Thursday, November 16, 2017

Max Storm's Monster Hunters Comic Book Preview!

I just sent this off to publishers and I haven't heard back yet. So here's a preview of a comic book I was the writer of. I hired a wonderful artist to draw this comic book so remember I'm just the writer I didn't draw these pictures. I hope I can be the next Stan Lee but for now here's a preview of my comic book! (Note: Couldn't upload the finished page one of the comic but I was able to upload the draft of it, so it might look a little different from the rest)

“The Lunar Losers” Comic Book Script Page 2!

                       PAGE TWO (THREE PANELS)

PANEL 1: Paul Ziser is standing in handcuffs before an alien council.

CAP: Two years ago.

PAUL ZISER: I’m so sorry for my actions! I swear this will never happen again!

PANEL 2: A bird-like alien with a gavel in its hand is sitting next to a blue blob creature and a two headed-alien creature.

BIRD-LIKE ALIEN: For your crimes Mr. Ziser we sentence you to life in prison without parole!

PANEL 3: Paul Ziser staring at the alien council in anger.

PAUL ZISER: This is bullshit! Just deport me back to Earth! I want to go home!

“The Lunar Losers” Comic Book Script Page 1!

                  PAGE ONE (FOUR PANELS)
PANEL 1: A huge spaceship is floating in deep space.

PANEL 2: Inside the huge spaceship small bigheaded aliens are running away from gunfire.


PANEL 3: Paul Ziser, a buff African-American middle-aged man wearing a prison uniform while holding two big guns, and Roncor, an orange skinned half lizard and half dog hybrid alien creature, are attacking the small bigheaded aliens inside their spaceship.

PAUL ZISER: We ain’t going back to jail!

PANEL 4: Paul Ziser points his gun directly at one of the small bigheaded aliens.

PAUL ZISER: We’re sorry you’re all going to die just because shit happens you know!

“Lee’s Warriors” Comic Book Script Page 2!

                      PAGE TWO (FOUR PANELS)
PANEL 1: Lee with his sword is fighting the black skinned demon with no mouth.

PANEL 2: Three more black skinned demons with no mouths are running after something but we can’t see what they are chasing until the next panel.

PANEL 3: Princess Julia, a beautiful thin young woman dressed in a black hooded robe, is running away from the black skinned demons with no mouth.

PANEL 4: Lee cutting the black skinned demon with no mouth’s head off.


“Lee’s Warriors” Comic Book Script Page 1!

                      PAGE ONE (THREE PANELS)

PANEL 1: Lee, a handsome bearded elf warrior-with the body of a bodybuilder wearing battle armor, and Gully, a huge furry beast with two big horns on his head and some small horns on his back, are waling in a forest together in the day time.

CAP: Once upon a time in a land lost to time!

PANEL 2: We see a black skinned demon with no mouth following behind Lee and Gully.

CAP: In a land that may soon be covered in darkness!

PANEL 3: Lee pointing his sword at the black skinned demon with no mouth.

CAP: Unless the Chosen One accepts his destiny!

Goddiess: The Lost God Comic Book Script Page 4!

                     PAGE FOUR (Four panels)
PANEL 1: Ted Brook puts his hands in the pockets of his hoodie while Goddiess crosses his arms.

TED BROOK: Well, I know how you can be of use to us.


PANEL 2: Ted Brook hands Goddiess a comic book.

GODDIESS: What’s this?

TED BROOK: I think found the perfect job for you!

PANEL 3: Goddiess is reading the comic book while Ted Brook points at Goddiess.

GODDIESS: So what are these men in tights doing?

TED BROOK: What you should be doing. You should become a superhero!

PANEL 4: Goddiess shuts the comic book closed while Ted Brook grins.

GODDIESS: So a superhero, eh?

TED BROOK: Yeah we have a ton of crime here in Chicago and we need a man like you to stop it.