Sunday, October 30, 2016

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

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Max Storm’s Monster Hunters, Issue #1 (Page 4)!

                     PAGE FOUR (FIVE PANELS)
PANEL 1: Mr. Tallenstine and the huge werewolf are wrestling each other.

PANEL 2: Mr. Tallenstine punches the huge werewolf in the face.


PANEL 3: The huge werewolf scratches Mr. Tallenstine with its claws and leaves scratch marks on Mr. Tallenstine’s chest.


PANEL 4: Mr. Tallenstine grabs the huge werewolf and from behind around the chest in a tight grip.

MR.TALLENSTINE: Now, I gotcha and I won’t let go!

PANEL 5: Max Storm and The Skull Slasher see Mr. Tallenstine holding the huge werewolf still.

MR.TALLENSTINE: I got a good shot for ya, Max!

MAX STORM: Very good, now let her go!

Max Storm’s Monster Hunters, Issue #1 (Page 3)!

                    PAGE THREE (THREE PANELS)
PANEL 1: Mr. Tallenstine, a giant blue skinned 50 year old man wearing a bright red Lucha libre mask and wrestling tights is pointing at the huge werewolf who is still chewing the tire.

MR.TALLENSTINE: I, Mr. Tallenstine, the legendary strongman of Carny Bros. Circus demand a challenge.

PANEL 2: The huge werewolf stands up and throws the tire away.


PANEL 3: Mr. Tallenstine and the huge werewolf stare at each other eye to eye.

MR.TALLENSTINE: Let’s dance!

My Trip To The Museum of Broadcast Communications!

Yesterday I went to the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago and i had a great time. I got to see not only the history of TV but more importantly, Chicago TV. I got to see props from the Bozo show which took me back to my childhood. Also there was a Johnny Carson exhibit celebrating him and that was pretty cool. Plus they had the Radio Hall of Fame there also, and I took pictures of my favorite radio stars. So anyway I say if you're ever in Chicago, check it out sometime because it's a pretty quick but also fun visit!

High School Newspaper Classics: Remembering McDonaldland!

Back in the 1970’s McDonald’s commercials for kids had a fictional world called “McDonaldland” home of Ronald McDonald and all of his friends. Ronald McDonald had a whole bunch of friends like Mac Tonight, Birdie the Early Bird, The Hamburglar, and Grimace. McDonaldland also had a famous mayor named Mayor McCheese (He basically had a cheeseburger for a head). But in the 2000’s McDonaldland died out, but not Ronald McDonald, he now lives in the real world. But to a sadder note, McDonald’s used these characters were to lure kids into eating McDonald’s food (which is bad for you). But McDonaldland today is just something to make fun of. So remember that McDonald’s created characters that are now pop culture icons. So think about McDonaldland the next time you eat at McDonalds. And ask your folks if they remember McDonaldland.

High School Newspaper Classics: Internet stardom!

Man, the internet has everything, but celebrities, you bet. And by celebrities I mean people who became stars because of the internet. Websites like can make anyone a star. The internet is making stars as we speak. Some funny web videos on the internet could be the next TV show on any channel. So if you know anyone on you could be friends with the next web star. Well, I guess you’ll never know who could be famous someday, and the internet is making that come true.

List of internet stars!

·      Homestar Runner

·      Happy Tree Friends

·      lonelygirl15

·      Barats & Bereta

·      Andy Milonakis

·      The Kid From Brooklyn

And by the way, I want to possibly be an internet star too, so go to this website and see my videos, please watch them!

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

High School Newspaper Classics: Remembering Extreme Championship Wrestling!

ECW was a wrestling promotion created in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1992 by Tod Gordon, and closed when his successor, Paul Heyman, declared bankruptcy in April 2001. WWE bought the rights to ECW and its video library after its 2001 closure. ECW was the first of its kind. It was best know for a loyal fan base as well as its tendency to push the envelope with storylines. The group has showcased many different styles of professional wrestling, ranging from lucha libre to hardcore wrestling. Paul Heyman’s goal for ECW was to beat WCW (WCW is now owned by WWE also). ECW was the first wrestling promotion to do a lesbian storyline in wrestling (between Beulah and Kimona Wanalaya). You readers may not be wrestling fans (and I know its fake don’t worry), but ECW really helped the wrestling business. ECW is now on the Sci Fi Channel (with the help of the WWE). ECW will never die, because the fans will make it live on!

A Quick List of ECW’s popular wrestlers!

·      Shane Douglas

·      Tommy Dreamer

·      Raven

·      The Sandman

·      Cactus Jack

·      Terry Funk

·      Sabu

·      Tazz