Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Aftermath of the Heroes Army!

After the reign of Long as the demon king everything went back to normal in the mortal realm. Soon The Gifted honored Max Storm, Goddiess, Ms. Condor, Deerman, General Brown, and Ted Brook for their help in stopping the darkness by making them all members of The Gifted and each of them were given a communicator and a key to The Gifted’s headquarters. Ted Brook after drinking the Chemical G1 had gotten the super power of super strength and soon became Goddiess sidekick. Soon Ms. Condor, Deerman, and General Brown moved into The Gifted’s headquarters and the city accepted them as superheroes. Veg, Chag, and Yeti continued hiding in the Himalayas and Max Storm still visits them on occasion. The GreenSpeed and Ms. Giant were now engaged to be married and Ms. Giant was pregnant with The GreenSpeed’s child. Mike Storm returned to the future but said he would come back to the past when The Skull Slasher returns. Max Storm is still a bug exterminator and Kim Shotwer is still a school teacher, but Max Storm is still a monster hunter when he is needed. Now we go to the demon realm where The Skull Slasher has awakened from his cocoon and he was now talking to his demon army. “My fair people, we have rotted away in the demon realm, and where the former demon kings fail, I will, with all of your help, I’ll finally take over the mortal realm, now who’s with me,” yelled The Skull Slasher. Then all of the demons started cheering and applauding after The Skull Slasher’s speech. While they were cheering Long was watching it above a hill. “Great, I’m no longer the demon king, and this asshole is, he worked for me damn it and now I’m wearing janitor’s uniform and working in a smelly graveyard and…,” cried Long. “Hey you get back to work,” yelled Reaper. “Mark my words I will get my revenge and assume my throne, you’ll see Skull, I’m the true demon king and don’t you forget it,” cried Long. So it seems in the near future that the Heroes Army will reunite to stop the demon king, once and for all!

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