Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Super Dudes vs. Magic Wars!

One day two very powerful demons decided to work together. Those two demons were Satan and Moeguya. Satan and Moeguya formed an alliance with each other and soon using their supernatural powers they merged the Magical Universe and Super Dudes Universe into one whole universe. Now that these two universes were now one, things changed within this newly created universe. Our story begins when the Super Dudes were exploring this newly created universe and they soon saw the Magical Council soldiers fighting some demons. The Super Dudes didn’t trust the Magical Council and the Super Dudes thought they were the ones who merged the universes. Soon a mini-war started between the Super Dudes and the Magical Council and both sides were evenly matched. The Super Dudes were led by Super Dude while the Magical Council army was led by Curt. Neither side knew that Satan and Moeguya were the true enemies and that Satan and Moeguya wanted the Super Dudes and the Magical Council to fight each other so that they could conquer the newly created universe after both sides destroy themselves. But the Super Dudes were outnumbered by the Magical Council but they wouldn’t give up. Now we go to a conversation between Super Dude and Young One. “Young One, these Magical Council guys are tuff…I don’t know if we can defeat them,” said Super Dude. “Super Dude…have you ever wondered that maybe the Magical Council isn’t the true threat….because there have been demon sightings and maybe Satan is behind all this…plus most of our allies have seen some of the Magical Council soldiers fighting the demons,” said Young One. “I don’t know…but my guy tells me that we need to make things right again and that those Magical Council guys know how to make things normal again,” said Super Dude. Then Super Dude and Young One heard a loud explosion and they rushed to see where it came from. Super Dude and Young One found out the explosion was from cannons being fired from Magical Council soldiers. “Young One…I think it’s time we negotiate with the Magical Council,” said Super Dude. Now it appears that the Super Dudes were going to negotiate with the Magical Council. But can they form an alliance? Well they’re both the good guys aren’t they!

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