Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Trial of Hades: Part 2!

“I, Zeus, say that Hades should not rule the Underworld anymore, and that he gets the death sentence, and now all of the Underworld will go to Rob the Ogre,” said Zeus. “What, I can’t die, and don’t give the Underworld to that monster,” yelled Hades. “Rob was a spy for us, and he helped us get you here, and now he can run the Underworld, get that man out of my sight,” yelled Zeus. Now how can a god die, well you see Zeus has very special lighting bolts that have the power to kill any god, or demon, for good (so that means there soul as well). Now they were going to kill Hades, then seconds later, Hades, the former ruler of the Underworld, was killed. Now we go to the Funtime News network. “You heard it here folks, live on Funtime News Network, Hades the former ruler of the Underworld is now dead, now Rob the Ogre is going to be the new ruler, and Rob’s as ruler of the Underworld is to sign a treaty with Mount Olympus and Valhalla to say that they will work together and that the Underworld, Mount Olympus, and Valhalla will not take over the mortal world, and that they would help each other in war, now Rob the Ogre looks like he knows what he’s doing, back to you Funclock,” said Joe. Now we go to the Phoenix Monks Temple where Burn (leader of the Phoenix Monks) has just found out they killed Hades. “Hades is dead my former leader, now I, Burn, will rule the Lost Worlds on my own,” said Burn. What will happen next? Nobody knows!

Now let’s get back to the story!

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