Friday, July 15, 2016

The Cast of Sith Vs. Sikios: Round Two!

The Cast of Sith Vs. Sikios: Round Two!
·      Sith
·      Zygurat
·      Sikios
·      Spotty
·      Moeguya
·      The Skull Slasher
·      Coyote
·      Mole
·      Max Storm
·      Long
·      Mr. Arms
·      Wise Wizard
·      Raptor Claw
·      Mr. Big
·      Fred
·      Lion
·      Ivan the Crusher
·      X-Eye (Henry Q.)
·      Spider Hand
·      Bucky Potter
·      Lester BarnSwallow
·      Killshot
·      Fearsome the Alligator
·      Night Watch
·      Oliver Owl
·      Dr. Frankenstein

·      Igor

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Silly Squad + Internet=Wrestling (Short Story Version)!

Silly Squad INC. is the #1 entertainment company of its class. They still do entertaining at birthday parties, TV shows, movies, internet clips, merchandising, a theme park, and “The Silly Squad Channel” which is a subscription video on demand television service and it now has over 200,000 subscribers. They own both Shekys INC. and True Funny INC., which at a time were their biggest rivals. They also now own Bros. Ink and Lixey Bros. Studios. Soon Silly Squad INC.’s CEO Flea-Boy the Clown announced that Silly Squad INC. is now a public company and trades on the NYSE. Also Silly Squad INC. just acquired the Japanese animation film studioUncle Akira Productions” which made many successful Japanese cartoons and some of them have never been seen in America. 

Silly Squad INC. just also recently acquired rival media conglomerate Liarmun Media. Liarmun Media is an owner of 65 daily newspapers, 50 local independent television stations, and 30 local radio stations nationwide. With the acquiring of Liarmun Media, Silly Squad INC. is now one of the most powerful media conglomerates in the world today. Flea-Boy the Clown’s vision of making people laugh is now one of the most successful corporations in the world today. 

Our story begins when Silly Squad was updating their ad-supported streaming video website called when they wanted to add another video library to their website other than their own.  Flea-Boy the Clown thought that he should form a partnership with wrestling promotion KWE/BWC. Flea-Boy the Clown and KWE/BWC CEO Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly soon signed an agreement that would allow Silly Squad and KWE/BWC to work together. KWE/BWC wrestlers soon guest starred on many Silly Squad TV shows and also the KWE/BWC TV shows aired on Silly Squad TV Channels. It seems Silly Squad and KWE/BWC was now unstoppable…until fate intervened.

Just as it seemed the Silly Squad and KWE/BWC deal would last forever…Coyote Corp Entertainment announced that it had formed a partnership with the KWE/BWC. The Silly Squad lost the rights to use the KWE/BWC video library on their TV channels and websites, and Flea-Boy the Clown soon realized that most of the Silly Squad’s fan base were wrestling fans. Now that the Silly Squad no longer had a partnership with KWE/BWC it lost most of its fan base to Coyote Corp Entertainment. Sadly Flea-Boy the Clown and Silly Squad INC. would face more divesting blows. Silly Squad INC. was losing money and the public began to get sick of Silly Squad entertainment. It now seemed that Silly Squad INC. was facing bankruptcy. Can Silly Squad INC. escape bankruptcy? That’s a whole other story to tell!

Sith vs. Sikios Round Two: Part 2!

Now we go to the library of The Wise Wizard who was watching Sith and Sikios universe through a crystal ball. Then The Wise Wizard’s current apprentice Bucky Potter entered The Wise Wizard’s library. “Hey Wise Wizard…I finished my chores so I’m ready for my training,” said Bucky Potter. “Bucky can you wait a momement I have to watch the world I create…it seems that they are beginning to rebel against their master,” said The Wise Wizard. “They’re rebelling against you,” asked Bucky Potter. “No…this world I created inside a crystal ball was precisely created for Moeguya to rule…but yet Moeguya’s power grows weaker because the people rebel…you know what that means Bucky,” asked The Wise Wizard. “What master,” asked Bucky Potter. “If they defeat Moeguya he’ll return to our world,” said The Wise Wizard. “But I thought you trapped Moeguya inside that crystal ball forever, how can he escape if he’s killed,” asked Bucky Potter. “Let’s just say if he’s killed he’ll return to the Demon Realm and if he returns to the Demon Realm he’ll find a portal back to our world….I can’t let Moeguya die in the universe I created for him…I must intervene,” said The Wise Wizard. So we just found out that Sith and Sikios live inside a universe inside a crystal ball created by The Wise Wizard. Also this universe inside a crystal ball was created pacifically for Moeguya to rule. Now we return to Sith and Sikios where they just defeated Night Watch, Killshot, and Fearsome the Alligator. But then, Zygurat appeared from out of nowhere and attacked Sith, Sikios, and Spotty. Soon Zygurat knocked out Sith, Sikios, and Spotty. When our heroes awoke they were inside Moeguya’s castle. 

Our heroes then saw Moeguya sitting on his throne with Zygurat and The Skull Slasher standing beside him on opposite sides. “Hello again…you three know why you’re here,” asked Moeguya in a weak voice. “Because you just want to kill us,” asked Spotty. “No…you three each have something I want….Sith and Sikios I need your combined strength…and as for you Spotty…I need your heart,” said Moeguya in a weak voice. “I’m afraid of commitment,” cried Spotty. “Not love…your heart will give me a soul,” yelled Moeguya. “That doesn’t make any sense,” said Sikios. “Enough…time for me to gain your unique powers,” said Moeguya in a weak voice. “Should we put each of them in the machine,” asked Zygurat. “Can I kick Sikios ass…the bastard shot me in the knee,” yelled The Skull Slasher. “Put them in the machine…and to answer your question Skull…they’ll be dead soon enough,” yelled Moeguya. Zygurat then tied up Sith, Sikios, and Spotty and threw them into individual pods. “Pull the lever Igor,” yelled Dr. Frankenstein. “Yes master…but I won’t like it,” said Igor. 

Igor then pulled the lever and soon Sith, Sikios, and Spotty were being completely and physically drained of their life forces. Moeguya was slowly begin to gain strength from our heroes. Igor could hear screams from inside the machine and Igor then turned off the machine. “Oh my god…we have to help them,” cried Igor. Igor then ran to try and free our heroes. But then from out of nowhere escaped convict Fred attacked Igor. “Master Moeguya…I escaped out of prison again to serve you,” yelled Fred. “Fred…like we really need your help…this is like the fifth time you escaped from jail,” said The Skull Slasher. “Enough…since Igor wants them out of the machine he can let them out…I have enough energy drain Sith, Sikios and Spotty myself,” said Moeguya. Just then from out of nowhere someone shot Fred. It was Killshot who shot Fred. “Dude…why did you shoot me, that freaking hurt man…aren’t you working for Moeguya,” cried Fred in pain. “One I’m a bounty hunter and I see a lot of wanted men in this room, Moeguya…time for you to die,” yelled Killshot. Killshot then attacked Moeguya and while Killshot was fighting Moeguya Igor freed Sith, Sikios, and Spotty. “You three, run to safety…before it’s too late,” cried Igor. “Thanks Igor…but first we need to defeat some foes,” yelled Sith. Soon Sith and Sikios joined Killshot in fighting Moeguya. Spotty was watching the fight when he heard a voice inside his head again. “SPOTTY,” cried the mysterious voice inside Spotty’s head. 

“Spotty…my name is The Wise Wizard and I’m the true creator of your world…now listen…tell your friends to stop hurting Moeguya,” cried The Wise Wizard inside Spotty’s mind. “So why can’t we defeat Moeguya Mr. Wise Wizard…he’s the bad guy and he wants my heart,” said Spotty. “Look this sounds crazy but if Moeguya dies he’ll enter the Demon Realm and through access of the Demon Realm…Moeguya could find a way to return to my world…the real world,” cried The Wise Wizard. “But don’t I live in the real world,” asked Spotty. “Actually you live in a small universe inside a crystal ball…so stop your friends from hurting Moeguya…because if you don’t the real world is in danger….I’m sorry Spotty…but Moeguya must win this war, go before it’s too late,” cried The Wise Wizard. Spotty then pulled out his rifle and then Spotty shot Killshot in the knee. “Spotty, what are you doing,” cried Sikios. “Sorry guys…but you can’t kill Moeguya…I won’t go into details but Moeguya needs to live,” cried Spotty. “That god damn dog shot me in my freaking knee,” cried Killshot in pain. “Welcome to my world,” said The Skull Slasher. Just then our heroes heard helicopters from outside Moeguya’s castle. Those were W.H.O. helicopters coming to help our heroes defeat Moeguya. “Great…W.H.O. soldiers are coming, so long heroes we’ll meet again…but just to make sure you won’t escape with me…I’ll let my henchmen kill you,” yelled Moeguya. Moeguya then opened a blackish-purplish portal and he went through it. Zygurat and The Skull Slasher followed Moeguya through the blackish-purplish portal. “So long assholes,” yelled The Skull Slasher. “Wait for me…,” yelled Fred. Fred then jumped into the blackish-purplish portal before it disappeared. “Crap…damn it Spotty they got away,” cried Sith. “That’s not our only problem,” cried Spotty. 

Just then demons were all over Moeguya’s castle. But luckily W.H.O. soldiers arrived to help our heroes. Now we go to W.H.O. headquarters where Spotty, Sith, Sikios, and Killshot were having a meeting with the head of W.H.O. Lion. “You four better tell me where Moeguya went and why did you let him escape,” yelled Lion. “It was all that damn dog’s fault…he helped Moeguya escape,” cried Killshot. “But I can explain, you see…,” cried Spotty. Just then Lion paused and then he sighed. “Alright….you four are free to go…and if you four want to sign up for membership in the W.H.O. army, talk to Lester BarnSwallow, now get out of here,” said Lion. “Sorry for the trouble,” said Sith. “What was that all about,” asked Sikios to himself. Spotty, Sith, Sikios, and Killshot left the room and Lion sighed. “Wise Wizard…I wish you can at least let us defend ourselves…because I feel a great war is coming…are you still there,” said Lion to himself. So it seems Lion knows about The Wise Wizard and he let our heroes off the hook. Also, Night Watch, Fearsome the Alligator, and Dr. Frankenstein were captured by W.H.O. soldiers and now they are all in the W.H.O. prison. But as for Igor…Igor redeemed his evil ways and is now an ally for our heroes. Sith, Spotty, and Sikios soon became W.H.O. agents and even Killshot rejoined W.H.O. Now our heroes are fighting for peace with W.H.O. but little do our heroes know is that a war is about to start between the forces of good and evil? When will this war begin? Only time will tell!


Sith vs. Sikios Round Two: Part 1!

It has been two years since our last adventure. Sith and Sikios have formed a partnership and they were currently after The Skull Slasher. The Skull Slasher has been wanted for years and he has killed many people. But little do Sith and Sikios know is that The Skull Slasher is actually one of Moeguya’s henchmen. Moeguya was plotting a plan to capture the powers of Sith and Sikios. Moeguya teamed up with Dr. Frankenstein and Igor who made Moeguya a machine that will suck out both Sith and Sikio’s energies. Why does Moeguya need a machine to gain Sith and Sikios’s energies? Because little do our heroes know is that Moeguya is growing weaker and he can’t suck their energies himself. But there is one more thing Moeguya needs that Sith and Sikios could provide. Moeguya needs a heart and the only person with a very powerful heart is Spotty. 

Sith and Sikios last met Spotty as a bartender. Using his supernatural powers Moeguya communicated with Spotty through his mind and told Spotty that he was god. Moeguya told Spotty to quit being a bartender and become a bounty hunter. Moeguya then told Spotty to bring Sith and Sikios back to his castle. Spotty thinking Moeguya was god and not the bad guy….quit his job as a bartender and began his went out to look for Sith and Sikios. Our story begins when Sith and Sikios were about to capture The Skull Slasher when….from out of nowhere Spotty sneaks up behind them. “Hey guys…who are we after,” asked Spotty. “Where the hell did you come from,” asked Sikios. “Oh I remember you…weren’t you that bartender who was an idiot,” asked Sith. “I was a bartender…but god told me to become a bounty hunter….like you guys and he wants me to bring you guys to his castle,” said Spotty. “Why would god have a castle,” asked Sikios. “Please can I team up with you and then we can look for god’s castle,” said Spotty. “Alright…you can help us by just waiting here while we capture The Skull Slasher,” said Sith. “Alright,” said Spotty. Spotty then stood guard while Sith and Sikios attacked The Skull Slasher. After a quick fight…Sith and Sikios defeated The Skull Slasher and they were about to arrest him when he suddenly pleaded with Sith and Sikios. “Look…let me go…I can take you two to a better bounty than me…if you let me go,” pleaded The Skull Slasher. “Look…we’re bounty hunters and you’re the criminal…just come with us before you make an idiot out of yourself,” yelled Sikios. “Wait…Long…I working for Long…I can take you to him,” yelled The Skull Slasher. “Who the heck is Long,” asked Sith. “Long is the leader of the Red Crickets and Long is basically a crime lord…the Red Crickets control the drug trade, cock fighting, and they do other criminal activities…if you take him out you’ll be taking out one of the biggest criminals ever…plus more reward money,” cried The Skull Slasher. “Reward money…if you capture this Long guy and turn him in…the reward money will be worth more than you,” asked Sikios. “Yes…now can I take you to Long…I believe he’s currently meeting with other crime lords…you’ll make a lot of reward money if you do,” cried The Skull Slasher. Sith and Sikios began to think about The Skull Slasher offer. “Alright…you can take us to Long but then we take both you and Long to jail…understand,” said Sith. “Yes…now follow me,” said The Skull Slasher. 

Soon The Skull Slasher took Sith, Sikios, and Spotty to Long’s hideout where a meeting a crime lords was taking place. Crime lords attending the meeting include Coyote, Mole, Raptor Claw, Mr. Big, Ivan the Crusher, X-Eye (Henry Q.), and Spider Hand. Long invited all of the crime lords because he wanted to unite them into one whole criminal organization (but the truth really is that Long’s just wants to kill all the crime lords at the meeting to eliminate his competition). Now we see Long sitting on a throne in a boardroom with Mr. Arms (Long’s bodyguard) by his side. “So as you can see gentlemen, if we join forces we can rule the world together…understand,” said Long. “Why should we merge with you…we’re all business rivals here,” yelled Mole while smoking a cigar. “Yah…why should we turn into a monopoly,” said Raptor Claw. “Also…does anyone yes smell gas,” asked Ivan the Crusher. “Gentlemen…surely we can…hold on gentlemen I have to used the restroom, excuse me,” said Long. Long then began to slowly leave the boardroom and Long then lit a match and threw it in the boardroom where the meeting of the crime lords was being held. Now we go outside where Sith and Sikios were about to enter Long’s hideout when they soon heard a loud explosion. “Dude,” cried Sikios. 

Sith and Sikios entered Long’s hideout and they soon heard Long laughing evilly. “Those fools…now I’m the only crime lord in the town and all the money will be mine,” laughed Long evilly. “Not so fast Long, you’re under arrest,” yelled Sith. “Who the devil are you two,” asked Long. “We’re bounty hunters,” yelled Sith and Sikios at the same time. “Bounty hunters…what do you want with me,” asked Long. Then Sikios attacked Long and Sith then attacked Mr. Arms. After a short fight Sith and Sikios handcuffed Long and Mr. Arms. “I can’t go to jail...curse you two….how did you guys even find my hideout,” asked Long. “Let’s just say a henchman of yours helped us find you,” said Sith. “Who…I’ll kill that bloody bastard,” said Long in anger. Just then Spotty came running towards our heroes. “You guys…The Skull Slasher escaped through a blackish-purplish portal and I don’t know where he went,” cried Spotty. “Why did we let him guard The Skull Slasher,” yelled Sikios. “Dude you shot The Skull Slasher in the knee to prevent him to escape so I thought Spotty could watch the injured Skull Slasher,” said Sith. “Wait…did you two say The Skull Slasher,” asked Long. “No another random guy I shot in the knee….who do you think we were talking about he works for you asshole,” cried Sikios. “The Skull Slasher doesn’t work for me,” cried Long. “Wait…The Skull Slasher isn’t one of your henchmen…does he even work for anybody,” asked Sith. “The Skull Slasher works for Moeguya…Moeguya must of opened a portal for him and that’s how he escaped from your idiot friend,” said Long. “So what now Sikios….do we try to find The Skull Slasher all over again,” asked Sith. “Well first let me call a friend of mine who will take these two to jail, he works for W.H.O.,” said Sikios. “W.H.O. you mean that World Help Organization…who do you know that works at W.H.O.,” asked Sith. “An old army body of mine named Lester BarnSwallow, now you two guard Long and Mr. Arms while I make a phone call,” said Sikios. 

Sikios then pulled out his cell phone and called Lester BarnSwallow at W.H.O. headquarters. Lester BarnSwallow is an agent of W.H.O. (World Help Organization) and a high ranking officer. Lester’s boss and the head of W.H.O. is Lion. Lion founded W.H.O. will his family fortune and now W.H.O.’s main propose is to fight crime and wars. A couple of hours later W.H.O. helicopters landed outside of Long’s hideout. Then coming out of one of the helicopters is Max Storm. Max Storm is a high ranking officer for W.H.O. and Max Storm is an old friend of The Skull Slasher. “So…you two bounty hunters caught Long, men arrest Long and Mr. Arms we’ll take them to the W.H.O. prison,” yelled Max Storm. Soon W.H.O. soldiers grabbed Long and Mr. Arms and took them into one of the W.H.O. helicopters. “Oh and Max…check inside the hideout…Long killed some crime lords and you guys should grab their bodies to be on the safe side,” said Sith. “Right…alright, you five soldiers go inside and look for dead bodies…now move it,” yelled Max Storm. W.H.O. soldiers went inside Long’s hideout to grab the bodies of crime lords who attend Long’s meeting. Luckily...some of the crime lords survived the explosion but they were quite injured. The crime lords who survived the explosion were Coyote, Raptor Claw, Mr. Big, Ivan the Crusher, and X-Eye (Henry Q.). Now Long, Mr. Arms, Coyote, Raptor Claw, Mr. Big, Ivan the Crusher, and X-Eye were arrested by W.H.O. and they are currently in the W.H.O. prison serving life sentences. “Alright…now is there anything else W.H.O. can do for you,” asked Max Storm. “No were good, tell Lester I said hi,” said Sikios. “Alright then…thanks for helping W.H.O. and call us again if there are any other problems,” said Max Storm. Soon Max Storm and the W.H.O. soldiers flew away in the helicopters and then Sith, Sikios, and Spotty tried to find their way back to the highway. “So…Sith and Sikios…what now fellow bounty hunters,” asked Spotty. “Freeze you three,” yelled a mysterious voice. Our heroes turned around and saw Night Watch standing behind them. “Night Watch…what do you want,” asked Sith. “You know this guy,” asked Sikios. “Yah…he’s a bounty hunter like us, but he’s a total dick,” said Sith. “Then I guess you remember the guys huh Sith,” said Night Watch. Then Killshot and Fearsome the Alligator walked out in front of our heroes. “These the guys Moeguya wanted,” asked Killshot. “These losers don’t look so tough,” said Fearsome the Alligator. 

Night Watch, Killshot, and Fearsome the Alligator are bounty hunters who are currently working for Moeguya and they are Sith’s former friends. Also, Killshot used to work for W.H.O. but he was fired for his criminal ways. Night Watch also has his pet owl Oliver on his shoulder at all times. “So, you three want to come quietly or what,” asked Night Watch. “Screw you,” yelled Sikios. Sikios and Sith then attacked Night Watch, Killshot, and Fearsome the Alligator. Soon Sith and Sikios began fighting Night Watch, Killshot, and Fearsome the Alligator. Little did our heroes know was that they were being watched…not by Moeguya…but the true creator of their world. But who is the true creator? We’ll soon find out!