Saturday, May 3, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1

I was playing outside with Holly. Then I heard thunder. It was a thunder and lightning storm. I was running to the back door of my house. But Holly Dog did not follow. “Holly, come on girl,” yelled Bucky. She did not budge. I ran out to grab her and she was gone. Then I got hit by lighting and I was knocked out. I felt like I was going to have the greatest adventure of my life. Soon I woke up on a dock in a lake. “Ah, my head, where am I,” asked Bucky to himself. “Hi, you Okay,” asked a voice. “Who said that,” yelled Bucky. “Down here,” yelled the voice. I looked down and saw Holly. “Hi,” said Holly Dog. “Ah, how come you’re talking,” yelled Bucky. “I can talk because you made me talk in your stories,” said Holly. Soon Holly told me that I made this world and everything in it. Like, it was a world where my stories were real. For example, Spotty lives here and he is real. “Holly does this mean I’m god,” asked Bucky. “Well, not of your world but all of these worlds,” said Holly. “Where are we now,” asked Bucky. “We are in Pit Stop Town, it’s the smallest world in your universe,” said Holly Dog. Then I heard clapping behind me. It was Insane Dog Catcher. “Well, you finally arrived,” said Insane Dog Catcher. Insane Dog Catcher was a dog catcher who got his leg bitten off by Bark (Stork’s dog) and he made a metal leg, he soon went crazy. He looked different his baseball cap with the letters D. C. (Stands for dog catcher), the hat had two horns sticking out of it like a Viking helmet, and he had a sword with a net at the tip. “What are you doing here Insane Dog Catcher,” yelled Bucky. “That’s General Insane Dog Catcher to you and I want you dead,” yelled General Insane Dog Catcher. “General of what army,” asked Bucky. “The Skull Order army and I work for them, my leader made it so that he could be god and not you. I’m general of Mr. Hat’s Demons and Water Demons,” yelled Insane Dog Catcher. “Wait, Mr. Hats from the Warriors books, the story I did with my cousins AJ Lu and Shane Lu, but why is he working for the Skull Order,” asked Bucky. “So our leader can make him the only wizard in the world and Mr. Hats gives us his demons in return now time for you to die,” yelled Insane Dog Catcher. Then Insane Dog Catcher pulled out a black whistle with a skull on it and two demons and two Water Demons in the lake by where I was on the dock. “What I’m I going to do,” yelled Bucky. A great fight was about to start!


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