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The Cast of Sith Vs. Sikios 5: The Battle Goes On!

The Cast of Sith Vs. Sikios 5: The Battle Goes On!
·      Sith
·      Zygurat
·      Sikios
·      Spotty
·      Moeguya
·      The Skull Slasher
·      Coyote
·      Mole
·      Max Storm
·      Long
·      Mr. Arms
·      Wise Wizard
·      Raptor Claw
·      Mr. Big
·      Fred
·      Lion
·      Ivan the Crusher
·      X-Eye (Henry Q.)
·      Spider Hand
·      Bucky Potter
·      Lester BarnSwallow
·      Killshot
·      Fearsome the Alligator
·      Night Watch
·      Oliver Owl
·      Dr. Frankenstein
·      Igor
·      Dean Deathlock
·      Mr. Safari
·      Komodo King
·      Evil Pig
·      Kombat Jack
·      Cavity-Man
·      Coatcheck the Ghost
·      Jake the Last Storyteller
·      Devil Devil the Pig
·      Kip the Pirate
·      The Scared Leopard
·      Brabe the Dog
·      Smasher Dasher
·      Knahag
·      Kenni-Munk
·      Deadler
·      Ken Joesu
·      Moeguya Jr.
·      Dark West (Todd Fredstone)
·      Yo The Rooster
·      Jag the Jaguar
·      High Tech Nick
·      The Knight
·      Sammy T
·      Vach
·      Abominable Man
·      Randy Metal Hands
·      R-Man
·      Super Dude
·      Scott Sith (The Lone Shadow)
·      Binky Bear
·      Stork
·      Claws
·      Flea-Boy the Clown
·      Joe
·      Funclock
·      Pancake Man & Syrup Boy
·      Thinker & Shadow
·      SX
·      Inflatable Ant
·      Three Fins
·      Hands on His Head
·      Bull Horns (Tough Horns)
·      Flying Alligator
·      Professor Kirk
·      Zac Kirk
·      Kirk’s Dog
·      Kirk’s Assistant
·      Professor Kocar
·      The Goblin Team (Anti-Bull Horns, Ring Arm, and Pink Flying Skull Man)

·      Dr. Slamin Salmon

Sith vs. Sikios 5-The Battle Goes On: Part 2!

Now we go to a bar where Sikios was in the middle of drinking a beer. Then Vach entered the bar with Fearsome the Alligator by his side. “Boss…your dad wants us to track down the portal…forget about Sikios and Sith,” cried Fearsome the Alligator. “Hey Vach…come to get me a happy hour I see,” said Sikios. “Brother….I’m going to kill you right here right now…and you cannot defeat me,” yelled Vach. Vach then lunged towards Sikios but before Vach could attack Sikios, Sikios pulled out a gun and shot him. But Sikios didn’t shoot Vach with ordinary bullets though. Sikios actually shot Vach with bullets made out of light crystals. Vach was soon knocked out could as the light crystals began to enter his blood stream. “So long dude,” cried Fearsome the Alligator. Fearsome the Alligator then fled away in fear. Sikios then paid the bartender and then grabbed Vach. Sikios carried Vach out of the bar and then Sikios took Vach back to W.H.O. headquarters. Soon Vach was taken to the W.H.O. hospital and was being treated. 

While Vach was being treated in the W.H.O. hospital he a guarded by W.H.O. soldiers. Now we go to a conversation between Lion and Sikios. “Now what are we going to do with Vach boss,” asked Sikios. “After he’s healed we’ll send him to the W.H.O. headquarters’ prison and put him inside a special prison cell,” said Lion. “We’ll also interrogate him right,” asked Sikios. “Of course…now then…about this portal to another world,” asked Lion. “You want me to find it right,” asked Sikios. “I’ve already sent your brother and that Zac Kirk kid out to look for it…right now I need you to keep an eye on Vach…you and your brother are the only ones strong enough to stop him…but with Sith not here I need you to not let Vach escape from W.H.O.  headquarters…now guard Vach and once he’s in his prison cell you’re free to do another mission…do I make myself clear,” asked Lion. “Yes boss…Vach is my reasonability,” said Sikios. “Good…now don’t let me down Sikios…if Vach escapes you’ll be fired from W.H.O. understand…Vach is our key to defeating Moeguya…,” said Lion. “Right boss,” said Sikios. Sikios soon headed to the W.H.O. headquarters’ hospital where Vach was being treated. Now we go to Sith, Spotty, and Zac Kirk who were looking for the portal back to Zac Kirk’s home world. “Guys…I was wondering…what about my dad’s assistant and my dog…they need to return home with me and I have no idea where they are…,” said Zac Kirk. “Look Zac…I hate to be the bearer of bad news but here’s the deal…you’re the only one headed back into the portal and once you return to your world you will shut the portal and never return to ours,” said Sith. “Besides…I heard that your friends were being held hostage by Moeguya so they’re probably dead already,” said Spotty. “Spotty…we we’re supposed to tell him that information,” said Sith.  “What…my friends are being held hostage by Moeguya…one who the hell is Moeguya…and two you knew about where my friends were the whole damn time…forget looking for the portal let’s rescue my friends,” said Zac Kirk. “Sorry Zac…but I’m ordered by W.H.O. to just take you home,” said Sith. “Sorry but I won’t tell you guys where the portal is until we save my dad’s assistant and my dog…I’m the only one besides my dad’s assistant who knows where the portal is,” said Zac Kirk. “Alright we’ll help you save your friends…then you’ll take us to the portal…,” said Sith. “Right…and once I return to my world I’ll tell my dad to shut the portal and this Moeguya guy will remain here,” said Zac Kirk. “Okay…come on Spotty let’s rescue Zac Kirk’s friends and then continue our mission,” said Sith. “But Lion said….,” said Spotty. “I know what Lion said…but since Zac is the only one who knows where the portal is he won’t help us unless we save his friends so let’s just do as Zac says,” said Sith. “Alright…but I still don’t think this is a good idea,” said Spotty. Now Sith, Spotty, and Zac Kirk were headed to Moeguya’s castle to rescue Kirk’s Dog and Kirk’s Assistant. But little did our heroes know was Kirk’s Assistant already told Moeguya where the portal was and that now Moeguya’s demon army was headed to the portal already. It appears that Moeguya may have finally won…or did he!

Now we go to a conversation between Sikios and Vach as Sikios was bringing Vach to his prison cell. “Brother….please let me free…I won’t betray you this time,” said Vach. “For the last time we’re not brothers and you’re going to jail…face it…you lost,” said Sikios. “Can I tell you a secret Sikios…I really can’t stand Moeguya…he’s no father to me too….plus I was planning to overthrow him years ago…this world is mine,” yelled Vach. “Sorry…you won’t be conquering the world today,” said Sikios. Then Sikios pushed Vach into his cell and before Sikios closed the cell door Vach began to grin. “What are you smiling about,” asked Sikios. “I forgot to mention as we speak my father and his demon army are headed to the portal where that little boy and his monsters came from,” said Vach. “What…how did Moeguya find the portal already,” cried Sikios. “Let’s just say one of his little friends blabbed…have a nice day,” said Vach. Sikios then locked Vach’s cell door and ran to tell Lion that Moeguya and his demon army were headed to the portal. Now we go to Sith, Spotty, and Zac Kirk who were headed to Moeguya’s castle to rescue Kirk’s Dog and Kirk’s Assistant. But when our heroes arrived at Moeguya’s castle it was a ghost town. Also our heroes killed most of Moeguya’s castle guards along the way. Soon Sith, Spotty, and Zac Kirk found Kirk’s Dog and Kirk’s Assistant in a dungeon and they were both injured and beaten. “What happened to you man,” asked Zac Kirk. “It over…that bastard beat me so bad I told him where the portal was…our world is doomed,” cried Kirk’s Assistant in pain. Sith, Spotty, and Zac Kirk rescued Kirk’s Dog and Kirk’s Assistant and then they headed back to W.H.O. headquarters. Sikios told our heroes that most of the W.H.O. agents and soldiers were headed to the portal to fight Moeguya and his demon army. Soon our heroes headed to the portal with the directions that Zac Kirk gave them. 

When our heroes arrived at the portal sight they saw Moeguya and his demon army just standing around wondering where the portal is. “You said the portal was here….where is it,” asked Spotty. “Trust me…you guys handle Moeguya and his lackeys while me, my dog, and my dad’s assistant open the portal…,” said Zac Kirk. Soon the W.H.O. soldiers began to fight Moeguya’s demon army. While the huge battle between the W.H.O. soldiers and Moeguya’s demon army was going on…Zac Kirk called his dad Professor Kirk through a communicator watch invented and given to him by his father. “Hey Zac…what’s the Little Trolls’ home world like,” asked Prosser Kirk. “Dad…there’s been a problem…the portal opened up in another dimension a dimension in which it’s in habitants call a world inside a crystal ball…,” said Zac Kirk. “Man…I must have made a miscalculation in the direction of the portal or something…I’ll open the portal right away…,” said Professor Kirk. Then Professor Kirk opened the portal and Zac Kirk, Kirk’s Dog, and Kirk’s Assistant then went through it. Zac Kirk, Kirk’s Dog, and Kirk’s Assistant finally returned home through the portal and before Moeguya or his demon army could enter it they shut it. “Damn it…they shut the portal…flee my children…this isn’t the last time we battle W.H.O. oh no…the war has just begun,” yelled Moeguya. Then Moeguya and his demon army disappeared and the W.H.O. soldiers then flew back home. It appears that Zac Kirk, Kirk’s Dog, and Kirk’s Assistant have made it home safely and that they shut the portal to the world in a crystal ball for good. 

Everything went back to normal in the world inside a crystal ball. Vach was now in the W.H.O. headquarters’ prison serving a life sentence. Spotty kept Hands on His Head as a pet because it didn’t go back with Zac Kirk through the portal. Professor Kocar and his henchmen The Goblin Team (Anti-Bull Horns, Ring Arm, and Pink Flying Skull Man) was still trapped in the world inside a crystal ball and they are still loyal henchmen of Moeguya. Sith is now a high ranking agent of W.H.O. while Sikios left W.H.O. to return to a career as a bounty hunter. Sith and Sikios parted ways and Sikios rode off on his motorcycle. Now we go to Sikios who was at a smoking a cigar while he parked his motorcycle outside of a bar. “Time to get a drink and find a criminal…man…I guess I’m back to the life a of bounty hunter…I wonder if the W.H.O. misses me…because I sure the hell don’t,” said Sikios. Sikios then threw his cigar on the ground and rushed into the bar with a gun in hand. “It’s good to be home,” said Sikios. What the future holds for Sith and Sikios we’ll never know…but one thing we do know is that their paths with cross again as their battle continues!


Sith vs. Sikios 5-The Battle Goes On: Part 1!

It’s been a couple of years since our last adventure. Moeguya had committed suicide and it brought a period of peace in the world inside a crystal ball. Lion and W.H.O. issued a public apology on the Funtime News Network for their actions. The world forgave W.H.O. and now W.H.O. was a force for good again. Sith and Sikios were rehired and now they are W.H.O. agents again. Sadly, Bucky Potter, Jake the Last Storyteller, Pancake Man, Syrup Boy, Thinker, & Shadow returned to the real world after Moeguya’s death. Bucky Potter is now The Wise Wizard’s apprentice again and Bucky Potter lives in The Wise Wizard’s study. Pancake Man, Syrup Boy, Thinker, & Shadow were currently superheroes in the real world and Syrup Boy is still Bucky Potter’s best friend. Jake the Last Storyteller currently lives in The Wise Wizard’s castle along with Bucky Potter, Pancake Man, Syrup Boy, Thinker, & Shadow. Sith and his son Scott Sith (The Lone Shadow) have grow a very strong father-son relationship and Scott Sith (The Lone Shadow) is now a high racking agent in W.H.O. It seems everything is alright…for now! But sadly Vach and Moeguya Jr. brought Moeguya back to life through freeing Moeguya from the demon realm because they opened the Demon Door. Now the battle between W.H.O. and Moeguya continues. But something that will affect the world inside crystal ball would occur and that event is a portal to another dimension would be opened by a scientist named Professor Kirk. Professor Kirk created a portal to the world inside a crystal ball by mistake when he was trying to create a portal to the Little Trolls’ home world. 

Soon Professor Kirk sent his son Zac Kirk, Kirk’s Dog, and Kirk’s Assistant through the portal to the world inside a crystal ball thinking it was the Little Trolls’ home world when actually it wasn’t. Also, Professor Kirk’s rival Professor Kocar and his henchmen The Goblin Team (Anti-Bull Horns, Ring Arm, and Pink Flying Skull Man) secretly followed Zac Kirk, Kirk’s Dog, and Kirk’s Assistant into the portal to the world inside a crystal ball. When they got there they were soon attacked by a horde of demons. “What the heck are those things,” cried Kirk’s Assistant. “I don’t know…but I have a funny feeling that we’re not in the right place,” cried Zac Kirk. Now we go to Moeguya’s castle where Moeguya was sitting on his throne with Vach and Moeguya Jr. by his side. Then Zygurat and The Skull Slasher entered Moeguya’s throne room and then they both kneeled before Moeguya. “Master…our demons found outsiders,” said Zygurat. “What kind of outsiders,” asked Moeguya. “They found people from another world,” said Zygurat. “People from another world…how did they get here,” asked Moeguya. “Through a portal my lord,” said Zygurat. “Also our demons captured one of the people from another world and they are bringing him here…the portal will soon be ours,” said The Skull Slasher. “Good,” said Moeguya. Then Moeguya began to laugh evilly. It appears that Moeguya and his henchmen captured one of our heroes…but who was it? 

Sith, Sikios, Spotty, and Lester BarnSwallow were headed to a cave to mine for light crystals. “So guys…let’s just get some light crystals and go okay,” said Lester BarnSwallow. “Right boss,” said Sith, Sikios, and Spotty at the same time. While Sith and Sikios were mining for light crystals, Spotty began exploring the cave. Spotty then spotted something inside the cave. Spotty soon found a strange creature and that strange creature was none other than Hands on His Head. “What the heck is that,” said Spotty. Sith and Sikios were still mining light crystal when they soon heard Spotty yelling for help. “We better see what’s up with Spotty,” said Sith. “Okay…then we better mine more light crystals,” said Sikios. Sith and Sikios found Spotty and Hands on His Head and Spotty found the unconscious Zac Kirk lying injured inside the cave. “Oh my god…this guy needs medical help…Spotty get Lester BarnSwallow to call an ambulance,” said Sith. “Right,” said Spotty. Soon Zac Kirk was taken to the W.H.O. headquarters’ hospital where he was being treated by Dr. Slamin Salmon. Dr. Slamin Salmon is the head doctor of the W.H.O. headquarters’ hospital and Dr. Slamin Salmon is a bit of a quack. Also Sikios found Zac Kirk’s backpack filled with Little Trolls’ container balls and other items. Sikios put Zac Kirk’s backpack into a safe inside W.H.O. headquarters. Little did Sikios know was that inside the Little Trolls’ container balls were the Little Trolls themselves. When Zac Kirk awoke he was shocked. “Where am I,” cried Zac Kirk. “Don’t worry…you’re in the W.H.O. headquarters’ hospital…if we didn’t find you when we did you may have died,” said Dr. Slamin Salmon. “What the heck is W.H.O.,” asked Zac Kirk. Then Lester BarnSwallow entered the room. “Kid…we need to talk,” said Lester BarnSwallow. Lester BarnSwallow began to ask Zac Kirk a series of questions and soon he would find out that Zac Kirk came from another world. “So let me get this straight…you came here through a portal thinking you were headed to another alien world but instead ended up here…also what are inside this strange orange balls we found in your backpack,” asked Lester BarnSwallow. “We call them container balls and inside them are alien creatures we’ve nicknamed the Little Trolls…but I have a question for you…did I come here alone,” asked Zac Kirk. “What do you mean,” asked Lester BarnSwallow. “What I mean is I came here with two other people and I want to know where they are,” asked Zac Kirk. “There’s more people here from your world…where the hell are they,” asked Lester BarnSwallow. Little did they know was that Kirk’s Dog and Kirk’s Assistant were captured by Moeguya’s henchmen and they were being held hostage by Moeguya’s henchmen. Also Professor Kocar and his henchmen The Goblin Team (Anti-Bull Horns, Ring Arm, and Pink Flying Skull Man) joined forces with Moeguya and now they were loyal henchmen of Moeguya. Now we go to a conversation between Vach and Moeguya Jr. “Brother…can you believe that a portal to another world exists, think of it…we can conquer not only this world but another world completely,” said Moeguya Jr. “Right now brother all I care about is revenge,” said Vach. “Revenge on who,” asked Moeguya Jr. “Sith and Sikios,” said Vach. “Sith and Sikios…forget about those traders and focus on the bigger picture we’ve found a gateway to another world,” said Moeguya Jr. “I don’t care…I want Sith and Sikios dead…brother I must go now…tell father I’ll return…once Sith and Sikios are dead,” said Vach. Vach then fled the scene. “Idiot,” said Moeguya Jr. to himself. Why does Vach want revenge on Sith and Sikios? I guess only Vach knows the answer to that question!

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