Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Mom's Advice For Me On How To Deal With My Roommate!

Now that I'm living on my own in a TLP program, and since I really have nothing to blog about...since I have had a hard time dealing with my roommate here's some advice my Mom gave me when I have a upcoming meeting with my roommate and my case worker. Please don't be mad at me 4 sharing this information Mom, but I just thought it was funny and I was bored. Enjoy! (Note: I've ended this blog post with a random photo that has nothing to do with this, I did that because I'm weird)

Buck, just some suggestions:


1.      You have done nothing wrong…


2.      You are new to living alone and working with a roommate.


3.      You don’t know what bothers Tony unless he communicates with you.  And when he does tell you stuff, you apologize and try to do better at whatever he requests.


4.      You have been respectful of him taking over the whole living room and having his stuff all over the kitchen.  (ex: all over counter tops, kitchen table, and coffee table, etc.  Along with his stuff in the bathroom.  Share with them that you take your stuff in and out of the bathroom.  You don’t mind keeping all your belongings in your bedroom.  -Except for the food and kitchen stuff. –explain the stress of keeping the frig and freezer exactly cut in half.  See if Tony would be more flexible about that…


5.      When Tony told you not to leave your wipes in the bathroom garbage, you happily took care of that.


6.      Tony may have done your dishes in the past, but that was not because you asked him to.


7.      Tony may have been upset about the full garbage can and recycling bin, but he never really communicated that to you.  You went ahead and tried to solve the problem by purchasing your own garbage can and recycling bin.  This way you are each responsible for taking out your own stuff when the cans get full.


8.      Basically, you are a good person who is willing to work with Tony to make living together as nice as possible. 


9.      Just be positive and remain calm.




Please call me or email me if you have any questions after reading this…

Monday, April 21, 2014

Idiots Day at Jeff’s Comic Shop!

Jeff was bored waiting for customers to come to his comic shop. “Damn internet…kids today don’t want to buy comic books anymore…if this keeps up…I have to close my store…and this is the easiest job in the world,” said Jeff to himself. Then Eddy walked into the store and Eddy was also twitching. “Hello, my name is Eddy…and I get to buy one toy,” said Eddy. “Okay, action figures are over their now pick one and buy it then get the hell out of my store,” said Jeff. Eddy then grabbed a Super Dude action figure. “Okay, one mint condition Super Dude action figure…that’ll be $4,000 and will that be cash or check,” said Jeff. Eddy then gave Jeff a dime and Jeff sighed in frustration. “Okay, I need more money than just a dime,” said Jeff. “All had was this…can give me toy now,” screamed Eddy while twitching. “Get the hell out of my store,” yelled Jeff. Eddy just stood there twitching and then Jeff grabbed him and threw him out. “And don’t come back until you have more money,” yelled Jeff. A couple of hours pasted when Jeff finally got another customer…sadly it was Stupid Kid. “Hello, buy something or get out,” yelled Jeff. “I have to go poop,” said Stupid Kid. “Bathroom’s for paying customers only,” said Jeff. Then Stupid Kid crapped his pants. “Now me don’t need poop no more,” said Stupid Kid. “Get out before you stink up my shop,” yelled Jeff. Stupid Kid left and a couple of hours passed before another customer came…sadly it was What Does This Do Cowboy. “Hello, buy something or get out,” said Jeff. “What does buy something do,” asked What Does This Do Cowboy. “That doesn’t make sense,” asked Jeff. “What does sense do,” asked What Does This Do Cowboy. “Do you have money or not,” asked Jeff. “What does money do,” asked What Does This Do Cowboy. “You’re an idiot,” said Jeff. “What does idiot do,” asked What Does This Do Cowboy. “Just get out of here,” cried Jeff in frustration. “What does…,” asked What Does This Do Cowboy. Jeff then grabbed What Does This Do Cowboy and threw him out of his store. “Damn…what is this day of the idiots,” yelled Jeff. Then Spotty walked into the store. “Hey buddy…no dogs allowed…,” said Jeff. “Fine…you just lost yourself a paying customer…idiot,” said Spotty. Spotty then left. Jeff then sighed. “I guess I could always work at my father’s car dealership,” said Jeff to himself.


Smart Raptor’s Sidekick Group Therapy!

“Man, sometimes I wonder…I mean he had a legendary sidekick before me and I always wonder…will Holly Dog always be better than me…can I become a legendary sidekick like her then I realize…I don’t want to be a sidekick…I just want to be the star…,” said Woody Dog. Then Beardy, Donny the Duck, Hawk, Nick, Lewis the farter, Mr. Squirrel, Young One, Nickbike, Sheky 3, Mr. Bunny, Otto the Ostrich, Lenny Lynx, Gopt, Dingo, Chief Dumb-dumb, Peeligi, Camel, Kirk, Sam Soda, Gorilla #2, Lettuce, Brabe the Dog, Jag the Jaguar, Happy Thanksgiving Ghost, Boom, Rags the Raccoon, Kazuhiro Ryota, and Barack Blenny began clapping in support. “Thanks for sharing Woody…now fellow sidekicks do you relate to Woody’s story,” asked Smart Raptor. Beardy then raised his hand. “Yes Beardy,” said Smart Raptor. “Okay…first of all…have any of you been called the best friend of the main character,” asked Beardy. Then Donny the Duck, Hawk, Lewis the farter, Mr. Squirrel, Young One, Chief Dumb-dumb, Camel, Kirk, Lettuce, Brabe the Dog, Jag the Jaguar, Lenny Lynx, Gopt, Sam Soda and Rags the Raccoon all raised their hands at the same time. “Yeah, for those of you that raised their hands…just remember it’s all just a bunch of bullshit….I’ve been Spotty’s best friend for years and do I ever get to be the star…NO…he’s always getting work and when I get work it always has to be with him…he’s my not his best friend, I’m just his freaking sidekick,” yelled Beardy. “Right on brother,” said Hawk. “Now Beardy…I’m sure Spotty cares about you…you may be his sidekick but you must always remember…without a sidekick there is no star…alright now who else would like to share how they feel,” asked Smart Raptor. Nick then raised his hand. “Alright Nick you have the floor,” said Smart Raptor. “Thank you, now I hate the fact that I’m the sidekick of my sister….I mean her name is the freaking title of the book…I play an important part in the story too…why can it be called Faterella and Nick and not just her name…I just want some freaking credit,” asked Nick. “I know how you feel…my brother Atsushi Ryota thinks he’s better than me but he doesn’t act like he’s a sidekick as well…I mean…he doesn’t want to admit he’s a sidekick too…he just makes me feel like I’m his sidekick and not his brother…I thought we were partners man,” cried Kazuhiro Ryota. “Now is anyone else here the sidekick of sibling beside Nick and Kazuhiro Ryota,” asked Smart Raptor. Then Peeligi, Happy Thanksgiving Ghost, Boom, and Gorilla #2 raised their hands at the same time. “Good, now do those whose main characters aren’t your siblings but you feel they neglect you as their partner raise your hands,” said Smart Raptor. Then Nickbike, Sheky 3, Mr. Bunny, Otto the Ostrich, Lenny Lynx, Gopt, and Dingo all raised their hands at the same time. “Good…now since group is almost over does anyone have anything to share before you’re all dismissed,” asked Smart Raptor. Then Barack Blenny raised his hand. “Yes Barack Blenny,” said Smart Raptor. “Yah, my question is why are you here Smart Raptor,” asked Barack Blenny. “Well, because I’m a professional psychologist,” said Smart Raptor. “No that’s not it…you’re one of us aren’t you,” said Barack Blenny. “Look…I’m not a sidekick okay,” yelled Smart Raptor. “Relax, you’re among fellow sidekicks,” said Mr. Squirrel. “No, I’m not a sidekick…I’m the star of this short story…group is dismissed,” said Smart Raptor. “ONE OF US, ONE OF US, ONE OF US,” chanted Beardy, Donny the Duck, Hawk, Nick, Lewis the farter, Mr. Squirrel, Young One, Nickbike, Sheky 3, Mr. Bunny, Otto the Ostrich, Lenny Lynx, Gopt, Dingo, Chief Dumb-dumb, Peeligi, Camel, Kirk, Sam Soda, Gorilla #2, Lettuce, Brabe the Dog, Jag the Jaguar, Happy Thanksgiving Ghost, Boom, Rags the Raccoon, Kazuhiro Ryota, Woody Dog and Barack Blenny all at the same time. Then Smart Raptor sighed. “I hate my job,” said Smart Raptor.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stork’s Enemies!

Big Mean Dog is Bark’s foe. Bark and him were fighting over their territory (which was a tree they go to the bathroom on). Big Mean Dog soon went to the pound. He was last seen as a member of the Four Horsemen of the Skull Lords.

Mr. Hunter is a crazy redneck hunter who lives in the woods. He hunted Stork, Deer, and Mole when it was hunting season. Mr. Hunter was last seen as the co-general of the Skull Lords army. He has also raced in Stork’s Kart Racing 2006! Now Mr. Hunter co-owns a successful restaurant/bakery franchise called “Mr. Hunter’s Pies”.

Insane Dog Catcher is Bark’s #1 foe. Insane Dog Catcher is mad at Bark for biting his leg off, now Insane Dog Catcher has a metal leg and he wants revenge on Bark. Once Insane Dog Catcher and Bark teamed up to stop Big Mean Dog, but they soon became enemies once again. Insane Dog Catcher was even the general of the Skull Lords army. He has also raced in Stork’s Kart Racing 2006!

Stork’s Friends!

Stork is a stork that once used to be a baby delivering stork and is now an insurance salesman. Stork has been known to go on a few adventures and has had many jobs over the years. Stork is the head of the True Heroes organization and an expert gun user. Stork has many friends and is pretty much an average Joe.

Professor Smith is a scientist who has helped Stork, and has sometimes been his foe. Professor Smith once fused Hawk and Stork together with a fusing remote control, and he once turned into a giant green monster.

Termite is an annoying bug who loves to eat wood. Termite bugs Stork when Stork was a lumberjack, Stork and Termite are sometimes friends or sometimes foes. Termite and Stork once teamed up to stop an army of beavers and woodpeckers, because Termite ate all the trees in the woods. Termite now runs a hardware store in Pit Stop Town.

Deer was an extra in a Stork story. He was running away from Mr. Hunter when it was hunting season. Deer is very good friends with Mole. Deer also was a color commentator at Stork’s Kart Racing 2006!

Mole was also an extra in a Stork story. He also ran away from Mr. Hunter when it was hunting season. He is good friends with Deer. He was even mayor of Pit Stop Town. He has also been in Stork’s Kart Racing in its entire existence, once just waving the checkered flag, and as a color commentator.

Bark is Stork’s dog and best friend. He is a mutt. Stork got Bark at the dog pound, and soon Stork saved him from getting put to sleep by Insane Dog Catcher. Bark even starred in his own book The Bark Show!

Hawk was once Stork’s #1 foe, now they are best friends. Hawk first met Stork in a flying race, Stork won in the end, and soon Hawk began to like Stork as a friend. Hawk even helped Stork get hooked up with his girlfriend Ashley Stork.

Ashley Stork is Stork’s girlfriend. She has been a nurse at the True Heroes headquarters, and has raced in Stork’s Kart Racing in its entire existence.

Zach is Stork’s nephew, and Zach looks just like his Uncle Stork except Zach wears a green t-shit with a red letter “Z” on it. Zach is a nerd and doesn’t have a lot of friends. Zach is very good friends with Bark. Zach likes his Uncle Stork, and Zach has been with his uncle in tough times. Zach was also the co-host of The Bark Show!

Catfish Jack is a catfish who lives in a lake that Stork usually fishes at. Catfish Jack is very friendly and has many friends. Catfish Jack always loves to help and is sometimes very shy. Catfish Jack was once afraid of Stork and now they are best friends.

Mr. Otter is one of Catfish Jack’s best friends and is a super genius. Mr. Otter is kind of a coward but has been known to save Catfish Jack whenever he’s in danger. Mr. Otter is currently running for mayor in the lake that Catfish Jack lives in.

Snapper the Snapping Turtle is Catfish Jack’s second best friend. Snapper is very lazy and is almost always sleeping. Snapper watches over Catfish Jack and has saved him from danger a lot. Snapper is very strong and he loves to workout. Snapper isn’t very bright but never get him mad.

Super Stork is a super powered stork and a very loyal member of the Super Dudes. Super Stork has the power to stretch his beak 90 feet and also has the power of flight. Super Stork also rides in the Storkmobile which is the fastest car on Earth. Super Stork is also a back-up member of the Super Dudes!

Funky Monkey is a disco dancer monkey and the coolest monkey ever. Funky Monkey loves to party and dance. Funky Monkey is also a bit of a drug addict and he is always begging people for money. Funky Monkey was also Stork’s college roommate and a member of the Silly Squad. Funky Monkey is also a rapper and an occasional criminal. Funky Monkey also is known to be very annoying but yet loveable. Funky Monkey is currently in rehab and he is also unemployed at the moment.

Spotty’s Enemies!

Coyote is Spotty’s first foe and he still his greatest rival. he once tried to turn everybody in the world into Coyotes, put together all the world’s most famous nerds to take over the world, and was leader of the I Hate Spotty Gang. He is also billionaire.

Ghost is Super Spotty’s foe and has teamed up with Coyote twice. His background is a mystery but he is pure evil. He was once a king of army of skeletons, and he had a living skeleton cat as a pet. Ghost will stop at nothing to destroy Super Spotty once and for all!

Zig Zag and Moe are old enemies of Spotty from outer space. These two always try to probe Spotty and Beardy. Zig Zag looks like a giant orange skinned alien with antennas, and Moe looks the same, but with a Miniature Schnauzer like face. For some reason these two have now have plots of taking over the Earth as well and they are also an enemy of Super Spotty as well!

Terry the Tapir used to be Spotty’s co-worker, but he was fired because of Spotty. He soon became an alcoholic, and kidnapped Spotty Jr. Now he calls himself “Spotty’s greatest enemy”.  He was also a space pirate captain when Spotty met Robot Blue. Terry the Tapir currently works mostly as Coyote’s top henchman and bodyguard. He has since became friends with Coyote as well!

Dr. Duck is a mutant duck with a huge brain and a criminal mastermind. He has powers of telekinesis, the ability to read other people’s minds, and to control other people’s minds. Dr. Duck only wants knowledge and to rule the world. Not bad for being a duck!

Spotty’s Friends!

Spotty is a talking dog with ADD and isn’t that bright. Spotty has many friends and just as many foes. He’s been everything from an adventurer to a superhero and he’s even the pope of Buckyism. Spotty is my favorite character and possibly my oldest continuing character. Spotty future is bright, and that’s not bad for an annoying talking dog you can’t help but love (or even hate)!

Beardy is Spotty’s best friend, he has been with Spotty since his debut. Beardy had many jobs, an adventurer, super hero sidekick, a robot, and a wizard. Beardy is a Miniature Schnauzer.

Spotty Jr. is the son of Spotty. He is also friends with Cool Fox. Spotty Jr. always wears a red baseball cap with brown spots, he also wears a red pants, a red t-shirt, and red shoes. He is a mutt like his dad. Spotty Jr. is also a bit of a nerd and has an IQ of 174. Spotty Jr. is also a computer whiz and he even created his own search engine.

Uncle Scotty (Beardy’s Scottish Uncle) is Beardy’s uncle and he is a Scottish terrier that lives in Scotland. The Loch Ness Monster is his pet. He was also head of the Kilt Klan in the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson.

Penny Greyhound is Beardy’s girlfriend and is also new friend of Spotty and Spotty Jr. She works as a nurse and she’s known to be pretty bossy. Penny Greyhound was even once a supermodel when she was in college. Penny is also a really fast runner because of her being a pure-bred greyhound in all.

Michael and Jordan are scientists that work for a robot company. Michael is a bald African American man who wears glasses, and Jordan is a white man with brown buzz-cut hair. Michael and Jordan care a lot about Spotty and they are willing to help him whenever he needs help in a scientific way!

Canary is a bird who bugged Spotty when he was a coal miner looking for gold. And now he is Spotty’s pet bird! Canary is also a bit of a prankster and he’s still very annoying!

Toad and Mouse are best friends and they love to go camping. Toad and Mouse are very kind and they follow their manners. Toad and Mouse have one thing in common, they’re both small but they go on big adventures.

Snow White the Viking isn’t the strongest Viking but he loves to go on adventures and find treasure. Snow White the Viking is the cook on his ship. Snow White the Viking was frozen in a block of ice and he woke up in the future. Snow White the Viking's whereabouts are currently unknown.

Super Spotty is the funniest superhero around. This talking dog has the powers of super strength, laser vision, super speed, and the power to talk to fish. His sidekick is Super Beardy and they are also best friends. Super Spotty is a back-up member of the Super Dudes and will help when needed.