Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hero City Movie Script: Part 6

Then we see Brock Stonewall.

The Keeper: What are you doing here!

Brock Stonewall: I’m here for Mr. Hero, and I brought some friends with me.

Then S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers were everywhere in the hanger.

The Keeper: That’s it, I’m killing Mr. Hero.

Then we see The Keeper walking over to Mr. Hero, and then we see an empty cage.

The Keeper: Where did he go?

Then the Keeper turns around and sees Mr. Hero, and then Mr. Hero punched the Keeper.

Mr. Hero: That’s for locking me up.

The Keeper: That…that…hurt…oh…no…my suit…it’s not working.

Brock Stonewall: I’ll take off this mask and we’ll see who he really is.

Then Brock Stonewall walks up to the Keeper and takes off his mask.

Then we see Mr. Hero.

Mr. Hero: Kicky, you’re the one who wanted to kill me.

Then we see Kicky.

Kicky: Yes it was me, I hated you, I was always just your clumsy sidekick, and now I lead every super villain to try to kill you, who’s the sidekick now!

Then S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers walk up and grab Kicky.

S.H.I.E.L.D. soldier #2: You’re coming with us!

Kicky: I’ll get my revenge someday on you two, someday!

Now we see the super villains going into a police van.

Then we see the press going up to Mr. Hero.

Press person #1: How did you stop the villains who killed the mayor?

Mr. Hero: I didn’t do anything, a man named Brock Stonewall saved the day.

Then we see Brock Stonewall.

Then the press runs up to Brock Stonewall.

Press person #2: Mr. Stonewall, how did you save the day.

Brock Stonewall: We’ll first I was told by Mr. Hero that he was framed and then I went on the case and then…..

Then the screen turns black, and then we see a building on fire.

Fireman #1: Someone help us, there are too many people in the building we can’t save them all!

Then Mr. Hero goes into the burning building.

Then Mr. Hero brings out some people, and seats them down.

Fireman #2: Wow, thanks Mr. Hero.

Mr. Hero: Don’t thank me, you guys are the real heroes, but you better put the building out.

Fireman #1: You got it Mr. Hero.

Then Mr. Hero flies away, and then we see him flying over a police station.

Then we go through a window of a police station and see Brock Stonewall sitting in a chair.

Brock Stonewall: I love those heroes, I guess I gone soft, but at least I saved the day one time.

Then Brock Stonewall started laughing, and then we see the door to Brock’s office close and on the window says.

“Brock Stonewall Chief of Hero City police”

Then we see the end credits!  

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