Saturday, April 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Hero Hunters!

In an alternate future the United States became an empire and its emperor was Henry Q. (X-Eye). X-Eye bought the United States government and he changed everything. His company was the sole provider of weapons and electronics in the country. Since the future is in chaos, with a huge recession/depression and multiple wars, X-Eye has emperor needed an escape goat. X-Eye’s escape goat is super powered beings. X-Eye has declared that any human or animal with superpowers will either be killed or forced to go to a special prison where of course they’ll be eventually killed. X-Eye soon formed a group called “Hero Hunters” and they capture super powered beings for X-Eye. Hero Hunters are very skilled soldiers with no superpowers or only man-made superpowers (like robotic suits or special weapons). Our story begins when a former friend to the super powered community Mr. Max Storm is summoned by X-Eye to join the Hero Hunters. The only problem is that Max Storm has retired from monster hunting and crime fighting years ago. But Max Storm (even though he didn’t like it) joined the Hero Hunters because he needs to pay the bills and feed his family. “I can’t believe I became a Hero Hunter, I was once friends with the people I now have kill,” said Max Storm. “It may look bad now, but them super powered folk are plotting to take over the world and kill us normal folk, so we normal folk kill them before they kill us,” said The Skull Slasher. “I joined up because I love to kill, and to get paid a shit load of money for it, it’s as good as gold,” said Night Watch. “Hard to believe most of us were once enemies, what kind of team we’ll be I’ll never know,” said Max Storm. Soon the Hero Hunters made it to their headquarters which is just a government base. Max Storm makes himself at home but he misses his family a lot. Max Storm is a lot older now and is not in the shape he was back in the day. But the main reason he was hired by the Hero Hunters was because of his connects with the super powered community. The next day the Hero Hunters were called to a new mission. “Gentlemen, you’re going to face a very tuff mutant,” said General J. Who is this mutant that the Hero Hunters must catch? Let’s just say he’s a tuff first catch for Max Storm!

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