Thursday, January 24, 2013

Classic Bucky Talk #5

(Date when written: ?)
To: Memere & Papa
Hello, I’m just 1 day away from going to Eagle River right now. I’m still doing fine, and Holly Dog is fine also. Anyway, this is the 6th most recent Bucky Talk I made, and I’m running out of ideas on what to tell you. I guess I’ll tell you what I’m into right now. I like writing books and making movies of course, and I still semi-like wrestling, I like Marvel Comics, playing with my stick, going to movies, and my favorite music is Queen, The Beatles, and "Weird Al" Yankovic. I also like the TV shows South Park, the Simpsons, and Robot Chicken. Nikki has a boyfriend now from Dingo Land, and I may not be the father, but if he does anything bad to Nikki, he’s got five and five right here brother. Well I hope you like this book, enjoy!
Love: Bucky J

Classic Bucky Talk #4

(Date when written: 6/28/07)
To: Memere & Papa
Hello, I’m doing fine. I can’t wait for this weekend, because I get to see Holly Dog. But, sad news, Holly Dog is old and is a twig. And now Holly Dog has a new friend, Callie (who is another Miniature Schnauzer), and she’s a ball of energy, and always wants to play. I’m also going to Eagle River this year, and of course I’m on Youtube. Youtube took off some of my videos because of inappropriate behavior. But I’m still having a great summer. And I can’t wait for Transformers movie to come out, and it’s just around the corner. So enjoy the book and happy father’s day!
Love: Bucky

Classic Bucky Talk #3

(Date when written: 5/22/07)
To: Memere & Papa
Hi it’s your grandson, Happy Father’s Day (because this is your Father’s Day present). Anyway school is almost over and I can’t wait for summer. I can’t wait to get out of school. But I’m going to be a freshman no more, and I’m going to be a sophomore baby. I haven’t told you much about my friends, my only friends names are Kenny (my 1st African American friend) and Frankie, they are my buds. Kenny goes to my BD school, and Frankie I just met through my dad (because my dad is friends with his step-dad). Holly Dog is getting older, and I’m getting taller (I’m already taller than my dad). I’m also a wrestler/chairman for my new wrestling company BWC (Butler Wrestling Corp). My wrestling name is “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. and my character is an ADD guy with a stick. Well I hope you enjoy the book, I have work to do elsewhere, good bye.
Love: Bucky J

Classic Bucky Talk #2

(Date when written: ?)
To: Memere & Papa
Hi, it’s your grandson! I’m giving you three books for you this time. I’m doing fine, expect I have a sore throat. I hope you like these books, and I wish I could see you guys real soon. I thought I heard from my dad I might go with you to Florida next year (like Nikki and Nina). But I hope you like this book, and enjoy.
Love: Bucky J

Classic Bucky Talk #1

(Date when written: 3/26/07)
To: Memere & Papa
Hello from your grandson! I’m doing fine; I have some new stories for you! I may even get my stories read by real life authors at an authors’ convention. Holly is really thin now, and I drink water. Spotty is still rocking in 2007, and I have new ideas for books (which you may or may not get). Thanks for the card and I hope you enjoy your book, I may send more stories!
Love: Bucky

Rules for “The Island of Your Own” Game

“The Island of Your Own” is a very simple game in which you must make your own country. This is a game for you to use your Imagination! Here are the rules…
1.     First find a piece of paper
2.     Then get a pencil and eraser
3.     Now pretend that your pencil or your eraser is a huge ship (like the Mayflower but your own mind) and have your imaginary settlers come off the boat
4.     The game is that you must create new states for your imaginary settlers to settle in calling them by “Island #” (just start with 1 and see how many squares you can fit on the piece of paper)
5.     After you create your first “Island #” just keep drawing squares on the piece of paper and making new islands.
6.     Also you can make your settlers declare war on each other, for example, if “Island 2” declares war on “Island 7” you can make then fight each other. Whichever island wins the loser must join up with the winner (so if war was declared by “Island 2” and “Island 7” lost then “Island 7” becomes “Island 2”)
7.     And if you have enough spaces just keep making more and more “Island #” squares until your piece of paper is full.
8.     So have fun and just use your imagination to play this game

Rules for “The Cheap Calculator Game”

The Cheap Calculator Game is a game that makes you use your brain and math skills! Here are the rules….
1.     First find a calculator, any calculator
2.     Then put in a number bigger than 10 (a very big number)
3.     Once you put in a number pick any number lower than your big number
4.     Then the game begins when you try to subtract the big number by only pressing numbers 1-9 to get to the number you picked
5.     Example: If I put in 500 and I wanted to subtract 500 down to 64 I must lower it (through subtracting) only using numbers 1-9 on the calculator. Never by just pressing 500-64.
6.     So the point of the game is only to subtract down from your big number to your chosen number by only subtracting from numbers 1-9.
7.     Enjoy the game!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

What is Classic Bucky Talk!

Classic Bucky Talk is news section about me that I wrote to my grandparents when they were given one of my books, now this collection is for you to enjoy!

Characters that may retire!

Some of Buckstevenson’s characters may be out of the spotlight for a little while. Buckstevenson is working on ideas, but some of characters might be awhile before they have new story appearances or stories. Buckstevenson hopes that these characters will return again, but he doesn’t know exactly when.
Here is a list of characters that may be out of the spotlight for a bit!


 Cool Fox

Binky Bear

Bucky and Holly Dog

A possible Super Dudes and KWE/BWC crossover!

Buckstevenson has just announced that he has plans to make a book starring both KWE/BWC wrestlers and the Super Dudes. So this means that Super Dude may wrestle Kazam in a wrestling match for the first time. So be on the lookout for this possible book!

Holly Dog is getting better!

Holly Dog is still alive and she’s doing well. She may now live longer then 2007, but we’re not for sure. Holly Dog is truly a legend in Buckstevenson’s books and she is Buckstevenson’s real life best friend. Buckstevenson hopes Holly Dog will live until Christmas of this year or until 2008. So be on the lookout for more news on Holly Dog’s heath.

The Cursed Kingdom two plot maybe changed!

We just found out that Buckstevenson has a new idea for the plot of the possible new book the Cursed Kingdom two. The new plot will be that Arthur and Jessica may have a daughter that will be cursed and the Mexican servant named Hector will try to rescue her. But this plot maybe also the plot for a possible 3rd book in the Cursed Kingdom series. So be on the lookout for more information on the Cursed Kingdom #2.

The Cursed Kingdom may have a sequel!

Buckstevenson has plans to make a sequel to a book called the Cursed Kingdom. The first book was almost like a reversed Beauty and the Beast (which I mean is that the man was the beauty and the girl was the beast). Buckstevenson says the possible sequel will feature Spotty, Stork, and Binky Bear as the lumberjacks like in the first book. The story is still being developed by Buckstevenson but he told us this…it will be about that Princess Jessica being cursed again (that means that she is a monster again) and Arthur is trying to break the curse all over again. The other plots of the story are still unknown. So be on the lookout for this book, and it maybe a classic.

Spotty Jr. to be in the possible new Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson book!

Buckstevenson has just announced that Spotty Jr. will star in the possible new Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson “Future Wars” book. His role will be the current pope of Buckyism, and he’ll teach the chosen one about the history of Buckyism. So be on the lookout for the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson “Future Wars”!

Spotty and Stork Switched?

Buckstevenson has just announced that he had been thinking about making a story where Spotty and Stork switch lives for a while. Stork will finally interact with other Spotty characters, and Spotty will interact with other Stork characters. So this will be a first time these characters will have crossover in the other characters book. So be on the lookout for this new book, and it will be a new adventure for the two greatest Buckstevenson characters!

Possible new Spotty stories!

Spotty is still rocking in 2007, and Buckstevenson has a whole bunch of ideas for new Spotty stories. The best part is this article is going to let you vote for what new Spotty story you fans want. Buckstevenson gave the Funtime Report a list of story ideas for Spotty. Now vote for which Spotty story you want and Buckstevenson will write it. By the way the losers could still become Spotty stories in the future.
A List of Spotty story ideas!
·        Spotty in the future
·        Spotty as a villain
·        Spotty the boxer
·        The origin of Super Spotty

Now vote for your favorite Spotty story idea!

Possible new Max Storm short stories!

There may be new Max Storm short stories in the near future. Max Storm 2007 ended with a possible sequel idea. These new Max Storm short stories will be called “Demon Wars”. So be on the lookout for these new Max Storm short stories.

Possible new Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson book!

The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson series maybe over book a new book will possibly be made. Buckstevenson says that the new book will take place many years into the future and will be called “Future Wars”. Buckstevenson told us a possible plot, so far it’s going to be about the real world merging with the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson and the Skull Lords reformed and taken over the new world. Plus Buckyism’s god (Steven J. Butler, Jr.) is in very poor heath and a new hero will take his place. The book may come out real soon and by the way Buckstevenson is thinking about making this book into a spin-off series of the original Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson. So be on the lookout for this possible new book.

Possible new Cool Fox book!

Cool Fox maybe in a new short stories book like his last book “Cool Fox Cryptozoology Files”. The plot of the book is still being developed but the title will be “Cool Fox Forever”. So be on the lookout for this new book.

Possible new Binky Bear story!

Binky Bear was created by Mrs. S and Steven J. Butler, Jr. and now Buckstevenson may want to bring him back in a new Doole Book story. No plot is available as of right now, but the Binky Bear characters will be updated and it will give more of a background on them. Binky Bear may return in a new book after all these years, let’s hope he does.

Faterella series finally canceled!

Buckstevenson has just announced that the “Faterella” series is finally canceled. “Faterella 5” will be the last book in the original series. The “Faterella” characters maybe featured in other books (mostly as guest stars). So one of Buckstevenson’s oldest continuing series has finally ended. So read “Faterella 5: The Final Chapter” in Doole Book Legacy.

Faterella characters to appear in The Cursed Kingdom 3!

Buckstevenson has just announced that characters from the “Faterella” series will appear in the next “Cursed Kingdom” book. Buckstevenson won’t tell us which “Faterella” characters will appear in the next book, but he said the main characters are most likely to appear in the next book. So be on the look out for “The Cursed Kingdom 3” which is still in the developing stage as of right now!

Coyote in his own book?

Buckstevenson has just announced that Spotty’s foe Coyote maybe starring in his own book. It will be about Coyote as dictator of a fictional country and will try to take over the whole world. The Rest of the plot is still being developed but this book will feature new characters and no other characters from the Spotty universe. So be on the lookout for this possible new book.

Binky Bear is back!

Binky Bear after all these years has a new book. The new Binky Bear book is called “Binky Bear in High School” and it’s about Binky going to his first day of High School. Some of the Binky Bear characters have returned for this new book, and they have been giving new personalities. This is the first Binky Bear book that did not have the help of its creator Mrs. S. So read this story in “Doole Book Rocks On”.

Binky Bear gets a job?

Binky Bear’s next book maybe about him getting a job as a pizza delivery man or working at a burger joint. But that’s not the whole story about him having a job it would just be a part of it. Binky Bear hasn’t appeared in a new book for awhile his last recent book he starred in was “Binky Bear in High School” and this book will follow what happens after it. So be on the lookout for this new book!

A possible Robot Blue meets Spotty sequel!

Robot Blue and Spotty may team up again in another book. It will continue where the last book left off. The new villain will be Coyote, Spotty’s most popular foe. Coyote will be an emperor of a fictional planet and Spotty and Robot Blue will have to team up and stop him. So be on the lookout for this new book.

A possible new Faterella book!

A new Faterella book may come out, and it will be the 5th book in the series. There are two possible plots to this new book, the return of Dark Mark or it will be about Jamie Charming the granddaughter of Faterella. Those plots are maybe what “Faterella 5” is going to be about. So be on the lookout for this new book.

A possible KWE/BWC crossover!

Two of the best wresting promotions may team up for one night only in a brand new book. KWE which was founded by AJ Lu and Shane Lu and owned by That Spells Action INC. and BWC which was founded by Buckstevenson. So how is this crossover going to work? It will have both KWE superstars and BWC superstars in the same ring (which means a KWE superstar can wrestle a BWC superstar in a match). This will be a once in a while thing. So this book may come out, and for the first time KWE and BWC team up to make the fans go wild.

A new Spotty book for Doole Book Legacy!

A new Spotty book came out called “Spotty and the Haunted House”. It’s about Spotty saving Beardy in a haunted mansion and he’s getting help from his enemy Ghost (who is the bad guy of the “Super Spotty” series). Buckstevenson has announced that the book will have a shocking twist in it….the twist is currently secret. So read the new Spotty book in Doole Book Legacy!

A new possible Super Dudes book!

Super Dudes may have a new book and it will be continuing the last Super Dudes book. The Boogie Man will return along with every member of the Super Dudes, it will be a reunion of all past Super Dudes members. The title may be called “Super Dudes Apocalypse” so be on the lookout for this new book to the Super Dudes series.

What is the Funtime Report?

This book is news on what is happening in my writing world. Like, what’s going to happen to my characters, or possible sequels and prequels. It will also have Joe and Funclock skits. Also this book will be updated every once and a while. So I hope you enjoy it and remember this is just rumors or news from yours truly.
Signed: Steven J. Butler, Jr. (Buckstevenson)
(Author’s Note: Joe and Funclock skits are not in this version of this story and also note this is just a collection/archive of old news reports so it’s not what I’m working on now. It will be only for enjoyment)

The Super Storm and Lee vs. the Monster Master!-part 2

Lee soon found the Monster Master’s hideout and fought many monsters on the way. “Nice of you to join us elf boy,” yelled Monster Master. “What have you done with my friends,” yelled Lee. “O, they are my prisons now, attack Super Storm,” yelled Monster Master. The Super Storm was under Monster Masters mind control. How does Monster Master’s mind control powers work, he puts a headband with a computer chip that connects with a cane that has each monster or anything he has under mind control in his cane. “Wait the cane I have to get rid of the cane but how,” said Lee to himself. Then Lee pulled out his bow and arrows and shot Monster Masters cane and the Super Storm weren’t under his mind control any more. Then are heroes knocked out the Monster Master and sent him to jail. And as for the aliens Monster Master took the Super Storm using their spaceship took all the aliens back to their home planets and so Lee saved the Super Storm and now he was a new member because the Greed Speed retired. The Super Storm and Lee saved the day!
The End

The Super Storm and Lee vs. the Monster Master!

Scott F. Henry used to be a top government scientist until President Henry Q. (X-Eye) fired him for his one idea he had to use mind control on animals for the U. S. Army to help them wars. Henry Q. thought it was a waste of money and not every animal is powerful enough as man. The Scott had an idea something more powerful than man. So he stole a government spaceship and flew to other planets in the universe to capture alien monsters to use for an army to take over the world. Soon Scott found many alien species like Pig People, Two headed space dragons, giant alien worms, and even aliens made out of rock that were 90 feet tall. Soon Scott became the super villain Monster Master and he wanted to rule the world but he started out small like with bank robbery with his many monsters. But the Super Storm always kill his monsters now he had an idea to use his mind control machines which he uses on his monsters on the Super Storm themselves. “Now, monsters get me the Super Storm,” yelled Monster Master. Now we go to the Super Storm headquarters and Lee was becoming a back-up member of the Super Storm (already back-up Super Storm members were the Gifted, General Warfare, and Stretch Man) Lee has also been living at the Super Storm headquarters because he had nowhere else to go. Then Lee heard a roar it was a two headed space dragon and Lee knew how to kill dragons. But when Lee was fighting the monster, some Pig People took the Super Storm. Lee killed the two headed space dragon now he has to save his friends! 

The Gifted vs. Pixie and the Doom Squad

Peter P. Pixie who now calls himself Pixie after he fought the Gifted, and so he still has his job as a dragon poop cleaner at his village zoo. He is now going to leave his dimension home of magical creatures again to get his ravage on the Gifted but how. The Doom Squad was the first super-villain group who ever fought the Super Storm but they lost. Pixie is now going to ask for their help. “Hey boss there is a meeting with some person named Pixie,” said Brick Man. Swordfish was the leader of the Doom Squad and the other members were Brick Man, Fire Lord, and Turtle Man. “Show him in,” yelled Swordfish. Pixie flew in to their hideout. “Hello gentleman, my name is Pixie I want you to stop the Gifted for me,” yelled Pixie. “What’s in it for us,” yelled Turtle Man. Pixie pulls out a Treasure chest. “O man is that real,” yelled Fire Lord. “Yes but will you guys help me stop the Gifted,” asked Pixie. “Yah we’ll do right boys,” yelled Swordfish. “Yah boss,” yelled Brick Man, Fire Lord, and Turtle Man. The Gifted were now very well known but soon Ms. Giant was going to retire from the team to have a normal life with the Green Speed. The Gifted were now back-up members of the Super Storm. Then Dr. Laser sees Pixie outside the Super Storm headquarters. “Hey Pixie’s back let’s stop him,” yelled Dr. Laser. Soon the Gifted alone without the Super Storm (Because the Super Storm was gone for the day). Dr. Strong opened the door and the Doom Squad was outside. “O I brought company you guys know the Doom Squad, do you,” yelled Pixie. The Gifted were outnumbered the Doom Squad was kicking their butts. Then Ms. Giant knocked all the members of the Doom Squad out. “Well easy come easy go,” said Pixie. “Og kcab emoh Pixie,” yelled Dr. Strong. Then a portal opened up and sucked Pixie into it. “I will win someday you’ll see,” yelled Pixie as he was being sucked in. The Doom Squad went to jail and Pixie was back in his dimension. The Gifted saved the day once again!
The End!

Stretch Man vs. Bogo the anti-Stretch Man and Dino Man

Stretch Man was doing his patrol around the city when he soon saw Bogo robbing a bank. “Hey you’re my clone Bogo right,” yelled Stretch Man. “Me Bogo the anti-Stretch Man me robbing bank for friend of Bogo,” yelled Bogo. “Who not your old boss Dr. Ron K. Henson because he is in jail,” yelled Stretch Man. Then Dino Man popped right out in front of Stretch Man. “I found your clone and he works for me,” yelled Dino Man. “Dino Man what do you want with Bogo,” yelled Stretch Man. “Well he has all your powers and he’ll do anything I say and now he is robbing a bank for me my Reptiles don’t feed themselves you know,” yelled Dino Man. Then Dino Man and Stretch Man started fighting. “O me god you hurting my brother you not friend of Bogo,” yelled Bogo. Then Bogo spilt up Dino Man and Stretch Man. “Bogo you idiot let me kill Stretch Man,” yelled Dino Man. “Bogo he is not your friend do the right thing,” yelled Stretch Man. Bogo then grabbed a cell phone and called 911. “The police are on their way,” yelled Bogo. So Dino Man went to jail and so did Bogo. “Bogo I could bail you out if you want me too,” asked Stretch Man. “Bogo needs to learn his lesson me stay in jail with my friend,” yelled Bogo. “You are an idiot Bogo I’m going to jail again,” yelled Dino Man. Stretch Man saves the day.
The End

The Origin of the Gifted!

At a government lab 3 scientists were testing a new chemical. Dr. Bob Scott who was in a wheelchair, Dr. Vicky Good who was very fat, and Dr. Alan Dean who was blind and they were testing a new chemical called chemical G1. Chemical G1 was going into a lab monkey. “3, 2, 1 fire chemical G1 now,” yelled Bob. Soon chemical G1 was mutating the monkey. “Vicky stop eating all those donuts you’re as big as a house,” yelled Alan. “How do you know I’m fat your blind,” yelled Vicky. “I bumped into your gut,” yelled Alan. Then a big explosion from the room the lab monkey was in and chemical G1 was all over the room. The explosion knocked out the scientists. “Ah what happened,” said Bob. Soon Bob noticed he could walk. “I don’t believe it I can walk I don’t need the wheel chair anymore,” yelled Bob. Bob soon heard Alan and he soon found out he was super strong. Alan who was blind can now see and he had laser vision, and Vicky who was very fat now looks like a super model and can grow up to 80 feet tall. “We should form a team and use our powers for good we should be called The Gifted,” yelled Bob. Soon Bob became Dr. Strong, Vicky became Ms. Giant, and Alan became Dr. Laser. “Wait we should put on these masks,” yelled Vicky. Soon the Gifted were getting noticed. There first mission was to kill the mutant monkey they made which grew 70 feet tall. Soon the Gifted joined the Super Storm and Ms. Giant and the Greed Speed fell in love. The Greed Speed felt sad because he only become the Greed Speed when danger is around but soon he heard of chemical G1 and soon he drank chemical G1 and soon was the Green Speed forever not his fat secret identity Gus Speed. And soon Green Speed and Ms. Giant got married and had a daughter named Vicky Speed Jr. and they both retired from being super heroes for now!
The End

The Gifted 3000-part 2

Mike Storm asked the Super Storm 3000 for help and Greed Speed told them only one mutant can stop them his name was Virus a living computer virus who fought Element and tried to give a computer virus to every computer in the world. “Where can we find him,” asked Mike Storm. “I have the floppy disk that trapped him for all these years I found it in the remains of the old jail and I have a computer to free him,” said Green Speed. Soon Virus was lose and as expected Virus went into all the mutant killer robots and gave them a computer virus. Soon Grey, Kirk, Buzz, Blood Hound, and the floppy disk that trapped Virus went to the police department/jail. Normal people and mutant were at peace for now!
The End?

The Gifted 3000

Mike Storm who is the son of Max Storm is immortal because he has a robot arm, and robot eyes, Vicky Speed Jr. who is also immortal and is the daughter of Green Speed and Ms. Giant her powers are super speed and the power to grow 80 feet tall, and X-Eye 3000 who is a technology wiz and is the very great grandson of X-Eye. They would form the Gifted of the year 3000. But little did are heroes know was that our heroes was going to meet Grey H. Kenson and his mutant killer robots and now we go to his lab. “I will kill every mutant on the face of the Earth with my robots what do you think Buzz and Kirk,” yelled Grey. “Well Mr. Kenson I think that you should use us,” yelled Kirk. “I mean you guy’s help me in all but you guys are obsolete robots but there is one thing you can help me with,” yelled Grey. “What boss,” asked Buzz. He told Buzz and Kirk to get a mutant named Blood Hound who is half man and half dog. Blood Hound looks like a man with a blood hound face, with a good nose, floppy ears, a tail, paws, and is wearing a black leather jacket and blue jeans. “What do you guys want me for,” yelled Blood Hound. “We need you to help us find the Gifted 3000,” yelled Kirk. “Yah and any other mutants too,” yelled Buzz. “How much does it pay,” yelled Blood Hound. “How is 99, 0001 V-chips,” yelled Buzz. V-chips are the money of the future and Blood Hound agreed. Soon Blood Hound had found the Gifted 3000. “We don’t need you any more Blood Hound,” yelled Kirk. “Boss send your robots,” yelled Buzz. Soon the mutant killer robots were everywhere around the headquarters of The Gifted 3000. “Look killer robots and Blood Hound,” yelled Vicky. Soon The Gifted 3000 will fight the mutant killer robots. What will happen next?

Spy Lion 3000

Two teenagers Alex J. Johnson and Ben Q. (who is the very great grandson of X-Eye and the very great nephew of Spider Hand) found a very old lab. It belonged to X-Eye. “Hey Alex look a big kitty,” yelled Ben. It was a lion it was still alive after the nuclear bombs. Alex soon found X-Eye’s old fusing machine. “Hey let’s try something out Alex,” yelled Ben. Alex walked though one door and Ben put the lion in the other. “Let’s see if it still works,” yelled Ben. Soon Ben turned the fusing machine on. Alex was turning into a lion man. Alex came out and was a lion man, he had a mane, a tail, claws, and now he has lion powers. “Roar,” roared Alex. Soon Alex ran off and soon he was as wild as a wild animal. Then Alex got control of his wild side. Then Alex found a picture in his pocket of a Spy Lion and X-Eye. “I know what I must do now,” yelled Alex. Alex became Spy Lion 3000 and was soon a new super hero in the year 3000. Then Spy Lion 3000 (Alex) saw to bank robbers. He caught all of them and gave them to a police department. “All right what should Spy Lion 3000 do now,” yelled Spy Lion 3000. “Fight me,” yelled a mysterious voice. It looked like X-Eye but wearing a mask with a green X on it, a black cape, gloves with a green X on them, and holding a red laser sword. “Hey your X-Eye 3000,” yelled Spy Lion 3000.  “Let’s fight,” yelled X-Eye 3000. Soon our heroes started fighting each other then Spy Lion 3000 knocked out X-Eye 3000 and Spy Lion 3000 took off X-Eye 3000’s mask. “O my god you’re Ben,” yelled Spy Lion 3000. So Spy Lion 3000 ran away and X-Eye 3000 would soon become a new super hero of the year 3000.
The End 

Stretch Man vs. Bogo the anti-Stretch Man

Dr. Ron K. Henson used to be CEO of Henry Q. Corp but he was soon fired. He made a cloning machine and was going to use it for evil. “I will make my very own Stretch Man,” yelled Ron. Soon he sent his two robots Buzz and Kirk out to capture Stretch Man. Buzz was a super-strong robot and Kirk was a robot with jet-packs for feet. Stretch Man was soon fighting Buzz and Kirk and soon Kirk opened a can of sleeping gas. Stretch Man soon fell fast asleep. “Ah where I’m I,” asked Stretch Man. He was stuck in a clear glass box. “Stretch Man you will be the first person I ever cloned,” yelled Ron. “How are you going to do it,” yelled Stretch Man. “I took some of your DNA and put it into my cloning machine now let’s see your clone,” yelled Ron. Soon a blue-skinned, red-haired, Stretch Man came out. “Hi, me Bogo we are have to going fun,” yelled Bogo. “Ha you made an idiot,” yelled Kirk, “Boss we could have just killed him all together,” said Buzz. “How is he going to stop me,” yelled Stretch Man. “Dad what do me have do to,” yelled Bogo. “Put on some clothes,” yelled Ron. Then Bogo put on a red Stretch Man costume. Then Buzz and Kirk freed Stretch Man and soon Bogo and Stretch Man were fighting. Soon one of Bogo’s eyes became wiggly. “Ouch, he hurt Bogo and me mad,” yelled Bobo. Soon Stretch Man called the police. Dr. Ron K. Henson went to jail and Buzz, Kirk, and Bogo got away. Now we go to Dino Man’s lair on his island. “How I’m I going to stop Stretch Man I hope an idea comes to me,” yelled Dino Man. Then Dino Man heard a knock on his door. “Hi, me Bogo want be friends,” said Bogo. “He’s perfect ha, ha, ha,” laughed Dino Man. Dino Man and Bogo the anti-Stretch Man team up what will happen? Nobody knows!
The End

The Gifted vs. Pixie-part 2

Dr. Strong was Dr. Bob Scott who was in a wheelchair, Dr. Laser was Dr. Alan Dean a blind man, and Ms. Giant was Dr. Vicky Good who was fat. Soon Bob read a way to stop Pixie but they needed to cause the explosion of chemical G1 that gave them their powers again like do it the way they did last time. Soon they did it they got their powers back and they all had the same powers they had the first time. “Let’s go Gifted,” yelled Dr. Strong. Soon Pixie was causing chaos in the city. “Hey Pixie og kcab emoh,” yelled Dr. Strong. “Og kcab emoh” is go back home backwards. “No, I don’t want to go back,” yelled Pixie. Then a portal opened up and Pixie was getting sucked in. “I’ll get you Gifted if it’s the last thing I do,” yelled Pixie. The Gifted saves the day!
The End

The Gifted vs. Pixie

Pixie is from another dimension home of magical creatures. Pixie was sick of his job as a dragon poop cleaner at his village zoo. “My life sucks why can’t I rule any worlds wait I have an idea,” said Pixie to himself. So he opens a portal to take him to our dimension. The Gifted were starting to get noticed when they stopped a giant mutated monkey, and when they joined the Super Storm. Ms. Giant came back to help her friends Dr. Strong, and Dr. Laser. “Hello mortals it’s your new ruler Peter P. Pixie,” yelled Pixie. “O no you don’t,” yelled Dr. Strong. Soon our heroes started fighting Pixie but Pixie had magical powers even stronger the Black Magic’s. Soon Pixie flew away. “There has to be away to stop The Gifted, wait I know,” said Pixie. “There has to be away to stop Pixie wait I know,” yelled Dr. Strong.
Soon our heroes asked the police to let go of Black Magic to stop Pixie. “What’s in it for me,” asked Black Magic. Soon Black Magic agreed to help The Gifted. “You’re going to meet your match,” yelled Ms. Giant. “O, well try this on for size,” yelled Pixie. Soon his was sucking the chemical G1 out of The Gifted. Soon Dr. Strong was soon not being able to walk again, Ms. Giant was becoming fat again, and Dr. Laser was becoming blind again. “Now I’m the new ruler of the Earth,” yelled Pixie. The Gifted when back to being there old self’s who had no super powers just handicap and very unhealthy and what will happen to The Gifted?

Orangutan Man of the year 3000

Orangutan Man grew up in the woods and was raised by Bigfoot. But when Orangutan Man was 19 years old Sure 5 killed the Bigfoot for hunting season. Orangutan Man soon ran away to a city and met a green, mutant lobster man named Claws. Claws was named Claws because his hands were claws. Claws also likes to smoke pot and was high all the time. Orangutan Man soon thought that Claws and him should become super heroes, because Mega Mind was killed and he thinks that the Super Storm 3000 could use some help. “Ok, man but man…I have no idea what’s going on,” said Claws. Orangutan Man’s powers were that of an orangutan, and Claws had the powers of a lobster, he could breathe on land and water, swim very well, and is a good actor. “Alright Claws our first mission is to stop Dr. Cartoon who is a mad scientist who turned himself into a living cartoon and has a magical pencil that could bring anything he draws to life,” said Orangutan Man. Soon our heroes found Dr. Cartoon’s hideout and Dr. Cartoon looked like a normal human being but his face was a smiley face with a crown on his head, and he was wearing clown shoes. “Ha hello friends let’s play a game,” yelled Dr. Cartoon. Then he draws a cartoon t-rex and our heroes begin fighting it. But then Orangutan man bumps into a green chemical. Orangutan Man soon feels funny. Orangutan Man grew 80 feet tall. “Wow I really should quit smoking pot man,” yelled Claws. Then Orangutan Man killed the t-rex and knocked out Dr. Cartoon. They give Dr. Cartoon to the police and Dr. Cartoon was now it jail. Orangutan Man now has a new super power he is able to grow 80 feet tall and Claws still smokes pot.
The End

Shark Man vs. Pelican King

Shark Man was swimming in the ocean with some of his shark friends, like Terry the Great White Shark, Alex the Longfin Mako, Gus the Whale Shark, and Sally the Angel Shark and by the way all of the sharks listed were Shark Man’s many pet sharks. But a new foe for Shark Man was coming. Soon pelicans were flying everywhere. “What the heck is going on here,” yelled Shark Man. Then a man who looked like a pelican was flying towards them. “Make way for the Pelican King,” yelled Pelican King. Soon pelicans were all around Shark Man and his shark pets. “What do you want with me Pelican King,” yelled Shark Man. “You see I loved pelicans growing up that I made a chemical that would make me into a pelican now I would like to eat some fish,” yelled Pelican King. Soon Shark Man and Pelican King started fighting. But little did we know was that Pelican King’s pelicans were stealing fish from grocery stores all over the world. “I need the help of the Super Storm,” said Shark Man. Then he called the Super Storm headquarters and soon the other members of the Super Storm started fighting Pelican King. Later the Super Storm put Pelican King in jail. Shark Man and the Super Storm save the day!
The End

Element vs. Virus

Ken P. Fillips ran Fillip Computers they make computers, printers, and even a search engine which was and one for his technicians said they got a ton of calls saying that there computers had a computer virus. Then all of a sudden Ken’s computers had green 0’s and 1’s everywhere on the screen. Then it looked like a man coming out of the computer and he looked like a man with no face but his whole body was green 0’s and 1’s. “Kchhhhhhhhhhhh,” yelled the man that came out of the computer. “What is that,” asked the technician. “It looks like a living computer virus,” yelled Ken. Soon the virus took the technician and they went back into the computer. “This looks like a job for Element,” yelled Ken (Who is Element). Soon Element thought that the only safe way to get into the computer was through Virtual reality. Element was inside a computer. “Hold on Bob I’ll save you,” yelled Element. “Going somewhere,” yelled a mysterious voice. “Who are you,” yelled Element. “Call me Virus as in a living computer virus,” yelled Virus. “Hey how come when you where outside in the lab you couldn’t talk good,” said Element. “Because after a failed project by the Henry Q. Corp I became one with all computers and I only get out once in a while,” yelled Virus. “What is your name,” yelled Element. “Unknown X-Eye took away all my memories of who I really I’m but no time to talk I’m going to send a computer virus to every computer in the world,” yelled Virus. “Not on my watch,” yelled Element. Element made soon virtual rocks and knocked out Virus and then as Virus was knocked out he saved Bob and Virus was starting to wake up. “Element I have an idea,” yelled Bob. Element opened up Microsoft Word and in the real world took off his helmet. “What’s going on,” yelled Virus. Virus was being saved on a floppy disk. Virus was trapped inside the floppy disk. Element gave the floppy disk that was holding Virus to a jail and the police put it in an unbreakable vault. Element saves the day.
The End

Lee Returns!-part 2

Lee was helping Black Magic do tons of evil things like killing people that Black Magic hated. Soon Stretch Man had found Black Magic and Lee. “Lee I want you to kill Stretch Man for me,” said Black Magic. Lee then punched Black Magic and knocked him out. Stretch Man then called the police and Black Magic was soon put back in jail. Stretch Man had an idea that would keep Lee safe from harm. Stretch Man asked the Super Storm to watch Lee and maybe even make him a member. Lee now lives in the Super Storm headquarters. Lee will be called into action someday again.

Lee Returns!-part 1

Lee the elf prince from a world that was full of magic and monsters that disappeared many years ago! In the Himalayas Lee was frozen into a block of ice and was soon found by HQ Corp (X-Eye’s company). “Alright men let’s bring a man that has been frozen for years back to life your president Henry Q. wants it to be done and he wants to show his find to the world alive,” yelled Jack Capper (Stretch Man). Soon then put Lee is a machine that could melt him and bring him back to life too. Lee after many years has awakened. “Ah, what where I’m I what year is this,” yelled Lee. “Why ice man you’re in the year 2006 everybody you know and may have loved is dead,” yelled Jack Capper. Lee then went mad and escaped from the HQ Corp lab and was out and about in the city. “This looks like a job for Stretch Man,” said Jack Capper. Lee soon was running around and very soon he would meet a super villain called Black Magic. Black Magic was robbing a bank at the moment. “A wizard maybe he can help me,” said Lee. Black Magic sees Lee. “Ah, you have returned Lee the elf prince I know all the magic that people in your world have been using please help me,” yelled Black Magic. What would Lee’s choice be to help Black Magic or not to help Black Magic?

Goddiess & Professor Faun in India

Goddiess and Professor Faun were in India to look for the Hindu god of fire Agni. So they find themselves in an ancient Hindu temple. “Baa, Goddiess this place maybe the home of Agni the Hindu god of fire,” yelled Professor Faun. “Some how I feel like we’re being watched,” said Goddiess. O, they were being watched by the Hindu god of death Yama who was working for Hades the lord of the Underworld. “Hello boys,” yelled Yama. “I’ll take care of this, go, now,” yelled Goddiess. “I’ll go try to find Agni,” yelled Professor Faun. Soon Goddiess was fighting the Hindu god of death Yama. Soon with his Green ax, Goddiess opened a portal and with the help of Agni the Hindu god of fire. Soon Yama was being sucked into the portal back to the Underworld. “I like you guys already,” said Agni. So now Agni lives in Valhalla, and Goddiess saves the day!
The End

The Return of Sure 5!

Buzz and Kirk were now working for X-Eye 3000’s father who was a robot maker in his home town. Buzz found a body that was half-alive and was almost dead. “We have to bring him too are master,” yelled Kirk. It was bounty hunter and Mega Mind’s adopted son, Sure 5. Jacob Q. (X-Eye 3000’s father) soon made Sure 5 half-mutant and half-robot (just like Mike Storm). “Wake up, and you’re healthy again,” said Jacob Q. “Ah, where I’m I, who are you,” yelled Sure 5. “You’re a robot-mutant hybrid, you could have died if my robots didn’t find you,” said Jacob Q. “What, I’m half-machine now like my foe Mike Storm, no what the hell were you thinking,” yelled Sure 5. Then Sure 5 started choking Jacob Q. “Why are you doing this, you could have died,” screamed Jacob Q. “I’d rather be dead,” yelled Sure 5. Then he killed Jacob Q. and stole some of his guns and bombs. “You killed are master,” yelled Kirk. “I’ll be your new master now, that we are robot brothers, now come with me, we must follow Mega Mind’s dream, all normal people must die,” yelled Sure 5.
The End?

“The Gifted Show” on at 9 p.m.!

Soon the Gifted were only two members because Ms. Giant retired and the Gifted were also back-up Super Storm members too. Little did they know was that Dr. Laser and Dr. Strong were on a reality show which was created by, directed by and produced by Pixie and it was all over his home  dimension home of magical creatures. And soon The Gifted Show was high in the ratings but soon our heroes will find out Pixie’s plot. “Hey, Dr. Strong is that a little camera man,” yelled Dr. Laser. It was Pixie who has been secretly filming their everyday lives. “Hey, you again what are you doing,” yelled Dr. Strong. “Well, I was making money,” yelled Pixie. “How, you little winged man,” yelled Dr. Laser. “My name is Pixie and since all my plans failed to defect you guys I did the next best thing made you reality TV show stars, but since you know it won’t be good any more but I have an idea,” yelled Pixie. So Pixie soon put the Gifted in a cage and went to his new boss who was head of MTN (Magical Television Network) and he was an ogre seriously he really is an ogre the monster kind. “Pixie, you said they would never find out but they did know what’s your idea to make the show #1 again,” yelled Pixie’s boss. “Well, I think we need to put them in an area to fight a magical monster of our choice,” said Pixie. “It’s worth a shot,” yelled Pixie’s boss. So Dr. Strong and Dr. Laser were in an area and were fighting an 89 foot dragon and they soon killed it. “Hey, magical creatures get a life and watch something else because we quit,” yelled Dr. Laser. Soon magical creatures change the cannels on their TV or turned them off. “Pixie you’re fired,” yelled Pixie’s ex-boss. “O, I’ll get my revenge on you Gifted I swear it for the rest of my life,” yelled Pixie. The Gifted saved the day!
The End

The Origin of Goddiess!

Many years ago…the gods of mythology lived in peace in the heavens. You see, Zeus, Odin, and Brahma signed a treaty that allowed all of the gods of the world to live in peace and will help each other in battle. Soon a new god emerged named Goddiess. He was created by all the gods and he had the powers of each god. Soon when Goddiess was a young man, Hades went on a rampage and attacked all the gods with the help of the demons of the Underworld. Soon Hades waged war against the gods, but Goddiess soon stopped him. Hades was soon banished to the Underworld and never allowed to go to heavens again. Soon Goddiess let his power go to his head and started breaking the rules. As a punishment…Goddiess was imprisoned in his weapon the Green Ax. Soon the gods erased Goddiess from ever existing in the mortals eyes. Soon the gods hid the Green Ax in a temple in the mortal world, but in 2008 the mortals found the Green Ax. On an archeological find the mortals found the Green Ax and were soon sending it to a museum in the United States. But the package that contained the Green Ax never got to the museum. The Green Ax fell into the hands of a mortal man named George Brook. George J. Brook was a pharmacist who own a ma & pa pharmacy called “George’s Drugs” and he found the Green Ax package lying on the ground one day. So he took the package home and opened it to find the Green Ax. Now we go to George wondering what the hell the Green Ax is. “What the hell is this, it looks like it’s a thousand years old,” said George to himself. Soon George lifted the Green Ax into the air holding it with both hands, and then it started glowing. “What the heck,” said George. Then George was trying to let go of the Green Ax, but he couldn’t get rid of it. Then George soon turned into Goddiess. “Finally…sweet freedom,” said Goddiess. Now here’s where our story begins!

The History of Kim Shotwer!

Kim Shotwer is the Skull Slasher’s sister. When she was a kid, she weighted 300lbs. and was bullied a lot. Kim was very sad and ate when she was sad. She also has Bipolar disorder and growing up she went to a lot of behavioral hospitals. And she has a lot of nightmares of the kids who bullied her. She was soon put in an insane asylum when she was 18 years old. Kim Shotwer was out walking a night and had gotten bitten by a werewolf. She then escaped from the insane asylum when she turned into a werewolf. Soon she met Max Storm and was reunited with her brother Fred (who is the Skull Slasher). Now she became a member of the Storm Team and helps them stop monsters. She has also lost a lot of weight and looks like a supermodel, but she still thinks she fat because of the bullies in her youth. And by the way, she has a crush on Max Storm, but Max doesn’t know that.

The Origin of the Skull Slasher!

The Skull Slasher was once a teenager named Fred Shotwer. He was a rebel and hung out with the wrong crowd. One day he and his friends went to an old acid factory. Soon Fred tripped into a bucket of acid, and soon the skin on his face was burned off. Fred now had a skull face, and all that was left was his eyes. His friends fled the scene, and soon Fred was mad. He was angry that he turned into a freak, and so he dawned a cape and found a chainsaw and Fred soon became the Skull Slasher. The Skull Slasher was the most wanted person because of killing 3,000 people. The Skull Slasher was feared and very dangerous. Years had gone by, but the Skull Slasher was still on the loose. Finally, The Skull Slasher was caught and put in jail for life. Soon he escaped from jail and is now once again on the run. The Skull Slasher eventually met Max Storm, and the rest is history.

Max Storm: Werewolf Hunter

It was a dark and dreary night when Max Storm’s father got attacked by a werewolf. Max fled the scene of the werewolf fighting his father. He grew sad and angry that his father had gotten killed by a werewolf.

  Max began to study everything he could about werewolves in hopes of stopping them. It was soon after this he became Max Storm, werewolf hunter extraordinaire.

Max stopped other monsters too, like zombies, vampires, and ghosts. But his biggest passion was to chase werewolves.

One day Max was battling a werewolf and he got bitten. He did kill the werewolf, but not before being bitten. Now, even though it was Max’s passion to kill werewolves, now he was a werewolf. How would he live with this werewolf curse for the rest of his life?

   Luckily, Max set his eyes on a crucifix and this cured him. Now that he is back to himself, he is back on his mission to kill monsters.

The Origin of Spy Lion-part 2!

Chris Walker was soon tied up and then was going to be put into Henry Q.’s fusing machine. “You’re crazy Henry Q., the government will stop you,” cried Chris Walker. “I’m not Henry Q. anymore, you see, I have a scar on my eye that looks like the letter X, and now I’m going to be called X-Eye, the future ruler of the world,” yelled X-Eye (Henry Q.). “What thing I’m I going to be fused with,” cried Chris Walker. “Why, I don’t know, I’m kind of sick of making alligator-human hybreeds, but the only other animal I have is a mountain lion, so, I guess you’ll be a human-mountain lion hybrid, Gator Guards put him in the machine,” yelled X-Eye. Then Chris went into the right side of the machine, and the mountain lion was put on the left side of the machine. “I hope you like being a monster, because this machine will make you into one,” yelled X-Eye. Then X-Eye pulled the lever and soon the fusing machine turned on. Then minutes later, Chris Walker walked out a human-mountain lion hybrid. “What did you do to me,” yelled Chris Walker. “I shall call you Spy Lion, and now you’ll work for me, forever,” yelled X-Eye. “I’ll never work for you,” yelled Spy Lion (Chris Walker). Then Spy Lion ran up to X-Eye, and then a Gator Guard came out in fount of him. “My Gator Guards will take care of you once and for all, and as for me, I’m going to take over the world,” yelled X-Eye. Then X-Eye started laughing evilly. Spy Lion soon was fighting the Gator Guards. Then Spy Lion threw a can full of sleeping gas on the ground, and soon all of the Gator Guards were knocked out. Spy Lion then went to look for X-Eye. Then Spy Lion found X-Eye, and soon X-Eye was in a robot suit. “You see, you can never stop me, now let’s fight,” yelled X-Eye. Then X-Eye and Spy Lion started fighting each other. Then Spy Lion put a bomb on the leg of X-Eye’s robot suit. Then leg of the robot suit blew up, and then Spy Lion ran towards X-Eye. Spy Lion then tied up X-Eye, and hours later Spy Lion put X-Eye on the fount door step to the city police station. X-Eye was soon put in jail, and as for Spy Lion, he was now a monster. Spy Lion then went into hiding until he could find a way to become human again. Spy Lion may not be a monster at all, in fact he could be the greatest hero of all time. But what will happen next? Nobody knows!