Saturday, April 5, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: KWE vs. The Super Dudes!

“Hello and welcome to the KWE, I’m Jack Sports and with me is my co-color commentator Dr. Wrestling, today’s matches are…,” cried Jack Sports. Just then from up above, the Super Dudes landed in the ring. Super Dude then demanded a microphone. “Hello, my name is Super Dude, I’m a famous superhero and this is my team the Super Dudes, now since we are taking a day off from crime fighting I issue a challenge to any KWE wrestler who wants to face us in the ring,” cried Super Dude. Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly then came out of the backstage area with a microphone in his hands. “Super Dude, this isn’t your world it’s mine, and about you facing my wrestlers…I accept…I one condition…I make the matches while you face the people I pick, this will truly be a battle of the ages…the KWE vs. The Super Dudes, and I vow the KWE will kick your ass,” yelled Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly. “It’s on,” cried Super Dude. “Wow for the first time ever the KWE vs. The Super Dudes…now hold on I’m receiving information on tonight’s matches…our first match will be Young One vs.  Pump Daddy, also we’ll have a super villain battle royal, plus we’ll have Super Dudette vs. Kelly JJ, and our main event will be Super Dude vs. Kazam, hold on folks cause here we go,” yelled Jack Sports. Now we see Young One walking down to the ring with Fat Lazy Karate Teacher by his side. Now we see Pump Daddy walking down to the ring with Scott Superstar by his side. “Ding, ding, ding,” rang the bell. Young One then punched Pump Daddy and then flew up and kicked him in the face. While the match was going on Fat Lazy Karate Teacher was arguing with Scott Superstar. Young One then used a piledriver on Pump Daddy and then he pinned him. “1, 2, 3, ring the bell,” yelled the referee. “Wow Young One won the match…but hold on folks…it now seems Young One and Fat Lazy Karate Teacher are brawling inside the ring with Pump Daddy and Scott Superstar,” yelled Jack Sports. Soon Young One and Fat Lazy Karate Teacher and Pump Daddy and Scott Superstar were beating each other up in the ring. Just then the lights in the KWE arena turned off. And when the lights came back…Reaper stood alone in the ring with a microphone in his hand. “Mortals, the Super Dudes and the KWE’s universes may have crossed but let this fact be known, I know how to stop the Super Dudes and I’ll have a surprise attack during one of the next matches tonight…mark my words, the Super Dudes will Rest…In…Peace,” yelled Reaper. The lights in the KWE Arena soon turned off and when they turned back on Reaper was gone. “Wow, what’s going to happen next…stay tuned,” yelled Jack Sports.


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