Sunday, October 1, 2017

Goddiess: The Lost God Comic Book Script Page 2!

                      PAGE TWO (Three Panels)

PANEL 1: Goddiess is fighting alongside an army of angels against an army of demons.

CAP: Many centuries ago during the war between the heavens and the underworld!

PANEL 2: Goddiess is fighting Hades, a huge hulking bearded man whose beard is made out of fire, and Hades is wielding to fire swords.

HADES: You can’t defeat me Goddiess!

GODDIESS: I won’t let you takeover the heavens Hades!

PANEL 3: Goddiess sucker punches Hades in the face.

GODDIESS: If there’s going to be a ruler of the heavens it’ll be me!

Goddiess: The Lost God Comic Book Script Page 1!

                    PAGE ONE (Four panels)

PANEL 1: Goddiess, a male superhero who looks like a Viking wearing red armor with a black beard, long flowing black hair, is playing chess with Ted Brook, a chubby male teenager wearing a baseball cap and a hoodie, in a living room.

TED BROOK: So, who are you?

GODDIESS: My name is Goddiess!

PANEL 2: Ted Brook moves a chess piece while Goddiess takes a sip from a beer mug.

TED BROOK: So, you’re a demigod?

GODDIESS: No, I’m a pureblooded god. You mortals just forgot about me.

PANEL 3: Goddiess moves a chess piece while Ted Brook scratches his head.

TED BROOK: How did you get trapped in that Green Axe?

GODDIESS: The gods imprisoned me inside it as a punishment for my failed takeover of the heavens.

PANEL 4: Ted Brook moves a chess piece while Goddiess crosses his arms.

TED BROOK: So my brother freed you and where did he go?

GODDIESS: Well Mr. Ted Brook, I don’t know where he went.

“The Cursed Kingdom” Comic Book Script Page 2!

                  PAGE TWO (Four Panels)
PANEL 1: Jessica Kinling is having a fit of anger.

JESSICA KINLING: Why won’t you fire them?

PANEL 2: The King and queen are trying to calm Jessica Kinling down.

THE KING: Honey, it was probably just an accident.

THE QUEEN: Give the servants a second chance. Who knows, they may be able to fix your dress.

PANEL 3: Jessica Kinling looks up at the king and queen’s faces.

JESSICA KINLING: Fine, I’ll give them a second chance. But if they fail me!

PANEL 4: An up close shot of Jessica Kinling’s angry face.

JESSICA KINLING: Off with their heads!

“The Cursed Kingdom” Comic Book Script Page 1!

                 PAGE ONE (Five Panels)
PANEL 1: A golden castle surround by a small village around its borders.

CAP: Kinling Kingdom, One Summer Day Long Ago!

PANEL 2: We are in a throne room where a handsome middle-aged king and a beautiful middle-aged queen are sitting on their thrones.

PANEL 3: Jessica Kinling, a 20-something thin white black haired young woman wearing a princess clothes, enters the throne room and she looks angry.

JESSICA KINLING: Mother, father! We need to talk!

PANEL 4: Jessica Kinling’s arms are crossed while the king and queen are still sitting on their thrones.

THE KING: Jessica, what seems to be the matter?

JESSICA KINLING: Father, the servants ruined my favorite dress! Fire them!

PANEL 5: The King places his hand on Jessica Kinling’s shoulder while Jessica Kinling looks annoyed.

THE KING: I’m not going to fire the servants.

JESSICA KINLING: But did you not hear me? They ruined my favorite dress!

Comic Book Ideas Notes!

“Warriors” remake!

Plot Summary: In a magical realm, there was a young elf prince named Lee who is destined for more than being mere royalty. Lee was the chosen one to save his entire world from the demonic forces of evil led by Salizard (though his master Moeguya). A war would soon break out between the demonic armies and our heroes. Lee is a not so ready to assume his chosen one duties. Instead Lee ran away from home at a very young age to become basically a thief living in the woods with his best friend Gully. But when Lee meets a beautiful young princess named Princess Julia, he agrees to aid her in the fight against Salizard. Along the way our heroes would make friends and mentors who would become allies in their quest. Can our heroes defeat Salizard and his demon armies and restore their realm to it’s former glory? Read the “Warriors” remake when it comes out very soon!

“Dark West” remake!

Plot Summary: This story takes place in a wild west town when different time periods co-exist in the same time period. Soon this wild west town is overrun with dinosaurs, mediaeval knights, pirates, dragons, and other people from other ancient civilizations. Our story takes place when a young sheriff’s deputy Todd Fredstone becomes a chosen one to save the time space continuum by a powerful wizard named Polbm who gave him a powerful sword that transforms Todd Fredstone from a cowboy sheriff’s deputy into a powerful mediaeval knight called Dark West. Now it’s up to Dark West (Todd Fredstone) and his allies to save his world and make things right. Fighting many powerful foes along the way. Can Dark West save the day? Read the “Dark West” remake when it comes out very soon!

“Alien Hunter Squad” remake!

Plot summary: A secret organization created by an unknown group of secret agents to hunt down alien invaders and this organization is called the Alien Hunter Squad. New agents are recruited by the unnamed Head of the Alien Hunter Squad. Agents can either be human or good aliens. The Alien Hunter Squad basically protect our world from alien invaders and they also work closely with the GUF (the Galactic Universe Federation). The Alien Hunter Squad hide in their headquarters which is in the center of the Earth to await when the world needs their help.

“Jungle Safari” remake!

Plot summary: There is a jungle island where a scientist named Dr. Hurke lives with his wife and nephew. His nephew is basically a skilled hunter and former soldier. Dr. Hurke does his research on his island while his nephew protects his aunt and uncle from the evil animals that try to kill them. The animals on Hurke Island have gained intelligence through genetic experiments done by Dr. Hurke but instead of obeying him the now want to take over his island. Dr. Hurke and his family must fight off the animals to keep control of his island. Also Dr. Hurke must keep the evil animals from leaving the island as well.

Team Freak is about three popular beautiful teenagers (a girl and two boys) that drove into the woods one day and when a meteor crash landed in front of them the meteor spilled a strange slime. The strange slime from the meteor transformed these three beautiful teenagers into monsters. The beautiful popular girl became a mutant gorilla-human hybrid (Gorilla Girl). The one boy transformed into a monstrous mutant with one huge eye and many legs and arms (Mutant Man). And the other boy transformed into a living pile of garbage (Garbage Pit). Ashamed of their freakish appearances, the three teenagers hid in the sewers and they soon met a mutant goldfish. This mutant goldfish (Master Fisheyes) looked very humanoid and had telekinetic abilities. They would befriend the mutant goldfish and the four of them would soon form a super hero team called “Team Freak”. These freakish superheroes will fight the super villains Raptor Claw, Dr. Duck, Komodo King, Ivan the Crusher, Dr. Hurt, Dirtclog, Bug Boy, Rat Man, Purple Mosquito & Green Mosquito.

“The Lunar Losers” is about the adventures of a group of space misfits led by former convict and now space outlaw Paul Ziser. Paul Ziser is an African-American man from Earth and after he and Roncor escaped from Prison Planet, soon were captured by the Galactic Universe Federation. By the order of the GUF (Galactic Universe Federation) instead of going to prison were now forced to explore and protect the universe from evil. Paul Ziser and Roncor now must be co-leaders of a group of space misfits that includes Weirdo, Kjwleo, Gar Jong, Space Fighter, The Whatzit, Miss Whatzit, The Living Eyeball, The Yellow Fellow, Hologram Harry, The Wonderful Walrus, Steam Jet Joe, Computer Man, Transfoom, and 3-K. But actually they must work alongside top GUF (Galactic Universe Federation) officers G5 and Robot Red on their journey through the universe while also battling the evils of alien warlord Qazolu and other space villains. Can this group of misfits save the day? Want to learn more about the cosmic side of the “That Spells Action Heroes” universe? Read “The Lunar Losers” when it comes out very soon!

“An untitled Sleeping Beauty-Sandman story” is basically the story of Sleeping Beauty but with a twist. In this take the story isn’t between Sleeping Beauty and her prince, but her and a figure called a sandman. What is a sandman? A sandman is a person assigned to each individual person in the entire world who controls their destiny through their dreams. A sandman named Pevin is assigned a girl named Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) and Pevin’s job is to make her through her dreams fall in love with the prince. But there’s a problem, Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) is actually beginning to fall in love with Pevin. You see Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) actually saw Pevin once in her dreams and they began to grow a friendship. But Pevin can’t fall in love with her because it’s not her destiny. Plus Pevin is a chubby nerdy young man who’s not as good looking as the prince plus Pevin is half demon like all sandman so he’s known to be a little evil. Plus Pevin’s been Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty)’s sandman since the day she was born so he almost feels like a father figure to her. But when Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) pricks her finger on an enchanted spinning wheel she falls into a death-like sleep from which she can only be awakened by true love's kiss. During that death-like sleep Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) and Pevin relationship grows while they are both in the dream world. Pevin tries to convince her to love the prince because it’s her destiny, she refuses and is in love with Pevin. Plus Pevin’s co-worker a female sandman named Eleanor is also the prince’s sandman and the prince also is in love with Eleanor. Now Pevin and Eleanor are in a pickle because as sandmen they can’t be in relationships with their individual assigned to them nor any mortal once so ever. Plus it’ll ruin the assigned individual’s destiny. Can Pevin and Eleanor make Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) and the prince fall in love with each other? Or will true love find its way? How will Pevin and Eleanor do their jobs with love blinding? Should Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) and the prince follow their destiny or their hearts? Read “An untitled Sleeping Beauty-Sandman story” when it comes out very soon! Also “An untitled Sleeping Beauty-Sandman story” will be narrated by Binky Bear!

An untitled “Area 51 Jail Escape-like story” where a janitor who works at the Area 51 base helps an alien escape from the legendary top secret government base. This story will feature not only aliens and lore about Area 51 but it will feature things like dragons, Bigfoot, and other creatures being kept inside Area 51 along with these aliens.

“The Cursed Kingdom” Remake!

Plot Summary: In a once peaceful wonderful kingdom there lived a beautiful young princess named Jessica Kinling. She was very spoiled and only cared about herself. Then one day, a wizard came into her kingdom. The wizard wanted food because he came many miles with no food or water and heard stories of this peaceful kingdom being the kindest in the land.  The king and queen didn’t give him any food or water but were sympathetic to his situation but they didn’t quite truly believe he was a wizard because of his homeless appearance and look of ill health and the king and queen ordered him to leave because even though they were sympathetic they didn’t think his problems affected their kingdom as a whole. But he would not leave, and Princess Jessica called the wizard an ugly drunken bum. But the wizard told Jessica you shouldn’t judge someone based on his or her outer appearance for true beauty comes from within. Princess Jessica laughed and said luckily I’m both beautiful on the inside and out. Soon the wizard thought about what she said and he thought that this spoiled princess needed to learn a lesson in humanity. So the wizard placed a curse on not only Princess Jessica but her entire kingdom as well to teach her a lesson in humanity. The wizard turned everyone in the kingdom, even the king and queen into animals, and as for Princess Jessica, the wizard turned her into a horrible ugly ogre. She was very upset because she was once a beautiful young woman. Now the only way for her to get rid of the curse was for her true love to kiss her and that her true love must learn to love her inner beauty more than just her outer. But she gave up hope, knowing that no one would ever fall love a monster and that she began to even question if she even really has inner beauty. But a couple years would pass and in different kingdom a young handsome peasant named Arthur Willings dreamed of becoming a knight and longed for an adventure. Arthur and his friend Roddy Komp were going to see if they could become knights of their kingdom. Their king said Arthur and Roddy can become knights, on one condition, they must travel to the Cursed Kingdom and kill the beast who brought said curse upon it. So Arthur and Roddy journeyed to the Cursed Kingdom and along the way they befriend three lumberjacks named Spotty, Stork, and Binky Bear who would join them on their quest to the Cursed Kingdom. But when our heroes arrived they learned the truth, that the ogre wasn’t the one who cursed this kingdom, the ogre was the one who was cursed. Jessica soon realizes Arthur maybe the one who could break the curse, but she still thinks no one would ever love her. But Jessica would later learn, Arthur might be her true love. The story basically follows their relationship and the fact that Jessica says at first that a prince must kiss her (she says this out of fear because she thinks Arthur might be too good for her and she doesn’t deserve a guy like him). But now Arthur is aiding Jessica in breaking her curse and protecting her from the villainess Black Knights who wish to kill her.  Arthur is slowly seeing Jessica’s inner beauty and Jessica is finally learning her lesson in humanity because though her relationship with Arthur she’s learning how to be a better and caring person. Will Arthur and Jessica fall in love with each other? What is the story behind the Black Knights? Can Arthur see passed Jessica’s outer appearance and truly love her inner beauty? Will the curse be broken? Even though “The Cursed Kingdom” isn’t that old of a story, it’s time a new version of it is told! This remake will focus mostly on the original story but yet may contain themes and characters from the later sequels as well! How will this version be different? Read “The Cursed Kingdom” remake when it comes out very soon!

Sting the Stingray Remake Plot and Characters!
The Sting the Stingray remake will take place under the sea where in a mermaid kingdom there lived a beautiful mermaid princess named Sunshine. Sunshine was a very unique princess in that she wished she really loved the life outside the castle. One day without the protection of a bodyguard Princess Sunshine ventured through the town around her castle where she saw in one of the shop windows a beautiful necklace. Since she wanted this necklace she went to buy it and the store owner was an old sea hag a.k.a. a sea witch and the Princess Sunshine wanted to buy the necklace from the sea hag and was willing to pay good money but the sea hag wanted something else from her. The sea hag wanted Princess Sunshine to bring her a special magical item called the Stingray Emerald interchange for the necklace. Since Princess Sunshine really wanted that necklace she agreed to get the sea hag the Stingray Emerald. But to make sure Princess Sunshine is actually going to get her the Stingray Emerald she turned Princess Sunshine into a stingray. The only way Princess Sunshine can become a mermaid again is if she brings the sea hag the Stingray Emerald thus the curse is lifted. But while Princess Sunshine goes to look for the Stingray Emerald the sea hag disguised as Princess Sunshine basically takes her place as princess of the mermaid kingdom and in reality the sea hag just wanted to be queen and not to have the Stingray Emerald (which is something cheesy you can get at a souvenir shop) which means she sent the real Princess Sunshine on a wild goose chase. Along the way Princess Sunshine now a female stingray was attacked by three sharks and she was rescued by another stingray. This stingray was named Sting and he along with his friends Melvin the Sea Turtle (Melvin is slow-witted) and Antonio the Sea Horse (Antonio is a street-smart Latino gangster) were a group of misfits. Sting, Melvin, and Antonio agreed to help Princess Sunshine retrieve the Stingray Emerald. Along the way they meet characters like a con artist sea star, a wise Flounder, and a sea lion named Manny who used to know Sting the Stingray. But as the story develops Sting and Princess Sunshine begin to fall in love with each other. But here’s the thing, Princess Sunshine, Melvin, and Antonio don’t know Sting’s true secret. Sting is actually a merman who was cursed by the sea hag and like Princess Sunshine, Sting was transformed into a stingray. Also it should be noted that the necklace Princess Sunshine wants actually once belonged to Sting’s mother. Also Sting’s real name is Dale James. Dale James (Sting’s real name) was a scrawny nerdy merman who dreamed of being a knight but never could. And basically he went to the sea hag to see if she can make him into a brave handsome knight. But like Princess Sunshine, he was tricked and turned into a stingray, But Sting gave up hope after his family didn’t recognize him and that he had no friends to begin with. So Sting joined his misfit friends Melvin and Antonio and began to accept that he’s probably going to be a stingray forever. But now that Sting met Princess Sunshine he now wants to be a merman again and finally become the hero he’s always wanted to be. And save a princess he always had a crush on. So this Sting the Stingray remake will retell the story of Sting the Stingray and bring this character into new light. But Sting the Stingray won’t certainly be the last remake of a classic story created by Steven J. Butler Jr. (Buckstevenson).  Let’s just say more remakes are on the way (Hint: Remakes in Development include a “Warriors” remake, a “Dark West” remake, and a “The Island of Giants” remake) but I’m happy to say that I Steven J. Butler, Jr. (Buckstevenson) can’t wait to write a new story starring Sting the Stingray in an entirely new way. So be on the lookout for this new Sting the Stingray remake which will be coming soon!

“Bug World” Remake!

Plot summary: A young male ant simply named Ant discovers he is one of the few ants in his kingdom to have magical powers. Ant soon becomes a very powerful wizard. Ant must now go on a quest to rescue Princess Ant who was kidnapped by a crime lord beetle named Bad Beetle. During his quest he trains with his mentor a wise praying mantis, teams up with a thief mosquito named simply Mosquito and he also teams up with a blind worm named Spoonie whose other senses are greater than normal. Also he ventures into other insect kingdoms like a butterfly kingdom and a bee kingdom. Ant also fights a monster frog and battles a group of thug scorpions. Plus he has another foe in his mentor’s former student an evil weta wizard named Wardechai who’s also working alongside Bad Beetle. Can Ant rescue Princess Ant and save the day? Read “Bug World” when it comes out very soon!

A story called “Pet: Real or Fake?” which is set in the year 2350 where overpopulation and famine have damaged the world so much that mankind sees any animal as food. Due to all animals being food for man, replacements for pets have come in the form of animal-like robots that look just like real animals. Also zoos contain these robot-like animals too. Our story begins when a little boy who grew up in this awful future finds a dog. At first the boy thinks it’s a robot, but in reality it’s a flesh and blood dog. Soon the boy and the dog form a bond but by law any animal is considered food. So the boy lies and says his dog is a robot when in fact it’s a real dog. Also it should be noted the boy’s father works for a slaughterhouse and he kills animals for a living. This story follows the boy who tries to protect his dog from becoming food. It will also go deeper into this strange future and begin the debate that animals don’t always have to be eaten when they in fact could also be loved. What will happen? Read “Pet: Real or Fake?” when it comes out very soon!

An untitled “Futuristic Space Fighting to Death Tournament story” will be about a tournament that takes place in the future on another planet. Fighters are either human or alien and they all fight to the death for the amusement of the masses. The story will focus on one fighter who started out sparring partner but mostly a punching bag to the other fighters shows signs of great strength and speed which attracts the promoters’ attention. This fighter starts out as a teenager in the beginning of the story but by the end of the story he will be in his mid 60’s. This new fighter is named Ke-li and he will soon become a very popular fighter in the tournament. Ke-li is a rookie but he has killed many fighters in the tournament and feels guilt and remorse to his fallen opponents. Ke-li soon finds a mentor in another human fighter who has never lost and his name is Mortaki. Mortaki trains Ke-li and he feels that Ke-li is his replacement as a popular fighter. Ke-li dreams of freedom because fighters in the tournament are either prisoners or slaves held against their will by the evil promoters’. So in a way you could compare the tournament to gladiator fighting in ancient Rome. Ke-li will eventually fight his mentor Mortaki and kill him. Ke-li becomes so popular that the evil promoters’ want him to lose a match on purpose so that they can find his replacement as their star fighter. But Ke-li wants to find his own replacement or someone he feels is worthy to fill his shoes. Also Ke-li tries to convince the other fighters to rebel against the evil promoters’ and gain their freedom. But not only are the evil promoters’ a threat, but the evil emperor also plays a role in the tournament. The emperor uses the tournament as a distraction from his empires’ flaws. But over time Ke-li hope for a rebellion against the evil promoters’ begin to diminish. As years pass Ke-li becomes the oldest fighter in the tournament and his undefeated streak continues. Ke-li doesn’t want to die and one day he challenges the evil emperor to a fight to the death. When the emperor accepts the match not only if the evil emperor loses will he meet his end, but Ke-li will become the new emperor. Can Ke-li defeat the evil emperor and gain his freedom? Read untitled “Futuristic Space Fighting to Death Tournament story” when it comes out very soon!

The Boy That Turned Green” Remake!

Plot summary: Dexter Plant was once a normal teenager until he slowly began to transform into a plant for no apparent reason. Dexter would soon be treated like a freak and now he has to find a way to cure himself with the help of a nerdy girl classmate named Kate (who Dexter would soon fall in love with). Dexter also finds out he can now talk to plants and befriends many of them. Dexter even tries to become a superhero but turns out to be useless as one. But Dexter soon finds out that if he doesn’t find a cure within a month he’ll be stuck as a plant forever. Mr. Raccoon acts a narrator of this tale along with his sidekicks Apple & Lettuce. What will happen next? Read “The Boy That Turned Green” when it comes out very soon!

The Story of Waddles the Penguin” Remake!

Plot summary: In a magical winter wonderland, there lived a kingdom of penguins who were feuding with the bears. The King Penguin sent a want-a-be knight named Waddles the Penguin out on a quest to find a powerful suit of armor made out of ice called “Snow Warrior’s Suit” that gives it’s wearer super strength. The King Penguin wants the Snow Warrior’s Suit in order to defeat the bears. But there’s one problem, only a chosen person could wear the Snow Warrior’s Suit (it just so happens the chosen one is actually Waddles the Penguin and he doesn’t know it yet). On his quest for the Snow Warrior’s Suit, Waddles befriends a moose named Cocky, a con artist penguin named Rick, and a snowman named Jakks. During their quest our heroes must confront Zombie mooses, Frost giants, and two motorcycle riding bears named Rex the Polar bear and Road Dog the Grizzly Bear. Will Waddles save his kingdom from the bears? Read “The Story of Waddles the Penguin” when it comes out very soon!