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The Spanish Characters from Bucky’s Mind (Short Story Version)!

“Hello, ever wonder where the Spanish characters created by Steven J. Butler, Jr. are today, well…we will soon find out…I’m the host of another reunion show and now let’s hit the road and cross the broader,” said Spotty. Our first stop is in at a wrestling arena in Mexico where we will see former KWE/BWC wrestlers signing autographs and T-shirts for $20.  These wrestlers include Mysterio, Lucha King Jr., San Luis Potosí, Crazy, Gorilla #2, and Lucha King. “So from what you’re telling me is that all of you are broke and need extra money…why don’t you all wrestle for money,” asked Spotty. “We were all fired,” yelled Mysterio, Lucha King Jr., San Luis Potosí, Crazy, Gorilla #2, and Lucha King at the same time. “For what,” asked Spotty. “We sold unlicensed KWE/BWC merchandise to fans,” said Lucha King. “Okay…Gorilla #2 I didn’t know you were Spanish,” said Spotty. “Nobody even knows who I am,” said Gorilla #2. “I thought you couldn’t talk,” said Spotty. “Whatever dog…when do we get paid…,” asked Gorilla #2. “Okay…moving on,” said Spotty. Now we go to El Killo and Hector who run a used car dealership. “First you guys were enemies now you work together…what happened,” asked Spotty. “Ever since the Magic Wars ended we needed to make some extra money so we took out a loan and opened up this dealership,” said El Killo. “Plus my wife just divorced me and the timing was right, so…how would you like a used car at 50% off,” asked Hector. “No thanks…moving on,” said Spotty. Now we go to Termite, Otto the Ostrich, Diablo the Phoenix, and Turtle Man who are now working at a Mexican restaurant. “So, you all went from storybook characters to waiters…how did it come to this,” asked Spotty. “Since my insurance company went bankrupt I needed money so I called my old friends and we opened a Mexican restaurant,” said Termite. “Also again…Otto and Turtle Man, you’re Spanish,” asked Spotty. “My mother was Spanish,” said Otto the Ostrich. “Since I’m just very slow people think I’m…what’s the word…,” said Turtle Man. During the conversation Turtle Man fell asleep. “Okay, moving on,” said Spotty. 

Now we go to Ossum the Homey Opossum and Gold Tooth who are currently in a federal prison for drug dealing. “Why did you two become drug dealers,” asked Spotty. “I’m innocent man…these cops are racist,” cried Ossum the Homey Opossum. “Okay…what about you Gold Tooth,” asked Spotty. “After my career went south…I done some messed up things besides drug dealing…I would really not like to talk anymore…do you have are money or not,” asked Gold Tooth. “I can’t give you two bail money and we’re talking with the warden for you two to get paroled so you two can do the reunion show,” said Spotty. “Oh Hell no,” yelled Ossum the Homey Opossum and Gold Tooth at the same time. “Good luck to you both,” said Spotty. “We don’t need luck man,” said Gold Tooth. “Okay…moving on,” said Spotty. Now we go to Ned Nacho, Apple & Lettuce who are on the menu at the Mexican restaurant run by Termite, Otto the Ostrich, Diablo the Phoenix, and Turtle Man. Oh we’re sorry…they were just eaten 5 minutes ago…may they rest in peace. “Ned Nacho and I went to school together in the 4th grade…I wish I could have been the one who had eaten him…it’s what he would have wanted,” said Spotty. To speed things up a bit here’s what some of our characters are up too, Happy Columbus Day Ghost is currently a Spanish teacher, Bug Boy is a bestselling author, Rusty the Changer is an internet billionaire, Bang & Boom are the only gay married couple living in the deep south, SX is a self-help fitness guru, and Rico the Parrot is an owner of a small pet store chain. “Now let’s go to the reunion of all of the Spanish characters featured in this show…they will be reunited after all these years and…,” said Spotty. Only San Luis Potosí, Termite, and Happy Columbus Day Ghost showed up to the reunion. “Wait…only three people showed up…where’s everybody else,” asked Spotty. “They didn’t want to attend because this whole thing is lame,” said Termite. “The reason the three of us came was to kick your butt for bugging us all this week,” said San Luis Potosí. “Get him,” yelled Happy Columbus Day Ghost. “Wait…your fans want to know what happened to you guys…it’s not my fault you all are just a bunch of losers…well folks I have to run away now and find a fresh pair of pants…so thanks and…,” cried Spotty. Soon San Luis Potosí, Termite, and Happy Columbus Day Ghost began to beat up Spotty. Now we go to “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. and Nina Butler who were watching the reunion show from backstage. “So how do you like you graduation present Nina,” asked “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. “Seriously Bucky…what the fuck,” said Nina Butler. “I guess you could of just said thank you but okay….should I help Spotty…I mean he’s my favorite character after all,” asked “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. “No, let’s just watch and if it gets any worse…we can always call the police,” said Nina Butler. “Thanks for reading folks,” yelled “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. “What readers,” asked Nina Butler. “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. sighed and then began to cry. “Just end this story already it doesn’t even make any sense I mean…god…end it…END IT,” cried Nina Butler.



Super Dude vs. Expo Speed (Short Story Version)!

Who is Expo Speed? Why he’s a very popular superhero from Japan! Expo Speed’s powers include super speed, super strength, the ability to fly, the brain of a computer, and the ability to change his appearance into anyone or anything. Expo Speed’s secret identity is none other than Yan Fujigia who is a billionaire playboy and local celebrity. Yan Fujigia is also the current CEO of the Fujigia Corporation. The Fuijiga Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of electronics, video, communications, video game consoles, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Expo Speed is basically a very popular hero in Japan…but one day that all changed. Expo Speed suddenly became the world’s deadest super villains. Why did Expo Speed have this sudden change of character? Because Expo Speed is being possessed by an Oni (a Japanese demon) who was making him do evil things. 

So the only ones now who can stop Expo Speed are the Super Dudes and so Tokyo police called the Super Dudes to stop Expo Speed. But our heroes would soon find out that one of the Super Dudes’ members has a connection with Expo Speed. Our heroes soon found out that Expo Speed is actually Fat Lazy Karate Teacher’s biological brother. Now we go to the Super Dudes who just landed their jet and they were soon headed to the Tokyo police station. Now Super Dude, Young One, Super Dudette, Super Mutt, Fat Lazy Karate Teacher, and R-Man were having a meeting with the Tokyo chief of police. “Welcome American superheroes to Japan, we need your help in stopping former Japanese superhero Expo Speed…we don’t know why he became evil…but that’s for you to figure out, also…Tokyo citizens have reported seeing American super villain Night Watch flying around wreaking havoc over city, can you brave heroes stop them,” asked the chief of police. “Alright chief of Tokyo police the Super Dudes are ready for action, now where is Expo Speed now,” asked Super Dude. “We just received call that Expo Speed is robbing big bank a few blocks from here,” said the chief of police. “Why is he robbing a bank…Expo Speed’s a freaking billionaire why does he need more freaking money…I mean I hate my younger brother Expo Speed….ah I mean I….,” said Fat Lazy Karate Teacher. “You should just shut the hell up fat ass,” said Young One. “Who you are you calling fat,” asked Fat Lazy Karate Teacher angrily.”Enough….let’s go find this Expo Speed guy already,” yelled Super Dude. Soon the Super Dudes flew off to stop Expo Speed. 

Soon Super Dude, Young One, Super Dudette, Super Mutt, Fat Lazy Karate Teacher, and R-Man flew to the bank that Expo Speed was robbing. But when our heroes saw Expo Speed they noticed something strange about him. Expo Speed’s eyes were glowing bright red. “Oh my god…I think I know why my brother Expo Speed is going crazy…he must be possessed by an Oni,” said Fat Lazy Karate Teacher. “What’s an Oni,” asked R-Man. “It’s a Japanese demon…I wonder how we can free him,” asked Fat Lazy Karate Teacher. “You foolish American superheroes…face the wrath of Expo Speed,” yelled Expo Speed. Expo Speed then attacked our heroes and soon our heroes began to fight Expo Speed. While our heroes were fighting Expo Speed…little did they know that they were secretly being watched by Night Watch. “While those fools fight Expo Speed…I’ll blow that whole freaking bank up,” said Night Watch to himself. Night Watch was about to detonate a bomb, but something powerful took over him briefly and made him not detonate a bomb. “I guess I won’t blow up the bank today,” said Night Watch to himself. Our heroes were nearly defeated by Expo Speed, but then Fat Lazy Karate Teacher threw a glass of Holy Water at Expo Speed. Expo Speed then began to roar loudly after the Holy Water was thrown on him. And soon the Oni inside Expo Speed fled out of Expo Speed’s body and Expo Speed soon regained control of his body. “What happened here…did I do anything bad,” asked Expo Speed. “Expo Speed, you don’t remember anything that happened here,” asked Super Dudette. “Dude the guy’s been possessed by a freaking Oni…I guess that Holy Water scared him out of your body,” said Fat Lazy Karate Teacher. “Brother, what are you doing here…you’re with these American heroes,” asked Expo Speed. “Yah…I mooch off them and they let me live in their apartment,” said Fat Lazy Karate Teacher. “Why do you live in an apartment with them…you’re worth billions,” said Expo Speed. “What do you mean Fat Lazy Karate Teacher’s a billionaire like you,” asked Young One. “My father gave each of us stock in the Fuijiga Corporation…those shares are worth a lot of money, this guy doesn’t need to mooch off anyone,” said Expo Speed. “You mean he’s not a poor loser but heir to a family fortune…damn it fat ass why don’t you even pay us rent you rich piece of shit,” cried Super Dude angrily. “What, I knew I was rich the whole time…but even though I’m rich I’m still cheap, so there that explains why I mooch off you,” said Fat Lazy Karate Teacher. “What a fun story…too bad it’s time for you all to die,” said a mysterious voice. Our heroes turned around and saw Night Watch standing behind them. “Night Watch…what are you doing in Japan,” asked Super Dude. “I was hired by the Japanese mafia to kill Expo Speed…but here’s where things get a little fun…if you dare hurt me…I have a bomb hidden inside this bank that will blow you and everyone else up….now try and stop me,” said Night Watch. Night Watch then began to laugh evilly. 

Our heroes came up with a clever plan. Super Dudette went to look for the bomb while R-Man guided all of the hostages out of the bank. Soon our heroes began to fight Night Watch. After a couple of hours of fighting our heroes defeated Night Watch and Super Dudette destroyed his bomb. Night Watch was soon sent to jail and our heroes saved the day once again. But sadly our heroes had to say good bye to an old friend. “What do you mean you’re going to live with your brother here in Japan,” cried Young One. “Look guys…my brother offered me a room inside his mansion and I’m tired of living in that cramp apartment, so I guess this is good bye…but I’ll try to visit when I can…and don’t worry I’ll still fund the Super Dudes,” said Fat Lazy Karate Teacher. “What do you mean fund the Super Dudes,” asked Super Dude. “Where do you guys think you get all the money to make your gadgets and to do your experiments…it isn’t all from the government you know,” said Fat Lazy Karate Teacher. “I guess this is the last time you’ll mooch off us, it was nice having you live with us for awhile, you were a lousy karate teacher…but over time you became my best friend, I’ll mess you fat ass,” said Young One. “STOP CALLING ME FAT DAMN IT…but I’ll miss you too my only loyal student, so long Super Dudes and thanks for the happy memoires,” said Fat Lazy Karate Teacher. Our heroes then said their goodbyes to Fat Lazy Karate Teacher and Expo Speed. Once again our heroes saved the day and now Expo Speed is new member of the Super Dudes. But what will happen next for the Super Dudes? I guess only time will tell!

The Cast of Little Trolls: The Invasion Saga!

The Cast of Little Trolls: The Invasion Saga!
·      SX
·      Inflatable Ant
·      Three Fins
·      Hands on His Head
·      Bull Horns (Tough Horns)
·      Flying Alligator
·      Professor Kirk
·      Coatcheck the Ghost
·      Kirk’s Wife
·      Zac Kirk
·      Kirk’s Dog
·      Kirk’s Assistant
·      Professor Kocar

·      The Goblin Team (Anti-Bull Horns, Ring Arm, and Pink Flying Skull Man)

Little Trolls: The Invasion Saga (Short Story Version)!

The humanoid aliens from the Little Trolls’ home world were headed to Earth for an alien invasion. Our heroes prepare to get ready to save the world once more. Professor Kirk soon called the military to prepare for a possible alien invasion. But Professor Kirk soon realized that the military could attack the alien menace in their home world. Professor Kirk and the military sent troops through the portal to the Little Trolls’ home world and now the military attacked the humanoid aliens on their own soil. But the U.S. government soon came up with an idea that was very risky. The U.S. government ordered that the launch a nuclear bomb through the portal that destroying the Little Trolls’ home world. 

The military ordered their soldier to evacuate the Little Trolls’ home world and then the military launched a nuclear bomb through the portal to the Little Trolls’ home world. A couple of days later the Little Trolls’ home world became a nuclear wasteland and millions of the Little Trolls were dead. Feeling that the U.S. government defeated the alien menace they forgot that their spaceships were still headed to Earth since they left before the nuclear bomb was detonated. Now it was up to our heroes to save the Earth and stop the humanoid aliens once and for all. A small fleet of alien soldiers arrived on Earth and they had no idea that their home world had become a nuclear wasteland. The military and the humanoid aliens from the Little Trolls’ home world began an intergalactic war that would last three years. After three years of battle, the U.S. military was able to defeat the alien menace and they killed them all. Now the U.S. military began to study the Little Trolls technology and weaponry. Two days after the Earth defeated the Little Trolls, Professor Kirk sent his assistant and his son Zac Kirk to the Little Trolls’ home world through the portal. Now Kirk’s Assistant and Zac Kirk began to explore the Little Trolls’ home world…but it’s changed a lot since when they last visited it. 

Kirk’s Assistant and Zac Kirk began to explore the Little Trolls’ home world which has basically become a nuclear wasteland. They saw a lot of dead bodies and destroyed buildings and flora. But halfway into their journey…Kirk’s Assistant and Zac Kirk found a group of survivors. These survivors basically seemed sick and mutated. Kirk’s Assistant and Zac Kirk basically thought the surviving Little Trolls were basically zombie-like. “Oh my god…what have you done to this place,” said Zac Kirk. “We basically nuke it and turned it into a lifeless wasteland….I would pull out your gun if I were you,” said Kirk’s Assistant. “Why,” asked Zac Kirk. Then the zombie Little Trolls began to attack Zac Kirk and Kirk’s Assistant. “Let’s get the heck out of here before we basically become zombies like these guys,” cried Zac Kirk. Zac Kirk and Kirk’s Assistant then fled back to the entrance of the portal while being followed by the zombie-like Little Trolls. But before Zac Kirk and Kirk’s Assistant could escape through the portal…Kirk’s Assistant was bit by one of the zombie-like aliens. Now Zac Kirk and Kirk’s Assistant returned to Earth through the portal. “Dad…we need to get your assistant to a hospital and fast,” cried Zac Kirk. “Why,” asked Professor Kirk. Then Kirk’s Assistant began to mutate into a zombie-like Little Troll. “That’s why,” said Zac Kirk. It appears that if someone would be bitten by a zombie Little Troll they would become one.

The now mutated Kirk’s Assistant went on a rampage infecting people with the disease that turned him into a zombie-like Little Troll. Now half of the U.S. population would soon be infected with the disease that mutates a human into a zombie-like Little Troll. The non-infected people were now basically in hiding. Professor Kirk and Zac Kirk haven’t been infected with the disease yet. Professor Kirk’s current goal was to find a cure for the disease. “I can’t believe the world is going to hell because we nuked an alien world…do you think we can cure half of the U.S. population,” cried Zac Kirk. “I don’t know…I’m pretty close to finding a cure…but there’s a problem,” said Professor Kirk. “What’s the problem,” asked Zac Kirk. “I need a blood sample of the zombie-like Little Trolls but in order to get one of us will have to go through the portal and capture a zombie Little Troll,” said Professor Kirk. “I’ll go…I have to save the world,” said Zac Kirk. Now Zac Kirk is going back to the Little Trolls’ home world to capture a zombie-like Little Troll. 

Zac Kirk then began to explore the Little Trolls’ home world. But he would soon find out something that will affect the future of the Earth. Zac Kirk found out that the surviving humanoid Little Trolls built a nuclear bomb of their own and they were planning to blow up the Earth with it. Luckily Zac Kirk would make a peace offering with the Little Trolls. Zac Kirk gave the humanoid Little Trolls a bag a peanuts and of course the Little Trolls love peanuts. Zac Kirk then tranquilized one of the zombie-like Little Trolls and he brought him back to Earth with him through the portal. Soon Professor Kirk would find a cure for the disease that turns humans into zombie-like Little Trolls and thus the Earth was saved thanks to Professor Kirk and Zac Kirk. Also over time the Little Trolls home world began changing back to its former status with plants and animals returning.  And so everything was back to normal…for now!