Saturday, March 1, 2014

“The Exterminators Wars Saga” Storyline Idea!

“The Exterminators Wars Saga” is a future is a future “That Spells Action Heroes” storyline about an alternate future where an army of superhuman cyborgs called The Exterminators led by Xane the Exterminator takes over the world. The Exterminators were created by the U.S. government with the help of its original creator X-Eye (Henry Q.) to create a powerful army of super soldiers. But when Xane the Exterminator and the other Exterminators rebelled against their masters, they began to take over the Earth. Now fast forward to the year 3000 where Xane the Exterminator is ruler and almost all life is dead. Now normal humans and other super powered people are hunted by The Exterminators. The fate in this future for anyone that lives in it is to either be killed by an Exterminator or become one. Luckily, Max Storm froze himself and awoke in the future to make things right. Now Max Storm must team up with his old foe Mega Mind (Mega Mind in this alternate future never became the ruler of the super powered people in the year 3000, even though in another alternate future he was) and lead a rebellion of other survivors to defeat Xane the Exterminator and the other Exterminators. Also Max Storm must fight his own son Mike Storm who since being a cyborg has be reprogramed to serve Xane the Exterminator thus becoming an Exterminator himself. Plus the super villain mutant cyborg Sure 5 is also now Exterminator and is another foe our heroes must face. Also X/99 and General Warfare have also become Exterminators in this twisted future as well. Can our heroes defeat Xane the Exterminator and the Exterminators? Is all hope lost? Read “The Exterminators Wars Saga” when it comes out very soon!

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