Thursday, May 22, 2014

KWE/BWC Title Histories: From 2010-2011!

(Date book was written: 12/14/2010)

KWE/BWC Champion: Dean Deathlock

KWE/BWC Hardcore Champion: Andy McOtto

KWE/BWC tag team Champions: Dread & Thrash

KWE/BWC Women’s Champion: Amy Supersize

(Date book was written: 4/11/2011)

Current KWE/BWC Champions!

KWE/BWC Champion: Dean Deathlock

KWE/BWC Hardcore Champion: Andy McOtto

KWE/BWC tag team Champions: Dread & Thrash

KWE/BWC Women’s Champion: Amy Supersize

(Date book was written: 5/14/2011)

Current KWE/BWC Champions!

KWE/BWC Champion: Bad News M.C.

KWE/BWC Hardcore Champion: Andy McOtto

KWE/BWC tag team Champions: Dread & Thrash

KWE/BWC Women’s Champion: Amy Supersize

(Date book was written: 12/14/2010)

Current D4 Wrestling Champions!

D4 Heavyweight Champion: BWK Jr.

D4 Tag Team Champions: Kin Tim & The School Yard Kid

D4 Trainee Champion: Grasshopper Gus Jr.

D4 Hardcore Champion: Eddy Legs


The Lost Adventures of Max Storm: Veg Returns Part 1

Max Storm was now a gun salesman, and Kim Storm was a gym teacher. Max Storm and Kim Storm have a son named Mike Storm. Caper was now the family dog and there not monster hunters any more…for now! Max was going to get another dog. Max Storm was at the pound and saw a nerviest Miniature Schnauzer that was looked like it was cold. “Hey boy you make me think of someone I know,” said Max Storm. “You make me think of someone I knew too,” said the Miniature Schnauzer. “Ah, a talking dog, wait do you know a person named Max Storm,” asked Max. “Well I remember something like that I…,” said the Miniature Schnauzer. “How much does this dog cost,” asked Max. Max thinks the dog he brought was the second coming of Veg a Wise Monk that he knew in his childhood. “Thanks for picking I don’t know why I’m so special,” said the Miniature Schnauzer. “Hey do you know a Wise Monk named Veg he was a talking dog like you,” asked Max Storm. “Well I…,” said the Miniature Schnauzer. Then Max’s new dog was having memories of the thinks Max said. “Hey Max, I’m Veg you see I found a way to coming back to life my sprit went into the body of a Miniature Schnauzer puppy and I needed to tell you that a great evil is coming back but I’m really the same Veg you knew,” yelled Veg. Max was right. “What is this evil,” asked Max Storm. “The Red Cricket a monster that helped create the Red Crickets a gang of evil ninjas, you remember them don’t you,” asked Veg. “We need help but I promised Kim I won’t fight evil anymore,” said Max. “You have to stop him you’re the chosen one and possible one of the last Wise Monks on the Earth,” said Veg. “I know who we need,” said Max Storm. Now we go to a temple in the rainforest. The Skull Slasher, The Red Bros., and a new bad guy Tony Adams a former boxer turned bad guy when he lost his hands and got new metal ones. “Boys were going to free the Red Cricket okay,” said Skull. What will happen now!

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The Eagle River Hall of Fame!

The Eagle River Hall of Fame was created to honor the family, pets, and friends of Steven J. Butler, Jr. (Buckstevenson). The Eagle River Hall of Fame got its name from the town of Eagle River, Wisconsin where I had many memorable vacations with my family. So to my family and friends, you may all soon become inductees of the Eagle River Hall of Fame (I bet you’re all going to bug me to get in aren’t you). But here are the current inductees of the Eagle River Hall of Fame….(Note: names might be spelled wrong, some of these were written when I was a kid but my spelling still sucks, just give me a heads up if I spelled your name wrong and I’ll fix it eventually)

Class of 2007

·        Larry Kent

·        Budweiser the Turtle

·        Donald Butler, Jr.

·        Frankie Cuffan

·        Holly Dog

·        Steve Butler, Sr.

·        Nina Butler

·        Cookie

·        Bret Aprati

·        Trixie

Class of 2008!

·        Mia

·        Moni

·        Mike Sosnowski

·        Daisy Dog

·        Shaun Devlin

·        Paul Devlin

·        Shane Lu

·        Tricia Higgins

Class of 2009!

·        Kenny

·        Andrew Iantorno

·        Mike Calvert

·        CJ Horn

·        Jacob Spencer

·        Nikki Butler

·        James Okeeffe

·        Anthony Scornavacco

·        Mrs. S

·        Tiny

·        Kazberry

·        Derby

·        Moose

Class of 2010!

·        Mia

·        Rocky

·        Callie

·        Millie

·        Stewie

·        Spanky

Class of 2011!

·        Daisy

·        Woody

·        Junior

·        O.J.

·        Rufus

·        Abbey

·        Misty

·        Kitty

·        Happy

Class of 2012!

·        Confetti

·        Mindy

·        Maynard

·        Thumper

·        Blackjack

·        Snowball

·        Puddles

Class of 2013!

·        Cheech

·        Mico

·        Frankie

·        Barney

·        Neo

·        Candy

·        Dallas

·        Salty

·        Pepper

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Haunted Camp: Movie Script!

Now we see a forest on a rainy day…


Now we see Spotty walking towards a sign.


Hello everybody, now, I bet you’re wondering where we are, why we are in the town of Littleburg, and I’m standing by the must scariest place in the world.

Then we see a sign that says “Camp Jason”.


Now let this story begin!

Then Spotty started laughing evilly.

Now we see a bus with the Camp Jason logo on it, then some kids walk out of the bus.

Then we see a young boy.

Spotty voiceover…


 This young man is named Jimmy Rickson, his parents sent him to Camp Jason for the whole summer, but what he doesn’t know is that he’ll be the one to break the camp’s curse once and for all!

                     Jimmy Rickson

Well, here goes a whole summer of playing video games, I hope this place has air-conditioning.


                  Camp counsellor

 Everybody come over here!

Then all the kids including Jimmy are now listening to the camp counselor.

                      Camp councilor

Welcome to Camp Jason, alright, you’re going to have a fun summer here, but I must warn you that you’ll have a lot of fun.

                      Kid in background


                      Camp counsellor

 Well, ah, anyway, talk to us where your cabins will be and have a great summer that is all!

Now we see all the kids were going to the cabins…

Now we see Jimmy walking up the stairs to his cabin…

Now we hear rustling in the forest behind him.

                     Jimmy Rickson


Now Jimmy went inside his cabin…

Now we see a Bigfoot watching him from through the trees of the forest behind him.

Now we go to lunch time and we see Jimmy eating a corndog.

Now we see a fat kid coming to sit down by Jimmy.

                       Fat Kid

Hey, are you going to eat those fries?

Jimmy passes the plate to the fat kid.

                         Fat Kid

 Thanks, my name’s Billy, my parents sent me here to lose some weight.


 You know this isn’t a fat camp right, Billy?

                       Billy (Fat Kid)

 Yah I know that, but I wanted to come to this camp, because I heard it’s haunted.




 Hell yah, I mean ghosts have been spotted all over this town, plus don’t get me started on the Bigfoot sightings around Littleburg.


Bigfoot, you mean that mythical ape man with big feet?


 It’s not a myth, my grandpa actually saw one when he was hunting.


You know Billy, you’re the first guy I talked to today, and at least I know there’s someone I can trust in this camp.


 Yah, I can picture us being friends, you help me out and I’ll help you out.


 Yah, buds?



Then we see Jimmy and Billy shaking hands.

Now it was night

Now we see Jimmy sleeping.

In the background we hear Native American music.

Jimmy slowly wakes up.


 Oh, what’s that noise?

Jimmy looks at his watch and it says it’s three in the morning.


 I better ask the councilors to keep it down.

Now we see Jimmy walking out of his cabin, and then he follows the noise to the forest.

Now we see Jimmy staring at a beam of light.


 Damn, bright light.

Then Jimmy pulls some of the bushes back and then we see Native American ghosts dancing around a totem.


 Oh my god….it’s….it’s….GHOSTS!

Now we see Jimmy running away in fear, and then he bumps into a creepy middle-aged man.


 Hey mister, I just saw Native American ghosts dancing, and…

                  The middle-aged man

Those damn red skins won’t hurt yuh; they are just dancing like they always do.


I think red skins is a racist term, they should be called…

                   The middle-aged man

Look kid, I call’em what I call’em, I’m the groundskeeper around here and I…mean that sorry to bump into you, and stuff.

Then the groundskeeper started walking away.


 Wait, what’s your name!

             The Groundskeeper (middle-aged man)

Just call me the Groundskeeper kid, now get back to bed.

Now we see the Groundskeeper chopping wood, and then we see Jimmy going back to his cabin.

Now its morning time in the camp, and we hear a trumpet in the background.

            Camp counselor on loud speaker

 Good morning campers, swimmers head to the lake for a morning swim!

Now we see Jimmy and Billy in there swim suits walking on the dock to the lake.


 I’m telling ya, I saw real ghosts last night, and I bumped into this creepy groundskeeper guy.



 I wish I could see something cool around here, but at least we have the chicks.

Now we see hot girls in bikinis and Billy staring at them.


 I’m 14 and horny.


 Dude the girls here are out of your league, and besides, we’re nerds here.


Says you, I’m going swimming, and the girls will dig that.

Then Billy jumps into the water

Now we see a nerdy girl walked over towards Jimmy.

                     The Nerdy Girl

Ah, hello, my name is…


 Yah, whatever nerd….

Then the Nerdy Girl walked away very sad.


 Yah I called you a nerd Billy.

Billy was swimming.


Look who’s talking, Jimmy.

Now we see the head of a lake monster heading towards Billy.


 Dude, get out of the water.

Then Billy sees the lake monster’s head.


 Holy shit, swim away!

Now we see Billy swimming towards the dock.

Now we see Billy and Jimmy on the dock.

Now we see the lake monsters.

                  Lake Monster #1

Rahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Rohhhhhhh!


 I don’t believe it, it’s an actual lake monster like the Loch Ness Monster, or Ogopogo, or Champ or…

Now we see Jimmy.


 Or kid eaters…look!

Now we see the Lake monster eating a kid, and we hear the kid screaming in pain.

Now we see the lake monster swallowing the kid whole, and then it goes back underwater.

                  Camp counselor (in panic)

 Everybody get out of the water now!

Now we see more heads of lake monsters and then we see kids running out of the water.

Now we see a man putting a sign up that says the lake is closed.

Now we see Jimmy and Billy looking at the sign.



This sucks, now I can’t go swimming when I’m here, god, I guess I can go to the art class now and…


Or we can catch ourselves a lake monster.


 What, I know it was cool to see one eat a kid we don’t know, but how can we…

Now we see the nerdy girl walking towards Billy and Jimmy.



 Who’s that?

                 The Nerdy Girl

Hi, my name is Jacklen, I’m over at the girls cabin, I see you guys want to catch a lake monster, let me help you.


 What, what’s the plan!


 It’s time we get some meat.

Now we see Billy pulling out salami.


 Where did you get that salami?


 I keep it in my pocket for luck.


 Well meet me here at night and bring something to knock the monster out with, understand.

Jimmy and Billy nodded their heads.



Now it was night time, and we see Jimmy and Billy walking down towards the lake.


Okay, now where is my lucky salami tied to a stick?


 To lure the lake monster with, but we forgot one thing.




 Something to knock the monster out with!

Then we hear the Groundskeeper laughing in the background.


 Groundskeeper…hey look!

Now we see a gun on the ground, and then Billy grabs it.


 This will come in handy.


 Come on, let’s go to the lake!

Then Jimmy and Billy meet Jacklen by the dock to the lake.


 Look I already see a lake monsters head, hurry and lure it with the salami.

Now we see Jimmy holding the salami with a stick and string over at the end of the dock.

Now we see a lake monster trying to catch the salami while Jimmy is luring him to shore.

Now we see Jimmy in fount of the lake monster, and the lake monsters on the shore.


Hurry Billy, shoot it!


 So long fish lizard!

Then Billy shoots the lake monster with the gun, and kills it.

Now we see Jimmy touching the lake monster.


 It’s dead.


 Come on, we have to bring it to the camp counselors.

Now we see Jimmy and Billy carrying the lake monsters body up to the camp counselor station.

Now we see a camp counselor staring out the window and he sees Jimmy, Billy, and Jacklen holding the lake monster’s dead body.

                   Camp counselor #2

 You guys, the some kids are up and they have a huge dead animal in their hands.

Now we see the camp councilors rushing outside to see the kids.

Jimmy: Councilors, we caught a lake monster, the one that killed a kid this morning.

                      Camp counselor

 Wow, Johnson, call animal control and tell them we have a dead body.


 Okay, but what is it?

                    Camp counselor

 Just tell them it’s a cow.



Now we see animal control, police cars, and the media at the camp.

Now we see a female news reporter outside the camp counselor station.

                   News reporter

 We have just been told hours ago, at four in the morning, that some young campers caught a new species in the animal kingdom, and the animal control is taking it to the Field Museum in Chicago, IL. This is an amazing find because this could mean that this species could be in other areas.

Now we see animal control carrying the lake monsters dead body to a truck.

Now we see Jimmy and Billy talking to a police officer.

                 Police officer

 So why did you try to catch one of these things anyway.


 You see, we just thought because it killed a kid at our camp we should just capture one and…maybe to prove it’s real.

                   Police officer

 Alright, I think I have enough information on this case from you, now why don’t you kids go to bed, it’s late.

               Jimmy, Billy, and Jacklen

 Yes sir.

Then we see Jimmy, Billy and Jacklen heading back to their cabins.

Now we see Jimmy stopping.


You guys, look at this.

Then Billy and Jacklen ran towards Jimmy.

Now we see Jimmy pointing to the lake

Now we see that a whole family of lake monsters is down by the shore.


 There’s more than one, what if we killed a member of its family, and they’re looking for it.

Now we see the lake monsters heading back into the lake.


 Let’s go to bed, I’m pooped.


 See you guys in the morning.

Then Jacklen started heading back to her cabin.

Now we hear the Groundskeeper yelling in the background.


I hear someone yelling, let’s check it out.

Now we see Jimmy and Billy running towards the noise

Now we see the Groundskeeper fighting a Bigfoot.

                   The Groundskeeper

 Damn Sasquatch, leave my town alone!

Then the Bigfoot started roaring…

Now we hear a gun fire….

Now we see the Bigfoot running back into the forest.


That will scare it off for now.


Are you alright Mr. Groundkeeper?

                   The Groundskeeper

 Yah, that thing is always after me, he’s with those dam redskins, and if my family hadn’t founded this little town…those dam redskins will still own the place, now leave me the hell alone.

Now we see the Groundskeeper walking away in anger.


 Something isn’t right about that guy.

Now we hear gun fire in the background.


 Billy, would you stop messing with that gun!


 It wasn’t me dude.

Now we see some ghost U.S. Civil War soldiers running in front of Jimmy and Billy.


 Were those ghosts of rednecks?


 No, they must be from the U.S. Civil War, let’s follow them.

Now we see Jimmy and Billy following the Civil War soldiers towards a huge field.


 Dude, I think we’re out of the camp limits, we have to head back.



Now we see a bunch of Civil War soldier’s ghosts fighting a battle in the field.


 Amazing, these ghosts don’t know that the Civil War ended years ago.


 Let’s head back to camp, before we get into trouble.

Now we see Jimmy and Billy heading back to camp.

Now we see Billy and Jimmy in the camp art class.

                     Art teacher

 Now when you make that wallet….

Now we see Billy and Jimmy talking to each other.


 Wow, I can’t believe I saw ghosts, a Bigfoot, and killed a lake monster in one night.


 Yah, what do you think happened to the monster.


 I heard they flew it to the Field Museum in Chicago, and I hear we get to name the new species.


 So it’s far away from the camp.


 The police told me that the animal control took it to the airport and that they will meet the head of the museum and they’ll take it back to Chicago ASAP, to make a long story short, it’s in Chicago right now.


 Oh, I guess it’s there problem now.

Now we see the Field Museum

Now we go to the vault of the museum.

Now we see a scientist taking a DNA sample from the lake monster.

A security guard walks in.

                    Security guard

 So that’s the lake monster some kids caught, how did it die?

                     The Scientist

 It looks like they just shot it with a gun, but its DNA is amazing, it seems to be related to the reptile family and it also has gills, but that would be imposable…

Now we see the lake monster’s body and in the background are the scientist and the security guard talking

Now we see the lake monster’s eyes opening.

Then the lake monster roared.

                    The Scientist

Oh my god, it’s still alive, hurry call shoot it!

Now we see the security guard shooting the lake monsters.

Now we see the lake monster crying in pain.

                      The Scientist

I would stop shooting it’s going to die from the loss of blood anyway.

Now we see the lake monster dying a slow death.

Now we go back to the Camp Jason and its night time.

Now we see Jimmy sleeping in his bunk bed.

Now we hear a loud roar, and then Jimmy wakes up.


 What the heck was that!

Now we see Jimmy running out of his cabin and seeing where the noise came from.

Now we see a Bigfoot fighting a Swamp Monster and the Groundskeeper was watching it.


What the hell is that thing!

             The Groundskeeper

 You mean the Swamp Monster or good’ol Sasquatch.


 I mean the one that looks like a plant monster!


                   The Groundskeeper

 Oh, the Swamp Monster, he’s good a hiding, he can become one with glass, trees, water, and dirt, hell…you may have stepped on him one time.


 Shoot one of those things before they get further towards camp.

             The Groundskeeper

 They won’t hurt the campers kid, they fight once a month and they are both of the best guardians, the Bigfoot guards the forest and the Swamp Monster guards the lake, they fight to see who’s the strongest and they’re both worshipped by those dam redskins.

Now we see the Swamp Monster threw the Bigfoot to the ground

Now we see the Bigfoot grabbing the Swamp Monster’s leg while the Swamp Monster was on the ground.

Now we see the Swamp Monster and the Bigfoot both lying injured on the ground.

Now we see three Native American ghosts coming to help the monsters.

                    The Groundskeeper

 Ah, got to go kid, hurry and get back to bed!

Now we see the Groundskeeper fleeing the scene.

Jimmy was still looking at the Native American ghost

Jimmy turned around and saw a ghost of a little girl.

Now we here the little girl ghost laughing…

Now we see Jimmy staring at the little girl ghost.


 Who are you?

Now we hear the little girl ghost laughing…

Now we see the little girl ghost floating away.

                     Jimmy (yelling)

 Wait, I want to know what’s up with this camp!

Now we see Jimmy chasing the little girl ghost.

Now we see the little girl ghost pointing to a statue of the town’s founder.


 What, it looks just like…

Now we see that the town’s founder looked a lot like the Groundskeeper.

Now we see the little girl ghost laughing…

Then the little girl ghost disappeared from out of nowhere.


 Damn, that was weird, a ghost of a little girl, and I have to talk to the Groundskeeper about this statue, it’s just creepy.

Now we see Jimmy looking for the Groundskeeper…

Now we see the Bigfoot popping out right in fount of him.


 Bigfoot, oh my god…ah…do you come in peace?

 Now we see the Bigfoot nodding his head.


 So you’re a good guy, and tell me what’s going on with this camp.

Now we see the Bigfoot roaring…

Now we see the Bigfoot running into the forest with Jimmy following him.

Now we see the Bigfoot with three Native American ghosts by his side.

                Native American ghost #1

 Hello, Jimmy, me and my people come in peace, and Bigfoot is a loyal aid in your help for breaking the curse on what used to be our land.


 Yah, sorry for what the white people did to you guys way back when, but how did this camp get filled with monsters and ghosts?

               Native American ghost #2

 Littleburg’s founder is the one to blame, and he is truly evil, and he’s also immortal.


 So the Groundskeeper is…

                  Native American ghost #1

 Correct, he’s Littleburg’s founder, he is many, many years old, and he put a curse on my people and his people.


So he put a curse on his citizens, so that explains the Civil War ghosts and that laughing little girl.

                   Native American #3

 That little girl ghost is the Groundskeeper’s youngest daughter, she’s kind to our tribe and that’s why her father killed her.


 Wait, the Groundskeeper killed his own flesh and blood just because she was nice to you guys and what about the lake monsters?

                    Native American ghost #1

Those lake monsters are the Swamp Monster’s children, and they were harmless until the settlers arrived, but now they eat humans because of the curse.


So how can I help you guys?

                     Native American ghost #2

Find the Groundskeeper’s spell book and burn it with fire, and then the Groundskeeper will lose his immortally, now we must go, for we are needed back at our tribe, and you may get your friends to help you as well.

Now we see the Native American ghosts disappearing from out of nowhere

Now we see Jimmy walking back to his cabin…

Now we see a camp counselor standing by his cabin door.


 Uh oh!

Now we see the camp counselor talking to Jimmy, Billy, and Jacklen. 

                     Camp counselor

 I cannot allow you three campers to sneak out every night, and…


 But, this place is cursed and the Groundskeeper is….

                     Camp counselor

 Sorry, what groundskeeper, we don’t have a groundskeeper at this camp.


But you have to understand the camp is….

Now we hear loud drumming in the background…

Now we see a Native American ghost is behind the camp counselor.

Now we see the camp counselor slowly turning around…

Now the camp counselor sees the Native American ghost.

                     Camp counselor


Now we see the camp counselor running away and screaming at the same time.

                    Native American ghost

 Jimmy help us now, find the spell book and break the curse, now find the Groundskeeper and destroy his book.

Jimmy turns around and stares at Billy and Jacklen.


 Billy, Jacklen, want to help me break the curse.


 I’ll help, buds forever man.


 Yah I guess, I always wanted to be a hero.


 Alright…let’s find the spell book!

Now we see the Groundskeeper reading the spell book and wearing a black robe.

                   The Groundskeeper

 Alright, I can finally get rid of those dam redskins…now, to read the spell.


 Not so fast!

Then the Groundskeeper turned around and saw Jimmy, Billy, and Jacklen.


 Hey Groundskeeper, say hello to our friends.

Now we see the Bigfoot and the Swamp Monster holding down the Groundskeeper.

                   Jimmy (yelling)

Jacklen, grab the book, and burn it!

Now we see Jacklen grabbing the spell book, and then pulling out a lighter.

                  The Groundskeeper

 Oh no you don’t!

Then the Groundskeeper broke free and then grabbed the spell book.

                     The Groundskeeper

 Now the book is mine again, and now while I cast the spell, I’ll let you fight my army!

Now we see other men in black robes standing in fount of Jimmy, Billy, and Jacklen.


 Who the hell are these people!

Now we see the men in the black robes pulling down their hoods…

Now we see that all of the camp counselors were the Groundskeeper’s army.


 No way, all the camp counselors are bad guys!

                 Camp counselor #2

 Look, we founded this camp to find the chosen one and kill him, no one hurts are leader!


                    Camp counselor

 And after all these years we found you Jimmy, and soon we can kill you three kids for good!

Then Bigfoot and the Swamp Monster jumped out in fount of the Groundskeeper’s army, and then they started fighting them.


 Hurry; get the book before it’s too late!


 Oh to hell with this!

Now we see Billy running up to the Groundskeeper…

Then Billy kicked the Groundskeeper in the nuts.

                    The Groundskeeper

 Oh shit!

Then the Groundskeeper fell to the ground

After the Groundskeeper fell to the ground Billy grabbed the spell book.


 Good thinking dude, now Jacklen, burn that book.

Now we see Jacklen pulling out the lighter…

Jacklen used the lighters to burn the spell book.

                     The Groundskeeper


Now we see the Groundskeeper aging really fast…

The Groundskeeper then he turns into a skeleton, and then he’s dust.


 Look at the camp counselors!

Now we see the Camp Councilors turning into dust.


I guess the camp counselors were immortal as well.


 Now what’s going to happen?

Now we see the Native American ghosts coming out of the forest.

                   Native American ghost

 Thank you, Jimmy and friends, now we can go to our resting place once and for all!

Now we hear Native American music in the background…

Now we see the Native American ghosts floating to the heavens.

Now we see the little girl ghost laughing and then she floats into the heavens as well.

Now see the ghost Civil War soldiers shaking hands with each other…

Now we see the ghost Civil War soldiers floating into the heavens. 

Now we see the Swamp Monster becoming one with the grass…

Now we see the Bigfoot heading back into the forest.

Now we see Jimmy.

Billy voiceover…


 Jimmy, look what’s happening to the camp!

Now we see the cabins disappearing out of nowhere

Now we see the campers standing in a field where the camp used to be.

                          Camper #1

  Hey, what happened to the camp?

                          Camper #2

 Damn, good thing I brought my cell phone, I’m going to call the police.

Then the screen fades black

Now we see its morning at where the camp used to be.

Now we see the police talking to the campers.


                     Policeman #1

 Alright kids, this place isn’t on the map and I don’t know why you are all here but we need to send you all back home.

Now we see Jimmy talking to himself…


 Wait, Camp Jason isn’t even on the map or in existing.

                     Policeman #2

 Alright, all you kids come forward and give us your addresses to call your parents or guardians.

Now we see cars by where the camp once was…

Now we see the parents picking up their kids.

Now we see Jimmy talking to Billy and Jacklen.


 Hey you guys, thanks for all your help.

Now we see Billy and Jacklen looking at Jimmy in confusion.


 I never even met you kid and my parents are here to pick me up.

Now we see Billy walking to his parents.


 So who the heck are you anyway, and how did I help you.

Now we see Jimmy talking to himself…


 Wait, the camp never existed so I never met Billy and Jacklen…


 So answer my question!


 Never mind, I thought you were someone else, nice to meet you.



 Whatever…my grandma’s here, alright!

Now we see Jacklen walking to her grandma.

                      Jimmy’s dad

 Hey son!

Jimmy turns around and sees his parents.


 Mom, Dad, I’m ready to go back home, and to go back to school.

                     Jimmy’s mom

 You’re grounded for running away, now come on, let’s go home.


 Grounded…ah man, I wish I was still a hero.

Now we see Jimmy parents driving away from where the camp used to be…

Now we see a sign that says “No Trespassing”.

Now we see Spotty standing in fount of the “No Trespassing” sign.


Hey, I guess now that the curse is broken, it seems like this story was never told, kind of weird ain’t it, see ya.

The End!