Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Schnauzer Family!

Back in the day, my family wasn't the only one with a great aunts, uncles, and cousins also had schnauzers too! Sadly, this is no longer the case because all of these wonderful dogs have passed away. Cookie, the first and eldest schnauzer...gone, Kaz...gone...Trixie...gone...and my dog Holly, bless her soul...gone. But before these four schnauzers died, somehow we took a group photo of them. But I can at least say one thing...due to my dog Holly being a great dog...I now have a new best friend, a schnauzer named Woody. So in away the legacy of these great dogs lives on through my dog Woody and my Grandma's current dog Callie. So for now, I have two great friends but I'll never forget the family I had before. I'm ending this post with a group photo of all of my family's schnauzers and a picture of my current dog Woody. Thanks 4 Reading!

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson Tribute!

Today's blog post is a tribute to my first published book "The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson". This book is about what if I found a universe where my characters are real and the worship me like a god. Basically the whole book is me having adventures in the many books I've written over the years and saving this universe from the bad guys (mostly my evil characters). Basically each book I've written is a world in The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson, so basically each story is retold in as it's own world in The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson (like the "Faterella" world is just basically retelling the entire story of "Faterella" but the only differences are with mostly me and my friends interacting in with the characters within the original story because me and my friends were not in the original story). So I'll be honest I was inspired by the game Kingdom Hearts a little to created The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson. Like I loved the idea in Kingdom Hearts that each Disney world in the game retold the movie it was based on (like in The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson where each of the worlds retell an old story I wrote). Instead of Heartless, I used my demon characters from the old book I wrote called "Warriors" as the main enemy. But mostly those are the only things in common with Kingdom Hearts (because in Kingdom Hearts Sora isn't the god of the characters he interacts with). So in a way The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson is the biggest intercompany crossover I've ever created because in the first book and it's many sequels almost every character I've ever created appeared in at least one book in the series. But here's a little secret I'm going to share with U the blog reader, I have thought about someday using characters from other books in The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson (like I thought about doing a Wizard of Oz world in one of the sequels but I don't have the rights to them). So to end this post I've included some links which talk about The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson. Thanks 4 Reading and I'm not going to start a cult where I'm worshiped as a god (it's just a book people).



Friday, November 15, 2013

The Super Hero Alliance!

The Super Hero Alliance was a popular superhero team founded in the 1940’s. The Super Hero Alliance’s leader was Lighting Liztzo and the Super Hero Alliance was based in Hero City. In the 1970’s The Super Hero Alliance disbanded and soon two decades later a new superhero team named The Super Dudes was founded. The Super Dudes replaced the former Super Hero Alliance as the top superhero team of Hero City. Many of the Super Hero Alliance members are now retired or have gone missing. But Lighting Litzo is currently a super villain bent on world domination. Also Lighting Litzo is immortal and he gained immortally through a strange liquid he drank. Lighting Litzo is now a powerful enemy of the Super Dudes.

The Super Hero Alliance Members!

·        The Human Spring

·        Bobblehead Man

·        Lighting Litzo

·        Car Man

·        Toilet Tom

·        The Living Eyeball

·        Chicken Chuck

·        Pancake Man & Syrup Boy

·        Thinker & Shadow

·        Tennis Master

·        Card Shark

·        Navy Ned

·        Blabbermouth Bob

·        Madame Mud

·        Steam Jet Joe

·        Mr. Knifes

·        Computer Man

·        Kangaroo Man

·        Abominable Man

·        Retail Man

·        +1

·        The Garbage Man

·        The Referee

·        The Yellow Fellow

·        Eggshell

·        Panda Pete

·        Crazy Senior

·        El 666

·        Boner Bill

·        The Sleepy Soldier

·        Captain Crap

·        Freshman

·        Hologram Harry

·        The Wonderful Walrus

·        The Dancer

·        Sir Hiccup

·        Sunscreen Sam

·        Myth Man & Tall Tale

·        Fairy Princess & The Glamour Gang   

·        The Middle Finger of Justice

·        Business Man

·        Muscle Machine & The Workout Society

Characters I Co-Created With AJ Lubecker & Shane Lubecker!

·        Kazam                                      

·        Mysterio

·        Pump Daddy

·        Reaper

·        BWK

·        Super Dude

·        Young One

·        Fat Lazy Karate Teacher

·        Boogie Man

·        The Shekys (Sheky 1, Sheky 2, Sheky 3, and Sheky 4)

·        Big Boss Kid

·        Mr. Big

·        Stupid Kid

·        Mr. Bunny

·        General Butt Face

·        The GreenSpeed (Gus Speed)

·        Frog Man

·        Mr. Tallenstine

·        Crane Man

·        Shark Man

·        Midgetstine

·        Swordfish

·        Turtle Man

·        Dr. Sumo

·        Rat Man

·        Devil Devil the Pig

·        Bob Nerdy

·        The Evil Clowns (Evil, Happy, & Sad)

·        The Short Term Memory Loss Family

·        The Frog

·        Dr. Slamin Salmon

·        Abominable Man

·        Funky Monkey

·        Lee

·        Wise Wizard

·        Harris the Hare

·        Whisp the ghost

·        Grag

·        Hogar the Viking

·        Slaka

·        Gully

·        Woen the gnome

·        Salizard

·        Mr. Hats

·        Grimley the Gargoyle

·        Maten

·        Princess Julia

Characters I Co-Created With Frankie Cuffan & Anthony Scornavacco!

·        Sith

·        Sikios

·        Vach

·        Vach Jr.

·        The Super Hero Alliance Members

·        Dread

·        Zygurat

·        Thrash

Characters I Co-Created With Mrs. S!

·        Toad and Mouse

·        Manatee

·        Sting the Stingray

·        Sea Anemone, Sea Anemone

·        Snow White the Viking

·        Binky Bear

·        Cindy Mitchell

·        Donny the Duck

·        Wolf

·        Professor Vulture

·        Catfish Jack

·        Mr. Otter

·        Snapper the Snapping Turtle

·        Waddles the Penguin

·        Zach the Frog

·        Ms. Jay

·        Evil Pig

·        Peter Pan Jr.

·        Captain Hook

·        Peter Pan

·        Peter Girl

·        The Scared Leopard

·        Brabe the Dog

·        The Hero

·        Slinky

·        Doll

·        Claw/Skull

·        Torti the Tortoise

·        Jag the Jaguar

·        Feather

·        Ant & Dog

·        Yo The Rooster

·        The Mayor of WackyLand

·        The Plant Guy (The Boy That Turned Green)

·        Super Steven and Super Holly

·        Fearsome the Alligator

·        Steve the Janitor

·        The Dragon & The Giant

·        The Knight

·        Mr. Raccoon

·        Apple & Lettuce

·        Lion

·        Pigeon

·        Cat

·        Where’s Bug

·        Coo-Coo Bird & Dingo

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Vikings!

Once upon a time in a mythical land there once lived a shoe maker by the name of Paul Longfellow. Paul Longfellow was once happily married to a beautiful wife, but she died and now he alone has to care for their children. Paul has a son and a daughter. Paul’s son is name Justin Longfellow and Justin dreams of one day to become a knight. Paul’s daughter is named Lacey Longfellow and she is a stilled inventor. Even though Lacey and Justin dream of bigger things their father just wants them to continue the family business. But our story begins in their shoe shop where an old long last family member was about to return. It was closing time for the shoe shop and after Paul closed the store he began to make dinner. Lacey was in her room working on an invention of hers while Justin was outside practicing his fighting skills. Justin was training in the backyard because he heard the kingdom was looking for more knights, and he would do anything to become one. “Lacey, Justin, time for dinner,” yelled Paul. Neither Lacey nor Justin responded to the call. Paul sighed and then Paul headed out to the backyard. “Justin, what are you doing out here,” yelled Paul. “Dad, I need to practice my sword fighting if I’ll ever become a knight,” said Justin. “Look…son…I forbid you to become a knight, even if the royal guard is looking for recruits,” said Paul. “Why don’t you want me to follow my dreams,” cried Justin. “Because...I know what’s best for you…now…come in for dinner and grabbed your sister,” said Paul. Paul then headed back inside. “One day, I’ll become a legendary hero whither or not my father approves,” said Justin to himself. Now we go to Lacey’s room where she was looking out her window when she suddenly noticed something by the shoreline a couple of yards from her house. “I better pole out my telescope,” said Lacey.  Lacey then looked through her telescope and she saw an army of Viking ships preparing for an invasion of her kingdom. “Oh my god…Justin get up here,” cried Lacey. Justin then ran up to his sister’s room. “What,” asked Justin? Lacey then pointed out the window and Justin then saw the invading Vikings. “Crap, I’ll alert the kingdom while you and dad lock up the shop,” said Justin. Soon Justin was headed to King Hrothgar’s castle to warn of the Viking invasion. But little do our heroes know that a blast from Paul’s past was about to arrive!