Monday, July 29, 2013

Woody Dog: A Tribute!

My best friend and my current sidekick...Woody Dog. Woody was born in 2008, he has floppy ears (it looks like he could fly), he has a beard, he has long legs, and one feature which is huge below the belt (I'll stop there). Woody Dog is almost 4 (or 5 I forget) years old and he is a wonder dog. Though stupid on occasion, he is quite the funny puppy and always makes me smile. He is both a brother and a son to me, so that means I care about him a lot. Plus he almost died multiple times (running away, getting hit by a car, parvo, and among other things) but he survived because he's a fighter. But Woody isn't truly perfect, he likes to hump a lot, he is known to bite people, he barks nonstop, he killed three baby rabbits and he has a lot of other annoying traits. Also my two older sisters hate him (which makes me sad, but I understand why). Plus he only truly likes four people me, my dad, my dad's girlfriend, and mom (So he has two dads and two moms). But to be honest he can be a suck-up towards strangers who are welcomed into my house. I hope he will be with us for a long time and I hope he becomes a really good dog. To me he's already my second favorite dog (second because my first dog Holly is number one in my heart). I only like an animal if it likes me back, Woody is a true testament to that. So to end it I've included a link to a video of him as a puppy (he's currently not as cute as he is in this video). So enjoy the show and have a nice day!


Okay, since I written and published a book right, since I have Asperger sydrome (which is a form of Autism) right, and my life would make a great movie someday would of guessed I be a TV sooner then later. Not only was I on local TV, but I was on local TV twice. Not once but twice! I was on both WGN and ABC-7 two of the best local TV stations in the Chicago area. Sadly, even though I was on TV twice promoting my self published book "The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson" and talking about my book isn't selling. So readers of this blog, buy my book you'll love it and it took me long to write it so please read it (even though there's a lot of spelling errors). Hell you can read it on Google Books for free (I'm not greedy). So to end this here is the link to my TV interview with WGN and a heads up if you watch it...COLLEGE DROPOUT (it's a little out dated). Enjoy the show!


Lrst94’s Wackiest Characters!

Hello, today I like to talk about my wackiest characters from my Youtube channel "Lrst94" and I picked the top three. I love coming up with original characters, but to play them as well is also fun. Okay, here are my top three wackiest characters from my Youtube channel "Lrst94"....

  1. Eddy
  2. Mr. Cool
  3. Santo Calhoun
Also, be on the lookout because these characters may be a guest star in a "Bucky Talk on Lrst94" video and replace me as the blogger of "Bucky Talk". Now here are the links so you can see these three characters in action...enjoy the show!

Bucky Talk On Lrst94!

Hey, do you love the Bucky Talk blog...then you'll love "Bucky Talk on Lrst94". That's right you can now watch my blog instead of just reading it. Watch me talk about my views on the world, see me act like one of my many characters, and you can just plain watch me act like a want-a-be intellectual. Here's the link to the intro to the web video version of "Bucky Talk" a.k.a "Bucky Talk on Lrst94". So far I've only made an intro but be on the lookout for more "Bucky Talk on Lrst94" videos. Have a nice day!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Silly Squad Holds Auditions!

“Guys…we need new members,” said Flea-Boy the Clown. “Why do we need new members…we’re not making any money,” said Rags the Raccoon. “I got a deal for us to film a TV pilot and if the network heads like it the Silly Squad would get its own TV show,” said Flea-Boy the Clown. “How in the Hell did you ever get to talk to any TV network heads,” asked Lenny the Leopard. “I work part time as a janitor at Channel 5, now let’s hold the auditions,” said Flea-Boy the Clown. Soon a bunch of up and coming comedians auditioned to become members of the Silly Squad. Comedians who auditioned include Hands on His Head, Otto the Ostrich, The Frog, The Evil Clowns (Evil, Happy, & Sad), Holly Dog, Mr. Squirrel, Snapper the Snapping Turtle, The Shekys (Sheky 1, Sheky 2, Sheky 3, and Sheky 4), Judy Brown, Funky Monkey, Popper Popcorn, Charlie the Genie, What Does This Do Cowboy, AJ Lu, Coo-Coo Bird and Dingo. “Wow, some many of you were funny…but now it’s time to announce the new member of the Silly Squad…drum roll please,” said Flea-Boy the Clown. Then a droll actually rolled like a wheel in front of Flea-Boy the Clown. “The new members are Funky Monkey, Popper Popcorn, and Charlie the Genie and the rest of you get the fudge out,” said Flea-Boy the Clown. Now the Silly Squad has three new members and they would go on to film a TV pilot. After Flea-Boy the Clown showed the TV pilot to the TV network heads. It finally happened people! The Silly Squad got their own locally produced and locally aired TV show on Channel 5. This is a historic day indeed for the Silly Squad. But sadly after only three episodes that aired, the Silly Squad’s first TV show was cancelled due to low ratings. The Silly Squad is now broke once again and their one shot at the big time failed. But of course the Silly Squad will never give up their dream of making the world laugh!


Silly Squad Eats at Mr. Big’s Diner!

“Lunch break,” said Flea-Boy the Clown. “So where should we eat,” asked Lenny the Leopard. “Let’s try that new diner down the block,” said Mr. Pencil. So the Silly Squad head to Mr. Big’s Diner for a quick lunch break. Mr. Big welcomes the Silly Squad to his diner. “Hello gentlemen, welcome to Mr. Big’s Diner...I’m Mr. Big and what would you like to eat today,” asked Mr. Big. “What’s that smell,” asked Lenny the Leopard. “Oh that’s nothing,” said Mr. Big. “It smells like vomit and a corpse,” said Lenny the Leopard. “I just make you all some delicious hamburgers,” said Mr. Big. The Silly Squad then ate Mr. Big’s burgers and the all began to vomit. “Dude…your food sucks,” cried Snake. Mr. Big began to cry. “Now what,” asked Flea-Boy the Clown. “Nobody likes my cooking at all…every restaurant I open gets closed down by the health department…if this diner doesn’t work out I lose everything,” cried Mr. Big. Mr. Big then began sobbing and then Flea-Boy the Clown had an idea. “Mr. Big…I have an idea of how you can get customers to eat you crappy food,” said Flea-Boy the Clown. “You have an idea of how to get people to come eat here…and not sue me,” asked Mr. Big. After a brief negotiation, the Silly Squad become the official spokesmen for Mr. Big’s Diner and filmed many commercials. After the commercials starring the Silly Squad aired, Mr. Big’s Diner became a popular eating joint even though the food sucks. Also the Silly Squad named Mr. Big an honorary member of the group and Mr. Big gave them a lifetime supply of free hamburgers at Mr. Big’s Diner. And everyone lived happily ever after! Expect the people who got sick after eating at Mr. Big’s Diner and died!

The Cast of Silly Squad: The Early Years!

·        Flea-Boy the Clown
·        Bear and Snake
·        Mr. Pencil
·        Rags the Raccoon
·        Lenny the Leopard
·        Big Boss Kid
·        Fartio
·        Mr. Big
·        Stupid Kid
·        Mr. Face
·        Fred
·        Mr. Bunny
·        Hands on His Head
·        Otto the Ostrich
·        General Butt Face
·        Dr. Slamin Salmon
·        The Frog
·        The Evil Clowns (Evil, Happy, & Sad)
·        The Short Term Memory Loss Family
·        Chief Dumb-dumb
·        What Does This Do Cowboy
·        Coo-Coo Bird & Dingo
·        Dr. Frankenstein
·        Igor
·        Holly Dog
·        Mr. Squirrel
·        Snapper the Snapping Turtle
·        Spotty
·        The Shekys (Sheky 1, Sheky 2, Sheky 3, and Sheky 4)
·         Judy Brown
·        Ricky Kenson (Igor)
·        Mr. Raccoon
·        Funky Monkey
·        Apple & Lettuce
·        Joe
·        Funclock
·        Popper Popcorn
·        Charlie the Genie
·        Fatty the Elephant Seal

·        Paul Proboscis Monkey

Silly Squad Catches A Criminal!

Now we go to a wanted criminal named Fred who just escaped from prison and is on the run from the law. “I got to find a place to hide,” cried Fred. Fred then noticed the Silly Squad headquarters and he saw that the front door was open. “I guess I’ll stay in this dump,” said Fred. Fred then entered the Silly Squad headquarters where he was greeted by Flea-Boy the Clown. “Hello sir…are you a customer or are you trying to become a new member,” asked Flea-Boy the Clown. “Look I just…uh…I guess I want to join your group,” cried Fred. “Great, the Silly Squad is always looking for new members…but first you just have to prove if you’re funny enough to join…are you funny,” asked Flea-Boy the Clown. “Uh…okay…here’s a joke why did the chicken cross the road,” asked Fred. “To get to the other side…you suck and you cannot join the Silly Squad…good day sir,” said Flea-Boy the Clown. As Flea-Boy the Clown was about to shut the door, Fred panicked and said. “I want you to entertain me,” cried Fred. “Oh boy…hey guys we go a customer,” yelled Flea-Boy the Clown. Then Flea-Boy the Clown, Igor, Fatty the Elephant Seal, Stupid Kid, Mr. Face, Mr. Bunny, Rags the Raccoon, Lenny the Leopard, Bear and Snake began to perform skits in front of Fred while Fred was sitting on the couch. After the show, they all bowed. “So that’ll be $40 and what did you think,” asked Flea-Boy the Clown. “Wow…you guys suck...and I don’t have $40,” said Fred. “Oh you’re not going to pay us…call the police…we have someone who won’t pay the money he owes us,” said Flea-Boy the Clown. “No don’t call the cops…I’m a wanted…,” cried Fred. “Bear, Snake hold him down,” yelled Flea-Boy the Clown. Bear and Snake then held Fred down and a couple of minutes later the police arrived at the Silly Squad headquarters. “Here he is officers…the man who won’t pay for our performance,” said Flea-Boy the Clown. The police officers took one look at Fred and recognized him. “Oh my god…these funny men caught Fred…he escaped from prison three months ago,” cried Police Officer #1. “So…this guy is a wanted criminal…is there a reward,” asked Flea-Boy the Clown. Soon the Silly Squad was given a $50,000 reward for capturing Fred and the Silly Squad became heroes. As for Fred, when he gets out he has to pay off his debt to the Silly Squad by being a temporary member of the group. Even though Fred is not funny!

Happy Birthday to The Short Term Memory Loss Family

The Short Term Memory Loss Family is throwing a birthday party for their youngest son…or at least the think it’s his birthday. But they hired the Silly Squad to perform for their son’s birthday party. “Hi, were here to perform for the birthday party,” said Flea-Boy the Clown. “It’s somebody’s birthday,” cried The Short Term Memory Loss Family at the same time. “Uh, the call we got said it was for your son,” said Flea-Boy the Clown. “We have a son,” said The Short Term Memory Loss Family at the same time. “Look is it somebody’s birthday or what,” asked Flea-Boy the Clown. “Who are you,” cried The Short Term Memory Loss Family at the same time. “I’m with the Silly Squad and we’re here to entertain for your son’s birthday,” said Flea-Boy the Clown. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLEA-BOY THE CLOWN,” yelled The Short Term Memory Loss Family. “Okay…we’ll be leaving now and you don’t have to pay us now you can just pay us later…LET’S GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE,” cried Flea-Boy the Clown. The Silly Squad fled The Short Term Memory Loss Family’s house. “What just happened,” cried The Short Term Memory Loss Family at the same time. And the story is now over!


Salesman Spotty Never Gives Up!

“Ding dong,” rang the doorbell. Flea-Boy the Clown answered the door. “Hello good sir…how would you like to buy a toaster today,” asked Spotty. “You again…I don’t want to buy a toaster from you and I leave me alone,” yelled Flea-Boy the Clown. Flea-Boy the Clown then slammed the door. “Damn it…nobody wants to buy my toasters,” said Spotty to himself. Then Paul Proboscis Monkey bumped into Spotty as he was leaving. “Sorry buddy I didn’t mean to bump into you,” said Paul Proboscis Monkey while smoking a cigar. “That’s okay…say would you like to buy a toaster,” asked Spotty. “No…what I would like is for these idiots to pay their rent on time,” cried Paul Proboscis Monkey. “Well I wish people would buy my toasters…I’m the only salesman employed and I wish I could get some help to sell these toasters,” said Spotty. “Only salesman employed huh,” said Paul Proboscis Monkey while smoking a cigar. Now we go to Paul Proboscis Monkey and Spotty who called a meeting of the Silly Squad members. “Look will pay you the rent when we can now leave us alone Paul,” cried Flea-Boy the Clown. “Now listen up you idiots…I just got you all new jobs…working for Mr. Spotty selling toasters door to door…it pays enough to pay the money you idiots owe me…now meet your new boss Mr. Spotty,” said Paul Proboscis Monkey. “What do you mean you got us jobs…we already…,” cried Flea-Boy the Clown as Paul Proboscis Monkey left the room. “Alright men…you all work for me now…here’s some suits and ties for you to wear…now let’s sell toasters until the quota is met…go Team Spotty,” yelled Spotty. Soon all the Silly Squad members began to sell toasters door to door. After a whole day of selling toasters, the Silly Squad members collected enough money to pay their rent. “See I told you my plan would just remember to pay your rent on time and I won’t bug you again,” said Paul Proboscis Monkey. “Plus we made a little extra money for ourselves,” said Flea-Boy the Clown. Then Flea-Boy the Clown, Igor, Fatty the Elephant Seal, Stupid Kid, Mr. Face, Mr. Bunny, Bear and Snake began to cheer. “Well good day to you now…oh there’s one thing I was wondering,” asked Spotty. “What you annoying dog,” asked Flea-Boy the Clown. “Could I join the Silly Squad,” asked Spotty. “Sure why not,” said Flea-Boy the Clown. The Silly Squad has another new member…Spotty. Spotty would soon realize that he would regret his decision to join the Silly Squad. But for now…everyone was happy!


Do the Fartio!

Our story begins when Stupid Kid and Chief Dumb-dumb are bored and begin flushing random stuff down the toilet. Then after flushing so many things…the toilet broke. “I think it broke,” said Stupid Kid. “What broke,” asked Chief Dumb-dumb. “Who are you,” asked Stupid Kid. “Who am I,” asked Chief Dumb-dumb. Now we go to the outside of the bathroom door where Snake is dying to go to the bathroom. “Come on I really have to go…Bear if you’re trying on bras again for god’s sake you’re a male bear,” cried Snake. A couple of hours later Snake, Igor, Fatty the Elephant Seal, Mr. Face, Mr. Bunny, Rags the Raccoon and Lenny the Leopard were all waiting in line to use the bathroom. “Who the hell is in there,” cried Snake who was in front of the line. Then the bathroom began to flood and water was leaking through the bathroom door. “Oh my god…it’s beginning to flood,” cried Snake. “We better call a plumber,” said Lenny the Leopard. Then Lenny the Leopard called a plumber. “Ding dong,” rang the doorbell. Lenny the Leopard answered the door. It was the very stinky plumber Fartio. “Evening, I’m Fartio of Fartio Bros. Plumbing…you called,” asked Fartio. And while Fartio was taking he farted. “Dude…have you ever heard of a shower,” cried Lenny the Leopard. “Do you need a plumber or not,” asked Fartio. Then Fartio farted again. Lenny the Leopard sighed and then covered his nose. “Right this way,” said Lenny the Leopard. Then Lenny the Leopard showed Fartio the bathroom door and Fartio knocked on the door. “Anyone in there,” asked Fartio. “Who’s anyone,” cried Stupid Kid and Chief Dumb-dumb at the same time. “Yah…I’ll just open the door now,” said Fartio. Then Fartio opened the door and a huge rush of water burst out of the bathroom. Then when it was done flooding, Fartio entered the bathroom and fixed the toilet. “That poor toilet…these two idiots flushed random junk down the toilet thus clogging it…among the things I found was a Rolex which I will keep for myself thank you very much…all in all the toilet is fixed and useable,” said Fartio. “Great how much do I owe you,” asked Lenny the Leopard. “$300,” said Fartio while farting. “Do you take credit cards,” asked Lenny the Leopard. “No I do not…now where’s my money,” asked Fartio. “Let me talk to my boss real quick,” said Lenny the Leopard. Since the Silly Squad couldn’t pay Fartio the money….meet the newest member of the Silly Squad, Fartio. DO THE FARTIO!


Silly Squad The Early Years: First Day on the Job!

Our story begins when the founding members of the Silly Squad began their first day as members of the Silly Squad. Basically they found Silly Squad with a single dream…making the world laugh. But they are basically broke, barely famous, they all have no connections to anyone within the entertainment industry, no clear business plan and worst of all they’re barely even really that funny. So now we go to the Silly Squad headquarters which basically is a crappy old building in the middle of nowhere just on the outskirts of Hollywood where a knock on the front door is heard. “I’ll get it,” said Mr. Pencil. Mr. Pencil answered the door and it was the landlord of the Silly Squad headquarters Paul Proboscis Monkey. “Oh hello their Mr. Paul Proboscis Monkey, what do you want on this fine Tuesday,” asked Mr. Pencil. “What do I want….where’s the freaking rent…you idiots owe me three months’ rent…now where’s my god damn money,” asked Paul Proboscis Monkey while smoking a cigar. “Ah, we’ll pay you when we can…even as we speak some of the guys are preforming at a birthday party that pays really well…anyway we’re working on it…so don’t worry okay,” said Mr. Pencil. “Okay…here’s the deal…if you don’t pay me all the money you owe me…you dumb asses will be evicted from my building and I’ll rent it out to someone who actually pays on time…you have 24 hours to get the money or else…now good day,” said Paul Proboscis Monkey. Then Paul Proboscis Monkey left and Mr. Pencil shut the door. Then Mr. Pencil sighed and went back to watch TV with his friends and other Silly Squad members Rags the Raccoon and Lenny the Leopard. “Who was that at the door,” asked Rag the Raccoon while eating a bag of corn chips. “Dude…we need to pay the rent right now or else we’ll be evicted…now how much money are we making at that kid’s birthday party,” asked Mr. Pencil. “I think they’re getting $20 and that leaves us with only,” said Lenny the Leopard. “We’re screwed,” cried Mr. Pencil. Now we go to some kid’s birthday party where Flea-Boy the Clown, Igor, Fatty the Elephant Seal, Stupid Kid, Mr. Face, Mr. Bunny, Bear and Snake were performing. “Happy Birthday…ah…,” yelled Flea-Boy the Clown. Flea-Boy the Clown then read a note card. “Billy…now are you kids really to laugh,” yelled Flea-Boy the Clown. The kids at Billy’s birthday party began to cheer real loudly. “Okay, let’s start the show,” yelled Flea-Boy the Clown. During their performance Flea-Boy the Clown, Igor, Fatty the Elephant Seal, Stupid Kid, Mr. Face, Mr. Bunny, Bear and Snake each did a skit and after two hours of performance the show was over. “Thank you…that was our show and now you can applaud and give us that $20,” said Flea-Boy the Clown. Then after Flea-Boy the Clown was done speaking, they kids began to boo and throw cupcakes at him. “I guess these kids didn’t like our act,” said Igor. Fatty the Elephant Seal was eating a piece of cake. “I still hope we get the money,” said Snake. Now we return to the Silly Squad headquarters where Flea-Boy the Clown, Igor, Fatty the Elephant Seal, Stupid Kid, Mr. Face, Mr. Bunny, Bear and Snake arrived after their disastrous performance at Billy’s birthday. “Well guys…we may have not been funny today…but at least we got $20,” said Flea-Boy the Clown. “But dude, we really got to work on our material if we want to make people laugh…we aren’t as funny as we think we are,” said Mr. Face. “Guys we are totally funny and we don’t need to change the act…now let’s get ready for another kids birthday party,” said Flea-Boy the Clown. Then Mr. Pencil rushed towards Flea-Boy the Clown’s side. “Boss…did you get the $20,” cried Mr. Pencil. “Yes…why,” asked Flea-Boy the Clown. “We have to pay the rent now or else we’re going to get evicted,” cried Flea-Boy the Clown. “Well we made $20 how much more do we owe,” asked Flea-Boy the Clown. “I ran the numbers…we owe $100,000 to Paul Proboscis Monkey,” cried Mr. Pencil. “Holy shit….this past week alone we only made a $100…we need to rise our prices,” cried Flea-Boy the Clown. “It gets worse you know,” said Lenny the Leopard as he entered the scene. “How worse,” asked Flea-Boy the Clown. “We forgot to pay the cable bill, the water bill, the electric bill…hell we have to file for bankruptcy at this point…face it Flea-Boy…the Silly Squad’s dead,” said Lenny the Leopard. “Guys don’t give up…we just need to think of a way to raise the money we need to pay…but how,” asked Flea-Boy the Clown. “We could have a bake sale,” said Bear. “You idiot…you can’t cook squat…and you’re cookies gave me diarrhea for two weeks,” yelled Snake. “We could sell our bodies to science,” said Stupid Kid. “I think you have to be dead to do that,” said Mr. Bunny. “We have to be dead to do what now,” asked Stupid Kid. “I got it…I know how we can get all the money we need,” said Flea-Boy the Clown. Now we go to the next day and our heroes finally paid the rent and all of their bills. How do you ask? You really don’t want to know!



“Silly Squad: The Early Years” is a short story collection of original stories that take place during the founding years of the Silly Squad before it was a successful mass media corporation it was just a bunch of funny losers living in a dumpy headquarters. These short stories are basically a prequel to the entire Silly Squad series and features characters who may have not truly been early members of the group. So these short stories will be in no peculiar order but will instead be funny original stories that show the early history of the Silly Squad. So enjoy this wonderful collection of short stories!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The History of the Cool Fox series/character!

Cool Fox was a toy I had and so were all of the other characters in the series. Cool Fox got his start from the home movies I made of him with the Cool Fox toys. I don’t know exactly when Cool Fox was given his own book series, but he’s probably one of my oldest counting characters ever made. Cool Fox’s original personally was almost like today’s Spotty, but in later books I made him more edgy and cooler. Cool Fox has had only three books made in his series, but more may come out. Cool Fox has had a long history and this book will tell you all about it.  So enjoy this book!

Cool Fox’s accomplishments!
·        Funtime hall of famer

·        Doole Book Legends award winner

The History of the Faterella series/character!

Why did I create Faterella? Faterella was originally just a parody of the classic fairy tale “Cinderella”. But over time I grow to love this character and her brother Nick. Faterella is very different from Cinderella (besides their weight). Like Cinderella has an evil stepmother and stepsisters, and well Faterella has an evil stepmother, stepsisters, and the only difference is that she has a kind brother Nick. And unlike Cinderella, Nick took the cleaning role. The same concept that Faterella was a fat chick/sumo wrestler that becomes a super model stayed the same, but the story has changed a lot. Like, Faterella originally had no brother, and Nick’s role was just a ring bearer that soon found out that Faterella had fairies. And the fairies, first she had Fitness Fairies, and then it was change to that Riddle Fox made her beautiful. But the character that went through the most changes was Prince Charming, first he was fat and had Fitness Fairies made him thin (like Faterella), and in a short story he was always hot, and when he found out Faterella was really a fat chick, he dumped her ass. I have made three remakes of one story and each one was different (but the third remake I still use today, and it had sequels). Well I hope you enjoy this book, it well explain he background a lot more! Now read the book.

Faterella’s accomplishments!
·        Funtime hall of famer
·        Bucky Werks hall of famer
·        Doole Book Legends award winner

·        A former Yokozuna

The History of the Spotty series/character!

I was in first grade and I used to draw after I finished my work. One of my helpers Mrs. S saw me drawing and soon she helped get me hooked into making books. She was even the one who even gave me the Doodle Book, (now Doole Book). The way Spotty came to be created was that Mrs. S thought I needed to make up my own characters, so I could be original. (Since Doole Book only had characters that other people made like Disney and Mario Bros.)

Soon Spotty was born. But at the time I didn’t know Spotty would be what he is for me today. Spotty is one of my only continuing characters. And I didn’t know that Spotty would have many other stars (like Beardy, Coyote, and Spotty Jr.). But Spotty today is rarely in his own books, but he has been a guest star in at least every book I’ve ever written, (like Max Storm, Comic Book Land, Funtime, KWE, and even Stork). Spotty is the only character to have his own magazine named after him. I hope Spotty never dies, because for me it all started with a dog. So now you know how Spotty came to be!

Spotty’s accomplishments!
·        Funtime hall of famer
·        Bucky Werks hall of famer

·        2-time Doole Book Legends award winner

The History of the Spy Lion series/character!

Spy Lion is my 2nd oldest continuing character. How I came up with Spy Lion was in a story from the Mrs. S/Steven Butler, Jr. years called “The Ball in the Woods”. It had a mountain lion character in it and I thought that this guy should get his own book. And thus Spy Lion was born, and his story keeps changing and changing. You see when Spy Lion first came out I wanted him to be a funny character. So he joined the Super Dudes, and had more cartoony adventures. But when 2002 rolled around I thought that Spy Lion needed to became more hardcore action, so I made a new origin, which was that he used to be a human being who was a spy, but a mad scientist (X-Eye) turned him into a hybreed of a mountain lion and a human. So his personality changed a lot as will. But I did the saddest thing to this wonderful character…I killed him. When Spy Lion died we lost a hero, and proud member of the That Spells Action family. Well read this book and learn more about Spy Lion.

Spy Lion’s accomplishments!
·        Funtime hall of famer
·        Bucky Werks hall of famer

·        3-time Doole Book Legends Award winner

The History of the Stork series/character!

Stork is my 3rd oldest continuing character. Stork was first my second star after Spotty, and almost starred in as many books as Spotty. Stork was originally a just like Spotty, but a bird. Now Stork has a different personality then Spotty. Stork first appeared in Doole Book #4 he was more cartoonish. But over time Stork is more intelligent than crazy, almost like the average guy. Stork (like Spotty) had many different jobs, but his current job is an insurance salesman. Stork is now getting a little harder to write, because I don’t really know how to update his character, but one thing is for sure. He will always be remembered as one of my characters! I hope Stork will never die, because Stork to me is the #2 guy right next to Spotty.

Stork’s accomplishments!
·        Funtime hall of famer

·        A Doole Book Legends award winner

The History of the Silly Squad series!

Silly Squad started out as a comic book crossover with characters from the That Spells Action Magazines and the Doole Book series. Silly Squad was just a group of characters that only wanted to make people laugh and over time in later books it became a huge corporation in the entertainment industry. The Silly Squad’s roster has grown from the day it premiered and new members have been added throughout the series. The Silly Squad is less funny in later books and a little bit edgy then the first comic book in the series. Silly Squad was created by AJ Lu, Shane Lu, and Steven J. Butler, Jr. (Buckstevenson). Steven J. Butler, Jr. has since become the sole writer for the series as of now (but he’d love to work with AJ Lu and Shane Lu again). But the Silly Squad series is one of those series that may not be canceled anytime soon, so enjoy this book and read the Silly Squad stories in the Doole Book series!

The History of the Super Dudes series!

The Super Dudes were home movies that me and my cousins made when we were young. The Super Dudes were also in my Doole Books and the team just grew and grew. The Super Dudes were originally just lazy superheroes but now a days they have gotten a bit edgy than funny. Yes, the Super Dudes were supposed to be funny (basically with characters like the Fartinator which are kind of funny), but over time the stories got darker so maybe they weren’t funny anymore. The Super Dudes are by far the first Super Hero group me and my cousins ever created. Oh and just a fun fact, in the home movies Super Dude was originally called Superman (which is the DC comics character) and Young One was originally called Hercules (which is the Greek hero). Enjoy the book!

Super Dude’s accomplishments!
·        Funtime hall of famer
·        Bucky Werks hall of famer

·        Doole Book Legends Award winner

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Contestants of The Background Character Club Season 2: Part 3!

Fatty the Elephant Seal is a new member of the Silly Squad and a very anger elephant seal. Fatty the Elephant Seal is a former drill sergeant and a stand-up comedian. Fatty the Elephant Seal is also a bit of a glutton and loves to eat. Fatty the Elephant Seal is also a bit of an asshole and he likes to be cruel. Fatty the Elephant Seal also loves to smoke cigars. Fatty the Elephant Seal also loves to fight. Fatty the Elephant Seal also has diabetes and he suffered two strokes.

U Tucker is a superhero and a male stripper. U Tucker is a very weird superhero is that he is a homosexual and he is very good looking. When U Tucker isn’t working at the strip club he secretly goes out and fights crime. U Tucker looks like a bodybuilder and his superhero outfit looks like male stripper clothes. U Tucker has the powers to hypnotize people and the power of super speed. U Tucker is the son of Hypno and he is the best friend of Young One. U Tucker wants to be a male model someday but for now he’ll just stick to his job as a male stripper.

Japan Jenny is the teenage daughter of Dr. Sumo and also she is Dr. Sumo’s sidekick. Japan Jenny weights 899 lbs. and loves to eat. She shares her father’s powers and his appetite. Japan Jenny is a bit of a spoiled brat and you wouldn’t want to make her angry. Japan Jenny also works alongside the other super villains but she secretly has a crush on the superhero Expo Speed. Japan Jenny is also a very lazy. Japan Jenny is truly a unique super villain to the “That Spells Action Heroes!”

Gold Tooth is monster with a gold tooth and loves to chew things and objects!

The Contestants of The Background Character Club Season 2: Part 2!

The Banana Guy is a wrestler who wears a banana suit and uses bananas as weapons. He is a guy who just loves bananas, and he is very good friends with The Gorilla Gang. He is now retired.

Opie the Centaur is one of Goddiess allies and Opie is also another guardian of Goddiess. Goddiess met Opie the Centaur when he fought Loki and Opie also helped Goddiess in his fight against Hades in the Underworld. Opie currently lives in Mount Olympus and is roommates with Professor Faun. Opie the Centaur is also pretty good with a bow and arrow which is his weapon of choice.

Ms. Jay is a school teacher and she owns the class pet Zach the Frog. Ms. Jay is a very good teacher and a favorite teacher of the students. Ms. Jay is thinking about retirement and giving away Zach the Frog to a loyal student.

Randy Metal Hands is a fat, long bearded, and cowardly knight with huge metal gloves on his hands. Randy is the sidekick of Dark West and he came from the middle ages to the old west when the time periods merged. Randy also an alcoholic and can drink thirty beers in a single sitting.

Taze Tarsier is a new member of the Silly Squad and she is also a bit of a feminist. Taze Tarsier is the girlfriend of Barack Blenny and a very bossy one at that. Taze Tarsier is also a former editor of a fashion magazine. Taze Tarsier also used to have a crush on Flea-Boy the Clown but now she wants to marry Barack Blenny but Barack is afraid of commitment. Taze Tarsier is also a producer of many Silly Squad movies and TV shows.

The Contestants of The Background Character Club Season 2: Part 1!

Kirk is a robot soldier that was a part of X-Eye’s robot army. Even though the robot army was destroyed Kirk survived and soon became a loyal henchman to X-Eye. Kirk is best friends with Buzz and they usually stick together.

The Lumberjack is a wrestling who acts like a lumberjack. He cuts down ring post during matches with his axe. He also has a pet Beaver named Carl. He is a 3-time BWC Hardcore Champion.

The Zookeeper is a wrestler who acts like a zookeeper. He uses a net as a weapon and he always walks to the ring with animals. He is a former BWC tag team champion.

Robo-Spotty 4.0 is a robot created by Coyote Corp to destroy Super Spotty and he looks just like him. Robo-Spotty 4.0 is now a small time villain and the occasional enemy of the Super Dudes!

Weirdo is a very weird guy came from another planet, yet he helps Cool Fox and his friends save the world. He is able to speak two languages. Weirdo also has super powers and is really ugly.

Bob Jordan is a pro basketball player and a member of the Cool Club. He rarely helps the Cool Club, but will help when he can. Cool Fox is also a huge fan of Bob Jordan.

Dinky the Bernese Mountain Dog is Snow White’s dog. Dinky currently lives in the Longfellow shoe shop and awaiting his master’s return home.

Kjwleo was once a loyal henchman of The Jom-Eom King but he soon joined the rebellion to stop the Mega Minds in the future. Kjwleo became friends with Max Storm and they soon became friends. Kjwleo’s whereabouts remain unknown at this time.

Ms. Icon is the daughter of Mr. Icon and a former supermodel. Ms. Icon is very sexy and she is also a skilled wrestler. Ms. Icon acts like a spoiled brat and she is not that bright. Ms. Icon also carries a baseball bat with her to the ring and she has very few friends. Ms. Icon currently wrestles for Fighting 4 Life Wrestling and Deathlock Promotions.

The Hosts of The Background Character Club: Season 2!

Flea-Boy the Clown is the clown who founded the Silly Squad Corporation and possibly the richest clown in the world. Flea-Boy the Clown was once a circus clown who was fired from the circus and then soon started the Silly Squad with his friends. Soon Flea-Boy the Clown became one of the most successful business man around. Flea-Boy the Clown still makes occasional appearances on his TV shows and in his movies. Not bad for a circus clown who used to be paid in peanuts.

Stork is a stork that once used to be a baby delivering stork and is now an insurance salesman. Stork has been known to go on a few adventures and has had many jobs over the years. Stork is the head of the True Heroes organization and an expert gun user. Stork has many friends and is pretty much an average Joe.

The Background Character Club Season 2: Plot Info!

Plot Summary: The Background Character Club Season 2 will have the same rules as the previous season which is a reality show contest for characters that never were really that popular and are mostly unknown. These contestants will live together in a mansion and compete either in teams or by themselves in challenging games. Then at the end of the day a contestant will be eliminated. The winner of The Background Character Club will win a starring role in their own book and $50,000 in cash. Also there will be two new hosts instead of just one along with all new contestants. Who will win? Who will you root for? Find out when “The Background Character Club: Season 2” comes out very soon!