Saturday, May 3, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 in Fartio Land

So the Time Lords and the Shekys were now in Fartio Land, and soon we were heading to a kingdom home of a weird (and maybe disgusting) race called the poopie people and they are living humans made out of Feces. “Oh man, it smells awful in here can you guys take a shower, ah man,” yelled Frankie Cuffan. “No if you take a shower we will die, now some black-devils and Fowser took are our princess named Princess Prune,” yelled one of the Poopie People. “Should we get the Fartio Bros. too help us,” asked Mike Storm. “Fartio who,” asked Holly. Then Fartio, Peeligi, and Bomshi and were ready to save Princess Prune. “The Fartio Bros. are ready for the job,” yelled Fartio. “Well look on the bright side they don’t smell as bad,” said Budweiser the Turtle. “Hey poopie man can I ask you something,” said Sheky 1 (Shane Lu). “What,” yelled the Poopie Man. Then Sheky 2 (AJ Lu), Sheky 3 (Bucky), and Sheky 4 (Brock Lu) started laughing. “Can we get some of your poo and if you can put it in this paper bag,” laughed Sheky 1. “Yes, you may,” said the Poopie Man. Then Sheky 3 (Bucky) was holding the bag and soon the poopie man put a little poo in the bag. “Dude, this is going to be great,” yelled Sheky 2 (AJ Lu). “Let’s go you guys,” yelled Ricky Kenson (Igor). So off to Fowser’s Castle our heroes went but little did we know was that Mr. Hunter, and Coyote were there. “So, Fowser what will you do in return for us,” asked Coyote. “Yah, what,” said Mr. Hunter. “Will you, give us some evil to feed on,” yelled Mr. Hats. “Soon, soon, just kill the Fartio Bros. for me okay,” yelled Fowser. Will our heroes win? Nobody knows! 


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