Monday, March 3, 2014

The Origin of Evil-Dino Skeleton!

Evil-Dino Skeleton wasn’t always a skeleton. He was the creation of Kraeoo, which he made from three dinosaur eggs, T-Rex, Brontosaurus, and Stegosaurus. Kraeoo using his magic made all the eggs one, thus Evil-Dino (not yet skeleton) was born. His childhood was on the Island of Giants. His only friend was Pterandon (who would soon become Bone Wings). Evil-Dino only wanted to be one thing…human. He thought humans were the most powerful species. Soon Evil-Dino and his Pterandon friend asked Kraeoo to make them smart and powerful. Soon they were soon able to talk, think, and the only side effect was that they became living skeletons. Soon Evil-Dino Skeleton and Bone Wings moved from spot to spot, but they had no home. Then Evil-Dino Skeleton fell in love with a T-Rex, they soon mated. Just as the eggs were about to hatch, Evil-Dino Skeleton was going to be a happy father. But the mother ate every egg, expect for one. Evil-Dino Skeleton killed the T-Rex he was in love with and saved his only daughter (which her whereabouts are unknown) but she was smart like her dad. Then Evil-Dino Skeleton and Bone Wings found a home at Lava World. Soon with the magic Evil-Dino Skeleton knew he brought back to life an army of living Velociraptor skeletons. Then Evil-Dino Skeleton met Mr. Hats and together they would form the Skull Order. Now why is Evil-Dino Skeleton still in Willie’s body, because he is finally human!

Now let’s get back to the story!

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