Monday, July 21, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Super Spotty 2006!

Super Spotty and Super Beardy were the most popular super heroes in their home city and Coyote the billionaire coyote who has his own technology company. But Coyote has one dream to find a way to copy Super Spotty’s powers for money. He will make a fortune. “Now how do I kill Super Spotty I most find his weakness,” yelled Coyote. Super Spotty and Super Beardy were fighting Dr. Duck with the help of Spotty Jr. from a headset. “Dad use your laser vision and aim at his head,” said Spotty Jr. from the headquarters. Super Spotty knocked out Dr. Duck with his laser vision. Soon Spotty Jr. called 911 and Dr. Duck went to jail. “Nice work Spotty,” said Super Beardy. Now we go to Ghost’s Underworld lair. “Damn how am I going to kill Super Spotty and Super Beardy my plans always fail,” yelled Ghost. Ghost is Super Spotty #1 super villain. He was petting his skeleton cat. “Zombie Guards find me someone who can kill Super Spotty want I have an idea,” yelled Ghost. Coyote did find Super Spotty’s weakness it was a rock call Rainbow Rock. “Yes this will weaken Super Spotty and soon I can get some of his DNA and make the super suit and I will be wearing a suit powered by Rainbow Rock,” yelled Coyote. Will are heroes stop the two foes nobody knows!  

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Super Spotty 2008!

At Coyote Corp headquarters Coyote was building on an army Robo-Spotty robots when from out of nowhere he heard a window break. Coyote went to see what the problem was and soon he saw that it was Terry the Tapir who broke through his window. “Who the hell are you,” yelled Coyote. “Look, I’m Terry the Tapir, I escaped from jail and came here to make a deal,” said Terry the Tapir. “What kind of a deal do you want to make with me,” asked Coyote. “Look at my fists, these babies are made out of pure Rainbow Rock and it’s enough to knock out maybe even kill Super Spotty, so, can you pay me to kill Super Spotty or what,” asked Terry the Tapir. “Hmmm, I won’t pay you unless you bring Super Spotty’s corpse back here, so yes I think we can work together,” said Coyote. “Alright, now before I go, do you have any liquor, because I haven’t had a drink in a long time man,” said Terry the Tapir. “I have some whiskey in my office, I’ll give you some cause I’m not a big drinker,” said Coyote. Then Coyote gave Terry the Tapir the bottle of whiskey and Terry finished the whole bottle in five seconds. “Now that’s a whiskey, hey what’s that,” cried Terry the Tapir. Then Terry the Tapir pointed to something hanging over a ledge in Coyote’s lab, and Coyote went to check it out and it was Robo-Spotty 4.0 and he was badly damaged. “God, I haven’t seen this model of Robo-Spotty software in years, well, I guess I can pull the Rainbow Rock power source out of it and use it for the newer models,” said Coyote. Then just as Coyote was about to take out the Rainbow Rock power source, Robo-Spotty 4.0 started choking Coyote. “Holy crap, that robot is hurting Coyote, I guess I should do something to help him,” said Terry the Tapir. Then Terry the Tapir punched Robo-Spotty 4.0 in the head, and that punch turned Robo-Spotty 4.0 off. “Why would that droid do that,” asked Coyote. “Maybe he was angry at you for building those other robots that looked just like him,” said Terry the Tapir. “Oh speaking of Robo-Spottys, I was going to unleash my army of Robo-Spottys into the city, that would maybe keep Super Spotty busy before you kill him,” said Coyote. “Alright, tomorrow I’ll kick Super Spotty’s sorry ass and make a couple of bucks off it,” yelled Terry the Tapir. Then Terry the Tapir and Coyote started laughing evilly. Now our adventure begins!

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Spotty Lost At Sea!

“Well son I’m going to California to ride on Coyote’s yacht,” yelled Spotty. “Dad, two things are bugging me, why is Coyote wanting you to ride on his $10,000 yacht with him, and why aren’t you worried that he may be trying to kill you again,” said Spotty Jr. “Maybe he has changed his evil ways, but anyway I’m going to miss my flight, so remember, take care of everything around here while I’m gone and Beardy will check up on you every once and while, see ya,” said Spotty. Then Spotty drove off to the airport. “God, if I had a dollar for every time dad said he’d said Coyote has changed his ways, I’d be richer then Coyote,” said Spotty Jr. to himself. “While I guess I’ll just do what I normally do when dad is gone,” said Spotty Jr. to himself again. Then Spotty Jr. was reading a bunch of Playboys in his bedroom alone. Now we go to Spotty in California where he was about to set foot on Coyote’s yacht. “Spotty, glad you can make it, come aboard and enjoy the three hour tour on my yacht,” yelled Coyote. Soon Spotty was onboard and soon walked up to Coyote and gave him a big hug. “Okay nice to see you too…now get off,” cried Coyote. “So Coyote, why of all the people you could have been with on this yacht why did you pick me,” asked Spotty. “Well I wanted to apologize for the many years I’ve been trying to kill you, now just sit back and relax and enjoy the boat ride,” said Coyote. “I’m going to grab some of the Mountain Dew you said was on this boat,” said Spotty. Then Spotty went to look for the fridge to get some Mountain Dew. “Have fun,” said Coyote. Then Coyote looked around and then pulled out a walkie-talkie. “Hello, gentlemen, the dog is on the boat, once I give the signal, blow this yacht to the sky,” said Coyote. Then Coyote hung up and then started laughing evilly. What is Coyote up to this time? We’ll we know one thing, he’s still a bad guy!

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Indiana Stork!

August, 11, 1928 in New York City, a new museum was opening in 3 weeks and the museum’s founder, Mr. Mole, wanted a very rare item called the Staff of Rockness. The Staff of Rockness is said to be on the mythically island called The Island of the Last Kind. Some sailors say the island is very real, but it’s also said to be cursed. Mr. Mole and his investors Mr. Hunter and Termite tried to find the greatest explorers to find the Staff of Rockness, but they all turned down. Mole only had one more explorer left, probably the best of today, and his name is Stork. Stork was not only an explorer, but he was also professor at City College of New York. Stork taught World History and knew a lot about the past. Now we go to Stork heading into the museum. “Welcome Mr. Stork, welcome to the Museum of New York,” said Mr. Mole while shaking Stork’s hand. “So, what do you want from me,” asked Stork. “Come with me to my office,” said Mr. Mole. Now we go to Mr. Mole and Stork at Mr. Mole’s office. “Look, you are the only explorer left that could handle such a mission,” said Mr. Mole. “What is the quest,” asked Stork. “Have you ever heard of the Staff of Rockness,” asked Mr. Mole. “No not really,” said Stork. “Well, it’s on an island that may not even exist, that island is called the Island of the Last Kind, sailors say it’s real, but they’re scared to explore it, they say the men who went on this mysterious island were never seen again, but you with your years of experience can, maybe can, survive,” said Mr. Mole. “So how much does it pay,” asked Stork. “I’ll pay you about $900 if you bring it back, now, can you do it,” asked Mr. Mole. “Sure, I need the money,” said Stork. Then Stork and Mr. Mole shook hands. “Now Mr. Stork, a ship at the city’s harbor will be waiting for you at dawn and…,” said Mr. Mole. Then Mr. Mole heard a knock on the door. “Come in…those must be my investors,” said Mr. Mole. Then two men walked in, but it wasn’t Mr. Hunter or Termite. “Hello, my name is Hawk, and this is Deer, I’m a famous movie producer at Lixey Bros. Studios, and Deer is a cameraman, I overheard you two talking about a mysterious island, we want to film it, so what we’re asking is that can we bring a film crew with you when you go on this island,” asked Hawk. “Sure, get your movie crew ready tomorrow at dawn,” said Mr. Mole. Then Mr. Mole and Hawk shook hands, and now the quest for the Staff of Rockness begins!

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Spotty goes to Australia!

“Dad, why are we going to Australia again,” asked Spotty Jr. “Son, I wanted to go to Outback Steakhouse for dinner tonight, and that’s why we’re going to Australia,” said Spotty. “Dad, we could have just gone to the Outback Steakhouse that was five blocks away from our house,” said Spotty Jr. “Well, I least you get a vacation and besides they’ll have Outback Steakhouses in Australia,” said Spotty. “God I’m living with an idiot,” said Spotty Jr. to himself. Soon Spotty and Spotty Jr. were in Australia. “Son, remember one thing about Australia, there toilets go backwards when the flush, now let’s find an Outback Steakhouse in Sydney,” said Spotty. Soon they were walking out of the airport and little did they know Coyote was watching them. “What is Spotty doing in Australia, oh great, I get a vacation and he’s here, well I guess I’ll do what I always do when he’s here, try to kill him,” said Coyote to himself. Then Spotty Jr. turns around and he sees Coyote. “Dad, we have to get in the freaking car,” cried Spotty Jr. “Why son,” asked Spotty. “Just get in the car….now,” cried Spotty Jr. Then Spotty and Spotty Jr. got in a taxi and rode off. “Damn, well I guess I’ll have to follow them,” said Coyote. Now we go to Spotty and Spotty Jr. eating at a restaurant. “Great all they have here are Hungry Jack's…man this sucks,” said Spotty. “Well at least we get to see some kangaroos, in the wild,” said Spotty Jr. “Yah, but I never knew they do pranks on people,” said Spotty. Then Spotty looks out the window and sees a person walking. Then a kangaroo hops towards him and then the kangaroo pulls down the person’s pants. “I think kangaroos are mischievous, I just feel sorry for the next guy who gets his pants pulled down by a kangaroo,” said Spotty. Then Spotty and Spotty Jr. walked out of the Hungry Jack’s and then a kangaroo started following them. “Oh look dad, that kangaroo is following us,” said Spotty Jr. Then the kangaroo walked towards Spotty and kicked him in the nuts. “Dam it he’s strong for a little guy,” said Spotty. Then the kangaroo walked up to Spotty and took his wallet. Then the kangaroo hopped away with Spotty’s wallet. “So what should we do now,” asked Spotty Jr. “Catch that kangaroo,” yelled Spotty. What will happen next? Nobody knows!

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Spotty Pro Boxer!

Coyote was playing golf with Bill Gates. “So how are you’re plans on taking over the world,” asked Bill Gates. “Well I’m taking a break from world domination for a bit and I’m focusing on ways to make my company some money,” said Coyote. “Hey, if you want to make a quick buck, these guys at Microsoft keep saying I should buy a sports team, how about you buy a sports team and make some money,” said Bill Gates. “No, I have an even better idea, what sport is dying the most,” asked Coyote. “Which one,” asked Bill Gates. “Boxing, you see I should buy a boxing promotion and make boxing popular again,” said Coyote. “Well good luck with that, and do you want to reunite the nerds again,” asked Bill Gates. “No, it won’t be the same without Gary Gygax, I hope he’s having fun in heaven the poor bastard,” said Coyote. “Come on, let’s continue the game,” said Bill Gates. Now we go to Coyote talking to Don King. “You see Mr. Don King, we businessmen want our businesses to grow, and my company as successful as it is, needs to make more money, so, could my company buy one of your boxing promotions,” asked Coyote. “Well, I only own three, but my one boxing promotion isn’t doing so good and I always have to compete with that god damn UFC, now how much are you looking to pay for one of my boxing promotions,” asked Don King. “About $99 million and a penny,” said Coyote. “Hmmm, good offer, but I must warn you, if you buy one of my promotions, we’ll be rivals,” said Don King. “Yes, I know that, so are you in or out,” asked Coyote. “Okay, I’ll give you a promotion I bought from Lou DiBella for less the amount you’re giving me, now let’s sign those contracts and that promotion will be yours,” said Don King. Then Coyote signed the paper work and soon he bought from Don King a boxing promotion, with its roster and everything. But our story doesn’t begin here, our story begins in chapter two.

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Killing Mr. Mole!

Stork was getting ready for work. “Today’s the big day Bark old buddy, the day I can ask my boss Mr. Mole for the week off, so that you, me and Ashley Stork can go to a house on a lake for a 7-day vacation, good bye Bark,” yelled Stork. Then Stork walked out to his car, and Bark went fast to sleep. Now we go to Stork’s office at Mole’s Insurance Company (yes Stork is an insurance salesman). Stork saw his work friends, Deer and Termite. “Hey guys what’s up,” asked Stork. “Nothing much, we just have to go to a meeting, Mr. Mole has an announcement,” said Deer. “Yah, I hope he’ll give us more money, I need food you know,” said Termite. “But you eat wood,” said Deer. “Its food to me,” said Termite. Now we go to the meeting. “You see my honorable employees, we need to make some money around here, so I want all of you to work for me every day, and you’re only day off is Christmas, now get to work,” yelled Mr. Mole well smoking a cigar. “But Mr. Mole, I have plans next week for a vacation,” yelled Stork. “Cancel them, any more questions,” yelled Mr. Mole. Then everybody left the meeting room and went back to work. Now we go to Stork’s lunch break. “Man, I can’t tell Ashley that I have to cancel my vacation, she’ll be heartbroken,” said Stork well eating a sandwich. “I thought me and Mole were friends, why does he want us working until Christmas, that’s not fair,” yelled Deer well drinking coffee. “You know, I have an idea about how to change Mr. Mole’s mind,” said Termite well eating a piece of wood. “What,” asked Stork. “We should kidnap Mr. Mole, and hold him hostage till he gives us what we want,” said Termite. “Dude, that’s against the law we’ll go to jail,” said Deer. “No, look here’s my plan, what will do is make a decoy, someone they’ll think kidnapped Mr. Mole, and the decoy will take the blame, so are you guys with me” asked Termite. “I’m in, because if that’s the only way to change Mr. Mole’s mind,” said Deer. “I’m in too, because that asshole won’t give me my 7-day vacation,” said Stork. “Okay, let’s kidnap Mr. Mole,” said Termite. “Yah, but there’s only one problem, who’s going to be the decoy,” asked Deer. “I know who,” said Stork. What will happen next? Nobody knows!