Saturday, April 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Super Dudes in the Land of Dreams!

Once upon a time in an apartment in Hero City lived three superheroes who all dreamed the same dream when they went to bed. And that dream was a nightmare of the return of the Boogie Man. Our story begins when Boogie Man enters the office of the Sandman and soon causes chaos in the dream work. Now it’s up to the Super Dudes to stop him. But…the Super Dudes will have to stop Boogie Man in their dreams. Now we go to a nightmare Super Dude was having and then he heard Boogie Man laughing in the background. “You may have defeated me in the past in the real world…but can you defeat me in the land of dreams,” laughed Boogie Man evilly. “What the hell is going on here, I’m I dreaming,” asked Super Dude. “Face your biggest fear Super Dude, because I can make nightmares come true,” said Boogie Man in the background. Just then a bunch of giant spiders appeared. “SPIDERS,” screamed Super Dude. Super Dude is afraid of spiders and he was too afraid to fight them. “Get away from me,” screamed Super Dude in fear. Just then Super Dude heard a sheep baa. Then a bed driven by a sheep appeared in front of Super Dude. “Hop on the bed,” said the sheep that was driving the bed. “Who are you,” asked Super Dude. “A friend, now hop on before these spiders kill ya,” said the sheep. Super Dude hopped on to the bed and he and the sheep soon flew off. “Where I’m I,” asked Super Dude. “Why you’re in the world of sleep and dreams, you see I work at Sandman INC. and an old foe of yours named the Boogie Man has taken over the factory and we need your help to stop him,” said the sheep. “I would help you, but could I get my friends to help yes,” asked Super Dude. “Sure, let’s find their dream clouds first,” said the sheep. They soon found Fat Lazy Karate Teacher’s dream cloud and flew into it. Fat Lazy Karate Teacher’s nightmare was about him getting attacked by birds. Super Dude then grabbed Fat Lazy Karate Teacher. “Man, thanks for saving my ass there buddy…where I’m I,” asked Fat Lazy Karate Teacher. “We’re in the world of dreams and Boogie Man is fighting by using our biggest fears against us,” said Super Dude. “And I take it your afraid of birds pal,” said the sheep. “I ain’t afraid of birds, who told you that,” said Fat Lazy Karate Teacher. “There’s a bird on your shoulder,” said Super Dude. Fat Lazy Karate Teacher then freaked out and Super Dude and the sheep started laughing. “Very funny, now you know I’m scared of birds…big whoop,” said Fat Lazy Karate Teacher. Soon our heroes found Young One’s dream cloud. Young One’s nightmare was him being chased by clowns. Young One is afraid of clowns. “Young One, over here,” yelled Super Dude. “Super Dude, what are you doing in my dream,” cried Young One. “Fly over here now Young One and I’ll fill you in,” yelled Super Dude. Young One then jumped onto the bed and soon our heroes flew off. “So, basically Boogie Man is fighting us through our dreams, and now he knows our biggest fears, how can we stop him,” asked Young One. Then our heroes found Super Dudette’s dream cloud. Super Dudette’s nightmare was her weighting 700lbs. and continuing to gain weight. “Super Dudette’s afraid of getting fat…only women, am I right guys,” said Fat Lazy Karate Teacher. “Super Dudette, hop onto the bed,” cried Young One. “I’m too fat to move anywhere….I weight 700lbs. for Christ shake,” said Super Dudette. Super Dude and Young One picked up the 700lb. Super Dudette and put her on the bed. But when they flew out of Super Dudette’s dream cloud…Super Dudette was skinny again. “What’s going on,” asked Super Dudette. “Long story…now Mr. Sheep, how far are we from your factory,” asked Super Dude. “We’re already here,” said the sheep. Our heroes soon made it to Sandman INC. and now they’ll have to stop Boogie Man from taking over the world of dreams!

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