Saturday, April 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Silly Squad’s Reunion Show!

Five years have passed since Silly Squad INC. filed for bankruptcy and Silly Squad INC. being sold Coyote Corp Silly Squad INC. is currently a division of Coyote Corp Entertainment. Coyote Corp Entertainment is now one of the biggest media conglomerates in the world. Many of Silly Squad’s employees were now unemployed and Flea-Boy the Clown now lost his billions. It now seems Flea-Boy the Clown was back where he started…penniless. But even though Flea-Boy the Clown lost his company and his fortune, he now was trying to come up with another get rich quick scheme and that scheme is building another entertainment company. But sadly Flea-Boy the Clown failed to start a new entertainment company because it will infringe on Silly Squad’s trademarks which are currently owned by Coyote Corp. Flea-Boy the Clown was now homeless and broke. But as luck would have it, Coyote wanted to reunite the Silly Squad for a one night show. The only reason Coyote wants to reunite the Silly Squad is because Silly Squad is starting to become popular again through reruns of their shows and movies. Our story begins when Coyote found Flea-Boy the Clown on a street corner and told him that he must reunite the Silly Squad and make him money. Flea-Boy the Clown will also get a million dollars out of it. Now Flea-Boy the Clown went to look for the Silly Squad members. But since five years have passed the Silly Squad members moved on with their lives. Mr. Pencil is currently a world famous artist and has sold his drawings to the finest art museums around the globe. Lenny the Leopard is currently the mayor of Denver, Colorado and running for a second term. Binky Bear is currently a successful stand-up comedian. Spotty is now a local weatherman. Sammy T is currently a record producer and a successful gangster rapper. Dr. Slamin Salmon currently hosts a weekly talk show. But not all of the Silly Squad members have moved on to successful careers. Igor is currently an unemployed redneck living in a trailer with his wife Judy Brown and their forty children. Judy Brown used to be a beautiful supermodel and the sex symbol for Silly Squad…but now Judy Brown currently weighs 400lbs. and Judy also has diabetes. Bear and Snake are now drug dealers in Harlem. Mr. Big died two years ago from a heart attack. The Short Term Memory Loss Family is now living in a mental hospital. Now it appears Flea-Boy the Clown must reunite the Silly Squad for one last big show. But will they be able to reunite? Only time will tell!

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