Saturday, April 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: BWC 2009!

“Hello, I’m Larry Sports and with me is my co-color commentator Mr. Safari, today’s matches are The Soda Jerk vs. Viking Rick in a hardcore match and our main event Mr. Unknown vs. Bad News M.C. for the BWC Championship,” yelled Larry Sports. “Hold up, I have announcement to make, hand me a microphone,” yelled Mr. Safari. Mr. Safari soon stood in the ring with a microphone in his hand. “People, I wanted to tell you fans of the BWC this, as of today, I’m announcing my retirement, so this is…,” yelled Mr. Safari. Then “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. walked out from the backstage area with a microphone in his hand. “Man, I can out here to make a deal with you, actually two deals, first, if you retire and you feel like coming back to make a special appearance in the ring, you can only do it for the BWC and you can never go to the KWE, and since your retiring I want you to wrestle your last match, with is a triple-threat match for the BWC Championship and it will be Mr. Unknown vs. Bad News M.C. vs. Mr. Safari, now you better get ready for your possible last match, and if you break the two deals, you have to kiss my ass in front of these fans, so I wish you the best of luck” yelled “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. Then “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr. fled the scene. “Alright now let’s start the match and…wait I’ve just word that our chairman canceled the match, will I guess…,” yelled Larry Sports. Now we go to the BWC locker room where The Soda Jerk and Viking Rick were talking to each other. “Damn, this stinks, our match was canceled, and I never wrestle here, I think they may release me from my contract or something,” said Viking Rick. “So, do you want a root beer float,” said The Soda Jerk. “It’s always ice cream with you isn’t it,” said Viking Rick. Then Viking Rick’s manager The Jazz Man walked into the room. “Hey Viking Rick, I’ve got you a title shot and it’s for the BWC 6-man tag team Championship, all we need to do is find you two partners,” said The Jazz Man. “I’ll be Viking Rick’s partner, now who will be…,” said The Soda Jerk. “Gentlemen, I’ll find the third man to be your tag team partner, but you two stick with me and it will be a breeze,” said The Jazz Man. Then The Jazz Man started playing his trumpet and then Viking Rick and The Soda Jerk started dancing to the music. What will happen next? Nobody knows!

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