Saturday, May 3, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Day 1 again in Knowledge’s Library

“Hello, I’m here to see Knowledge, again, I need his help, hello,” yelled Bucky. “Hey man, Knowledge has been in a funk as soon as The Phoenix Monks started this war, and no we have no books on the Phoenix Monks, right Apple,” yelled Lettuce. “Right my man,” yelled Apple. Soon Budweiser and I were looking for Knowledge, we said hi to Sea Anemone, and Clownfish who were in aquarium in Knowledge’s Library. As we were walking, I started reading a book when. “Look Bucky, who’s that,” yelled Budweiser the Turtle. Then I saw Fred, from the Comic Book Land comic strip, Night in Prison, Fred was a bank robber who was put in jail, and he was trying to escape. “Hey Fred, what are you doing here,” yelled Bucky. “Hey pal, I escape from that prison and now I’m going to become the richest man in all of the Lost World, I’m going to rob every bank in the Lost Worlds, and thus becoming the greatest bank robber in the world, thanks to this teleporting remote control, that I got from some group called the Phoenix Monks, well, smell ya later,” yelled Fred. Then as soon as I was about to catch Fred, he got away though a portal. “Damn, I’ll be on the lookout for him,” said Bucky. “Look, its Knowledge,” said Budweiser the Turtle. For the first time, I saw Knowledge without his mask. Knowledge was an African American man. “Hey Knowledge, is there something you’re not telling me,” yelled Bucky.

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