Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stork’s Friends!

Stork is a stork that once used to be a baby delivering stork and is now an insurance salesman. Stork has been known to go on a few adventures and has had many jobs over the years. Stork is the head of the True Heroes organization and an expert gun user. Stork has many friends and is pretty much an average Joe.

Professor Smith is a scientist who has helped Stork, and has sometimes been his foe. Professor Smith once fused Hawk and Stork together with a fusing remote control, and he once turned into a giant green monster.

Termite is an annoying bug who loves to eat wood. Termite bugs Stork when Stork was a lumberjack, Stork and Termite are sometimes friends or sometimes foes. Termite and Stork once teamed up to stop an army of beavers and woodpeckers, because Termite ate all the trees in the woods. Termite now runs a hardware store in Pit Stop Town.

Deer was an extra in a Stork story. He was running away from Mr. Hunter when it was hunting season. Deer is very good friends with Mole. Deer also was a color commentator at Stork’s Kart Racing 2006!

Mole was also an extra in a Stork story. He also ran away from Mr. Hunter when it was hunting season. He is good friends with Deer. He was even mayor of Pit Stop Town. He has also been in Stork’s Kart Racing in its entire existence, once just waving the checkered flag, and as a color commentator.

Bark is Stork’s dog and best friend. He is a mutt. Stork got Bark at the dog pound, and soon Stork saved him from getting put to sleep by Insane Dog Catcher. Bark even starred in his own book The Bark Show!

Hawk was once Stork’s #1 foe, now they are best friends. Hawk first met Stork in a flying race, Stork won in the end, and soon Hawk began to like Stork as a friend. Hawk even helped Stork get hooked up with his girlfriend Ashley Stork.

Ashley Stork is Stork’s girlfriend. She has been a nurse at the True Heroes headquarters, and has raced in Stork’s Kart Racing in its entire existence.

Zach is Stork’s nephew, and Zach looks just like his Uncle Stork except Zach wears a green t-shit with a red letter “Z” on it. Zach is a nerd and doesn’t have a lot of friends. Zach is very good friends with Bark. Zach likes his Uncle Stork, and Zach has been with his uncle in tough times. Zach was also the co-host of The Bark Show!

Catfish Jack is a catfish who lives in a lake that Stork usually fishes at. Catfish Jack is very friendly and has many friends. Catfish Jack always loves to help and is sometimes very shy. Catfish Jack was once afraid of Stork and now they are best friends.

Mr. Otter is one of Catfish Jack’s best friends and is a super genius. Mr. Otter is kind of a coward but has been known to save Catfish Jack whenever he’s in danger. Mr. Otter is currently running for mayor in the lake that Catfish Jack lives in.

Snapper the Snapping Turtle is Catfish Jack’s second best friend. Snapper is very lazy and is almost always sleeping. Snapper watches over Catfish Jack and has saved him from danger a lot. Snapper is very strong and he loves to workout. Snapper isn’t very bright but never get him mad.

Super Stork is a super powered stork and a very loyal member of the Super Dudes. Super Stork has the power to stretch his beak 90 feet and also has the power of flight. Super Stork also rides in the Storkmobile which is the fastest car on Earth. Super Stork is also a back-up member of the Super Dudes!

Funky Monkey is a disco dancer monkey and the coolest monkey ever. Funky Monkey loves to party and dance. Funky Monkey is also a bit of a drug addict and he is always begging people for money. Funky Monkey was also Stork’s college roommate and a member of the Silly Squad. Funky Monkey is also a rapper and an occasional criminal. Funky Monkey also is known to be very annoying but yet loveable. Funky Monkey is currently in rehab and he is also unemployed at the moment.

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