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Tiger & Vulture: Drawings Of Their Forgetten Adventures!

Tiger & Vulture are currently know for their appearances in the "Magic Wars" and "Warriors" series. But they are actually older than both those series combined. In fact they first appeared in the earliest Doo(d)le Book stories where they lived in a jungle and had adventures in a fantasy world that laid outside of their jungle home with their friends that included a hip light green vampire, a wise kung-fu alligator, a female tiger friend and her pet parrot. Plus they fought their enemies which included an evil toucan, a short fat lion and a tall thin lion, a ghost, a nameless huge pink monster and his pet owl. Now I have to come clean about something, Tiger & Vulture stories were actually inspired by and a bit of a rip-off of the classic video game series Banjo-Kazooie with Tiger being partly inspired by the character Banjo and Vulture being partly inspired by the character of Kazooie. But otherwise these stories had otherwise more original plot elements which would later include crossovers with the "Spy Lion" & "Super Dudes" series. Sadly, besides appearing in the upcoming "Warriors" remake and maybe some cameos appearances in future installments of the "Magic Wars" series...I really have no ideas for new solo adventures of Tiger & Vulture. But never say never, Tiger & Vulture may soon save their jungle home again and be the heroes of their fantasy world. Now enjoy some classic pictures from pages of Tiger & Vulture's classic adventures! (I smell a remake!)


A Classic "Stork" Story Retold & Remembered!

When I was in the second grade, I drew a story about Stork and his best friend Hawk getting fused together into a two headed creature accidentally by Stork's professor friend. I don't remember much else about this story because back in the day I just drew my stories without words but I would know them by heart as I told them to my friends and family. But as I grew older, I had forgotten what these characters were saying. Now only the drawings remain. Sadly again, no words have been written to tell this story, but use your imagination to picture what the characters are saying through these pictures (just think of these drawings as a silent movie where the body language tells the story). Also it should be noted that these pictures are in order from the front cover to the back cover. Sadly I also had forgotten which Doo(d)le Book this story first appeared in. Now on Bucky Talk, relive this classic "Stork" story which I consider an important part of the history of my third oldest continuing character's legendary career. And who knows...a remake of this story could be in the works! ENJOY!

Steven Bucky Butler & His Former Classmates Drawings!

Now since I couldn't draw, I was lucky to go to school with kids who can! I've been creating characters for years but could never draw them the way I envisioned them, I asked my former classmates to draw the images you see before you. I described these characters to my classmates and they drew them as close to as I see them in my own mind. Sadly I've forgotten the names of the classmates who drew these for me, sorry I can't give you the credit you deserve but I least your work is getting a tribute in the form of this blog post! Thanks again for making a impact in my work that was great! Now here they former classmates artwork of some of my classic characters! PEACE!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Characters Created By Steven "Bucky" Butler Biographies!

The Evil Slayer and Rag Doll are a brother and sister duo whose parents were killed and now they seek revenge for their parents’ deaths by killing criminals. The Evil Slayer and Rag Doll are in a way not superheroes because they kill anyone they think is a criminal so most of the time they kill the innocent by mistake. The Evil Slayer is a young male teenager who wears blood red jumpsuit and dark red ski mask. The Evil Slayer can use almost anything as a weapon and personally loves to use swords and firearms for most of his killings. Rag Doll is a 6 year old girl who wears a Kabuki mask and carries a sledgehammer but she mostly lets her brother do the killing. The Evil Slayer and Rag Doll are also the heirs to a billion dollar fortune because their father was a rich oil tycoon who left all of his fortune to his two children a.k.a. The Evil Slayer and Rag Doll. The Evil Slayer and Rag Doll are basically two superhero want-a-bees and they are just two juvenile delinquents who have a lot of money and time on their hands and they like to spend their time killing people. The Evil Slayer and Rag Doll are a bit a misfits in the “That Spells Action Heroes” community because the “That Spells Action Heroes” think they are super villains while the super villains themselves fear they might be their next victims. The Evil Slayer and Rag Doll’s current whereabouts remain unknown! Also Buddy Moneybags is The Evil Slayer’s godfather and Rag Doll’s godfather is X-Eye (Henry Q.).

Gwendoline is the daughter of Yadira 0.85 and Roswalt. She is half Grumper, half beeotaur, half human and half gremlin and she has her mother’s personality. She is a bit of an actress and singer. Gwendoline is also a bit of a dancer. Gwendoline doesn’t really like to fight in battles that much but she is always protective of her friends and family. Gwendoline also loves to make wooden toys and she currently attends high school. Gwendoline someday wishes she can find the prefect man!

Domhnall is the son of Lupita and Dominovari. He is a half panda half alligator shape shifter and a bit of a nerd. Domhnall is a bit of a loner and he loves to read comic books. Domhnall is a bit shy but yet cares deeply for his friends and family. Domhnall wishes to someday become a great wizard and he studies all the time. Domhnall is also the best friend of Broome Finger Jr. and Domhnall is also afraid of spiders.

Broome Finger Jr. is the son of Broome Finger and Patrishy. He is a half snake half ostrich shape shifter and he has his father’s personality. Broome Finger Jr. is a bit of a jock and he’s also an amateur wrestler. Broome Finger Jr. is a very serious young man and he wants to do everything perfectly. Broome Finger Jr. is also wants to be a solider like his father and someday even attend a good military school. Broome Finger Jr. is currently a soldier in the Magical Council army.

Beothor is a legendary warrior who is one of the strongest people in the entire magical universe. Beothor fought many battles but his great foe is Xzodin. Beothor once wield the ice sword and it was during a battle with Xzodin that he froze himself and Xzodin with his ice sword for 700 million years. Beothor along with Xzodin was soon awaken and now Beothor works with the Magical Council as a soldier. Beothor’s descendants are the royal family of Mount Watahui and their kingdom is based on the top of Mount Watahui which is a mountain right next to Mount Sith. Beothor also is in a never ending battle with Xzodin who seems to be his immortal foe. Beothor is also friends with Broom Finger Jr., Sith, Gleeson, Xarpheus, Dr. Ankylosaurus and Vach Jr. Beothor currently lives with the royal family of Mount Watahui and Beothor is also a Wizard’s Court elder.

Xzodin is a half-coruptoren and half- bearotaur who is basically immortal. Xzodin is in a never ending feud with Beothor who is greatest enemy. Xzodin is also one of the strongest beings in the entire magical universe and his weapon is the fire battle axe. Xzodin also awoke 700 million years later and he soon formed an alliance with Oouguya Jr. Xzodin is one of the most powerful enemies of the Magical Council and a very big threat to the magical universe. Xzodin is also has the power of telekinesis and he is a very smart individual. Xzodin current whereabouts are unknown but he appears whenever a great warrior says his name to prove who really the greater warrior is!

Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly’s Stooges (Movie Star & Uncle Tony) are a wrestling tag team and KWE/BWC executives. Movie Star is the KWE/BWC Chief Operating Officer and Uncle Tony is the KWE/BWC Chief Marketing Officer together they are basically are Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly’s top assistants. Movie Star is the more responsible one while Uncle Tony is the lazy and greedy one. But Movie Star and Uncle Tony are very loyal to Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly and they always agree with whatever he says. When Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly is sick or unable to come to work, Movie Star and Uncle Tony usually fill in for him thus act as authority figures for that night’s event. Movie Star and Uncle Tony are also occasionally wrestle as a tag team and they are a former 2-time KWE/BWC tag team Champions. They be executives but they’ll always be stooges!

The Wrestling 99% is a wrestling stable of wrestlers who aren’t really main eventers and mostly they are the jobbers. The Wrestling 99% members are Viking Rick, The Soda Jerk, Buck Gordon, Dingo Rick, Ned the Neanderthal, Happy Jim, Dread, Grandpa Gary and Disco Fever Jr. The Wrestling 99% was formed because they were all about to be fired by the KWE/BWC and so they banded together to keep their jobs and to take over the locker room. The Wrestling 99% also tried to win all the KWE/BWC Championships but they failed. The Wrestling 99% also hates legends and main eventers for hogging up their screen time and they love to beat random wrestlers up for no apparent reason. The Wrestling 99% soon disbanded when some of its members found success without the group. The Wrestling 99% is known for an occasional reunion here or there but this is one of the few wrestling stables where most of its members don’t always got along. The Wrestling 99%’s manager is The Fisherman and The Fisherman also manages some of the members when they weren’t a part of the group.

The Hot Shots (Thrash & Chris “DJ” Edge) are a wrestling tag team and two assholes. The Hot Shots were formed when Thrash and Chris “DJ” Edge became best friends and they decide to form a tag team. The Hot Shots act basically like jerks and they are a little vain. The Hot Shots also love to act like act rock stars and they are notorious for have groupies follow them to the ring.  The Hot Shots are a former 5-time KWE/BWC tag team Champions.

The Gimmick Bunch is a wrestling stable where each member is known for having a crazy wrestling gimmick. The Gimmick Bunch members are Officer Pig, Project 021, Spielberg the Bruiser, Chief Kay Crossbow, The Fry Cook, The Black Knight, The Bag Boy, Lucha King, Jackhammer Jack, The Lumberjack, Bopf the Witch Doctor, The Zookeeper, The Artist, Reaper’s Clone, Red Ogre, Sumo John Jr., Gorilla #2 and “The Rich Bitch” Fatty Sammy. The Gimmick Bunch’s mascot is Larry the Boxing Kangaroo. The Gimmick Bunch act plain crazy and weird. The Gimmick Bunch loves to annoy other wrestlers and they even annoy the fans. The Gimmick Bunch also each wear T-shirts with a picture of Lewis Carroll in the center. The Gimmick Bunch also loves to pull pranks and they even drive in a clown car. The Gimmick Bunch disbanded but they love to reunite on every April fool’s Day and they also reunite on the birthday of their idol Lewis Carroll every year. The Gimmick Bunch also runs a comedy club across the street of KWE/BWC Arena and many famous stand-up comedians have performed there!

“Warriors vs. The Super Hero Alliance: The War of Generations” Storyline Idea!

“Warriors vs. The Super Hero Alliance: The War of Generations” is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline about when The Gifted were fighting Time Man, Time Man accidently uses his powers to merge three time periods into one. Now the 1940’s era team The Super Hero Alliance and a mediaeval band of warriors led by an elf prince named Lee are brought into the present and out of confusion they begin to fight each other in an epic war between two generations. Now it’s up to The Gifted to figure out how to restore time and space to what it once was and return The Super Hero Alliance and the mediaeval warriors to their respective time periods. Who will win? Which generation is better? Can The Gifted fix the space time continuum? Read “Warriors vs. The Super Hero Alliance: The War of Generations” when it comes out very soon!

“The Battle for The Island of Giants” Storyline Idea!

“The Battle for The Island of Giants” is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline about where chaos has taken over the Island of Giants when the inhabitants of the Island of Giants begin to run out of supplies. Social order is basically broken after centuries of its inhabitants living on the Island of Giants and its inhabitants not being allowed to leave the Island of Giants by the order of the gods. Now during the chaos and destruction, Kraeoo returns to regain control of the Island of Giants in its darkest hours and with the help of Lita, Gopt, Lopt, Yunko the Clown, Ares, and Red Rhino he’ll not only take over The Island of Giants…but the entire world as well. Now Peter Rocks, the U.S. government, and the “That Spells Action Heroes” must head to The Island of Giants to prevent a war between the giants and the rest of the world. Plus we’ll learn the origin of the Island of Giants and Goddiess’s connection to the creation of the Island of Giants. Also Ozman, Eggy the Oviraptor, and The Cracken will be involved in “The Battle for The Island of Giants”. Who will win? How is Goddiess involved in the creation of the Island of Giants? Why was the Island of Giants created in the first place? Read “The Battle for The Island of Giants” when it comes out very soon!

“The Jungle Safari Wars” Storyline Idea!

“The Jungle Safari Wars” is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline about when a war breaks out on Hurke Island where the animals on Hurke Island now not only want control of the island but of the whole world. Now Dr. Hurke calls the “That Spells Action Heroes” to aide him in his battle against Fearsome the Alligator and his animal army. Fearsome the Alligator and his animal army also have formed an alliance with the super villain group The Zunion who’ll aide him and his army in their quest of world domination. Along with Dr. Hurke and the “That Spells Action Heroes” other allies include Joe F. Sanarilee and Mrs. Washington Hurke. Can the “That Spells Action Heroes” stop Fearsome the Alligator and his animal army before they take over the world? Why are The Zunion helping Fearsome the Alligator and his animal army? What secrets will be revealed about Hurke Island? Read “The Jungle Safari Wars” when they come out very soon!

“The Red Crickets vs. The Zunion: The Super Villain Wars” Storyline Idea!

“The Red Crickets vs. The Zunion: The Super Villain Wars” is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline about when two of the greatest super villain organizations fight in an epic war for dominance. Plus secrets will be revealed about both The Red Crickets and The Zunion that both organizations don’t want the world to know. Who will win this epic war? Is there a connection between The Red Crickets and The Zunion? How will this affect the “That Spells Action Heroes” and can “That Spells Action Heroes” get involved in their enemies’ war? Or do the “That Spells Action Heroes” even want to get involved? Read “The Red Crickets vs. The Zunion: The Super Villain Wars” when it comes out very soon?

“An untitled Sleeping Beauty-Sandman story” Story Idea!

“An untitled Sleeping Beauty-Sandman story” is basically the story of Sleeping Beauty but with a twist. In this take the story isn’t between Sleeping Beauty and her prince, but her and a figure called a sandman. What is a sandman? A sandman is a person assigned to each individual person in the entire world who controls their destiny through their dreams. A sandman named Pevin is assigned a girl named Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) and Pevin’s job is to make her through her dreams fall in love with the prince. But there’s a problem, Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) is actually beginning to fall in love with Pevin. You see Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) actually saw Pevin once in her dreams and they began to grow a friendship. But Pevin can’t fall in love with her because it’s not her destiny. Plus Pevin is a chubby nerdy young man who’s not as good looking as the prince plus Pevin is half demon like all sandman so he’s known to be a little evil. Plus Pevin’s been Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty)’s sandman since the day she was born so he almost feels like a father figure to her. But when Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) pricks her finger on an enchanted spinning wheel she falls into a death-like sleep from which she can only be awakened by true love's kiss. During that death-like sleep Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) and Pevin relationship grows while they are both in the dream world. Pevin tries to convince her to love the prince because it’s her destiny, she refuses and is in love with Pevin. Plus Pevin’s co-worker a female sandman named Eleanor is also the prince’s sandman and the prince also is in love with Eleanor. Now Pevin and Eleanor are in a pickle because as sandmen they can’t be in relationships with their individual assigned to them nor any mortal once so ever. Plus it’ll ruin the assigned individual’s destiny. Can Pevin and Eleanor make Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) and the prince fall in love with each other? Or will true love find its way? How will Pevin and Eleanor do their jobs with love blinding? Should Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) and the prince follow their destiny or their hearts? Read “An untitled Sleeping Beauty-Sandman story” when it comes out very soon! Also “An untitled Sleeping Beauty-Sandman story” will be narrated by Binky Bear!

“Silly Squad to the Future” Story Idea!

“Silly Squad to the Future” is about when the Silly Squad finally found their way home after being lost in space as to what seemed to them like 3 weeks was actually 500 million years to a future Earth where Silly Squad has become a global religion and now Flea-Boy the Clown and the Silly Squad are worshiped as gods. But being gods isn’t all it’s cracked up to be because the Silly Squad soon discovers the dark side of this strange future while all the while secretly trying to find a way to return to the past. Will the Silly Squad ever find a way to return to the past? Why do the Silly Squad hate being worshiped as gods? What is strange about this future world they arrived in? Read “Silly Squad to the Future” when it comes out very soon! Plus characters making cameos in “Silly Squad to the Future” include Ke-li, Mortaki, The Evil Emperor, Randy Colfex, Eatley the Eskimo, 31-7, El Freezoid, Milkshake, Nugget, and Jake the Last Storyteller!

“Silly Squad: Lost In Space” Story Idea!

“Silly Squad: Lost In Space” is about when Flea-Boy the Clown decides as a publicity stunt to send the Silly Squad into space. But once in space they soon become lost in space. While the Silly Squad try to return home, they film a reality show while trapped in their spaceship together. Can the Silly Squad find their way back to Earth? Was it a good idea to send the Silly Squad into space in the first place? Read “Silly Squad: Lost In Space” when it comes out very soon!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

“Ms. Giant’s Twin Sister Joins The Gifted” Storyline Idea!

“Ms. Giant’s Twin Sister Joins The Gifted” is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline about Ms. Giant’s (Dr. Vicky Good) twin sister who is the world’s heaviest woman. Ms. Giant feeling sorry for her very obese twin sister injects her with Chemical G1 and soon the once world’s heaviest woman becomes a sexy thin supermodel-like young woman. But Ms. Giant suddenly discovers her twin sister now has superpowers and she soon offers her twin sister to join The Gifted. With the power of an ultrasonic scream Ms. Giant’s twin sister now fights crime as Ms. Sonic Scream. What will happen when Ms. Sonic Scream learns to deal with her powers and her newly prefect body? And how will Ms. Sonic Scream get along with the other members of The Gifted? Read “Ms. Giant’s Twin Sister Joins The Gifted” when it comes out very soon!

“The Lunar Losers” Story Idea!

“The Lunar Losers” is about the adventures of a group of space misfits led by former convict and now space outlaw Paul Ziser. Paul Ziser is an African-American man from Earth and after he and Roncor escaped from Prison Planet, soon were captured by the Galactic Universe Federation. By the order of the GUF (Galactic Universe Federation) instead of going to prison were now forced to explore and protect the universe from evil. Paul Ziser and Roncor now must be co-leaders of a group of space misfits that includes Weirdo, Kjwleo, Gar Jong, Space Fighter, The Whatzit, Miss Whatzit, The Living Eyeball, The Yellow Fellow, Hologram Harry, The Wonderful Walrus, Steam Jet Joe, Computer Man, Transfoom, and 3-K. But actually they must work alongside top GUF (Galactic Universe Federation) officers G5 and Robot Red on their journey through the universe while also battling the evils of alien warlord Qazolu and other space villains. Can this group of misfits save the day? Want to learn more about the cosmic side of the “That Spells Action Heroes” universe? Read “The Lunar Losers” when it comes out very soon!
The Cast of The Lunar Losers!
·        Paul Ziser
·        G5
·        Robot Red
·        Geball
·        Hands on His Head
·        XZ
·        Robot Blue
·        Roncor
·        Weirdo
·        Kjwleo
·        Gar Jong
·        Space Fighter
·        The Whatzit
·        Miss Whatzit
·        The Living Eyeball
·        The Yellow Fellow
·        Hologram Harry
·        The Wonderful Walrus
·        Steam Jet Joe
·        Computer Man
·        Bull Horns (Tough Horns)
·        Ga Nod
·        Co Nod
·        Princess Ei Nod
·        Boo Nod
·        Transfoom
·        Happy Leap Year Ghost
·        Happy New Year Ghost
·        3-K
·        Ke-li and Mortaki
The Enemies of The Lunar Losers!
·        Qazolu
·        Zrotk
·        Droid 6
·        Robo Rexes
·        Hacko the Wise
·        Emperor Rodgle
·        The Monster Master (Scott F. Henry)
·        Gangster
·        The Jom-Eom King
·        The Alien Blob Thief
·        The Monster Worm
·        Hillax the Destroyer
·       Pink Flying Skull Man & Ring Arm
·       Zig Zag and Moe
·        Killax the Destroyer
·        Bang & Boom
·        The Warden
·        Hillax’s father

“Magic Wars: KWE/BWC Wrestling Saga” Storyline Idea!

“Magic Wars: KWE/BWC Wrestling Saga” is a future storyline in the “Magic Wars” series where Mr. We returns to start a wrestling promotion in the magical universe and Qullin the former street fighter needing some extra money decides to become a professional wrestler. Little does Qullin know is that Mr. We’s wrestling promotion is actually a kind of purgatory for fallen souls that are sold their souls to Oouguya Jr. and soon Qullin realizes the truth he now must find a way to return to his old life and defeat Oouguya Jr. and Mr. We. Can Qullin save the day? Read “Magic Wars: KWE/BWC Wrestling Saga” when it comes out very soon! This is the first epic crossover between the “Magic Wars” series and the “KWE/BWC Wrestling” series and will feature characters from both series. KWE/BWC Wrestlers who are starring in “Magic Wars: KWE/BWC Wrestling Saga” includes Kazam, Red Ogre, Bopf the Witch Doctor, Mr. Unknown, Dixie Jinx, Reaper, The Graveyard Knights, The Unknown Team (Mr. Unknown & Freddy Fear), Reaper & Mysterio, Coal & Killa, The Evil Death Makers, Coal, Arnold Martinez, The Role-playing Kid and Timmy Toys. Again to find out who else will appear, read “Magic Wars: KWE/BWC Wrestling Saga” when it comes out very soon!

“Steven Bucky Butler Tribute Show” Story Idea!

“Steven Bucky Butler Tribute Show” is a story where the characters created by Steven Bucky Butler pay tribute in the form of a roast to their creator. Hosted by Spotty, all of Steven Bucky Butler’s characters will attend the show. But rumor has it is that Evil Dino-Skeleton and some other bad guys will try to do anything to ruin the show because of their hatred towards their creator. Plus for some reason Woody Dog claims to have a surprise for his best friend at the end of the show. What will happen at “Steven Bucky Butler Tribute Show” and will the guest of honor show up at all? Will the bad guys ruin the show? What’s Woody Dog’s surprise? Read “Steven Bucky Butler Tribute Show” when it comes out very soon!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Robot Blue Cold Planet!

Robot Blue is now co-general of The Galactic Universe Federation army, Zrotk the evil space dictator has just gotten the death sentence, XZ is the GUF’s (The Galactic Universe Federation) top scientist, G5 is now head of his planet’s embassy in the GUF (The Galactic Universe Federation), and Princess Pink is head of her planet’s embassy in the GUF (The Galactic Universe Federation), and Soppt is now going to retire as head of the GUF and his brother Gojll is going to run the GUF (The Galactic Universe Federation). Now we go to a meeting with XZ and Soppt. “I’m glad you’re going to retire, you’re getting pretty old, but I’m sure your brother is going to run the GUF well,” said XZ. “Thank you, it was great working here, and since I’m its founder, I’m glad I created it,” said Soppt. “Now what was the real reason you called me here,” asked XZ. “Well, we found a new planet and we want to see if it has life, and by the way, it’s below zero degrees, so were calling it the Cold Planet,” said Soppt. Now we go to Robot Blue and Princess Pink, Robot Blue and Princess Pink started dating, so they were boyfriend and girlfriend. “Listen, I’m going to a new world called Cold Planet, I won’t be gone for long, okay,” said Robot Blue. Then Robot Blue and Princess Pink kissed each other. “Ready to go Robot Blue,” said XZ. “Good luck,” said Princess Pink. So off our heroes went to the Cold Planet. What will happen next? Nobody knows!

Chapter 1 Free Preview: That Spells Action Heroes Super Heroes Brawl!

X-Eye is the current president of the United States and was going to a meeting to talk to an alien race called the Jom-Eom they come to Earth to find the most powerful man on the planet. “So Jom-Eom’s welcome to Earth and you are in the U.S.A, so what do you think of Earth and me the most powerful man,” said X-Eye. “We want super powered people we have to find one in 17 days or else the Earth will be destroyed,” yelled the Jom-Eom King. “How can we super power people are all over the Earth you can’t find them all in 17 days,” yelled X-Eye. “I have it tell the people of Earth that we will find our super powered person in a fight in our space arena from the past, the present, and the future now go and tell them our warning,” yelled the Jom-Eom King. Will the Earth be destroyed nobody knows! 

Chapter 1 Free Preview: The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson Future Wars 2!

In the year 2048 the rebellion tried to clone the god of Buckyism, Steven Butler Jr.  and the top scientists did just that, but soon the Skull Lords found out and soon wanted to steal a clone and make it evil. So the rebellion destroyed all the clones that were created, but one survived. But our story takes place in the year 2054 and the war between the Skull Lords and the rebellion was still going on. George who is half-human and half-cartoon teenager and he is the chosen one to take Steven Butler’s place as the god of Buckyism. George led the rebellion quite well after the death of Steven J. Butler, Jr. Evil Dino-Skeleton survived the blowing up of one of his many headquarters and Terry the Tapir is running in his absent. The Phoenix Monks also want to destroy the chosen one and be the rulers of the world. Since our world and the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson merged into one, chaos roamed the new world. The current pope of Buckyism Lenny Lynx is helping the followers of Buckyism live in peace around evil. The humans that believed in Buckyism lived in hiding spot that is run by the rebellion. Rick Rooster became the top wizard of the rebellion after the death of Shane Lu. Spike is now co-head of the rebellion right next to George. The rebellion hopes to end this war once and for all. Now we go to the battlefield where George is leading his army against the Skull Lords. The Skull Lords demon army rode living Velociraptor skeletons on the battlefield. The rebellion’s army is small compared to the Skull Lords. But George doesn’t give up hope, and he hopes to end this war once and for all. George led his army into battle, but they were losing to the Skull Lords. George fought with his soldiers in battle, and during many of the battles the Phoenix Monks usually interfere. Now that the battle has begun let’s tell this story once and for all. Also, George is also on a mini-quest to find his girlfriend Roxy who was kidnapped by the Skull Lords. God hopes this war will end soon, because the faith of the new world depends on it!

Chapter 1 Free Preview: The Origin of Sith-Before the Magic Wars!

Our story begins when the Black Knights took over a small kingdom and they soon became there sole rulers. The Black Knights only mission was to destroy evil, which they think is only magical creatures. But now we go to a forest where Terry the Tapir was showing his supervisor Coyote something he found that was a bit odd. “So tell me Mr. Tapir, what did you find in the forest that would shock the Black Knights,” asked Coyote. “Well, I was out after leaving my favorite tavern I took a shortcut I knew through these woods, and then I saw this,” said Terry the Tapir. Then Terry showed Coyote a huge blackish-purplish portal that was in the middle of the forest. “My god, do you know what you’ve just found,” cried Coyote in excitement. “What did I just find,” asked Terry the Tapir. “Why you’ve found a portal to the magical universe, the gateway to which our enemies get to the mortal realm,” yelled Coyote. “Okay, will finding this promote me into a higher rank in the Black Knights,” asked Terry the Tapir. “No it won’t, but you and I have to explore this gateway and find a way to lock it so that magical creatures can never get into the mortal world again,” yelled Coyote. “We have to go in there, but don’t we need more help,” said Terry the Tapir. “No, we have weapons now let’s see what’s inside this portal, now come on we don’t have a lot of time,” said Coyote. Then Coyote walked into the blackish-purplish portal and then just when Terry the Tapir was about to walk in, he pulled out a bottle of whiskey and finished the whole bottle. “Let’s do this,” said Terry the Tapir to himself. Then Terry the Tapir walked into the blackish-purplish portal and then he saw Coyote standing in amazement. “Look at this place, the magical universe is huge, we could be anywhere in it,” said Coyote. “So ah, where are we anyway boss,” asked Terry the Tapir. Then Coyote looked around and soon he saw a sign of the location where they were at. “Why Mr. Tapir we’re on Mt. Sith my friend, now come on, let’s explore this place,” said Coyote. Now Coyote and Terry the Tapir went on to explore Mt. Sith, but little do they know that they are going to find something of that will change their lives forever. But what could that be? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Chapter 1 Free Preview: The Lost Adventures of Nick!

Nick is currently 41 years old and he is not pleased that he is a still considered wizard-in-training. Nick is a married family man with his lovely (former demon) wife, Lisa, and he also has a new born son named Curt. Nick has been training with Riddle Fox and over time Riddle Fox and Nick have become a bit of best friends. Little does Nick know is that the Magical Council has something called the Wizard’s Court, and every wizard that works with the Magical Council must train with the Wizard’s Court and qualify to be an official member of the Wizard’s Court. But Nick has no idea that the Wizard’s Court even exists, until now! Now our story begins. Nick and Riddle Fox were walking in the hallway together and having a conversation. “Master Riddle Fox, how long must I be a pupil, I’m a grown man for God sakes,” said Nick. “Look, I taught you well but you need more training, not just from me but from other wizards,” said Riddle Fox. “You mean I have to train with another wizard, where can I find another wizard to train with,” asked Nick. “Well, there is the Wizard’s Court, and they’ll be…,” said Riddle Fox. Then Riddle Fox stopped talking and paused in nervousness. “What’s the Wizard’s Court, you never told me anything about that,” said Nick. “Well, I never told you because the wizards who are members are wizards who use light magic,” said Riddle Fox. “Are you member,” asked Nick. “Yes, not only I’m I a member I’m also an elder,” said Riddle Fox. “An elder,” asked Nick. “That means that I teach young wizards and that I’m a very old member of the group,” said Riddle Fox. “So, I should ask the Wizard’s Court to train me some more, and then I will soon not be a wizard-in-training, show me where they are,” said Nick. “Ah, I loved too, but, I didn’t tell them much of you background and that you are technically the…,” said Riddle Fox. “So can we go talk to the Wizard’s Court and let me qualify to be an official member,” said Nick. “Fine, but I must warn you, the elders can be very tough teachers, and becoming a member takes a lot of work,” said Riddle Fox. “Alright, let’s go to the Wizard’s Court,” said Nick. Soon Nick and Riddle Fox were heading to the Wizard’s Court headquarters which is inside the Magical Council headquarters. But why is Riddle Fox scared of the Wizard’s Court having Nick as a member? I guess will have to wait and see!

Chapter 1 Free Preview: The Gifted meets Stretch Man!

Jack Capper, who is the current CEO of Henry Q. Corp, was one of the richest people of the world. But Jack Capper had a secret, he was the newest superhero Stretch Man. Stretch Man has the power to Stretch his legs, arms, and neck 70 feet. Stretch Man is also like living rubber and able to change shape as well. The Gifted wanted Stretch Man to join the team, but they had to find him first.  Dr. Laser, Ms. Giant, and Dr. Strong went looking for Stretch Man to see if he could become a member of the team and to study his amazing powers. Now we go to a bank robbery where The Gifted arrived on the scene. The leader of the bank robbers was none other then The Gifted’s foe Badger Man. Soon The Gifted started fighting the bank robbers when from out of nowhere Stretch Man appeared. “Halt villains, Stretch Man is here to save the day,” yelled Stretch Man. “What is this a hero convention or something, get’em,” yelled Badger Man. Then our heroes started fighting the bank robbers. Soon from out of nowhere, at superfast speed, the GreenSpeed made his return. “Yah, it’s a hero thingy-dingy, and I’m here to help,” yelled the GreenSpeed. Then our heroes defeated the bank robbers and soon Badger Man and his henchmen were handcuffed and taking by the police. Soon The Gifted, the GreenSpeed, and Stretch Man saved the day and just as Stretch Man was leaving. “Hey Stretch Man, can we talk to you about something,” asked Dr. Strong. “Ah sure, we heroes can talk,” said Stretch Man in a scared voice. “We wanted to see if you would like a full time job with the Gifted, with your powers we can use a guy like you on the team, plus we like to study your powers,” said Dr. Strong. “Yah I like to join the Gifted…wait…did you say study my powers, what do you mean by that,” asked Stretch Man. “Why, we like to see your skills and help you control your powers, plus I like to see some of your DNA and…,” said Dr. Strong. “Sorry, but I have to go,” cried Stretch Man. Then Stretch Man fled the scene. “Something doesn’t seem right about Stretch Man and we better talked to him and find out whose side he’s on,” said Dr. Strong. “I’m on it,” yelled the GreenSpeed. Then the GreenSpeed started following Stretch Man. Soon the GreenSpeed caught Stretch Man and then tied his rubbery legs and arms together. “Let’s take this guy back to headquarters shall we,” said the GreenSpeed. And off our heroes went to The Gifted headquarters.

Chapter 1 Free Preview: The Gifted vs. The GreenSpeed!

Now we go to a news broadcast. “This just in, the mayor is going to give the Gifted’s leader, Dr. Strong, the key to the city…and in other news…,” said the news anchorman. Then the TV was turned off by X-Eye. “Oh how I hate the Gifted, I mean they became celebrities overnight, and who’s running for president of the United States, why me of course and I wasn’t on the news today,” yelled X-Eye. Then one of X-Eye’s employees came in. “Ah, Mr. Q, the replica chemical G1 is ready to be tested,” said X-Eye’s employee. “Thank you for telling me…Dr. Hurt, now then, who shall we test it on,” said X-Eye. “We have some lab mice and…,” said Dr. Hurt. “No, we need to test it on a human being, but who,” said X-Eye. “Well Mr. Q, should we find a volunteer,” asked Dr. Hurt. “Dr. Hurt, find me the unhealthiest man around and that’s who we should test it on,” said X-Eye. “Why an unhealthy person, I mean, if the replica chemical G1 kills this person, Henry Q. Corp will be blamed,” said Dr. Hurt. “This company is going to be sold to the U.S. government when I become president, so the company will be unstoppable, and that I know that the Gifted got there powers from the real chemical G1,” said X-Eye. “You mean Henry Q. Corp will be just like the FCC and NASA,” asked Dr. Hurt. “Indeed, Henry Q. Corp will become an agency of the United States government, now find be a test subject right away,” yelled X-Eye. “Yes, Mr. Q, and I hope you win the election,” said Dr. Hurt. “Thanks now get out of here,” yelled X-Eye. Then Dr. Hurt ran out of Henry Q.’s (X-Eye) office. “It looks like the Gifted may finally die,” said X-Eye. Then X-Eye started laughing evilly. 

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Bros. Ink: Forever Annoy!

Now we go to the Bros. Ink Factory where a business Big Boss Kid was retiring and General Butt Face was throwing a retirement party in his honor. “Gentlemen, my best friend was this man, he’s the founder and CEO of the greatest group of brothers who annoy their sisters and get paid for it, now that he’s retiring I guess I’ll be promoted to CEO now right,” yelled General Butt Face. “Sorry, I choose someone else,” said Big Boss Kid. “What, damn it who,” cried General Butt Face. “Me chose Mr. Bucky, he new CEO,” said Big Boss Kid. “What,” cried Bucky, AJ Lu, and Shane Lu at the same time? “Yes, Mr. Bucky new CEO of Bros. Ink, excuse me,  but me have to go home now, I want to jack-off real bad, Mr. Bucky, run Bros. Ink well,” yelled Big Boss Kid. Then Big Boss Kid grabbed the cake and ran out of the building. Now our story begins and Bucky is now the new CEO of Bros. Ink. AJ Lu and Shane Lu were pissed. Now we go to Bucky’s office where AJ Lu and Shane Lu were complaining. “Bucky, how the hell did you become our boss, you know how much this sucks,” yelled AJ Lu. “Look, I worked my butt of in this company for a while, I don’t know why Big Boss Kid chose me, but I have a business to run, now meet the man who’s taking my old job, and he’s fresh out of General Butt Face’s class, Mr. Frankie Cuffan,” said Bucky. Then Frankie Cuffan walked in. “Hello, and I can’t wait to work with you AJ Lu and Shane Lu, you guys are almost like legends here,” said Frankie Cuffan. “Bucky, please not make us work with the new guy, take your old job back and…,” said AJ Lu. “Look, I want to be CEO of this company and I don’t care that I’m your boss now and that we are kind of friends, now get to work,” yelled Bucky. Now we go to the annoying room where AJ Lu came out of the door that goes straight to his sister’s room. “Man, I scored so many annoying points today, I really bugged the crap out of not just my sister, but sisters around the freaking world, I guess you’re up Frankie,” said AJ Lu. Then Frankie went through the door to his sister’s room. Frankie soon came out of his sister’s room. “Man, I just bugged the crap out of them,” said Frankie. “Wow, new guy, you’ve just scored 90 annoying points on your first day,” said Shane Lu.  Annoying points tell how much the sister was annoyed with the brother and also tells how much the brother would get paid by Bros. Ink. Soon Frankie, AJ Lu, and Shane Lu became the best of friends, but how long will it last? Nobody knows!

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Silly Squad’s Silly-Mart!

Silly Squad INC. was the #1 entertainment company of its class. They still do entertaining at birthday parties, TV shows, movies, internet clips, merchandising, a theme park, and “The Silly Squad Channel” which is a subscription video on demand television service and it now has over 200,000 subscribers. They own Shekys INC., True Funny INC., Bros. Ink, and Lixey Bros. Studios which at a time were their biggest rivals. Soon Silly Squad INC.’s CEO Flea-Boy the Clown announced that Silly Squad INC. is now a public company and trades on the NYSE. Flea-Boy the Clown’s vision of making people laugh is now one of the most successful corporations in the world today. Now we go to a business meeting being held by Flea-Boy the Clown and at the meeting were the founding employees. “Gentlemen, Silly Squad INC. is currently a very powerful company, I think we need to expand into other fields of business, do you know what that business is,” asked Flea-Boy the Clown. “A theme park,” said Spotty. “You dumbass we already have a theme park, I’m talking about starting a chain of large, discount department stores, like Wal-Mart or Target, that’s where the money’s at, so that’s why I’m going to make Silly-Mart and rake in some more money,” said Flea-Boy the Clown. “But we’re an entertainment company why do we need to compete with the retail business,” asked Igor. “Guys you’re missing the big picture here, this company could do anything, when I started out I only had a nickel to my name, now I’m a billionaire, Silly Squad INC. could use more money, so let’s build some Silly-Mart stores all over the country and then the world,” said Flea-Boy the Clown. “So where would this Silly-Mart be,” asked Lenny the Leopard.  “We are building five stores and they will be complete in a week, so, let there be Silly-Mart,” said Flea-Boy the Clown. And soon Silly-Mart opened their first five stores and by the end of the month, Silly-Mart had over 1,000 stores all over the United States and soon Silly-Mart started killing small businesses. What have the Silly Squad done now!

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Silly Squad vs. The Shekys!

Silly Squad did come out with a new movie, and it was a box office success. Soon Silly Squad INC. was the #1 entertainment company of its class. They still do birthday parties, and now they also do TV shows, movies, internet clips, and merchandising. Soon Flea-Boy the Clown was the richest clown in the world, and the founding members of the Silly Squad were now celebrities. The future looked bright for the Silly Squad. But soon the Silly Squad was going to have some competition. A new group called the Shekys did birthday parties and some people thought they were funnier than the Silly Squad. The Shekys are a comedy group that formed a company called Shekys INC. Now we go to a meeting with Flea-Boy the Clown, Bear and Snake, Igor, Mr. Pencil, Rags the Raccoon, Lenny the Leopard, Holly Dog, Big Boss Kid, Spotty, and Fartio. “Gentlemen the people have spoken, Silly Squad is in losing in the business we started, birthday party entertainment, a new group called the Shekys is taking some of our business, and I have an idea of how to beat them,” yelled Flea-Boy the Clown. “Are we going to be on a cereal box, because I feel like a bowl of Trix myself and…,” said Bear. “No, sex, think about, sex sells, and I say we should…,” yelled Flea-Boy the Clown. “You want the Silly Squad to become prostitutes,” cried Spotty. “No, I think we should have sexy people join the Silly Squad, and I want you to meet our first model, come out here Ms. Brown,” yelled Flea-Boy the Clown. Then a female model walked in. “Gentlemen, meet our first model Judy Brown, she was a former beauty queen and she is very funny,” yelled Flea-Boy the Clown. “Hi, I been a fan of you guys for a while and I’m glad to be a part of this company,” said Judy Brown. “Judy step out of the room for a moment,” said Flea-Boy the Clown. Then Judy Brown walked out of the room. “Did you see her rack and her ass, she’s the perfect woman, and with her as our first model, we’ll beat the Shekys on the spot, okay the meeting is over” yelled Flea-Boy the Clown. Now we go to Igor and Mr. Pencil. “Wow, she’s beautiful, I wonder if she’s single,” said Igor. “Dude, a girl that sexy will never go out with you,” said Mr. Pencil. “Yah, she probably dating a male model, wait a minute I have an idea,” yelled Igor. Then Igor ran out of the conference room. “I wonder what he’s up to,” said Mr. Pencil. What will happen next? Nobody knows!