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"Jack Sports Interviews Legends" Short Story Series!

“Jack Sports Interviews Legends” is a new short story series where legendary KWE/BWC wrestling announcer Jack Sports interviews KWE/BWC wrestlers. “Jack Sports Interviews Legends” lets you learn more about KWE/BWC wrestlers lives outside of the ring. See a wrestler’s mindset and learn more about the wrestlers themselves. Also “Jack Sports Interviews Legends” is co-hosted by Alex Norman. If you just want to learn what makes a KWE/BWC wrestler legendary, evil, forgettable, a hero, a loser or anything else about them as an individual read “Jack Sports Interviews Legends” when it comes out very soon!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: KWE/BWC Debut Show!

“Hello, I’m Jack Sports and my co-commentator is my own brother Larry Sports, so together we’re the Sports brothers and we welcome you to the first KWE/BWC wrestling show, today’s matches include a KWE/BWC Legends Battle Royal, Kazam vs.  Smasher Dasher for KWE/BWC Championship, and our main event Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly vs. Dean Deathlock in an extreme rules match,” yelled Jack Sports. “Boy it’s great to be working with my brother and now the two greatest wrestling organizations are now one…so the best talent is in one place…here at the KWE/BWC,” yelled Larry Sports. Now we see “The Legendary Announcer” Bobby Daniels walking down to the ring wearing a referee’s uniform. “It looks like the special guest referee in the KWE/BWC Legends Battle Royal is none other than legendary announcer Bobby Daniels,” yelled Larry Sports. Now we see Mr. Safari, Poor Petey, Grasshopper Gus, The Banana Guy, Reaper’s Clone, Mr. Icon, Mr. Hero, Ojay the Giant, “The Rich Bitch” Fatty Sammy, Sgt. Smash, Kevin McOtto, Lucky, and The Champ are walking down to the ring in a straight line at the same time. “Ding, ding, ding,” rang the bell. Mr. Safari threw Grasshopper Gus out of the ring and Ojay the Giant threw Lucky out of the ring. Fatty Sammy threw The Banana Guy out of the ring while Kevin McOtto performed a piledriver on The Champ. Poor Petey fell over the top rope and thus eliminated himself. Mr. Icon preformed a clothesline on Mr. Hero and Mr. Hero was soon eliminated. Sgt. Smash threw Reaper’s Clone out of the ring. Ojay the Giant eliminated both Mr. Icon and Mr. Safari out of the ring with a double chokeslam. Fatty Sammy eliminated both Sgt. Smash and The Champ with a double clothesline. Ojay the Giant eliminated Fatty Sammy by pushing her over the top rope. Kevin McOtto then kicked Ojay the Giant in the nuts and Kevin McOtto pushed Ojay the Giant over the top rope. Kevin McOtto soon won the KWE/BWC Legends Battle Royal. Bobby Daniels then raised Kevin McOtto’s hand in victory. “Wow Kevin McOtto won the KWE/BWC Legends Battle Royal and it just shows that these legends can still wrestle, well folks we have to take a quick break….but we’ll be back,” yelled Jack Sports.

Chapter 1 Free Preview: KWE/BWC Crossfire!

“Hello and welcome to KWE/BWC Crossfire, I’m Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly, the chairman of the KWE, and with me is the chairman of KWE’s rival company, “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr., and for one night only, BWC and KWE is cross-promoting this event, so will see both BWC and KWE wrestlers in the same ring,” yelled Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly. “Yah, I can’t believe that me and you are the color commentators for this pay-per-view, I mean we hate each other, but we’ll be making a lot of money and that’s what matters,” yelled “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. “Now let’s start today’s big event with our first match, it will be KWE wrestler Kazam vs. BWC wrestler Thrash,” yelled Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly. “Man, Thrash may destroy another legend, and he’s the Icon Assassin, and there’s no wrestler that is a true legend like Kazam,” yelled “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. Then we see Thrash walking down to the ring, and then Kazam walked down to the ring. “Ding, ding, ding,” rang the bell. Then Thrash started punching Kazam, and then Thrash ran out of the ring. Thrash came back to the ring with a chair. Thrash hit Kazam with the chair then pinned him. “1, 2…,” yelled the referee. Then Kazam kicked out, and then he kicked Thrash in the nuts. Then Kazam pinned Thrash. “1, 2, 3, ring the bell,” yelled the referee. Then out of nowhere Dread came running down to the ring. Then Dread picked up Kazam and threw him out of the ring. Then Thrash stood up, and then Dread kicked Thrash in the nuts. Dread then threw Thrash out of the ring. “Wow, I thought Dread and Thrash were best friends, what was that about,” yelled “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. “Well, it looks like you have a main event match my friend, and it looks like Thrash didn’t kill another icon as well, well let’s take a quick break,” yelled Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly. What will happen next? Nobody knows!

Chapter 1 Free Preview: BWC Debut Show!

“Hello and welcome to the BWC, Butler Wrestling Corp, I’m Bobby Daniels, and with me is my co-host Larry Sports, Now we have a special announcement from the chairman the chairman of the Butler Wrestling Corp “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr.,” yelled Bobby Daniels. Then the chairman (“Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr.) came walking down to the ring. “Hello and welcome to the BWC, I have announcement about the newest member of the BWC family, and a true legend of the wrestling business….,” yelled “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. Then Mr. Safari came walking down to the ring. “Welcome Mr. Safari, and what do you have to say,” yelled “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. “I’m damn proud to be in the BWC, and now I want the top title, BWC Championship,” yelled Mr. Safari. “I will give you that match, and it will be you against Mac Machine, right now, and I’ll be the special guest referee” yelled “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. “Now we’ll take a quick break,” yelled Larry Sports. What will happen next? Nobody knows!

Chapter 1 Free Preview: KWE 2007!

“Hello I’m Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly, I’m your color commentator with my co-hosts Mr. Safari and Jack Sports, today’s matches are The Champ vs. The Anchorman, and then it’s a match between Dread and King Killer,” yelled Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly. “Man, I hate that The Champ is KWE Champion, I hope Anchorman can kick his ass,” yelled Mr. Safari. Now it’s the match between The Champ and The Anchorman. “Ding, ding, ding,” rang the bell. Soon the Anchorman punched The Champ, and then The Champ hit The Anchorman with a chair. Then The Champ pinned him. “1, 2, 3, ring the bell,” yelled the referee. The Champ won the match, but then the arena was dark, and soon the Evil Death Makers were in the ring. “Hello, I Mr. Unknown I’m here to say that the Evil Death Makers are back together once again, but there is a traitor among us, and his name is Freddy Fear, my own bodyguard, come out here Freddy,” yelled Mr. Unknown. Then Freddy Fear came down to the ring, and soon The Champ and Mr. Unknown started beating up Freddy Fear. Then Kazam kicked The Champ in the nuts. “Why did you just do that, the Evil Death Makers are a team,” yelled Mr. Unknown. “Well, I’m the real traitor, Kazam, the founding member of the Evil Death Makers, and look out behind you,” yelled Kazam. Then BWK came running down to the ring and hit Mr. Unknown with a chair. “The American Bad Boys are back in business,” yelled BWK. Then BWK and Kazam hugged each other, and then they left the ring. “Wow, the American Bad Boys are back together, and now the Evil Death Makers have competition,” yelled Jack Sports. “Yah, Kazam and BWK are once again friends, and now we’ll take a quick break,” yelled Mr. Safari. What will happen next? Nobody knows!

KWE/BWC Release A Wrestler Night Info!

Every New Year KWE/BWC has a special night where they release a KWE/BWC wrestler from their KWE/BWC contract and that wrestler will never work for the KWE/BWC again. And the best thing about it is that the fans vote on what wrestler they want released from the KWE/BWC, so every New Year’s Eve a KWE/BWC wrestler will be released from his KWE/BWC contract and can never resign it!

“Goddiess 2014” Story Idea!

“Goddiess 2014” is a new short story collection featuring the continuing adventures of the lost god Goddiess. “Goddiess 2014” is about Goddiess teaming up with mythical figures, historical figures and other “That Spells Action Heroes” in many different quests with one mysterious connection. Goddiess will team up with mythical figures and historical figures like Joan of Arc, Jason and the Argonauts, Odysseus, Perseus, Hercules, and Harry Houdini. Plus Goddiess’s old allies Ted Brook, Rob the Ogre, Doggiess, Professor Faun, Opie the Centaur, Sobek, The Green Demon, Holy Death, Ozman and Lee will also aide Goddiess in his many different quests. Goddiess will face familiar enemies like The Yellow Shogun, Red Rhino, Death Clown, Sator Wee, Ares, Hades, Devil Devil the Pig, Dean Deathlock, Kraeoo and Chaos the Demon along with some new enemies. Can Goddiess save the day once again? Read “Goddiess 2014” when it comes out very soon!


KWE/BWC Ring Tales!

KWE/BWC Ring Tales is KWE/BWC’s oldest wrestling show and is still on the air today. Many of KWE/BWC’s top stars had made their debut on this show.

KWE/BWC Apocalypse!

KWE/BWC Apocalypse is KWE/BWC’s newest wrestling show, and all of its matches are hardcore matches. People who love hardcore matches, will love KWE/BWC Apocalypse.

KWE/BWC News Show!

KWE/BWC News Show is a wrestling news show, and it tells news about what is happening in the KWE/BWC. And it is also a Sketch comedy show with funny skits within the news show. And it is hosted by The Anchorman.

KWE/BWC Hardcore!

KWE/BWC Hardcore is a show that only shows hardcore matches, and sometimes has ladder matches. KWE/BWC Hardcore is the best show for hardcore fans!


KWE/BWC Slam is BWC’s first show and is the home of many of BWC’s historical moments. KWE/BWC Slam is on Wednesdays from 7:00pm-10:07pm.

Time for Sports!

Time for Sports is a talk show and a wrestling news show hosted by Larry Sports. Time for Sports was originally on KWE/BWC Slam, but it soon became its own show. It is on Sunday mornings from 5:00am-9:00am.

Mr. Safari’s Jungle Show!

Mr. Safari’s Jungle Show is a talk show hosted by Mr. Safari. It is on after KWE/BWC Hardcore. It is co-hosted by Mr. Safari’s pets Rat the Rattlesnake and Little Red.

“An untitled two princesses and their annoying brother story” Story Idea!

“An untitled two princesses and their annoying brother story” is about in a faraway fairy tale kingdom live two beautiful princess sisters who share a special bond and also one younger annoying brother. After the deaths of the king and queen a.k.a. their parents, due to the younger annoying brother being the only male in the family he inherits the royal throne but yet he wishes one of his more responsible older sisters would be the next ruler of their kingdom even though by royal rules they can’t be. Because this young prince isn’t power hungry nor is he wanting to become a king…the young prince, his pet a talking miniature schnauzer named Hogan, and his other pet a talking giraffe named Mandela run away from home and after they run away his two loving older sisters go on a quest to bring him home. During their quest to find their younger annoying brother, the two older sisters must battle an evil dragon, two dim-witted ogres, and a horrible harpy. While running away, the young prince battles a bunch of giant spiders, deals with a con man leprechaun, befriends a group of barbarians, and battles an army of living skeletons. Also throughout the story the three siblings discover that each other them has a special magical power like the eldest sister discovers she has the power to make ultrasonic screams, the middle sister discovers that she has the power of precognition, and the young prince discovers he has the power of probability manipulation. Plus, little do the three siblings know is that they are being secretly watched by five evil witches who want to kill them. Along the way the three siblings’ relationship grows stronger and so does their love of each other. In the end, even though at times they may not get along, they all learn that they all care about each other and that in the end they are still a family! Will the two princess sisters succeed their quest to bring their younger annoying brother home and will the younger annoying brother discover his true destiny? Read “An untitled two princesses and their annoying brother story” when it comes out very soon!

Characters in “An untitled Prequel to the Entire Magic Wars Series” Story Idea!

·        Oouguya

·        Lord Loveland Frog

·        Head Master Riddle Emu

·        Riddle Ocelot

·        Riddle Hyena

·        Riddle Puffin

·        Riddle Coati

·        Louie Leprechaun

·        Sid Saiga

·        Ku-Ba the Coruptoren Wizard

·        The Anti-Four (War, Famine, Pestilence, & Death)

·        Tinker Bell

·        Ling-Hoh

·        Patrick Pangolin

·        War The Rhinotaur

·        The Knight

·        Charlie the Genie

·        Poseidon

·        King Lark of the Dragons

·        Mr. Hats

·        Henry K. Faun

·        Moeguya

·        Doeguya

·        Tomhagi

·        Oouguya Jr.

·        The Spirit Guardian

·        Ron Roc

·        Dr. Ankylosaurus

·        Harris the Hare

·        Roupy the Minotaur

·        Sikios

·        Craig Evan Baruchel

·        Irwin Mark

·        Donna Paige

·        Ewen Black

·        Xarpheus

Thursday, January 2, 2014

KWE/BWC Fan Club!

Fans of the KWE/BWC unite! Are you a diehard wrestling fan then join the most awesome fan club around. You get a season pass to the KWE/BWC Arena and see the action anytime you feel like it. So be a fan today!

Membership: $200

Head of the KWE/BWC Fan Club: Alex Norman

Go to www.KWE/ for more info

Frog Man the Monster!

Soon our heroes were in the Florida Everglades and they went to look for Frog Man. Our heroes soon found Frog Man but he looked different. “Are you Frog Man,” asked Spy Lion. “I was, now I’m almost a frog creature,” said Frog Man. “I saw old pictures of you, you looked like a man in a frog costume, now you look like a frog, what happened,” said Midgetstine. “Well, after I ate that radioactive frog food I gained the powers of a frog, but over time that frog food turned me into a half-human and half-frog creature, all I want now is to get rid of this curse, and I’m in hiding because of my monstrous form,” said Frog Man. “But we need your help, we want you to join the heroes army,” said Goddiess. “Look, I’m retired from crime fighting, but since I’m bored of swimming I guess I’ll go with you,” said Frog Man. “Great, then I guess we’ll…,” said Goddiess. Then from out of nowhere Turtle Man and Pelican King appeared. “Look there they are, you guys are coming with us,” said Pelican King. “Not if we can help it,” said Goddiess. Soon our heroes started fighting Pelican King and Turtle Man. After a half-hour of fighting out heroes defeated Pelican King and Turtle Man. “Alright now then let’s…,” said Goddiess. Then our heroes heard a loud buzzing noise, they turned around and saw Purple Mosquito & Green Mosquito. “Oh great, more freaks,” said Goddiess. Then our heroes stared fighting Purple Mosquito & Green Mosquito. After another couple of minutes of fighting our heroes defeated Purple Mosquito & Green Mosquito. Soon Frog Man started eating Purple Mosquito & Green Mosquito. “That’s nasty,” said Goddiess. “What, I’m half frog what do you expect,” said Frog Man. “Alright, I guess the next hero on our list is Orangutan Man, now let’s head to the rainforests of South America, because rumor has it he’s there,” said Spy Lion. Soon Goddiess teleported our heroes to the rainforests of South America to look for Orangutan Man. Can Goddiess and Spy Lion find enough superheroes to join the heroes army? All we know is that the only person who can really save the day is Max Storm, but he’s going to be hard to find!


Old Friends in the Himalayas!

Soon our heroes landed in the middle of the Himalayas. “Why are we here,” asked Dr. Strong. “Because, I know some people who can help us stop Long, they taught me everything I know about fighting,” said Max Storm. “Are you sure we couldn’t just go to the military for some help,” asked Dr. Laser. “I have a feeling our president is working for Long, now go get your friends Mr. Storm,” said Goddiess. Then Max Storm left the jet and he went to find the hideout of Veg, Chag, and Yeti. Veg, Chag, and Yeti were not only the people who taught Max Storm some fighting skills, they used to be members of the Wise Monks, the rival group of the Red Crickets. Now we go back inside The Gifted’s jet where Ted Brook felt funny. “I feel sick guys,” said Ted Brook. Then Ted Brook fainted out of the chair. “Ted, oh my god, do you guys have any medical help,” cried Goddiess. “We have a first aid box, but what did your friend do before we got on the jet,” asked Dr. Strong. “Well, he went into your fridge for a drink, I still have the bottle that he drank” said Goddiess. Then Goddiess handed Dr. Strong the bottle that was labeled “Chemical G1”. “Oh crap, your friend drank Chemical G1, he may either be dead or have super powers,” said Dr. Strong. “What do you mean by super powers,” asked Goddiess. “Chemical G1 gave us our powers, and your friend may also become a super powered being,” said Dr. Strong. Then Ted Brook started changing into what looks like a bodybuilder. “Oh crap,” said Dr. Laser. Now we go to Max Storm inside the hideout of Veg, Chag, and Yeti. “So Mr. Storm, you say Long is going to take over the mortal realm and you need our help,” asked Veg. “Yes, you guys stopped the Red Crickets lots of time, I mean I got some help with a bunch of superheroes but I still may need you guys,” said Max Storm. “Master Veg, should we help Mr. Storm and his team to stop Long,” asked Chag. “Hmm, Mr. Storm, we’ll help you, but I have something to say,” said Veg. “What Master Veg,” asked Max Storm. “We’re going to help you, but technically you and only you have the power to stop Long and you will become the…I mean, let’s get out of here, Yeti, grab the tea,” said Veg. “What were you saying about me becoming something after I defeat Long, Master Veg,” asked Max Storm. “I was just going to say you’ll be a true hero in stopping him, now let’s go,” said Veg. Soon our heroes flew off with Veg, Chag, and Yeti to the center portal to the demon realm. But what does Veg know about Max Storm that he didn’t want Max to know? Whatever it is it will definitely change the future of Max Storm!

George talks to the Gods!

“You mean that Hades is going to attack the mortal world first, we have to stop him,” cried George. “Look, the gods don’t want to help the mortals, for a reason I can’t say, but mostly it’s because Hades isn’t allowed up here,” said Professor Faun. “That’s it, I’m going to talk with these so called gods and tell’em how a really feel,” yelled George. Then George started walking out of Professor Faun’s study. “Wait, they’ll kill me for having mortals up here, please….please don’t go,” cried Professor Faun. Then the gods were having a meeting then George interrupted them. “You again, what are you doing back here,” yelled Zeus. “I’m here because I’m the current guy who controls Goddiess, and I’m pissed off because my world is going to be destroyed and you assholes aren’t doing anything,” yelled George. “How dare you call us something like that,” yelled Zeus. “Sorry, but why aren’t you helping the mortals, Hades is going to win and you sit up here and watch him destroy the things I care about,” yelled George. “We don’t want to help the mortals for one reason only, they don’t believe,” said Zeus. “What do you mean by they don’t believe,” asked George. “You see, there was a time when each of us was worshiped by the mortals, then came Jesus Christ and bam, just like that, the mortals think we’re myths, they think it’s only one god in town, we just died, that’s why, the mortals forgot about us and nothing more,” said Zeus. “Look, I’m sorry that no one thinks you’re real anymore, but look, this is your chance to save the world, and besides, wasn’t your own son Hercules once a mortal,” said George. “He’s right father,” said Hercules. “Alright, we’ll help the mortals, but how, Hades isn’t allowed to come up here,” said Zeus. “And who said why not,” said George. “What do you mean,” asked Zeus. “Well, I say we should battle Hades up here, I’ll become Goddiess again and you tell him the plan,” said George. “Alright, we’ll call Hades to Asgard, and we’ll end this once and for all,” said Zeus. Then George lifted up the Green Ax and turned into Goddiess. “Welcome back Goddiess, we need your help,” said Zeus. “I’ll help the gods once more, let’s end Hades and trap him in the Underworld once more,” yelled Goddiess. Then the gods started cheering, and it looks like the final battle will start!

Max Storm meets the Red Bros.!

Our heroes were flying the Maxmobile when they decided to land in a forest. Max Storm was walking on a trail when all of a sudden he saw a Bigfoot. “Hey big buddy, I’m not going to hurt you,” said Max Storm. Then Max Storm heard a gunshot, and then he saw that the Bigfoot was dead. “What the…who killed the Bigfoot,” said Max Storm. Then he saw to strong guys with guns. “Hey you, get out of our way, we work for the government, that Bigfoot body is belongs to the government,” said one of the hunters. “Who are you guys,” asked Max Storm. “I’m Mike Red, and he’s my brother Rick Red, and together we’re the Red Bros., and we’re collecting monsters for the government,” said Mike Red. “But this Bigfoot is not evil, and you just killed it for the government,” said Max Storm. “Yes, and what are you doing here,” asked Rick Red. “I’m Max Storm, I’m a monster hunter,” yelled Max Storm. “Max Storm huh, I heard about you, you killed werewolves and vampires, we kill real monsters not the one’s in fantasyland,” said Mike Red. Then the Skull Slasher came running to Max Storm. “Hey Max, let’s get out of here,” said the Skull Slasher. “Hey, that’s the Skull Slasher, he’s a wanted man, Mr. Skull you’re under arrest,” said Rick Red. Then the Red Bros. handcuffed the Skull Slasher. “Dude, help me,” cried the Skull Slasher. Then Max Storm pulled out his gun and shot Rick Red in the arm. “Ahhhh, my arm,” cried Rick Red. Then Max Storm ran up and kicked Mike Red in the nuts, and then Max freed the Skull Slasher. “Let’s get out of here Skull,” yelled Max Storm. Then our heroes ran to the Maxmobile and flew away. Now we go to the Red Bros. heading back to their truck. “Bro, are you all right,” asked Mike Red. “I’m fine,” said Rick Red. Then out of nowhere the Demon King Mogw popped out. “Hello gentlemen, want to make a deal,” said Mogw. “Who are you,” asked Mike Red. “A person who is more powerful than the U.S. government,” said Mogw. What will happen next? Nobody knows!

Spy Lion Dies!

Spy Lion and Exclamation Point were fighting each other, and then Exclamation Point soon killed Spy Lion. “I did it, Spy Lion is dead,” yelled Exclamation Point. Then Ms. Condor flew over towards Spy Lion, and she soon found out that he was dead. Then out of anger Ms. Condor started attacking Exclamation Point, and soon she knocked Exclamation Point out. A couple of days later, Exclamation Point was in jail, a funeral for Spy Lion was held, and General Brown became the new leader of the Spy Lion Squad. The city was sad that Spy Lion had died, but they were glad that his killer was behind bars. Ms. Condor was very sad that she lost the man she loved. And the city soon made a statue of Spy Lion in the city park. The world has lost a hero, but the world was still safe, because of the Spy Lion Squad. And Chris Walker (Spy Lion) didn’t die as a monster, but he had died as a hero. Buzz and Kirk were shut off for good. Also a couple of months later X-Eye became the president of the United States of America. I guess now X-Eye did finally get to rule the world, and the world was in peace, for now!

The End!

Dark West looks for a Thunderbird

Dark West was in Arizona looking for a Thunderbird. Dark West is really a sheriff’s deputy in the Wild West, but he becomes Dark West when he becomes a mediaeval knight. Dark West was frozen in a block of ice, and was soon found by the Scuba Diver Bros. and they melted him, now Dark West is a member of the Cool Club. Dark West was soon riding his horse when he soon saw a Thunderbird flying right above him. “That bird is mine,” yelled Dark West. “Not on my watch,” yelled Professor Snout. Soon Professor Snout caught the Thunderbird in a net and got away. “Dam, well time to hit the open trail,” said Dark West. Now Dina has more Cryptids! But will the Cool Club get more? Nobody knows!

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Steven "Bucky" Butler's Upcoming Improv Show News!

On January 25th 2014 at 1:00 P.M. at Metropolis Performing Arts Center in Arlington Heights, IL see me in an improv show starring my classmates and I! Even though I have readers all over the world allegedly, if U live in or around the Chicago suburbs you're welcome to attend. Hurry before tickets sell out (it's a pretty small theater anyway). Now to end this post here's more info of my upcoming improv show. Thanks 4 Reading!

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Spotty & The Internet Stars!

Spotty Jr. was working on his Youtube account when from out of nowhere his dad walk in and tripped on his skateboard. “Son, I told you to put you skateboard away, now and tripped on it and…,” said Spotty. “Dad, that was funny, and I got it on camera, now to upload it on Youtube,” said Spotty Jr. Then Spotty Jr. uploaded the video of Spotty tripping on his skateboard on Youtube and in just under ten seconds, the video got 10 million views. “Damn, people really want to see the lamest stuff on the internet, right dad, ah dad,” said Spotty Jr. Then Spotty was watching the news on TV and they were talking about his video. “This just in, an internet video popped up from out of nowhere about some gay six-foot dog tripping over a skateboard, I don’t know why people would be into that, but it got all five stars on Youtube and rumors began to surface that he’ll appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Tyra Banks Show, now in other news…,” said the anchorman. “I never knew you could get famous in less than ten seconds, this is awesome,” said Spotty. Soon Spotty heard the phone ring and he went to answer it. “Hello…yes I’m dog who tripped over skateboard…what…okay…tomorrow at five, I’ll see yah there,” said Spotty on the phone. “So what was that all about,” asked Spotty Jr. “They want me to meet with other internet stars at a Best Buy four miles away,” said Spotty. “I guess you’re in some crazy situation again,” said Spotty Jr. “You know it, well let’s get to bed,” said Spotty. Soon Spotty Jr. and Spotty were getting ready for bed, but why are all the internet stars going to meet at some Best Buy for? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Chapter 1 Free Preview: The Giant & The Dragon!

Once upon a time in a faraway land there were three kingdoms. One kingdom was ruled by man, one kingdom was ruled by dragons, while the other was ruled by giants. The giants’ kingdom and the dragons’ kingdom were bitter rivals…but as for the kingdom ruled by man…man was smart enough not to intervene. But that will all change because one day…a giant, a dragon, and a man would soon grow a loyal friendship with one another. Our story begins in the kingdom ruled by man. In that kingdom there lived three thieves who were basically on the run from the law. The three thieves’ names were Sam, Grub, and Mist. Sam was very handsome and the leader of the group. Grub was very fat and very strong. Mist was a tomboy female wizard who was a little crazy at heart. Sam, Grub, and Mist were all best friends and together they were very good thieves. But they all had one thing in common…they all didn’t want to be thieves. Why are they thieves…they have no choice. They were broke and they all wanted to make quick cash. But one day the cocky leader Sam planned a big heist to rob the king of his riches. So Sam, Grub, and Mist were in their hideout preparing for the king’s royal ball where they would enter and rob the king during the ball. Sam, Grub, and Mist would enter the royal ball by lying saying that they were a part of the ritzy society. Now we go to Sam, Grub, and Mist getting dressed for the royal ball. “Alright guys, if this plan works we’ll be rich as the king himself…all we need to do is to not get caught by the king’s guards,” said Sam. “Yah, because we’re wanted men…so can we review the plan again Sam old buddy,” said Grub. “Alright…we enter the ball…we’ll lie and say were all royalty from another kingdom, I’ll distract the guards while you two find the king’s vault and steal the goods,” said Sam. “That plan sounds stupid…how can only you distract all the royal guards,” said Mist. “Hey I’ve been known to work miracles…now let’s head to the king’s castle…and after this, we will truly be the greatest outlaws in history,” said Sam. Sam, Grub, and Mist began to laugh happily together. Now we go to the king’s castle where the king was sitting on his throne with The Knight. The Knight is the head of the royal guard and The Knight is a legendary monster hunter. The Knight claims to have slain many dragons and giants in his lifetime. “Knight my old friend we have only but a few minutes until the royal ball…and the day I…oh wait I don’t want to spoil the surprise,” said The King. The King’s daughter Princess Courtney entered the king’s throne room. “Father…what do you think of my dress for the ball,” asked Princess Courtney. Princess Courtney was very beautiful and was loved by her people. Also secretly, Sam has a crush of Princess Courtney. Also I forgot to mention that Sam is a bit of a ladies’ man. “My darling you look beautiful as always…now at the ball I have a big surprise for you and you better like it,” said The King. “I hope it’s a good surprise father…and I hope you haven’t found a husband for me yet,” said Princess Courtney. “No guessing honey…now leave and greet the guests, they should be arriving very soon,” said The King. Princess Courtney left the king’s throne room. “Your majesty…is the surprise a husband for your daughter,” asked The Knight. “Yes…but she can be so stubborn…but I may have finally found her the right man,” said The King. Soon Sam, Grub, and Mist arrived for the royal ball. But will the heist work? I have a feeling it probably won’t!

Spotty & Stork Play Script I wrote 4 School!



Spotty and Stork are sitting on a couch together watching TV together. In Spotty’s house are pictures of Spotty’s friends and family hanging on the walls. Also while they are watching TV, Spotty and Stork are listening to "Piano Man" by Billy Joel on Spotty’s radio.




Man, listening to Billy Joel rock on the radio and watching old TV shows with one of my best friends is awesome.

Stork then taps Spotty on the shoulder.


Yah Beardy…oh sorry…I mean…yah Stork…


Hey Spotty, can you get me a beer?


Sure dude, would you like anything else master? I was also going to get some Oreos because I have the munchies.


Just a beer Spotty, no cookies, no pies, and no Twinkies…just a beer…do you understand?


Okay…could I have a beer?


Whatever man it’s your house…oh and Spotty…


Yes, Stork…


Don’t ever call me Beardy again.  I swear, because we are two different animals.  I mean your friend Beardy is a Miniature Schnauzer for god’s sake.  Do I look like a dog to you…?


Sorry, I’m just a little confused that you’re playing my friend when actually Beardy is my sidekick in my books and you’re…


Hush dude!  I know we rarely interact with each other, but the theater class doesn’t know that.  Yes, I just broke the fourth wall, so what….

Stork then winked to the audience and Spotty then looked confused….


Ah, alright.  I’ll get you the last beer in the refrigerator then.  You’ll tell me what I missed on the show we’re watching, right?  Because this is a new episode and…


Spotty, we’re watching ALF.  There hasn’t been a new episode since the 80s and it’s on a DVD you own…


But I’ve just bought it at Wal-Mart for five bucks and…


Look, just get my beer, Spotty.  God, why do I hang out with you?


Because we’re friends….


Why are we friends again?


How can you say that!


Look, Spotty, to be honest I’m only here because my other friends are busy and you were available.


Likewise.  But I saved your life in the fourth grade….


No.  I just slipped on a pencil and you told a teacher.  And that teacher just took me to the nurse.  Plus, I wasn’t even hurt. I just tripped over a freaking pencil.


But I was the one who said that you should stop delivering babies and go on wonderful adventures with me.


But now I sell insurance and you sell toasters because we needed real jobs.  I mean, come on. How will we make money just being adventurers?


We could’ve had our own show on the History channel or something.

(Spotty sighs)

What happened to us man?  We used to be fighting bad guys and saving the day.  But now we’re just two guys who had a day off of our lame jobs and are sitting on the couch drinking beers and watching reruns of ALF.


Truly, it’s paradise.  Now about that beer…

 Spotty begins to cry.


Stop crying, dude!  So what?  I’m a talking stork and you’re a talking dog.  We’re both odd and like everyone else in the world we have to do things we hate for a living.

Spotty slowly stops crying and then smiles.

   Stork looks at Spotty confused.


I just remembered how we became friends.  I was a talking dog who had no friends and you were a talking stork who had no friends. What brought us together was the fact we are stupid animals who can talk. We’re two wild and crazy talking cartoon animals.


Spotty, what you just said makes no sense at all.  I bet you hear this a lot….but you’re an idiot.


Plus, I chose a talking stork because Yogi Bear was busy that night and….

                                                                        Stork then sighed and slowly began to leave Spotty’s house while Spotty was rambling.

                         Stork then hops in his car and drives back to his own house.

     A couple hours later, Spotty then realizes Stork left.


Great, not only did my only stork friend leave but now I have no idea what I had to tell him.  It was something important?

Spotty’s cell phone rings and he answers it.


Hey Stork…forget something….Stork…

Now we see Stork lying on the floor back at his house passed out. Then we slowly see that Stork’s house was being fumigated for a cockroach problem.


Oh well…I guess I can see what my other friends are up to…but first…

Spotty then grabs a box of Oreos and a bottle of Mountain Dew.


Now…it’s me time.

     Spotty began to watch TV while eating Oreos and drinking a bottle of Mountain Dew.


Maybe after me time, I can finally get that beer….I think I can make it to the bar before last call….


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