Monday, March 3, 2014

Chapter 1 Free Preview: Stretch Man vs. Goddiess!

Stretch Man vs. Goddiess! Why would two heroes and best friends fight each other? Jack Capper (Stretch Man) and George J. Brook (Goddiess) have been friends since high school. Jack was about to pay his friend George a visit, but little did he and George know was that they were being watched. Who was watching them? Why an alien named The Jom-Eom King who was looking for something to amuse him. And being royalty and coming from an advanced alien race wanted to find warriors to fight each other for his amusement. The Jom-Eom King chose two strong warriors named…what a surprise…Stretch Man and Goddiess. “Servant Kjwleo, I found two warriors I want to watch fight each other,” said The Jom-Eom King. “Who are they your majesty,” asked Kjwleo. “Their names are Stretch Man and Goddiess and they come from earth, they are some of the strongest beings from that planet so I want them to fight each other because they are evenly matched, now make it so or it’ll be your head,” said The Jom-Eom King. “Yes your majesty,” said Kjwleo. Kjwleo then flew to earth and he was preparing to use mind control devices which he was going to put on Stretch Man and Goddiess. He first went to Stretch Man and soon Stretch Man was wearing a mind control device. Kjwleo soon went to Goddiess and he put a mind control device on his head. And soon Stretch Man and Goddiess were being controlled by The Jom-Eom King. “Now fight my toys,” said The Jom-Eom King. Soon under mind control Stretch Man and Goddiess began to fight each other. But The Jom-Eom King won’t have a long to enjoy his fight because Ted Brook is coming to Goddiess’ and Stretch Man’s rescue.   

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