Sunday, May 3, 2015

"The Dining Room" Tribute: WE DID IT!

I recently performed in a play called "The Dining Room" and it was my first real big show at a local theater in my adult years. Everyone was real nice and this blog post is a tribute and a thank you to all the wonderful people involved including the cast and crew and to my friends and family who watched my time in the spotlight. So thank you everybody it really made my day and it made me truly think I might have a shot as an actor (dare to dream right). If it helps the names of the characters I'd played in "The Dining Room" are as follows Boy/Charlie, Michael, Brewster, Paul, Chris, Dick and finally a random party guest. It's too bad we couldn't record the show because of copyright laws but as a way to see the end result here is a photo of me and the entire cast a.k.a. a bunch of ragtag actors who actually in the end entertained an audience of love ones and proved themselves as true actors who were actually better than they thought. I can't believe I did it, acting is harder than you think picture like a big test with an even greater reward and I made some friends in the end (maybe). I'll stop rambling now but here's that photo I promised. Plus I'm keeping my original script as a reminder of a great time in my life I'll never forget. LOOKOUT HOLLYWOOD! Just kidding...but maybe?