Saturday, April 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Super Dude vs. Killax the Destroyer!

Who is Killax The Destroyer? Killax the Destroyer is an alien warlord who destroys worlds. Our story begins when Killax The Destroyer picks his next world to destroy. And that world is Earth. Now we go aboard Killax The Destroyer’s spaceship where Killax the Destroyer was sitting on his throne with his henchmen Bang & Boom by his side. “This planet seems worthy to destroy…shall we,” said Killax the Destroyer. “Alright baby destroying a world time,” yelled Bang. “Should we send the robots out first master,” asked Boom. “Indeed…send out the robots to kill the life on the planet before we blow it up,” yelled Killax the Destroyer. Our heroes were out on patrol when Killax’s robots arrived. “What the hell are these things Super Dude,” cried Young One. “All I know is that they’re a threat…come on guys let’s get them,” yelled Super Dude. Soon Super Dude, Young One, and Super Dudette began fighting Killax’s robots and the robots were too powerful for them to fight alone. “Guys, we need backup…call the other Super Dudes and quick,” cried Super Dude while fighting the robots. Super Dudette then pulled out her Super Dude communicator and called the other Super Dudes. Soon The Fartinator, High Tech Nick, R-Man, Fat Lazy Karate Teacher, Expo Speed, Super Steven, Super Holly, Super Spotty, Super Stork, Super Beardy, Super Woody, and Abominable Man arrived to aide our heroes. But can the Super Dudes defeat Killax The Destroyer’s robots? Only time will tell!

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