Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dream Cast For The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson Movie!

If there was ever a movie made based on my book "The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson" here are some people I've already envisioned to play some of my characters that will be in the movie. 

"Weird Al" Yankovic or Steven “Bucky” Butler as Spotty

Paul F. Tompkins as Beardy

Trey Parker as Spotty Jr.

Matt Stone as Zach

Jeremy Irons as Coyote

Luke Wilson or Owen Wilson as Stork

Kelsey Grammer as Insane Dog Catcher
AJ Lubecker, Jay Baruchel, or Michael Cera as Nick

Robert Pattinson as Prince Charming (Wild Man)

Robin Williams as Riddle Fox

Daniel Radcliffe as Alfred Charming

"Bobcat" Goldthwait or Simon Pegg as Mr. We

Kevin Nash or Ron Perlman as Dark Mark

"Weird Al" Yankovic as Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate

Adam Sandler or Chris Hardwick as Lewis the farter

Mel Gibson or Russell Crowe as Bone Wings

Bill Cosby or Morgan Freeman as Knowledge

Clancy Brown or David Hyde Pierce as X-Eye (Henry Q.)

Kurt Russell as Sikios

Hulk Hogan or "Superstar" Billy Graham as Lucky 

Giant Monster Channel Original Series: Dream Project!

List of shows that will only be on the Giant Monster Channel!
·        The Island of Giants
·        Tokyo Attack (fake news show)
·        Giant Monster Fans Speak (a fan letter answer show plus a movie)

Internet Channel Original Series: Dream Project!

List of shows that will only be on the Internet Channel!
·        Lrst94 Tonight
·        KWE (Kids Wrestling Entertainment)
·        Spotty’s Random Show
·        Search Engine (educational show)

Local Television 24/7 Original Series: Dream Project!

List of shows that will only be on Local Television 24/7!
·        Funtime (for preschoolers)
·        BWC (Butler Wrestling Corp)
·        Local Television Movies

The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson Video Game: Dream Project!

This is a fighting game where you can play as one of the many characters of The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson series.

Story: You just found out that Pit Stop Town was holding a fighting tournament and you go to Veg for help train you to fight. Then you enter the tournament and fight all over the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson, and at the same time you most stop the Skull Lords. Then you can go through portals which can take you to the future, and when you lose a fight in the tournament (which means you died), you can go to the Underworld and fight off enemies. So if you win the tournament, you saved the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson from the Skull Lords.

·        KWE Arena
·        Castle Saloon Town
·        Charming Kingdom
·        The Lost Galaxy
·        Pirate Seas
·        Knowledge’s Library
·        Doole Book World
·        Pit Stop Town
Unlockable Levels!
·        The Underworld
·        Future Wastelands
·        The Phoenix Monks Temple
·        The True Heroes Headquarters
·        Battle Field
Non-playable characters!
·        Veg
·        Mayor Mole
·        Judy Brown
·        Penny Greyhound
·        Jack Sports (color commentator in KWE Arena level)
·        Dr. Wrestling (color commentator in KWE Arena level)
·        Pope Spotty (the referee in all of the levels)
Bosses (non-playable characters)!
·        Rob the Ogre
·        Hades
·        Evil Dino-Skeleton
Fighters (playable characters)!
·        Bucky
·        Holly Dog
·        Kenny
·        Shane Lu
·        AJ Lu
·        Frankie Cuffan
·        Nina Butler
·        Budweiser the Turtle
·        Spotty Jr.
·        Stork
·        Beardy
·        Coyote
·        Mr. Hunter
·        Insane Dog Catcher
·        Mike Storm
·        Ghost
·        Terry the Tapir
·        Deer
Unlockable fighters (playable characters)!
·        Evil Dino-Skeleton (human form)
·        Bone Wings
·        Knowledge
·        Burn
·        Lenny Lynx
·        George
·        Igor
·        Mike Calvert
·        Faterella
·        General Toast
·        Mr. Raccoon

The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson Theme Park: Dream Project!

This is a theme park named after the book series of the same name. In it are rides and attractions based on characters created by Steven J. Butler, Jr. The themed areas in the park are as followed!

Silly Squad Studios: This part of the park is based the Silly Squad series and will feature rides based on classic movies.

Evil Dino-Skeleton’s Castle: This part of the park will feature thrill rides based on the villains of The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson and you’ll even have an encounter with Evil Dino-Skeleton himself!

Binky Bear’s Fishing Hole: This part of the park will feature water rides and will be themed to the characters created by Mrs. S and Steven J. Butler, Jr.
Spotty World: This part of the park will have kiddie rides and will be themed to the characters of the Spotty series.
Knowledge’s Library: This is a small museum and research library dedicated to the life of Steven J. Butler, Jr. and it’s at the entrance to the park.

Hero City: This part of the park will have rides and attractions based on the heroes of That Spells Action.

Mr. We’s Carnival: This part of the park will feature carnival games and carnival rides. Plus you can even see “Mr. We’s Freak Show” in person.
Stork’s Mini-golf: This is a miniature golf course inside the park and will be themed to the Stork series.

Magic Wars Battlefield: This part of the park will have rides and attractions based on the Magic Wars series.

Stadium TV: Dream Project!

Stadium TV is a 24-hour television network which shows events from indoor arenas, stadiums, and theaters. This channel will air shows like sports events, Broadway musicals, ice shows, circuses, operas, rock and roll concerts, and classical theater. So instead of buying a ticket to see it live you can watch it for free on TV. Stadium TV feels like you’re actually at the show itself and it will also have a HD version of this channel as well.

Events and Arena Shows that will air on Stadium TV!
·        Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus shows
·        Disney on Ice! shows
·        Doodlebops Live! concerts
·        Disney Live! shows
·        Monster Jam shows
·        International Hot Rod Association shows
·        The Harlem Globetrotters basketball games
·        Sesame Street Live shows
·        IFMA Freestyle Motocross events
·        Live Nation concerts
·        Xtreme Soccer League (XSL) events
·        Continental Indoor Football League (CIFL) events
·        American Hockey League (AHL) events
·        The Midwest League minor league baseball games
·        Blue Man Group theatrical shows and concerts
·        Evel Knievel’s nationally televised motorcycle jumps ( 1960s-1980s)
·        Robbie Knievel’s motorcycle jumps

(Note: These events may or may not be on this television network)

The Legend of Zelda Movie: Dream Project!

I want to be the first guy to create a Legend of Zelda movie, I have an idea for the plot and I’m working on a script for it as of now. I hope to be the first to make a movie of this guy, I hope it comes true.

The Internet Channel Adults Only: Dream Project!

The Internet Channel Adults Only is an on-demand subscription-only adult television channel. So you can basically watch porn 24/7 but you have to pay for it. This is another version of the Internet Channel for those looking for pornography from the World Wide Web on their TV!

The Internet Channel: Dream Project!

This channel will air shows and clips from the internet 24/7. This means if you’re not good will computers or the internet, just watch this TV channel. Here are some shows it will air.
·        Homestar Runner (From: homestarrunner.com)
·        Web Junk 20 (Originally from VH1)
·        Happy Tree Friends (From: mondomedia.com)
·        South Park (Originally on Comedy Central)
·        lonelygirl15 (From: Youtube.com)
·        Barats & Bereta (From: Youtube.com)
·        The Andy Milonakis Show (Originally on MTV2)
·        The Kid From Brooklyn (From: Youtube.com)
·        Online Nation (Originally on The CW)
·        Eddsworld (From: Eddsworld.co.uk)

The Talk Show Network: Dream Project!

The Talk Show Network is a 24/7 talk show channel. It shows talk show reruns and original talk shows only on this channel. The Talk Show Network is another dream television network that Butler INC. will love to have.

Talk Shows on the Talk Show Network!
·        Dr. Phil
·        The David Letterman Show
·        The Ellen DeGeneres Show
·        The Tonight Show
·        The Tyra Banks Show
·        The View
·        The Montel Williams Show
·        The Oprah Winfrey Show
·        The Phil Donahue Show
·        Live with Regis and Kelly
·        The Jerry Springer Show
·        The Howard Stern Show
·        The Maury Povich Show

(Note: These are talk shows that may or may not be on the channel)

Original Programs and Television Blocks!

Talk Show Network News: This is a news show that will update you on what’s new in the talk show world and will air twice a week on the Talk Show Network!

Talk Show Network Kids: This is a television block on the Talk Show Network and it would feature talk shows that are targeted for kids. This television block will be on Saturday mornings from 5:00-9:30 a.m. and it’s only on the Talk Show Network.

Local Television 24/7-Relive your classics: Dream Project!

This TV network will air classic Local Television shows from all over the U.S. (But mostly Chicago) 24/7. This may be the first TV network of its kind. It will also air documentaries on local television shows and even air remakes of the classic local television shows. Plus it will air movies every Friday night. Also this network would like to sign a deal with The Cookie Jar Group to provide children's and E/I-oriented programming for the channel. So here are some shows it will air...

·        Bozo’s Circus
·        The B.J. and Dirty Dragon Show
·        Elmer the Elephant
·        Garfield Goose and Friends
·        Kukla, Fran, & Ollie
·        Lunchtime Little Theater
·        The Mulqueens
·        Ray Rayner and His Friends
·        Clutch Cargo
·        Diver Dan
·        Uncle Gus Show
·        Thunderbirds
·        Svengoolie
·        Three Stooges
·        Sesame Street
·        Sam and Friends
·        Romper Room
·        The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show
(Note: These shows may or may not be on this television channel)