying General Lee and Little Jay is following him


Josh: What’s with the dog?


Big Harry: It’s Link’s dog, he wrote us a note, but General Lee needs medical help now


Soon the screen turns black, and then we see General Lee lying down on a bed


King of Hyrule: How can we win the war if are best general is hurt


Queen of Hyrule: I hope my baby doesn’t get hurt


Princess Zelda: I have something that can help General Lee, wait here


Princess Zelda left the room


Princess Zelda was soon running back with a Heart Container


Princess Zelda: This is a Heart Container I have been saving at a time like this


Princess Zelda soon puts the Heart Container on top of General Lee, and soon General Lee begins to heel


Queen of Hyrule: How do you feel general?


General Lee: A lot better


King of Hyrule: So what happened to you on the battle field?


General Lee: All I can say is we are losing this war, and that Ganondorf is still with us





Little Jay comes running in


King of Hyrule: What is this dog doing here?


Impa came into the room


Impa: That dog has a note from Link


Queen of Hyrule: Read the note Impa


Impa looks at the note


Impa: Link and the guys are doing fine, and the dog’s name is Little Jay


King of Hyrule: Are they by Ganondorf yet?


Impa: Well…


Now we see Ganondorf’s castle, then we see Ganondorf laughing


Ganondorf: Soon Hyrule will be mine again


Link: Over my dead body


Then we see Link


Ganondorf: O crap, Vaati take care of Link and who ever is with him, I’m going to get the Triforce


Then Vaati pops out


Link: Fighting you again will be a snap


Vaati: This time, I’m going to win


Link: How?


Vaati then starts laughing and turns into a monster (his monster form)



Link: Damn, you’re ugly


Kupr: And I thought I was the monster, let’s take care of him Link


Soon Link and Kupr started fighting Vaati, then Link stabbed Vaati and soon jewels started popping out of him

Kupr: We killed Vaati, now were rich


Link: Have you seen Pit


Pit was flying around Ganondorf’s castle


Pit: She has to be around here somewhere, that ugly monster can’t escape Pit


Medusa: Turn around, Pit


Pit then sees Medusa and is in shock


Pit: You’re a chick again, but I thought


Medusa: Pit, the Triforce has restored my beauty, now can you stop a real goddess


Pit: Will have to find out


Pit and Medusa started fighting, and then soon Pit hits Medusa with one of his arrows


Medusa: Ha, you can’t kill a goddess


Pit: Wasn’t trying to


Then Medusa turned back into a monster


Medusa: You bastard


Pit then opens a portal, and pushes Medusa into it



Pit: Go back to the Underworld you whore


Then the portal disappears, and then Pit flies away


Then we see Ganondorf trying to take the Triforce


Ganondorf: I must get the power of the Triforce before it’s too late


Then we see Ganondorf turning the black balls and soon he started absorbing the power of the Triforce


Link: Time to give back the Triforce Ganondorf


Ganondorf: Don’t worry, I got all I needed


Then Ganondorf punched Link, and Link and Ganondorf started fighting


Then time stops


Link: Oh no


Then we see Dark Link


Dark Link: Time to get the power of the Triforce buddy


Then soon Dark Link is dragging Link to the Triforce


Link then turns the black balls and soon Link starts absorbing the power of the Triforce


Then we see Dark Link popping out of Link’s body


Dark Link: So long, now I’m a free man, sucker


Dark Link starts laughing and runs away


Ganondorf: No, you now have the power of the Triforce too




Link: Yah, that’s right, now I can finally kill you


Link and Ganondorf started fighting again, and soon Link stabs Ganondorf and soon Ganondorf was killed, then jewels started popping out of Ganondorf


Link: I did it, I finally killed Ganondorf


Pit then flies in


Pit: Just to be safe


Pit opens a portal and throws Ganondorf into it


Link: Where did Ganondorf’s body go?


Pit: To the Underworld, so he won’t go back to his fountain of youth again


Link: Pit, let’s go home


Now the screen turns black, and we see Link in the castle talking to his dad


Link: So, where is this Princess Nada anyway?


King of Hyrule: Right here


Then Link sees Princess Nada, and then Link goes up to her


Link: Hey, what do you think of this arranged marriage stuff anyway


Princess Nada: Well, I just wanted to get to know you, because….


Josh comes running in


Josh: You guys, the real Princess Nada is here and the other chick is, o she’s here


King of Hyrule: You mean, get the imposter and…hey, where did she go



Then the real Princess Nada comes in


Princess Nada: Hey, where is this guy I’m going to marry, I want to see if he’s hot


Link: You are the real Princess Nada, I don’t care if this is arranged marriage, and I don’t want to marry you because I know you don’t want to love me, you just care about yourself


Princess Nada: What, I’m hot and I’m a princess, so you’re stuck with me, no matter if I’m not the girl you want


Link: I’m going to find that other girl, and see why she pretended to be you


Link then runs out of the room


Princess Nada: That guy has a nice ass


Josh: Hey, that’s my friend you’re talking about, so, do you find me sexy, huh, do yah?


Princess Nada: Wow, you’re a dork


Josh: Well excuuuuuse me, Princess!


Then we see Link, and then he goes to the imposter


Link: Hey, who are you and why did you pretend to be Princess Nada


The imposter: I just wanted to get to know you, but now that you have that hot chick around that you can call your wife, forget about me!


Link: Who are you, answer that


The imposter: Well, you don’t need to know, because the real me is a hideous monster, now go to your soon to be bride and let me be


Link: Now, who are you, and what kind of monster are you



Then Tingle walks into the room


Tingle: O, I’m I late for the wedding or…hey you’re that Zora that came to my magic shop, what are you doing here, o hi Link, I’ll just be on my way now


Link: Wait, you’re Aoz, so you think you’re a monster or something


Aoz: I love you Link, I just wanted to meet you and talk, but you got a new bride, who will never be like me, so you can just throw me into the dungeon or something


Link: You changed who you are just to be with me


Aoz: Yah, but you don’t want me anyway, I’m not good enough for you, so do your worst


Link then kissed Aoz on the lips


Aoz: Why did you just kiss me?


Link: Because, I think I love you to


Link smiles, then Link’s dad comes running in


King of Hyrule: I heard everything, son, if it will make you happy, you can marry anyone you want


Link: Well…


Then the screen turns black, now we go a couple days later


Link and Aoz are walking out of a church


King of Hyrule: Now my son, you are married to the person you love, and welcome to the royal family Aoz


Aoz: Thanks everybody



Link and Aoz then kiss


Then we see Big Harry and Impa holding hands


Impa: So, when should we get hitched?


Big Harry: Anytime you want my love


Then Big Harry and Impa kissed


Then we see Josh


Josh: Oh man, I’m going to be alone forever, no girl would ever love me


Then Princess Zelda walks and holds Josh’s hand


Princess Zelda: I never told you this, but I thought you were cute


Josh: Dam, want to go on a date or something


Princess Zelda: Sure, how about right now


Then we go to Link and he was going to see The Old Man


Link: Well, Ganondorf is dead, I have a new wife, and there are no worries right


The Old Man: Well, a new foe is about to rise


Link: Who?


The Old Man: You’ll find out


Aoz: Hey Link, let’s go all ready


Link: Bye Old Man, maybe we’ll meet again


The Old Man: Good luck



Pit comes by The Old Man


Pit: Well, watch out for Link ok, I’m going back home with the Triforce, and who’s the problem now by the way


The Old Man: Well…


Then the screen turns black, and we see Dark Link sitting in a tree playing a guitar


Dark Link: Soon Hyrule will be mine


Dark Link laughs and then with his guitar, he starts playing The Legend of Zelda theme song


(The End credits come up and the movie is over)