Saturday, March 1, 2014

Max Storm saves the day!

Our heroes escaped the government base and then they saw the base blow up before their eyes. Soon our heroes sent General J. to a hospital, and then Max Storm headed to the Himalayas. Soon Max Storm found Chag’s hideout in the Himalayas. Now we see Max Storm talking to Veg. “Master Veg, the Red Crickets are no more, and as for Long, I think is dead,” said Max Storm. “Indeed the Red Crickets are no more, but Long will return,” said Veg. “Why, will he come back in another life like you did,” asked Max Storm. “No, I’m afraid a great demon war will begin, and Long is now the new demon king,” said Veg. “So, he will return, but he can’t be the demon king, a guy named Mogw was the demon king,” said Max Storm. “Well, Long killed him and since he had the demon skin, he is now a demon himself,” said Veg. “When will he return exactly,” asked Max Storm. “By next year, so you have a lot of time my friend,” said Veg. “Thanks master Veg, I will be on the lookout for Long,” said Max Storm. “You welcome, the Wise Monks will always be with you,” said Veg. Then our heroes flew off in the Maxmobile. Soon mouths have past and things have happen to our heroes. The Skull Slasher was put in jail after he was caught by the police. Max Storm and Kim Shotwer soon fell in love, and a couple of months later they got married and had a son, named Mike. Mike Storm went back to the future, and who knows what the future is like now. And Caper became a family dog to the Storm family. And everybody lived happily ever after, or so we think. Now we go to the Underworld. “Hello fellow demons, I’m your king, Long, and I say we go to the mortal world and take it over, and we must kill Max Storm, now who’s with me,” yelled Long. Then the demons started roaring. It looks like the demon wars are coming real soon!

The End?

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