Saturday, April 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Binky Bear’s Wild Party!

Binky Bear and Donny the Duck were at work at Mr. Hunter’s Pies restaurant. “Man, we haven’t had a customer for weeks now,” said Binky Bear. “Yah, so what do you want to do until customers get here,” asked Donny the Duck. “Let’s go be dicks to the interns,” said Binky Bear. Binky Bear and Donny Duck soon began bullying and bossing the three interns around. The three interns’ names are Waddles the Penguin, Bob Nerdy, and Where’s Bug and those three interns are actually friends of Binky Bear and Donny Duck. “Why are you guys treating us like this, all we wanted was to learn a craft,” cried Waddles the Penguin. “Yah, I’m missing hours of World of Warcraft for this internship,” said Bob Nerdy. “Sorry, but we’re your bosses and we can do whatever we want to you,” said Donny Duck. “Oh shit…here comes Wolf,” cried Binky Bear. Just then Binky and Donny’s supervisors Wolf and Fearsome the Alligator and they looked angry. “You two…stop bullying the interns, besides…we are the only bullies in this restaurant,” said Wolf. “Yah…so you losers get back to work or you’ll be fired,” said Fearsome the Alligator. “But there’s no customers and we’re bored,” said Donny Duck. Just then three customers entered the restaurant and they were Snow White the Viking, Pigeon, and Brabe the Dog. “Hi, welcome to Mr. Hunter’s Pies may I take your order,” asked Binky Bear. “Yah, we all like some secret recipe apple pie and three sodas,” said Snow White the Viking. “And a bowl of soup for me,” said Brabe the Dog. “Okay that’ll be $10.50,” said Binky Bear. Snow White paid Binky Bear and Snow White the Viking, Pigeon, and Brabe the Dog sat down at booth in the restaurant. Just then Donny heard something outside. “Hey guys, there’s a gay pride parade outside,” said Donny Duck. Everyone in the restaurant looked out the window and began to watch the gay pride parade. Participating in the gay pride parade were legendary gay couples such as The Dragon & The Giant, Ant & Dog, Coo-Coo Bird & Dingo, Toad & Mouse who have lived in the town for years. “Man I never knew Coo-Coo Bird was gay…now I finally get why he looked at me in the shower in the Y.M.C.A locker room…oh god,” cried Donny Duck. Just then Binky’s crush Cindy Mitchell walked into the restaurant. “Hey guys, I’m here helping the gay pride parade because my brother’s gay and this state doesn’t allow gay marriage, so do you want to sign a petition to make gay marriage legal in this state,” asked Cindy Mitchell. “Sure, I’ll sign…I have nothing against gay people,” said Binky Bear. “I’ll sign too…because I hate governor Lion,” said Donny Duck. Binky and Donny signed Cindy’s petition and just then Wolf walked towards her. F.Y.I Wolf also has a secret crush on Cindy Mitchell. “Hey Cindy, after work I’m throwing a party, we got beer,” said Wolf. “Yah, it’s going to be the greatest party ever,” said Fearsome the Alligator. Feeling jealous that Wolf is flirting with Cindy…Binky says something he’ll later regret. “Cindy, I’m also throwing a bad ass party at my house…my parents are in Vegas for the weekend so I have the place to myself,” said Binky. “When does your party start Binky,” asked Cindy. “Oh…7 o’clock,” said Binky. “Great, see you at your party,” said Cindy. Cindy then left and Wolf tapped Binky on the shoulder. “Look buddy, I would kick your ass but I thought of something, I’ll go to your party and watch you embarrass yourself in front of Cindy I’ll be there, see ya at seven,” said Wolf. “What have I done,” said Binky to himself. Now Binky has to throw a party at his house before his parents return from Vegas. We can only hope it’ll be a really cool party or else Binky will be made fun of for life!

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