Saturday, March 1, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: BWC 2012!

“Hello, I’m Larry Sports and with me is my co-color commentator Mr. Safari, and today’s matches are Chief Kay Crossbow vs. Jackhammer Jack, San Luis Potosí vs. Thrash, and our main event Bad News M.C. vs. Smasher Dasher in a hardcore match, boy this is going to be a great night of high impact wrestling,” yelled Larry Sports. “Rumor has it that the BWC recently started a talent exchange with the KWE…so we better look out for KWE wrestlers wrestling in the BWC,” yelled Mr. Safari. “So wait, KWE wrestlers are now crossing over into the BWC due to a talent exchange…I bet we are on the wrong end of the deal…but let’s start our first match,” yelled Larry Sports. Now we see Chief Kay Crossbow dancing down to the ring in a Native American-like fashion. Now we see Jackhammer Jack walking down to the ring carrying a jackhammer. “Ding, ding, ding,” rang the bell. Jackhammer Jack began punching Chief Kay Crossbow and then Jackhammer Jack kicked Chief Kay Crossbow in the nuts. Chief Kay Crossbow fell to the ground. Jackhammer Jack then pinned Chief Kay Crossbow. “1, 2…,” yelled the referee. Chief Kay Crossbow kicked out and then Chief Kay Crossbow pulled out his tomahawk. Chief Kay Crossbow then hit Jackhammer Jack with his tomahawk. Chief Kay Crossbow was soon disqualified for hitting Jackhammer Jack with the tomahawk. “Wow, due to a disqualification by Chief Kay Crossbow, Jackhammer Jack won the match, well we have to take a quick break, but we’ll be back real soon,” yelled Larry Sports.

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