Saturday, April 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: The Origin of the Wise Wizard: Part 2!

It has been a four years since our last adventure. Our heroes now work for the Magical Council as members of the Wizard’s Court. The Wise Wizard became the head of the Wizard’s Court. The Wizard’s Court soon formed a school for young wizards and Riddle Fox, Mr. Cecrops, and Slaka serve as teachers in the Wizard’s Court school. The Wizard’s Court’s students basically come from all over the mortal realm and the Magical Universe. The Wise Wizard has become a bit of an idol to these young wizards and every wizard in the Wizard’s Court wishes to be a strong as The Wise Wizard. The Wise Wizard soon gained an apprentice named Lo-Chow. Lo-Chow is a young Asian wizard from a kingdom in the mortal realm. Lo-Chow is the nephew of The General who is basically an evil co-ruler of a huge empire. Lo-Chow is also the nephew of famed luchador El Killo and El Killo is the younger brother of The General. Lo-Chow and The Wise Wizard have gained a strong friendship. Lo-Chow then told The Wise Wizard something that would signal the beginning of a new adventure. “Master, I been researching the prophecy of the Chosen One who will save our world from Moeguya….I think I may know who it is,” said Lo-Chow. “What do you mean you may know who the Chosen One is,” asked The Wise Wizard. “The prophecy states that a child from an evil father will save our land from the darkness of Moeguya…my cousin Ken Joesu is the son of The General…and my uncle The General is a very bad man…plus I sense great magical powers inside my cousin Ken Joesu,” said Lo-Chow. “How old is your cousin Ken Joesu, so I know he’s the right age for training,” asked The Wise Wizard. “Ken Joesu is just a baby, but I sense great power in him,” said Lo-Chow. “A baby…maybe your cousin is the Chosen One…after all the prophecy states that the Chosen One was born only about one year ago,” said The Wise Wizard. “So should we try to steal my cousin from The General,” asked Lo-Chow. “Alright…let’s bring the Chosen One to the Magical Universe,” said The Wise Wizard. Now The Wise Wizard and Lo-Chow are going to get baby Ken Joesu and bring him back to the Magical Council headquarters. But little did Lo-Chow and The Wise Wizard know was that Moeguya was watching them and now Moeguya wants the Chosen One Ken Joesu dead. Moeguya told his henchmen/followers to stop our heroes from getting Ken Joesu. Moeguya’s henchmen/followers included Dark Mark, Salizard, Kyle Wizard, Mr. Hats, Whisp the ghost, Grag, Grimley the Gargoyle, and The Anti-Four (War, Famine, Pestilence, & Death). Now our story finally begins!

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