Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Guardians-part 1

Holly Dog, a Miniature Schnauzer, and Budweiser the Turtle, a box turtle, they are the Guardians of Bucky god of the lost worlds. When were they chosen for as the guardians of Bucky god of the lost worlds? Well, Holly was the family dog, so she was chosen as soon as the Butler family got her. Pope Spotty and the Time Lords taught Holly Dog how to fight, swim, and even the history of the lost worlds of Buckstevenson, how did Budweiser the Turtle become a guardian? He just got involved in the lost worlds of Buckstevenson, and Holly Dog is his teacher. But in 2005 the Time Lords thought it was time for Holly Dog to retire. “What, but I love my job, I’m only nine years old, peace let me stay,” said Holly Dog. “But, nine years old in dog years is pretty old, but we’ll let you stay, but only until Bucky gets another pet,” said Mr. Raccoon. So Holly Dog killed many demons that came to the real world, well Bucky was sleeping. Then in 2006, Bucky got Budweiser the Turtle. Holly’s world was crushed. “Hi, Holly Dog right I’m your replacement for guardian, the Time Lords are going to erase your memory, so long,” said Budweiser the Turtle. “No, I’m going to the lost worlds of Buckstevenson right now,” yelled Holly Dog. So Holly Dog soon was at the Time Lords headquarters and they told her she was fired. “No, what if I could train Budweiser like you guys trained me,” asked Holly Dog. “We’ll think about, now go,” said Mr. Raccoon. Then as Holly was leaveing with her memory about the lost worlds (because they’re waiting to see if Mr. Raccoon would let her train Budweiser the Turtle) Mr. Hunter popped out. “Howdy, doggy my master wants to see you,” yelled Mr. Hunter. Then he took Holly Dog. What did the Skull Order want with Holly Dog? Nobody knows!   

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