Saturday, April 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Cool Fox Legend!

Once upon a there was a magical book which told a story about a brave hero in a fantasy world of knights and dragons. This book was named “Legend” and our story begins in the attic of Cool Fox’s house. Cool Fox and his son Cody Fox were cleaning the attic. While they were cleaning the attic, Cool Fox had to answer a call from work. While Cool Fox went to answer his phone, he left his son Cody to finish cleaning up the attic. Cody would find the magical book which only read “Legend” and Cody began to read. But…while Cody Fox was reading the magical book…the magical book sucked him inside it. Cody Fox was trapped inside the magical book. His father Cool Fox returned to the attic to find his son missing. But as Cool Fox looked around he heard his son screaming within the book. Cool Fox opened up the magical book and now he too was sucked into it. Cool Fox soon awoke in a medieval kingdom and began to look around. Cool Fox soon began to wonder where he was. But little does Cool Fox know is that in real life…inside this magical book…he is the hero! Cool Fox began to walk around the medieval village and while he was walking he bumped into Bear and Snake. “Bear, Snake, thank god….where the hell are we,” asked Cool Fox. “Look buddy do we know you…plus we can’t talk right now…the royal guard is after us, we stole some gold from the king….so…see ya,” yelled Snake. “Wait, you two are my friends, what do you mean you don’t know who I am,” cried Cool Fox. But before Bear and Snake could respond to Cool Fox’s question…Cool Fox, Bear, and Snake were arrested by the royal guard. Soon Cool Fox would be headed to the dungeon…but he won’t be held prisoner for long!

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