Saturday, April 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Super Dude vs. Expo Speed!

Who is Expo Speed? Why he’s a very popular superhero from Japan! Expo Speed’s powers include super speed, super strength, the ability to fly, the brain of a computer, and the ability to change his appearance into anyone or anything. Expo Speed’s secret identity is none other than Yan Fujigia who is a billionaire playboy and local celebrity. Yan Fujigia is also the current CEO of the Fujigia Corporation. The Fuijiga Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of electronics, video, communications, video game consoles, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Expo Speed is basically a very popular hero in Japan…but one day that all changed. Expo Speed suddenly became the world’s deadest super villains. Why did Expo Speed have this sudden change of character? Because Expo Speed is being possessed by an Oni (a Japanese demon) who was making him do evil things. So the only ones now who can stop Expo Speed are the Super Dudes and so Tokyo police called the Super Dudes to stop Expo Speed. But our heroes would soon find out that one of the Super Dudes’ members has a connection with Expo Speed. Our heroes soon found out that Expo Speed is actually Fat Lazy Karate Teacher’s biological brother. Now we go to the Super Dudes who just landed their jet and they were soon headed to the Tokyo police station. Now Super Dude, Young One, Super Dudette, Super Mutt, Fat Lazy Karate Teacher, and R-Man were having a meeting with the Tokyo chief of police. “Welcome American superheroes to Japan, we need your help in stopping former Japanese superhero Expo Speed…we don’t know why he became evil…but that’s for you to figure out, also…Tokyo citizens have reported seeing American super villain Night Watch flying around wreaking havoc over city, can you brave heroes stop them,” asked the chief of police. “Alright chief of Tokyo police the Super Dudes are ready for action, now where is Expo Speed now,” asked Super Dude. “We just received call that Expo Speed is robbing big bank a few blocks from here,” said the chief of police. “Why is he robbing a bank…Expo Speed’s a freaking billionaire why does he need more freaking money…I mean I hate my younger brother Expo Speed….ah I mean I….,” said Fat Lazy Karate Teacher. “You should just shut the hell up fat ass,” said Young One. “Who you are you calling fat,” asked Fat Lazy Karate Teacher angrily.”Enough….let’s go find this Expo Speed guy already,” yelled Super Dude. Soon the Super Dudes flew off to stop Expo Speed. But can our heroes stop Expo Speed? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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