Saturday, March 1, 2014

Long’s Tournament-part 1!

Soon our heroes were in the demon realm and they were heading to Long’s Castle when they spotted Reaper. “Look it’s Reaper the KWE wrestler, damn what’s up with all these wrestlers,” cried Ted Brook. Soon our heroes were reunited with their other team mates. “Hey Reaper, long time no….,” said Max Storm. Then Max spotted Demon King Mogw and then attacked him from out of nowhere. “Max, what the hell,” cried Reaper. “It’s Mogw, he’s…,” cried Max Storm. “Max, Mogw works for me now, he’s not a bad guy anymore, he wants to help us stop Long,” said Reaper. “Sorry Mogw, I thought you were working for Long,” said Max Storm. “Technically me, Reaper, and Prince Pouchy are working for Long, but really we hate the guy and we’re willing to help you,” said Demon King Mogw. Then our heroes heard a loud bark, and then they looked it the sky and flying down was Doggiess. “Goddiess, it’s Doggiess, your pet three-headed dog, how did he get here,” yelled Ted Brook. Then Goddiess saw Rob the Ogre standing on top of a small hill. “Rob the Ogre is that you,” yelled Goddiess. Then Rob the Ogre walked down to our heroes. “Hades sent Chaos the Demon and myself to destroy Long and take over the demon realm for the Underworld, so I see you built an army Goddiess,” said Rob the Ogre. “Yes, Rob can you help us stop Long,” asked Goddiess. “Yes Goddiess, I will help you stop Long, now everyone follow me, Long is in the middle of a tournament with all of the villains,” said Rob the Ogre. “Tournament,” said Max Storm. Soon our heroes saw three tournament arenas and every super villain they ever faced fighting each other. “Why is Long having a tournament with all the super villains,” asked Ms. Condor. “Long wanted to have a tournament with our enemies for his amusement, now is our chance to stop him, he’s sitting on his throne,” said Rob the Ogre. Then our heroes started attacking all of the villains and soon they caught Long’s attention. “Enough, now all heroes and villains listen to me, I want to have a tournament, it will be a tournament of good vs. evil, of good vs. good, and evil vs. evil, what I’m trying to say is that a hero will fight a villain, or a villain will fight a villain, or a hero will fight a hero, now then, time to make sure you’ll all fight in my tournament,” said Long. Then using his supernatural powers, Long made two cages one filled with heroes and the other filled with villains. Now Long was sitting in his throne with his loyal bodyguard Mr. Arms by his side. “Let the tournament begin,” said Long. Now a tournament that will possibly be the finale battle of good vs. evil has begun!

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