Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Top 10 Weakest That Spells Action Heroes Super Villains!

1.     The Wife Beater

2.     Larry the Jackalope

3.     Raptor Claw

4.     Rat Man

5.     Spider Hand

6.     Turtle Man

7.     Blue Jay

8.     Blood Hound

9.     Professor Snout

10.   Cavity-Man

Top 10 Weakest That Spells Action Heroes Superheroes!

1.     Fat Lazy Karate Teacher

2.     The Middle Finger of Justice

3.     Sunscreen Sam

4.     The Dancer

5.     Boner Bill

6.     Darrell The Useless Superhero

7.     U Tucker

8.     R-Man

9.     Frog Dog

10.   Claws

Top 10 Most Powerful That Spells Action Heroes Super Villains!

1.     Mega Mind

2.     Qazolu

3.     Dr. Duck

4.     Chaos the Demon

5.     Time Man

6.     Dr. Hurt

7.     Peter P. Pixie

8.     The Monster Master (Scott F. Henry)

9.     The Skull Slasher

10.    Zrotk

Top 10 Most Powerful That Spells Action Heroes Superheroes!

1.     Max Storm

2.     Veg

3.     Goddiess (George J. Brook)

4.     Mr. Tallenstine

5.     Dr. Strong (Dr. Bob Scott)

6.     Super Dude

7.     Robot Blue

8.     Dark West (Todd Fredstone)

9.     Dick Hurts

10.  Retro Strongman

Top 10 Most Powerful The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson Characters!

1.     “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. (Bucky)

2.     Moeguya

3.     Evil Dino-Skeleton

4.     Knowledge

5.     The Great Phoenix

6.     Sikios

7.     George

8.     Burn

9.     Battle Field Bigfoot

10.    Sai Bong

Top 10 Most Powerful Magic Wars Characters!

1.     The Spirit Guardian

2.     Xarpheus

3.     Charlie the Genie

4.     Sith

5.     The Wise Wizard

6.     Oouguya

7.     Oouguya Jr.

8.     General Takeappen

9.     Vach Jr.

10.   Curt

New Magic Wars Characters!

General Takeappen is the general of the ape creature army and a henchman Oouguya Jr. General Takeappen wants his people to rule the entire jungle and will do anything to do it. General Takeappen overthrew the ape creatures’ alpha male (which is basically the ape creatures’ society’s king) to rule over the entire ape creature kingdom. Now with the aide of his master Oouguya Jr., General Takeappen is determined to rule the entire jungle. General Takeappen has a rivalry with War The Rhinotaur because his people rule most of what he thinks is his jungle. Also General Takeappen has a rivalry with King Loma Lion and his people because again King Loma Lion rules what he thinks is his part of the jungle. Plus little does General Takeappen know is that Oouguya Jr. is using him to gain the dark crystals mines that his people control so that he can gain access to them. Now General Takeappen is an enemy of the Magical Council and a threat to the entire magical universe even though he just wants to rule all the jungles of the magical universe not the entire thing universe as a whole. General Takeappen suffers from dissociative identity disorder, schizophrenia, and paranoid personality disorder which dictates his life and his warlike ways. General Takeappen is also a master martial artist, swordsman and marksman. General Takeappen also has superhuman stamina, agility, flexibility and reflexes and is basically one of the most powerful leaders in the entire magical universe. General Takeappen also has the ability to grow into a 949 foot giant ape monster and has fire breath due to him eating a magical banana when he was a child. General Takeappen was eventually defeated by the Magical Council and the ape creatures’ kingdom and the jungle were once again at peace. General Takeappen’s current whereabouts remain unknown but some say he’s a hermit living in a cave in the dark part of the jungle.

Sylvia Freida Takeappen is the daughter of General Takeappen and unlike her father she is actually kind hearted and caring for her people. She runs away from home and joins the Magical Council army to fight against her father. Sylvia Freida Takeappen is a skilled archer. She also ate the same magical banana that her father ate and she too can grow into a 949 foot giant ape monster with fire breath. Sylvia Freida Takeappen is also has magical powers and she’s also friends with Gwendoline. Sylvia Freida Takeappen is also the future wife of Domhnall and together they’ll have a daughter named Yuryevnanina.

Moreau Verne Seldenio is a half human half horse creature and a thief on the run from the law. Moreau Verne Seldenio is a cocky yet skilled young man who is the only known kind of his species and was raised by a cult that worshiped a horse god. The cult who raised him also were thieves and he learned much from them while also being worshiped by them. Moreau Verne Seldenio is also a kindly young man who likes to help the poor but yet he still is a little greedy. Moreau Verne Seldenio also speaks with a Jamaican accent and he is a good sprinter. Moreau Verne Seldenio likes to smoke marijuana and he also is a skilled swordsmen. After he was caught after he stole a royal crown from the elf king, he had a change of heart and would soon join the Magical Council army and he was no longer a bad guy but a good guy. Moreau Verne Seldenio is also the future husband of Gwendoline and together they’ll have a son named Wagner Seldenio.

Mr. Troll Toad is a half troll half toad creature who lives in an abandoned mansion in the middle of a ghostly swamp.  Mr. Troll Toad is also a dark wizard and he hordes a collection a junk he thinks is wealth and he rules his swamp with an iron fist. Mr. Troll Toad also has swamp monster servants who are basically his slaves and he breeds them and treats them like animals. Mr. Troll Toad grows worried when his land is being invaded by wealthy beautiful elves who wish to buy up his land and mine it for the light crystals underneath it. But Mr. Troll Toad is basically a hermit and wants nobody on his land. Mr. Troll Toad would soon kidnap a wealthy elf industrialist’s daughter and holds her hostage until he gives him gold and that he or his kind never return to his swamp. Mr. Troll Toad was soon arrested by the Magical Council and later on he would become a henchmen of Oouguya Jr. Mr. Troll Toad current whereabouts remain unknown but some say he still lives somewhere in his haunted swamp!

Blanchette Smawpwiig is a young female swamp monster and a former servant of Mr. Troll Toad. Blanchette Smawpwiig is a very shy yet strong young woman and she has a low self-esteem. Blanchette Smawpwiig thinks she is very ugly and doesn’t get along with her other swamp monsters. One day she sees a beautiful young elf woman and she wants to become her. So she learned how to make a beauty potion and soon she went from being an ugly swamp monster to becoming a beautiful supermodel-like young woman. Blanchette Smawpwiig ran away from Mr. Troll Toad’s mansion and she was mistaken for the wealthy elf industrialist’s daughter (because remember this is after she drank the beauty potion) during a rescue mission by the Magical Council and she would pretend to be her for a while until her beauty potion worn off and they discover who she really was. Blanchette Smawpwiig was forgiven by the Magical Council and she later aided them in defeating her former master Mr. Troll Toad. Blanchette Smawpwiig is the future husband of Broome Finger Jr. and together they’ll have a daughter named Kimeaver Finger.