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The Cast of The Guy Friend Sketch!

Todd-He’s a nerdy young man who has three friends that are all girls, caring, kind, nice, socially awkward, not a ladies man, logical, a little OCD.

Beth-She’s the head of the group, attractive, talkative, an average young woman.

Gina-Beth’s little sister, the youngest of the group, talkative, clueless, a bit of a slut, has good self-esteem, looks and dresses very sexy.

Ellen-Beth’s best friend and related to another male friend of Todd, nerdy, smart, the misfit of the group, socially awkward, shy, funny, low self-esteem.

The Guy Friend (Second City Class Sketch)!

(In the afternoon at a Starbucks)

(Beth, Gina, and Ellen are sitting at a table chatting away. During the conversation Ellen is typing on her laptop)

You won’t believe who asked me out on a date!

                    GINA & ELLEN
                       (AT THE SAME TIME)



Been there, done that!

You dated Bobby too, sis?

More like a one night stand…

NO WAY! Bobby stood you up, I’m so sorry!

No, I stood him up, he wanted a long-term thing, but I just wanted to do it once and be over with it!

As usual, I get my hot younger sister’s sloppy seconds. Gina, seriously why are you wearing that outfit in public. You look like a hooker!

At least my body is good enough that I can get away with an outfit like this. Hey, where’s Todd with our coffee? It’s been like ten minutes since we told him to wait in line for us!

I just hope he remembers to get my doughnut!

Ellen, you’re on a diet, remember, silly goose.  Why are you getting a doughnut?

I’m hungry, plus after this, I am going to go to the gym anyway. So get off my back!

Okay Ellen…oh girls, I have good news…I found someone prefect for Todd!


I wish you two cared about finding me a man!

Anyway, I got my haircut this morning and…I got Todd a date with Rico!

RICO! He’s prefect for Todd! NICE WORK, SIS!

Rico, I don’t know Beth, he might be way out of Todd’s league! I mean he’s dated bodybuilders!

Well, I may have told Rico that Todd was a little more handsome than nerdy but…oh here comes Todd!

(Todd enters and passes out the coffee and gives Ellen her doughnut)

                        (WHILE PASSING OUT THE COFFEE)
Here you go, gal pals! Sorry it took me so long, but the line was murder. There was a little old lady who was going so slowly! Plus, she needed help getting to her table. Long story short, I left my original place in line to go help her. Then I had to start all over at the end of the line. As you gals say, “Silly Todd”!

OH TODD! Hey, guess what! I hooked you up with a date!

Oh, you guys!

Well, I figured a single guy like you needs a hook up and I bet you’re sick of hanging out with us all the time. You need time for yourself!

Seriously, you three are like my best friends! I love spending time you! But who’s the lucky lady?

                     GINA & ELLEN
                       (AT THE SAME TIME IN A CONFUSED TONE)


RICO! He’s very handsome! You’re prefect for him! You’re one lucky man!

(Todd at first looks confused and after a brief pause Todd begins to laugh)

What’s so funny?                      

It’s just…I thought you said you got me a date when really you just scheduled a day of beauty for old Todd! Rico does excellent work!
(Beth looks confused and pauses for a bit, and Beth begins to laugh)

Oh, no, silly! I got you a little dinner date! I thought you could use a man in your life!

What are you talking about?? I have a brother and a really good father. I have plenty of good male figures in my life. Plus my best friend Brody and…

I have to use the restroom!

(Gina slowly gets up and she flees to the bathroom to avoid this awkward moment)

Oh, you already have a boyfriend. When do we get to meet Brody? Does he take good care of you?

(Ellen taps Beth on the shoulder and Beth just ignores it)

No, I mean Brody’s like my best friend. Well he’s my best guy friend. He’s the one I like to play Xbox with because you guys aren’t into that kind of thing.

                          (SCREAMING IN A FRANTIC TONE)

Wait, what?

Ellen, you don’t question someone’s sexually! I mean in public too! I thought you weren’t homophobic!
Again, what is going on here?

It’s just that we thought you were gay. When Gina and I heard you say “lucky lady”, we were confused. Plus, it’s weird you also know Brody because…

Wait! You three think I’m gay! So you got me a date with Rico as in…

(Todd begins to gag a bit like he’s about to vomit)


                          (PISSED OFF)

(Gina re-enters the scene and sits down next to Beth and Ellen)

Am I hearing this right! Our gay friend, Todd is straight! Oh dear lord! I let him touch me and…

(Gina faints and Beth begins to get mad)



Because you never hit on us!                        

Why would I hit on you? I thought all of you wanted to remain in the “Friend Zone”.
But you’re so clean and well dressed!

Well OCD helps, but otherwise I like to take care of myself. Is it so weird for a straight man to care about how he looks? Plus, hello, if you’re clean and dress nice…ladies pick up on that! You can do the math!

You like show tunes and you watch Disney princess movies!

Okay, I’m a theater nut and you saw me preform in that local play. But as for the Disney princess thing, Walt Disney’s my hero and I love animated movies! Yes, again, it’s weird, a grown man still watches cartoons and stuff! But the point is I’m straight!

Oh my god, all this time I was friends with a straight guy! I looked at you as if you were one of those gay best friends. You know the one’s in romantic comedies. The one that helps you help you find your true love!



You know what! This friendship is over! Gina! Ellen! Let’s ditch this pervert who only wanted to be with us for sex!

(Beth storms out of the room and exits the scene)

(Gina gets up and slaps Todd)

That’s for touching my boob! YOU LIER!

(Gina leaves in a huff while trying to cover herself up and exits the scene)

                        (YELLING TO GINA AS SHE’S LEAVING)
I touched your boob because you thought you had breast cancer and you asked me to see if I could feel any lumps! I also thought it was a really weird situation!

(Todd gives a “fuck” like gesture and sits down and covers his face with one hand)

(Ellen pulls up a chair and sits next to Todd to comfort him)

Sorry we thought you were gay!

It’s okay Ellen. I should have seen it coming. You know, why aren’t you leaving? You still want to be friends with the straight guy?

Actually, I think you’re very handsome. I think we have a lot in common. I mean you’re single and I’m single.

Wait! You want to be my girlfriend! What about Brody? I mean if he finds out I’m dating his sister he’ll…

Don’t worry about my brother Brody! Now you two have someone else to play Xbox with. Who knows, someday Brody might have his best friend as a brother in law!

So, you want to go back to my place and…

Yeah! Because let’s just say now that you’re straight…you have a friend with benefits! Let’s go! HANDSOME!

(Ellen exits the scene in a very sexy manner and Todd does a fist pump)

                         (TO HIMSELF)

                     (Todd struts out of the Starbucks)

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That Spells Action Heroes Future Plots/Ideas!

“Goddiess 2014” is a new short story collection featuring the continuing adventures of the lost god Goddiess. “Goddiess 2014” is about Goddiess teaming up with mythical figures, historical figures and other “That Spells Action Heroes” in many different quests with one mysterious connection. Goddiess will team up with mythical figures and historical figures like Joan of Arc, Jason and the Argonauts, Odysseus, Perseus, Hercules, and Harry Houdini. Plus Goddiess’s old allies Ted Brook, Rob the Ogre, Doggiess, Professor Faun, Opie the Centaur, Sobek, The Green Demon, Holy Death, Ozman and Lee will also aide Goddiess in his many different quests. Goddiess will face familiar enemies like The Yellow Shogun, Red Rhino, Death Clown, Sator Wee, Ares, Hades, Devil Devil the Pig, Dean Deathlock, Kraeoo and Chaos the Demon along with some new enemies. Can Goddiess save the day once again? Read “Goddiess 2014” when it comes out very soon!

“Alien Hunter Squad” remake!

Plot summary: A secret organization created by an unknown group of secret agents to hunt down alien invaders and this organization is called the Alien Hunter Squad. New agents are recruited by the unnamed Head of the Alien Hunter Squad. Agents can either be human or good aliens. The Alien Hunter Squad basically protect our world from alien invaders and they also work closely with the GUF (the Galactic Universe Federation). The Alien Hunter Squad hide in their headquarters which is in the center of the Earth to await when the world needs their help.

The Cast of Alien Hunter Squad!
·      Agent Girl
·      Agent Guy
·      The Alien Blob Thief
·      XZ
·      Gun Expert Agent
·      The Head of the Alien Hunter Squad
·      The Monster Worm

Team Freak is about three popular beautiful teenagers (a girl and two boys) that drove into the woods one day and when a meteor crash landed in front of them the meteor spilled a strange slime. The strange slime from the meteor transformed these three beautiful teenagers into monsters. The beautiful popular girl became a mutant gorilla-human hybrid (Gorilla Girl). The one boy transformed into a monstrous mutant with one huge eye and many legs and arms (Mutant Man). And the other boy transformed into a living pile of garbage (Garbage Pit). Ashamed of their freakish appearances, the three teenagers hid in the sewers and they soon met a mutant goldfish. This mutant goldfish (Master Fisheyes) looked very humanoid and had telekinetic abilities. They would befriend the mutant goldfish and the four of them would soon form a super hero team called “Team Freak”. These freakish superheroes will fight the super villains Raptor Claw, Dr. Duck, Komodo King, Ivan the Crusher, Dr. Hurt, Dirtclog, Bug Boy, Rat Man, Purple Mosquito & Green Mosquito.

“Dark West” remake!

Plot Summary: This story takes place in a wild west town when different time periods co-exist in the same time period. Soon this wild west town is overrun with dinosaurs, mediaeval knights, pirates, dragons, and other people from other ancient civilizations. Our story takes place when a young sheriff’s deputy Todd Fredstone becomes a chosen one to save the time space continuum by a powerful wizard named Polbm who gave him a powerful sword that transforms Todd Fredstone from a cowboy sheriff’s deputy into a powerful mediaeval knight called Dark West. Now it’s up to Dark West (Todd Fredstone) and his allies to save his world and make things right. Fighting many powerful foes along the way. Can Dark West save the day? Read the “Dark West” remake when it comes out very soon!

“The Death of Dr. Laser (Dr. Alan Dean)” is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline where Dr. Laser will be beaten to death by Ivan the Crusher. Ivan the Crusher finally killed a member of The Gifted and after Dr. Laser’s death, Dr. Strong wants revenge for his fallen teammate and best friend. Will Dr. Strong kill Ivan the Crusher? Is Dr. Laser really dead? Find out when “The Death of Dr. Laser (Dr. Alan Dean)” story comes out very soon!
“Prison Planet” is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline about an alien overlord called The Warden coming to Earth to collect all of its criminals and bring them to a planet simply called “Prison Planet” which is an alien planet that was turned into a huge intergalactic prison. Since Earth wouldn’t give up all of its criminals, it just decided to give The Warden it’s super villains to take to “Prison Planet” but small time criminal Paul Ziser was actually sent to “Prison Planet” by mistake. Now Paul Ziser must escape “Prison Planet” alongside a couple of other super villains and return to Earth. But it won’t be easy because not only must they try to escape but they must also battle The Warden, The Warden’s guards, and alien criminals imprisoned on “Prison Planet” plus they uncover the truth about The Warden who himself is actually a criminal.  Can Paul Ziser and the enemies of the “That Spells Action Heroes” escape from “Prison Planet” and return home to Earth? Read “Prison Planet” when it comes out very soon!
“The Lunar Losers” is about the adventures of a group of space misfits led by former convict and now space outlaw Paul Ziser. Paul Ziser is an African-American man from Earth and after he and Roncor escaped from Prison Planet, soon were captured by the Galactic Universe Federation. By the order of the GUF (Galactic Universe Federation) instead of going to prison were now forced to explore and protect the universe from evil. Paul Ziser and Roncor now must be co-leaders of a group of space misfits that includes Weirdo, Kjwleo, Gar Jong, Space Fighter, The Whatzit, Miss Whatzit, The Living Eyeball, The Yellow Fellow, Hologram Harry, The Wonderful Walrus, Steam Jet Joe, Computer Man, Transfoom, and 3-K. But actually they must work alongside top GUF (Galactic Universe Federation) officers G5 and Robot Red on their journey through the universe while also battling the evils of alien warlord Qazolu and other space villains. Can this group of misfits save the day? Want to learn more about the cosmic side of the “That Spells Action Heroes” universe? Read “The Lunar Losers” when it comes out very soon!
The Cast of The Lunar Losers!
·      Paul Ziser
·      G5
·      Robot Red
·      Geball
·      Hands on His Head
·      XZ
·      Robot Blue
·      Roncor
·      Weirdo
·      Kjwleo
·      Gar Jong
·      Space Fighter
·      The Whatzit
·      Miss Whatzit
·      The Living Eyeball
·      The Yellow Fellow
·      Hologram Harry
·      The Wonderful Walrus
·      Steam Jet Joe
·      Computer Man
·      Bull Horns (Tough Horns)
·      Ga Nod
·      Co Nod
·      Princess Ei Nod
·      Boo Nod
·      Transfoom
·      Happy Leap Year Ghost
·      Happy New Year Ghost
·      3-K
·      Ke-li and Mortaki
The Enemies of The Lunar Losers!
·      Qazolu
·      Zrotk
·      Droid 6
·      Robo Rexes
·      Hacko the Wise
·      Emperor Rodgle
·      The Monster Master (Scott F. Henry)
·      Gangster
·      The Jom-Eom King
·      The Alien Blob Thief
·      The Monster Worm
·      Hillax the Destroyer
·      Pink Flying Skull Man & Ring Arm
·      Zig Zag and Moe
·      Killax the Destroyer
·      Bang & Boom
·      The Warden
·      Hillax’s father

“Ms. Giant’s Twin Sister Joins The Gifted” is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline about Ms. Giant’s (Dr. Vicky Good) twin sister who is the world’s heaviest woman. Ms. Giant feeling sorry for her very obese twin sister injects her with Chemical G1 and soon the once world’s heaviest woman becomes a sexy thin supermodel-like young woman. But Ms. Giant suddenly discovers her twin sister now has superpowers and she soon offers her twin sister to join The Gifted. With the power of an ultrasonic scream Ms. Giant’s twin sister now fights crime as Ms. Sonic Scream. What will happen when Ms. Sonic Scream learns to deal with her powers and her newly prefect body? And how will Ms. Sonic Scream get along with the other members of The Gifted? Read “Ms. Giant’s Twin Sister Joins The Gifted” when it comes out very soon!
“Computer Commandos” are a superhero team made up of the robotic, cyborg, or tech powered heroes of the “That Spells Action Heroes” universe that was formed by the U.S. government to combat robotic threats against the country and the world. The “Computer Commandos” are headed by General J. and aided by robotic inventors/scientists Ron J. Orson, Element (Ken P. Fillips), The Scuba Diver Bros. (Scott Diver and Rick Diver), Business Man, Expo Speed, Dr. Wrestling and Hank Hunter. “Computer Commandos” members include Tech Spot, Nickbike, General Brown, General Warfare, Crane Man, High Tech Nick, R-Man, Computer Man, Hologram Harry, Steam Jet Joe, Toilet Tom, Car Man, Rusty the Changer, 3-K, and Chris “DJ” Edge. The “Computer Commandos” don’t always seem to get along and many of them struggle with their daily lives. Some members wish to be human while some feel they are being too controlled by their superiors. High Tech Nick feels conflicted because he’s a 30 year old stuck in the body of a teenager and he’s tired of his daily upgrades which make him feel even more unhuman because he feels his upgrades are making him more machine than man. Computer Man, Hologram Harry, Steam Jet Joe, Toilet Tom, Car Man, 3-K, General Warfare and Crane Man feel like they are outdated technology in a modern tech world they can keep up with. Also Rusty the Changer feels conflicted because he was reprogramed by the “Computer Commandos” because he used to be a member of an enemy group while some members like Chris “DJ” Edge and R-Man may secretly be helping the enemy so they aren’t very trustworthy among their fellow teammates. The enemies of the “Computer Commandos” are other robotic/tech based super villains that include X-Eye, Virus, Dr. Hurt, Mike Red and Rick Red (The Red Bros.), Buzz & Kirk, Dr. Sumo, Blue Jay, Night Watch, Dr. Duck, Robo-Spotty 4.0, Dr. Frankenstein, Professor Snout, Igor, Todd Hog, Japan Jenny, X/99, The Mugger, Robo Rexes, Coyote, Professor Vulture, Insane Dog Catcher, The Changers, Bang & Boom, Mac Machine, and Xane the Exterminator. Plus the “Computer Commandos” also don’t just fight crimes and wars in the present, they also face threats from the future that are coming into our present.  The enemies from the future include The Exterminators, Mega Mind, and Sure 5. The “Computer Commandos” also have allies from the future which include Mike Storm, X-Eye 3000 (Ben Q.), Grey H. Kenson and Jacob Q. (X-Eye 3000’s father). So can “Computer Commandos” protect our world from enemies from both the present and the future? Will the “Computer Commandos” ever truly feel human or will they become more machine than man? Would the “Computer Commandos” ever really want to be more human? Who can the “Computer Commandos” trust when anyone might be the enemy? Read “Computer Commandos” and learn more about the technological superheroes and super villains of the “That Spells Action Heroes” when it comes out very soon!
The “Xane the Exterminator Saga” is a new storyline for the “That Spells Action Heroes” series. The story is that X-Eye (Henry Q.) creates a super soldier from ejecting a strange super steroid that gives people super strength into a random homeless man he found on the street and thus Xane the Exterminator is born. Xane the Exterminator is not only super strong but he wears a robotic suit that also increases his strength along with a laser cannon and spiked knuckles. Xane the Exterminator is a killer and he was basically brainwashed into a monster. Xane the Exterminator will not only battle the “That Spells Action Heroes” but he will actually kill most of them. Who will live and who will die? Find out when this exciting new story comes out very soon!

Mega Mind’s Utopia Saga takes place after the events of Max Storm: Past vs. Future. After the Earth was destroyed by Mega Mind and when Max Storm and the other surviving heroes fled with Robot Blue to the GUF headquarters in space. But during the flight back to GUF headquarters, Goddiess appeared in front of our heroes to say that the Earth was restored and that they should return. But when Max Storm and the other surviving heroes and villains returned to the newly created Earth it was a trap. Our heroes soon discovered that Mega Mind had survived and that Mega Mind took over Goddiess’s body. So basically, Goddiess and Mega Mind are now one person (with Mega Mind transforming from Goddiess to Mega Mind at will). Now Mega Mind is ruler of the Earth and since he recreated the Earth he got rid of all normal humans. Now the only people on Earth are all super powered beings with unique super powers. Mega Mind is worshiped as a god and has many loyal henchmen. With his loyal henchmen Sure 5, Mega Mind battles Max Storm in an epic war between the good heroes and Mega Mind’s army. It’s up to Max Storm to led the few surviving heroes and restore the Earth to it’s former self. Can Max Storm save the day and defeat Mega Mind. This is truly a battle featuring many of the That Spells Action superheroes and super villains fighting either together or against each other in battle for the ages.

Revenge of Killax the Destroyer takes place after Mega Mind’s Utopia Saga when Killax the Detroyer’s brother Hillax comes to Earth to avenge his brother’s death. Hillax battles our heroes who also are now teamed up with a clone of Mega Mind after the real Mega Mind was killed. But when our heroes thought that they finally defeated Hillax and his army, Hillax flees and when he returns Hillax’s father a small gooey alien inside a giant humanoid spider-like robotic suit comes to Earth to help his son Hillax take over the Earth. Now our heroes have to defeat Hillax and his father for the control of the Earth. Can our heroes defeat Hillax and his father? Would they be able to work with Mega Mind’s clone? We all probably know who will prevail in the end!

The “Redemption” storyline is basically when a mortal dies he may be chosen to redeem his/her self and return to the world of the living. But that moral most go through a test called “Redemption” which basically is a very tuff workout that ends in a probation hearing with the gods who judge if that said moral is truly worthy. If that mortal passes not only will the mortal return to the world of the living, but that said mortal will gain the powers of a god. Only three mortals have passed the test of Redemption so far and those three mortals are Max Storm, The Skull Slasher, and Igor.

An “untitled Futuristic Space Fighting to Death Tournament story crossover with That Spells Action Heroes” when the evil promoters’ discover time travel technology they decide that they should use this time travel technology to bring great warriors from throughout history in order to force them to fight in the tournament. It just so happens that some of the warriors from the past they pick are the “That Spells Action Heroes” and now our heroes are now forced to fight in the tournament and they might have to fight their fellow heroes in a fight to the death. “That Spells Action Heroes” to be featured include Storm Killer, Max Storm, The Skull Slasher, Mike Storm, Super Dude, Robot Blue, XZ, Dr. Strong (Dr. Bob Scott), The GreenSpeed (Gus Speed), Stretch Man (Jack Capper), Goddiess, Ted Brook, Spy Lion, Mr. Tallenstine, Crane Man, Element (Ken P. Fillips), Lester BarnSwallow, Noise Maker, Electric Girl, Goo Dude, Spy Lion 3000 (Alex J. Johnson), X-Eye 3000 (Ben Q.), and Vicky Speed Jr. Also the evil emperor and the evil promoters work alongside with Zrotk, Sure 5, and Mega Mind while the “That Spells Action Heroes” are fighting in the tournament. Plus Ke-li and Mortaki will also make appearances as well. Can our heroes survive in the tournament and defeat the bad guys? Read the “untitled Futuristic Space Fighting to Death Tournament story crossover with That Spells Action Heroes” when it comes out very soon!

“Max Storm 2014” is a new short story collection featuring the continuing adventures of legendary monster hunter Max Storm. After two years of being a retired monster hunter and superhero, Max Storm is called back into action when his old friend/foe The Skull Slasher needs his help in defeating an old foe. So Max Storm and The Skull Slasher team up and go on one last huge adventure to save the world. Along the way Max Storm gains allies in The Skull Slasher, Prince Pouchy, Veg, Chag, Flynn Kendo, Yeti, Mantis Man, The Mystery Misfits, The Alien Hunter Squad, Reaper, Lester BarnSwallow, Mike Storm, Demon King Mogw and Storm Killer. Also Max Storm must face enemies like Yunko the Clown, The Fallen, Red Rhino, Xou Gag, Gacy Gein Dahmer, Mega Mind, The Werewolf King, Mike Red and Rick Red (The Red Bros.), Mr. Arms, Long and the Red Crickets along with countless werewolves, zombies, ghosts, vampires, and demons. Can Max Storm save the day one last time? Read “Max Storm 2014” when it comes out very soon!

“The Zunion Wars” is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline about the origin/debut of The Zunion. The Zunion is a secret organization created by super villains which each super villain is a member of. The Zunion goal is universal domination and they actively look for new super villains to join The Zunion. The Zunion is currently lead by Zrotk who is also one of its founders. The Zunion also currently has two co-leaders X-Eye (Henry Q.) and Hillax the Destroyer. The Zunion is secretly working together to not only take over the universe but to destroy every single one of the “That Spells Action Heroes!” which little would they know would lead to a huge war between the superheroes and the super villains. Will The Zunion win? Can our heroes defeat them? Read “The Zunion Wars” story when it comes out very soon!

Team Freak vs. The Gifted” is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline about two very different superhero teams fighting each other. It’ll be Dr. Strong (Dr. Bob Scott), Dr. Laser (Dr. Alan Dean), and Ms. Giant (Dr. Vicky Good) of The Gifted vs. Gorilla Girl, Mutant Man, Garbage Pit, and Master Fisheyes of Team Freak. Who will win when these two very different superhero teams battle in a legendary fight? Will it be The Gifted who are based on their perfection? Or will it be Team Freak who are based on their flaws? Why are Team Freak and The Gifted even going to fight each other in the first place? Read Team Freak vs. The Gifted” when it comes out very soon!

“The Exterminators Wars Saga” is a future is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline about an alternate future where an army of superhuman cyborgs called The Exterminators led by Xane the Exterminator takes over the world. The Exterminators were created by the U.S. government with the help of its original creator X-Eye (Henry Q.) to create a powerful army of super soldiers. But when Xane the Exterminator and the other Exterminators rebelled against their masters, they began to take over the Earth. Now fast forward to the year 3000 where Xane the Exterminator is ruler and almost all life is dead. Now normal humans and other super powered people are hunted by The Exterminators. The fate in this future for anyone that lives in it is to either be killed by an Exterminator or become one. Luckily, Max Storm froze himself and awoke in the future to make things right. Now Max Storm must team up with his old foe Mega Mind (Mega Mind in this alternate future never became the ruler of the super powered people in the year 3000, even though in another alternate future he was) and lead a rebellion of other survivors to defeat Xane the Exterminator and the other Exterminators. Also Max Storm must fight his own son Mike Storm who since being a cyborg has be reprogramed to serve Xane the Exterminator thus becoming an Exterminator himself. Plus the super villain mutant cyborg Sure 5 is also now Exterminator and is another foe our heroes must face. Also X/99 and General Warfare have also become Exterminators in this twisted future as well. Can our heroes defeat Xane the Exterminator and the Exterminators? Is all hope lost? Read “The Exterminators Wars Saga” when it comes out very soon!

“The Alien Hunter Squad & The Space Wars” is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline about an alien invasion lead by an evil mysterious alien warlord named Qazolu. Qazolu wants to rule the universe and he and his army are so powerful that The Alien Hunter Squad must team up with all the “That Spells Action Heroes” in order to stop him and his army. Qazolu looks like a six-eyed greenish-orange skinned humanoid bodybuilder with a long tail and horns wearing a red suit of armor while holding a huge laser battle axe. Qazolu also forms an alliance with The Zunion thus Qazolu has help from both Earth’s and the universe’s most powerful supervillains. The Alien Hunter Squad’s origins will also be revealed throughout this storyline as well. Also the origin of Qazolu will also be revealed throughout the storyline as well. Can The Alien Hunter Squad and the “That Spells Action Heroes” defeat Qazolu and his army to win The Space Wars? Could this be the end of Earth itself? Is Qazolu actually not the true enemy? Read “The Alien Hunter Squad & The Space Wars” when it comes out very soon!

“The Death of Max Storm” is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline where Max Storm will be beaten to death by The Werewolf King. Max Storm is truly the most powerful person in the universe and how did he finally get killed by his old foe The Werewolf King? What will the world be like without Max Storm? How will the “That Spells Action Heroes” react to the death of one of their most powerful allies? Is Max Storm really even dead? Read “The Death of Max Storm” storyline when it comes out very soon!

“The Super Dudes Move into The Gifted’s Headquarters” is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline about the Super Dudes being evicted from their apartment and move into The Gifted’s headquarters. Thus The Super Dudes and The Gifted merge into one whole superhero team. Now that The Super Dudes members are now members of The Gifted will they all get along with each other? Will there be a power struggle between Dr. Strong (Dr. Bob Scott) and Super Dude over who will be the new team leader? Will The Super Hero Alliance come out of retirement? Will certain superheroes go solo or form entire new superhero teams? Read “The Super Dudes Move into The Gifted’s Headquarters” storyline when it comes out very soon!

“The Red Crickets vs. The Zunion: The Super Villain Wars” is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline about when two of the greatest super villain organizations fight in an epic war for dominance. Plus secrets will be revealed about both The Red Crickets and The Zunion that both organizations don’t want the world to know. Who will win this epic war? Is there a connection between The Red Crickets and The Zunion? How will this affect the “That Spells Action Heroes” and can “That Spells Action Heroes” get involved in their enemies’ war? Or do the “That Spells Action Heroes” even want to get involved? Read “The Red Crickets vs. The Zunion: The Super Villain Wars” when it comes out very soon?

“The Jungle Safari Wars” is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline about when a war breaks out on Hurke Island where the animals on Hurke Island now not only want control of the island but of the whole world. Now Dr. Hurke calls the “That Spells Action Heroes” to aide him in his battle against Fearsome the Alligator and his animal army. Fearsome the Alligator and his animal army also have formed an alliance with the super villain group The Zunion who’ll aide him and his army in their quest of world domination. Along with Dr. Hurke and the “That Spells Action Heroes” other allies include Joe F. Sanarilee and Mrs. Washington Hurke. Can the “That Spells Action Heroes” stop Fearsome the Alligator and his animal army before they take over the world? Why are The Zunion helping Fearsome the Alligator and his animal army? What secrets will be revealed about Hurke Island? Read “The Jungle Safari Wars” when they come out very soon!

“The Battle for The Island of Giants” is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline about where chaos has taken over the Island of Giants when the inhabitants of the Island of Giants begin to run out of supplies. Social order is basically broken after centuries of its inhabitants living on the Island of Giants and its inhabitants not being allowed to leave the Island of Giants by the order of the gods. Now during the chaos and destruction, Kraeoo returns to regain control of the Island of Giants in its darkest hours and with the help of Lita, Gopt, Lopt, Yunko the Clown, Ares, and Red Rhino he’ll not only take over The Island of Giants…but the entire world as well. Now Peter Rocks, the U.S. government, and the “That Spells Action Heroes” must head to The Island of Giants to prevent a war between the giants and the rest of the world. Plus we’ll learn the origin of the Island of Giants and Goddiess’s connection to the creation of the Island of Giants. Also Ozman, Eggy the Oviraptor, and The Cracken will be involved in “The Battle for The Island of Giants”. Who will win? How is Goddiess involved in the creation of the Island of Giants? Why was the Island of Giants created in the first place? Read “The Battle for The Island of Giants” when it comes out very soon!

“Warriors vs. The Super Hero Alliance: The War of Generations” is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline about when The Gifted were fighting Time Man, Time Man accidently uses his powers to merge three time periods into one. Now the 1940’s era team The Super Hero Alliance and a mediaeval band of warriors led by an elf prince named Lee are brought into the present and out of confusion they begin to fight each other in an epic war between two generations. Now it’s up to The Gifted to figure out how to restore time and space to what it once was and return The Super Hero Alliance and the mediaeval warriors to their respective time periods. Who will win? Which generation is better? Can The Gifted fix the space time continuum? Read “Warriors vs. The Super Hero Alliance: The War of Generations” when it comes out very soon!

“Warriors” remake!

Plot Summery: In a magical realm, there was a young elf prince named Lee who is destined for more than being mere royalty. Lee was the chosen one to save his entire world from the demonic forces of evil led by Salizard (though his master Moeguya). A war would soon break out between the demonic armies and our heroes. Lee is a not so ready to assume his chosen one duties. Instead Lee ran away from home at a very young age to become basically a thief living in the woods with his best friend Gully. But when Lee meets a beautiful young princess named Princess Julia, he agrees to aid her in the fight against Salizard. Along the way our heroes would make friends and mentors who would become allies in their quest. Can our heroes defeat Salizard and his demon armies and restore their realm to it’s former glory? Read the “Warriors” remake when it comes out very soon!

“The Island of Giants” remake!

Plot Summery: After their naval ship is blown up during battle, a U.S. naval soldier named Peter Rocks and his commanding officer Sgt. Best survive and end up on a mysterious island where giants and dinosaurs roam. Now Peter Rocks and Sgt. Best must try to survive the horrors of the Island of Giants and try to find their way back home. Along the way they befriend a dinosaur named Eggy the Oviraptor and they find an ally in a giant named Ozman. Also our heroes have to defeat an evil giant monstrous wizard named Kraeoo and his henchmen from not only taken over the Island of Giants but the entire world. Can Peter Rocks and Sgt. Best make it out of the Island of Giants okay? Read “The Island of Giants” remake when it comes out very soon!
“Jungle Safari” remake!

Plot summary: There is a jungle island where a scientist named Dr. Hurke lives with his wife and nephew. His nephew is basically a skilled hunter and former soldier. Dr. Hurke does his research on his island while his nephew protects his aunt and uncle from the evil animals that try to kill them. The animals on Hurke Island have gained intelligence through genetic experiments done by Dr. Hurke but instead of obeying him the now want to take over his island. Dr. Hurke and his family must fight off the animals to keep control of his island. Also Dr. Hurke must keep the evil animals from leaving the island as well.

The Cast of Jungle Safari!

·      Fearsome the Alligator
·      Joe F. Sanarilee
·      Dr. Hurke
·      Mrs. Washington Hurke

An untitled “Futuristic Space Fighting to Death Tournament story” will be about a tournament that takes place in the future on another planet. Fighters are either human or alien and they all fight to the death for the amusement of the masses. The story will focus on one fighter who started out sparring partner but mostly a punching bag to the other fighters shows signs of great strength and speed which attracts the promoters’ attention. This fighter starts out as a teenager in the beginning of the story but by the end of the story he will be in his mid 60’s. This new fighter is named Ke-li and he will soon become a very popular fighter in the tournament. Ke-li is a rookie but he has killed many fighters in the tournament and feels guilt and remorse to his fallen opponents. Ke-li soon finds a mentor in another human fighter who has never lost and his name is Mortaki. Mortaki trains Ke-li and he feels that Ke-li is his replacement as a popular fighter. Ke-li dreams of freedom because fighters in the tournament are either prisoners or slaves held against their will by the evil promoters’. So in a way you could compare the tournament to gladiator fighting in ancient Rome. Ke-li will eventually fight his mentor Mortaki and kill him. Ke-li becomes so popular that the evil promoters’ want him to lose a match on purpose so that they can find his replacement as their star fighter. But Ke-li wants to find his own replacement or someone he feels is worthy to fill his shoes. Also Ke-li tries to convince the other fighters to rebel against the evil promoters’ and gain their freedom. But not only are the evil promoters’ a threat, but the evil emperor also plays a role in the tournament. The emperor uses the tournament as a distraction from his empires’ flaws. But over time Ke-li hope for a rebellion against the evil promoters’ begin to diminish. As years pass Ke-li becomes the oldest fighter in the tournament and his undefeated streak continues. Ke-li doesn’t want to die and one day he challenges the evil emperor to a fight to the death. When the emperor accepts the match not only if the evil emperor loses will he meet his end, but Ke-li will become the new emperor. Can Ke-li defeat the evil emperor and gain his freedom? Read untitled “Futuristic Space Fighting to Death Tournament story” when it comes out very soon!

“Super Powered Pandemic” is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline where a disease that only affects super powered individuals spreads throughout the world. The only super powered individuals who are not sickened with this mysterious disease are people who gained their powers through magical or mythical themes or if their super powers were obtained by machines (like tech or robotics). But oddly at the same time the living computer virus super villain Virus suddenly appears and he affects all of the machine or tech based superheroes and super villains so they are affected in the pandemic as well. Now the few heroes who weren’t infected by this disease, which include Goddiess and Max Storm, go on a quest to find the cure. But strangely because he’s able to outrun this disease, The GreenSpeed (Gus Speed) aides our heroes quest to stop the villain or villains responsible for creating this disease and find a cure. Also X-Eye (Henry Q.) briefly becomes a good guy because pretty much all of his super villain allies are infected with the disease so he calls a truce in order to help cure his friends. At first our heroes think Peter P. Pixie is the one who created the disease but he later tells our heroes that he is merely a pawn in a bigger plan. Peter P. Pixie tells our heroes that people from his dimension created the disease in order to kill the most powerful beings on Earth, which they see as being the super powered individuals, so that they have no threat when they begin their takeover of Earth. Peter P. Pixie soon tells are heroes the ones who are the true villains are a magical immortal race called Uwandatari and that they created the disease and that they also act as the governing body of the magic dimension. Now these few surviving heroes must fight the Uwandatari and it should be noted that we would later learn that the Uwandatari are the most powerful beings in the entire “That Spells Action Heroes” universe. Plus the Uwandatari are aided by Mega Mind and the alien warlord Qazolu who were both brainwashed into working alongside the Uwandatari. Can our heroes defeat the Uwandatari? Will they also find the cure for this mysterious disease? Do the Uwandatari actually want to protect the magic heroes of the “That Spells Action Heroes” universe? Is Virus also working for the Uwandatari? Why do the Uwandatari really want to takeover the Earth and our dimension? Read “Super Powered Pandemic” when it comes out very soon!

“Max Storm’s Mother” is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline where we finally discover who Max Storm’s mother really is! One day, Max Storm and his family are visited by a young woman claiming to be Max’s mother, using her magical powers she sends a message into Max Storm’s mind revealing a shocking truth about his own origin. This shocking truth is that Max Storm is actually more than human and that he discovers that he’s half human and half Uwandatari creature. The Uwandatari are a god like magical race who rule over the magic dimension and secretly interfere with the events in our dimension. Now Max’s mother who is a powerful female Uwandatari wants to bring Max’s five year old son Mike Storm back with her to the magic dimension to harness his magical powers which she was never able to do with her own son Max Storm. Max’s wife and Mike Storm’s mother Kim Shotwer refuses Max’s mother’s demands but from out of nowhere Max’s mother kidnaps Mike Storm and disappears without a trace. Then another odd thing happens, Goddiess appears and soon takes our heroes to the magic dimension to rescue Mike Storm. Now it’s up to Max Storm, Kim Shotwer, Storm Killer, and Goddiess to save the day. Our heroes once they enter the magic dimension are aided by two magic based superheroes Lee and Dark West (Todd Fredstone) who themselves recently returned there. Plus “Max Storm’s Mother” will also feature another appearance by Max Storm’s mysterious father who now lives with his mother in the magic dimension. Max’s mother is also aided by other members of the Uwandatari race and Peter P. Pixie thus they are also foes in our heroes quest.  Can our heroes save the day? Who is Max’s mother? Can Max redeem his mother? How will recently discovering he’s half Uwandatari impact Max Storm’s life and will he also discover even more hidden powers? What did happen to Max Storm’s mysterious father after their last meeting? Now another look at Max Storm’s origin will be revealed when “Max Storm’s Mother” comes out very soon!