Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mr. Big’s Cafeteria Time: Part 3!

Mr. Big, Barney Scott, Michael, Jordan, and Igor were playing Texas Hold’em, and Igor was winning. “Damn, I lost again,” said Jordan. “You know Igor, something looks different about you,” said Michael. “What do you mean,” asked Igor. Igor looked like a male model, instead of his humped back self. “Yah, that guy’s hot, I bet he did a lot of chicks, if yah know what I mean,” said Barney Scott. “No, I’m a virgin,” said Igor. “Dude, you have to do the deed man, well you’re still sexy, chicks will crawl all over you man,” said Jordan. “Yah, I’ll give you a bottle of champagne for free,” said Mr. Big. “Hey you guys get back to work, now,” yelled Stork. “Yes boss,” yelled everybody. Will Igor have S.E.X.? Nobody knows!

Now let’s get back to the story!

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