Monday, March 3, 2014

The Trial of Hades: Part 1!

Rob the Ogre, Goddiess, and Professor Faun caught Hades, and now a trial in the Valhalla court is being held, this is to see if Hades should still run the Underworld, it is also live on the Funtime News Network, let’s see what happens. “Order, order, order in the court, now bring in Hades,” said Zeus (who is the judge). Hades came in with handcuffs on. “Now Hades, we the gods of Mount Olympus and Valhalla gave you the Underworld to take care of the evil souls, but you failed you’re duties to take care of just the Underworld, you have been known for trying to take over the mortal world for many years now, so we will ask some witnesses,” said Zeus. “We call Goddiess to the stand,” said a security guard. Goddiess took his seat in the stand. “Now Goddiess tell us if you think Hades should be in the Valhalla prison for the rest of his life, or, still stay ruler of the Underworld,” asked Zeus. “Well, I think Hades should go to prison, he does a bad job at ruling the Underworld, and is responsible for all the crimes of trying to take over of the universe, so I think that Hades should be locked in jail for life, or that we shall just give him the death sentence,” said Goddiess. “Now, I think we should call Professor Faun to the stand,” said Zeus. Professor Faun takes a seat in the stand. “Now tells us what you think we should do to Hades,” asked Zeus. “Well, going around his office I found that he was making something to kill all of the gods, it was a chemical that will kill you, then blow up were you are, so that means all of Valhalla would be destroyed, so I think Hades should get the death sentence,” said Professor Faun. Two hours later the trial was almost over, now Zeus has decided what to do with Hades.

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