Monday, April 21, 2014

Idiots Day at Jeff’s Comic Shop!

Jeff was bored waiting for customers to come to his comic shop. “Damn internet…kids today don’t want to buy comic books anymore…if this keeps up…I have to close my store…and this is the easiest job in the world,” said Jeff to himself. Then Eddy walked into the store and Eddy was also twitching. “Hello, my name is Eddy…and I get to buy one toy,” said Eddy. “Okay, action figures are over their now pick one and buy it then get the hell out of my store,” said Jeff. Eddy then grabbed a Super Dude action figure. “Okay, one mint condition Super Dude action figure…that’ll be $4,000 and will that be cash or check,” said Jeff. Eddy then gave Jeff a dime and Jeff sighed in frustration. “Okay, I need more money than just a dime,” said Jeff. “All had was this…can give me toy now,” screamed Eddy while twitching. “Get the hell out of my store,” yelled Jeff. Eddy just stood there twitching and then Jeff grabbed him and threw him out. “And don’t come back until you have more money,” yelled Jeff. A couple of hours pasted when Jeff finally got another customer…sadly it was Stupid Kid. “Hello, buy something or get out,” yelled Jeff. “I have to go poop,” said Stupid Kid. “Bathroom’s for paying customers only,” said Jeff. Then Stupid Kid crapped his pants. “Now me don’t need poop no more,” said Stupid Kid. “Get out before you stink up my shop,” yelled Jeff. Stupid Kid left and a couple of hours passed before another customer came…sadly it was What Does This Do Cowboy. “Hello, buy something or get out,” said Jeff. “What does buy something do,” asked What Does This Do Cowboy. “That doesn’t make sense,” asked Jeff. “What does sense do,” asked What Does This Do Cowboy. “Do you have money or not,” asked Jeff. “What does money do,” asked What Does This Do Cowboy. “You’re an idiot,” said Jeff. “What does idiot do,” asked What Does This Do Cowboy. “Just get out of here,” cried Jeff in frustration. “What does…,” asked What Does This Do Cowboy. Jeff then grabbed What Does This Do Cowboy and threw him out of his store. “Damn…what is this day of the idiots,” yelled Jeff. Then Spotty walked into the store. “Hey buddy…no dogs allowed…,” said Jeff. “Fine…you just lost yourself a paying customer…idiot,” said Spotty. Spotty then left. Jeff then sighed. “I guess I could always work at my father’s car dealership,” said Jeff to himself.


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