Saturday, April 5, 2014

“The Alien Hunter Squad & The Space Wars” Storyline Idea!

“The Alien Hunter Squad & The Space Wars” is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline about an alien invasion lead by an evil mysterious alien warlord named Qazolu. Qazolu wants to rule the universe and he and his army are so powerful that The Alien Hunter Squad must team up with all the “That Spells Action Heroes” in order to stop him and his army. Qazolu looks like a six-eyed greenish-orange skinned humanoid bodybuilder with a long tail and horns wearing a red suit of armor while holding a huge laser battle axe. Qazolu also forms an alliance with The Zunion thus Qazolu has help from both Earth’s and the universe’s most powerful supervillains. The Alien Hunter Squad’s origins will also be revealed throughout this storyline as well. Also the origin of Qazolu will also be revealed throughout the storyline as well. Can The Alien Hunter Squad and the “That Spells Action Heroes” defeat Qazolu and his army to win The Space Wars? Could this be the end of Earth itself? Is Qazolu actually not the true enemy? Read “The Alien Hunter Squad & The Space Wars” when it comes out very soon!

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