Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hero City Movie Script: Part 5

Then we hear a knock at the door.

Kingpin then hangs up the phone.

Kingpin: Who there?

Brock Stonewall: I’m with the police, and I need some answers.

Kingpin: Alright come in.

Brock Stonewall then comes inside Kingpin’s office.

Brock Stonewall: Look pal, I need facts on who framed Mr. Hero, and I need it now!

Kingpin: My name is Kingpin, and I’m not your friend, and I know nothing about Mr. Hero being framed.

Brock Stonewall: So you’re not talking.

Kingpin: Not a word.

Brock Stonewall: Well I know a way to get you to talk.

Brock Stonewall then pulls out of gun and shoots Kingpin’s hand.

Now we see Kingpin’s hand bleeding.

Kingpin screams in pain.

Brock Stonewall: So, what do you know?

Kingpin: Some guy named the Keeper has gotten all the super villains together and they are going to take over the world, and there headquarters is at a Lex Corp hanger.

Brock Stonewall: And did this Keeper guy frame Mr. Hero.

Kingpin: Yes, but you’re not going to live after my boys will take care of you.

Then we see Kingpin’s henchmen running into Kingpin’s office.

Then they started shooting at Brock Stonewall.

Now we see Brock Stonewall hiding under a desk.

Brock Stonewall: Dam, I need some help.

Then Superman flies into Kingpin’s office.

Superman: I heard gunfire and I wanted to check it out.

Now we see Superman fighting Kingpin’s henchmen.

Then Superman knocked out all Kingpin’s henchmen.

Brock Stonewall comes out from under the desk.

Brock Stonewall: Superman, can I talk to you.

Then Kingpin started crawling away, and Brock pulled out his gun and shot him in the leg.

Superman: What do you want to talk about!

Brock Stonewall: Look, every villain is framing Mr. Hero, and I need you to tell S.H.I.E.L.D. to go to Lex Corp hanger, and I need you to turn in Kingpin.

Superman: I’ll do that, what are you going to do.

Brock Stonewall: I’ll meet you guys at Lex Corp, now go before the Kingpin gets away.

Then we see Superman picking up Kingpin.

Superman: Up, up, and away!

Then Superman flew away carrying the Kingpin.

Now we see Brock Stonewall leaving Kingpin’s hideout.

Brock Stonewall opens the door and see Batman in fount of it.

Brock Stonewall: You’re too late Batman!

Brock Stonewall then leaves.

Now we see Batman.

Batman: Damn, I’m always late!

Now we see the Keeper and Dr. Power playing a card game.

Dr. Power: So, now that half of our men are in jail, what should we do now?

The Keeper: Let’s just kill Mr. Hero already, and then we’ll go into hiding.

Brock Stonewall: Not on my watch.

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