Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spotty’s Friends!

Spotty is a talking dog with ADD and isn’t that bright. Spotty has many friends and just as many foes. He’s been everything from an adventurer to a superhero and he’s even the pope of Buckyism. Spotty is my favorite character and possibly my oldest continuing character. Spotty future is bright, and that’s not bad for an annoying talking dog you can’t help but love (or even hate)!

Beardy is Spotty’s best friend, he has been with Spotty since his debut. Beardy had many jobs, an adventurer, super hero sidekick, a robot, and a wizard. Beardy is a Miniature Schnauzer.

Spotty Jr. is the son of Spotty. He is also friends with Cool Fox. Spotty Jr. always wears a red baseball cap with brown spots, he also wears a red pants, a red t-shirt, and red shoes. He is a mutt like his dad. Spotty Jr. is also a bit of a nerd and has an IQ of 174. Spotty Jr. is also a computer whiz and he even created his own search engine.

Uncle Scotty (Beardy’s Scottish Uncle) is Beardy’s uncle and he is a Scottish terrier that lives in Scotland. The Loch Ness Monster is his pet. He was also head of the Kilt Klan in the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson.

Penny Greyhound is Beardy’s girlfriend and is also new friend of Spotty and Spotty Jr. She works as a nurse and she’s known to be pretty bossy. Penny Greyhound was even once a supermodel when she was in college. Penny is also a really fast runner because of her being a pure-bred greyhound in all.

Michael and Jordan are scientists that work for a robot company. Michael is a bald African American man who wears glasses, and Jordan is a white man with brown buzz-cut hair. Michael and Jordan care a lot about Spotty and they are willing to help him whenever he needs help in a scientific way!

Canary is a bird who bugged Spotty when he was a coal miner looking for gold. And now he is Spotty’s pet bird! Canary is also a bit of a prankster and he’s still very annoying!

Toad and Mouse are best friends and they love to go camping. Toad and Mouse are very kind and they follow their manners. Toad and Mouse have one thing in common, they’re both small but they go on big adventures.

Snow White the Viking isn’t the strongest Viking but he loves to go on adventures and find treasure. Snow White the Viking is the cook on his ship. Snow White the Viking was frozen in a block of ice and he woke up in the future. Snow White the Viking's whereabouts are currently unknown.

Super Spotty is the funniest superhero around. This talking dog has the powers of super strength, laser vision, super speed, and the power to talk to fish. His sidekick is Super Beardy and they are also best friends. Super Spotty is a back-up member of the Super Dudes and will help when needed.

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