Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spotty’s Enemies!

Coyote is Spotty’s first foe and he still his greatest rival. he once tried to turn everybody in the world into Coyotes, put together all the world’s most famous nerds to take over the world, and was leader of the I Hate Spotty Gang. He is also billionaire.

Ghost is Super Spotty’s foe and has teamed up with Coyote twice. His background is a mystery but he is pure evil. He was once a king of army of skeletons, and he had a living skeleton cat as a pet. Ghost will stop at nothing to destroy Super Spotty once and for all!

Zig Zag and Moe are old enemies of Spotty from outer space. These two always try to probe Spotty and Beardy. Zig Zag looks like a giant orange skinned alien with antennas, and Moe looks the same, but with a Miniature Schnauzer like face. For some reason these two have now have plots of taking over the Earth as well and they are also an enemy of Super Spotty as well!

Terry the Tapir used to be Spotty’s co-worker, but he was fired because of Spotty. He soon became an alcoholic, and kidnapped Spotty Jr. Now he calls himself “Spotty’s greatest enemy”.  He was also a space pirate captain when Spotty met Robot Blue. Terry the Tapir currently works mostly as Coyote’s top henchman and bodyguard. He has since became friends with Coyote as well!

Dr. Duck is a mutant duck with a huge brain and a criminal mastermind. He has powers of telekinesis, the ability to read other people’s minds, and to control other people’s minds. Dr. Duck only wants knowledge and to rule the world. Not bad for being a duck!

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